Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excitement Is Building

What excitement ? you may ask. Well on my last blog I told you about our genealogy project, well since then I have many people interested in this idea. So I have been advertising for anyone interested in being chosen to have a group of us to try and trace their family tree similar to the show "Who do you think you are". But we are not picking celebrities and we are not sending the recipient to France or England, but we are going to try and make their tree a very interesting one. There is a lot more to this that meets the eye. We need a title for our project and everyone is pitching in with their suggestions. We will choose a title which I will share with you later.We are going to work from both Facebook and our genealogy group. I will post our final results here and on Facebook and in our genealogy group. I have quite a few who volunteered to help . So I am truly hoping it will be a huge success or a success anyway. As I mentioned before ,this time we are looking for anyone with Acadian,French Canadian or Cajun roots. I have had some people who have already added their names to the draw. I am looking for more who would be interested in this project. So if you or someone you know have not done your family tree and would be interested in entering the draw please let me know. This is a free project. You can reach me by commenting on here or through my website acadian-roots or on Facebook. And if you have any suggestions feel free to comment.
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I would like to thank all my faithful readers for encouraging me to want to blog, and I would like to welcome all you people who just stumbled upon my blog I do hope you will return,and maybe follow me.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Genealogy Project

Hello everyone, as you all know Ancestry  has a series going on called Who do you think you are. And this show has probably got a lot of people wanting to know where they come from. My group and I  wanted to do something to help. So we have come up with an idea that I hope many will like. We are looking for anyone who has not done their family trees and probably have not idea what to do or where to go. We are looking for people with either Acadian,Cajun or French Canadians lines.If our project goes well we might move on to another candidate. We are taking names of anyone interested  and then we will make a draw ,the lucky candidate will have us find out what we can about his or her family tree. We may start out with two direct lines like Who do you think you are .That has not been finalized yet. So if you would like to know where you come from ,or if you have any friends you think would love their family tree done please let me know , you can contact me by leaving a comment here or via my website at  http://www.acadian-roots.com/
This will not be a tree with names, it will be more like a story . We may open a group on Facebook regarding the project which we have not names yet, I will let you know where it is and what it is called as soon as I know. If you contact me please put Project Candidate in the subject line of your email ok? We are excited about doing this because our efforts may make someone very happy and it will be something they can pass down to their descendants.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Who is P'tit Francois and what Contest?

Hello everyone,today I was thinking about what I could blog about . Sometimes I
have tons of ideas and topics today it is early so the topics are few . grin.
So what about P'tit Francois? Well first of all P'tit Francois is a weekly storyline in the french L'Etoile paper in New Brunswick Canada ,it is written by Everard Maillet who speaks as if he is P'tit Francois. P'tit Francois is an Acadian man who lives in Bouctouche Bay (Fond de la Baie). He was living alone in his cabin and along comes two widows complicating his life. One is Rose Smallwood who comes from Montreal and the other one is Edmee who comes from Memramcook.Both women has their eye on P'tit Francois. The article is in French and I have been given permission to translate it to English on my website at http://www.acadian-roots.com/ .  When you get to my site the first page automatically switches to the page with the sidebar on the left side, you will see P'tit Francois ,click there and the newest story will be the last one . This week's story is titles" Ate too much spaghetti.".  And this week P'tit Francois has started a Mother's Day Contest you can read about it on my website . Anyone can enter ,and one entry per person.What I like about the contest it that we have to write a couple of sentences about why we love our Mothers or why she was special to us. I hope you will stop by Acadian-Roots and read his little stories. The french version is much better than the english version because he uses slang, I try to translate as best I can.
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As as P'tit Francois would say in French * On'ce parlra  plus tard" We will talk later.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hard Work Can Bring Good Results

Sometimes it is true,hard work does pay off. I have been working hard on my zazzle gallery. With all the competition out there sometimes you may think it is not worth your while. But I am a person who doesn’t give up too easily. I remember when I first began my family tree,and I was looking for this birth of one of my ancestors,and he was a hard person to find. Every day I would go to the center and look, and look. I did not know this at the time but the president of the center was watching me and he later told me he was expecting me to give up anytime, but I never did and yes I did find my ancestor. So my gallery is the the same, I started not having a clue what I was doing, and even know there are lots of things I have not learned yet, but I keep trying and anyway the day before yesterday I received an email saying I had been given the zazzle artist award for my beautiful Flower Girl Mousepad. I was so surprised. ME ? Winning a zazzle artist award? Well you can bet that I am honored, so this award gave me more of a reason to keep on going. And some sales to go along with my award sure made my day. So yesterday I added some products with my Pigeon image as you can see above. I am proud of my achievements. If you want to see more of my products including my Flower Girl Mousepad that won the award go to http://www.zazzle.com/allicor* And if you get discouraged about anything, do not give up, keep on going, eventually all your work will pay off.
Well here it is Sunday, and it is overcast,feels a lot like rain. I have been adding more names in my Legacy Family Software, I have lots of names done and lots more to do. These are names in my family tree in case you don't know what Legacy is. I love the program ,I find it is so easy to understand. So am off to do some more.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower girl mousepad from Zazzle.com

