Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Children are important

I decided to write about the children today,because I have been reading the newspapers and the last few weeks I have been reading about missing children, about a baby being found dead and abandoned on a dirt road, another little baby not even walking left in the woods in only a diaper and shirt overnight, about two children left in a restaurant eating pizza while the parents drove away. That is so sad. There are so many people out there wanting a baby so badly, while others abuse and abandon them.
Why are children so important? I believe they should have a right to grow and have a life, a family and children of their own. They should be given a chance to do so.
If we had no children then there would be no future generations. Then what would happen? No more descendants, nobody to carry down our ancestor's legacys.
Sometimes it is hard to raise children, they need our love and our guidance, to put them on the right paths of life. But do not abandon them, they depend on you. And they love you.
If you feel you cannot cope with the children for whatever reason you have, talk to someone, see a counsilor, your priest, minister, rabbi, doctor, a close friend, sometimes just a few words from them can be a big help to you.
My heart went out to the little boy abandoned by his Dad for whatever reason, (which I don't agree with personally) and the rescuer was running out of the woods with this little bundle of joy in his arms, all wrapped in a blanket to get warm. He would not have survived on a much colder night. There is no need for acts such as these. If they do not want the children, someone else will want them, and give them a good home with a nice future and with lots and lots of love.
Love your children with all your heart, they are our legacy.
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