Flower girl mousepad from Zazzle.com

I was just awarded the zazzle artist award for this mousepad. I had to share this will all of you. It is my first zazzle award, so as you can see I am excited and proud of my mousepad.
Changing the subject I want to let you know that I have added a few more names to my chartersville cemetery and began P'tit Francois again. I was not able to do this for a little while. I am back to normal.
Be sure to check out my website at acadian-roots.com and check out my zazzle gallery at http://www.zazzle.com/allicor*

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something important happening at Grand Pre Nova Scotia

This is an event you don't want to miss. I would love to be there.
On September 5 2010 the Grand Pre Society is looking for volunteers for an Historical re-enactment of the assembling of 418 men and boys in the the Grand Pre Church on September 5 1755. At three o'clock in the afternoon on September 5, Lieutenant Colonel John Winslow read the order of the Deportation to the 418 Acadian men and boys who were being held prisoner in the church at Grand Pre which had been transformed into a command post.And so began the deportation of the inhabitants of the Grand Pre region. The last transport ship left Minas Basin on December 20 1755.
What was the size of the former Grand Pre church? The answer to this question will open more trails for the archeologists and historians who for centuries have been looking for traces of the ancient church Saint Charles des Mines in Grand Pre.
To attempt to answer this question, the Promotional Society of Grand Pre are organizing an activity that will allow the people to visualize the size of the church all the while participating in the living story. We know that 418 men and boys were in the church under the orders of Winslow when he gave the order with the assitant of an interpreter. Around 200 of these Acadians were held prisoner in the church for one month, while the others were held on board vessles.
The Society wants to recruit at least 418 persons who would like to participate in this historical re-enactment to be held in the Grand Pre church .Also present will be an archeologist,a historian and a photographer documenting this event. This living history re-enactment will be held in Grand Pre Sunday September 5 2010. The entrance to the national historical site of Grand Pre will be free for everyone. The people will be asked to present themselves at 130 pm so that they can be ready for 3 oclock for the annual lecture reading of the Order of Deportation. The ones participating are encouraged to wear a costume but it is not obligatory. The meeting will be followed by a commemorative walk from Grand Pre to the Deportation Cross around 2 km.
All the families wanting to participate are invited to sign up ahead of time.Send an email to
5sept1755@grand-pre.com. For more information on the activities taking place you can go to
http://www.grand-pre.com/ .
A brief rundown:
Everyone gathers in the church, they are trying to get the exact amount of people that was in the church.
At 3pm someone representing John Winslow will read the Order of Deportation followed by the raising of the flag.
At 3.30 pm  a Commemorative walk from the Memorial church to the Deportation Cross.
This is an event you don't want to miss, so mark the date down, and if you want to partipate send an email to the above address.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What kind of people were the acadians?

Have you every wondered how our Acadian ancestors lived? What did they do for entertainment? Well a few days ago I was looking through our newspaper and Jesse Robichaud wrote an article entitled "Acadians no other people on earth". I read the article and many things stuck out. It was an article regarding the manuscripts of Rev Andrew Brown who wa a Scottish Presbyterian minister. He was in Halifax 30 years after the deportation according to historian and professional archeologist Sara Beanland who said that anyone interested in the turbulent period of the history of the Maritimes should be thankful for Brown's labour. Since he was in Halifax 30 years after the deportation when you read his manuscripts you feel like you are there instead of reading about it some 200 years later.Sara Beanlands will be presenting  her master thesis research on  Brown's portrayal of the Acadians for the Tantramar Historical Society on April 14 2010 at 7 pm at Live Bait Theater in Sackville. ( I bet this would be very interesting).
Rev Andrew Brown smuggled sensitive government documents out of Province House at night and copied them by hand under candlelight. Getting back to the beginning of my story, Rev Brown talks about the Acadian people in his manuscripts ,he focussed on Pisiquit near Windsor instead of Port Royal and Beaubassin. He makes the point that Acadians are like no other people on earth. That these people were attached to their land and happy in their state of affairs.He said that the Acadians were strong ,happy people, they were poets (I like poetry grin),they sang wonderful songs, he talks about the way they disciplined their children said Beanlands. He talks about how the children are taught in the orchards, even if they were not educated in schools they were very intelligent, they were philosophers without books, this is what he said. Brown focusses on specific aspects of the Acadians lives from architecture to their social life, which in Pisiquit revolved around the orchards.The orchard was where mothers taught their children, where families gathered and where young girls flirted with young boys. Mothers exercised their children when they first began to walk ,in the orchard.On Sunday evenings during the summertime it was the chosen scene of family devotion.  According to Sara Beanlands Rev Brown filled his manuscripts with details about the buildings and the artifats that sat on the shelf. Apparently when you read the part about his describing the houses you feel as if you are right there in the room.
These are little things that are important regarding our ancestors, I would love to sit down and read the entire Rev Brown's manuscripts or even to attend that thesis by Sara Beanlands.
Today you and I should write down things we do, kinds of music we like, songs we like, places we've been. Where was our favorite gathering place?And write down what we have learned about our Acadian ancestors or any ancestor for that matter. If you have stories about your other lines, Irish,English,German,French Canadian,Native Americans, some that were passed down to you, write them down ,preserve them, share them with others , the more you share with others, the better chance of these stories surviving years from now. I enjoy reading that our ancestors loved music, and poetry,and singing, very probably dancing too. It makes them real, it makes them come alive. Now to end this blog, I added a french invitation image for anyone who is planning a reunion, you just fill in what you want to, I also have more invitations on my gallery, some more Acadians plus many others,the Acadians will be in the Acadian folders and go to greeting cards and invitations for the rest. http://www.zazzle.com/allicor*
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Friday, April 09, 2010

Genealogy Awards

Well I was in for a surprise last night when I checked my mail and lo and behold there was a comment on my last blog from Terri at The Ties that bind, she bestowed me with this beautiful Ancestor Approved Award. I am honored to receive it. I now have to list ten things about my ancestors that surprised me, enlightened me somehow. Then I will award ten more genealogy bloggers with this award. That is going to be hard to do seeing as there are so many great bloggers out there. Back to my ancestors.
1.I was surprised to learn that my great grandfather changed his name from Bristol to Williams, found his marriage as Williams could not find his baptism, then I found it under Bristol.What a surprise.
2. I was excited after doing years of searching for my Abraham Chase who came from England and married an Acadian Lady, I searched all over , wrote to England ,this was before I had a computer, and I received replies, saved all my letters but no sight of my Abraham, one day I looked into the land grants and didn't I find him as having land near Richiboucto Village and I spotted his surname CHATE,not Chase, nor Kess, but Chate, and then I went to the Mormom site and found his birth in England.
3.Now Abraham Chate dit Chase was the son of one Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose according to their marriage, so since I have been looking for over 30 years, imagine my surprise about one month ago when I found the marriage of Abraham Chate and Ann Bennett in 1790 in London, if you can imagine an English gentleman marrying a french girl and the priest has to write down his information, he probably went by soundex, Nanette - Bennett??? Chate - Chase.
4.Took me around 25 years to find one date of death for my great grandfather,his son had told me he died in 1942, I searched all the 1942 french and english paper to no avail, then the New Brunswick Provincial Archives went online, and yessssss found him in 1933.
5.Another thing that really made me feel good was finding my mother in law's parents marriage, the relatives told me they never married, my mother in law had passed away, after searching for a long time I came upon their marriage while helping someone else.
6. My ancestor Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise was captured and held prisoner in Boston and was one of the first Acadians to be released, the story is interesting, he was brought to shore by longboat by the English.
7.My same Ancestor Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise fought under Iberville, and I remember learning about Iberville in school.
8.Another surprise was my parents married twice, once protestant then catholic and my mom was only thirteen and a half years old.
9. Surprised to find an old movie at the genealogy center taken in 1937 by a priest doing his country rounds and lo and behold there was my Mom age 17 and so very pretty and my dad 9 years older who looked just like one of my brothers, and to see them moving around  plus my dad's grandmother also in the movie.
10. Finally so very happy that my Mom has such a good memory, she will be 92 next month and she has shared so many of her childhood memories with me, which I have put in a book I made and given it to my grandaughter.
Now I am passing this award to ten more genealogy bloggers.Elizabeth Lapointe ,Brain Murray,John Reid,Erline Bradt,Janes your aunt,Brenda Merriman,Elise Cole,Michael Brophy,a couple of bubbles,Joual.
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Saturday, April 03, 2010

About Scotland

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Sharing a border to the south with England, to the north and west with Atlantic Ocean to the east with North Sea and to the southwest with the Irish Sea. Scotland consists of around 790 Islands. Now many Scots left their homeland for places such as Nova Scotia where the first Highlanders arrived in Pictou on th Hector in 1773 .In Ontario the first major Scottish settlement was in Glengarry established in 1784 .They came from Inverness-Shire. There were many famous folks who were Scottish. The two first Canadian Prime Ministers John A MacDonald and Alexander MacKenzie were from Scotland. Other famous people who originated from Scotland or were descendants of Scots were Alexander Graham Bell inventer of the telephone, Robert Burns, Robert the Bruce (king), Sir Walter Scott, and we cannot forget the Loch Ness Monster Nessie who came from Loch Lomond.
The Scottish people had their own clans that gave them a sense of identity and shared descent to folks in Scotland. Every Clan had its own tartan patterns, some had more than one tartan. They would wear their tartans on their kilts, ties,scarves or other clothing.
The first record of a CRAWFORD tartan was that of Crawfovrd which appeared int eh Vestiarium Scoticum manuscript in 1642. The tie image above is that of the Crawford Tartan.
I have and am creating some items with some Scottish Tartans on my gallery. You can view them by clicking on clans and tartans at http://www.zazzle.com/allicor* I have lots more to add.I created some ties, shoes, hats, invitations,postcards,buttons and keychains so far. So if you have some Scottish Ancestors I do hope you will check out my products. Thank you for the visit ,do stop by again.
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