Thursday, April 24, 2008

The great escape. Yep he tried to escape but there is no way I would let him have the priviledge of doing so. He thought he could fool me , nope no way. Are you wondering who tried this daring escape? WEll, no other but Thunder. Yesterday , company came over, and I did not realize Thunder was nearby, so I casually opened the door to talk to the visitors who were having a smoke outside since I do not allow smoking here. Anyway all of a sudden this yellow fur animal quick as could be, flew by me down our steps, towards the sidewalk , into the busy street and guess who was running with all her might behind him? Aline. Yep, I ran down the steps, into the road, I don't even think I looked, and by that time Thunder was on the other side of the road, oh boy he stopped at a telephone post, now I'm gonna catch him. As I got closer , he spotted me, poof he was gone again, heading for someone's back yard. And me behind him, huffing and puffing to beat the band. Finally a gentleman who was in his yard caught him, and he said to me, its a good think my dog didn't catch him. I think he had a rotweiller. Whew. I picked up Thunder who is a corgi, and carried him back home. I am toooooooooo old for this. grin. But I did not want to see him get killed, our road is so busy ,Thunder is lucky there was no traffic.
Well my packing is coming along not bad, but I have so much stuff, it's unbelievable. My mother was a pack rat, and I think I have taken after her.
We are still having the open house for her next month. I need to get busy and do some inviting for that. I have received to certificates for her sent to my address , one from the New Brunswick governor General and I received one from Ottawa. She is going to be surprised.
I hope you are doing well with your genealogy, and am anxious to get back into mine. I was just telling some members of mine, to post some stories in our chat room in about something special their ancestors did. If you are writing about your ancestors, now is the time to have a chat with your aunts, uncles , grandparents, or older relatives,ask them questions, where did they live? If they had a farm, did they have lots of animals? What did they do to pass the time when they were young? Did they ever leave the country? Did they change their names? All these things are good to know. I have some in my family who did change their surnames, I was telling Mom , one of them married under his new name, had a big family, separated, the kids are under his new name, if ever they want to find out who they are, who their ancestors were, they won't be able to, or will have to do so much digging. I have noted the changes in my personal family tree books. Now my Williams surname for example, my great grandfather was born under Bristol, he married under Williams, can you imagine when I first began searching? Got to the marriage, and then what? His parents were listed, Angus and Anne, finally I found them as Augustin Bristol. So as I said find out for sure about the names, some names were anglisized, LeBlanc to White, Levesque to Bishop, Aucoin to Wedge and so on.
Well I must go pack. thanks again for the visit, do drop in again.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well I didn't want you to worry because I haven't been blogging. Well I am in the process of moving, and I am packing, you know how it is? The cupboards, under the sink, into the closets, in the basement, grin. And I am now what you would call Tired, tired,tired. I will be moving into my new place the first of the month, so my internet will be connected for the first, but I have to unpack when I get there. So do not worry, I will be back as soon as I can. I think we get the mover on Monday. Then I need to make sure I leave the house clean.
I will be making a patio sale on saturday, I have too much stuff for a small apartment so I have to downsize.
I have mentioned my moving to my genealogy group so now they also will not need to wonder where I am. So will see you after my move. Thanks for the visit and please check back soon.
Have a great day

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My name is Thunder the dog and I am addicted to "Tim Bits at Tim Hortons". This is the truth, now I just mention going for a coffee, he is front and center blocking the door saying you are not leaving without me. I need my fix too. grin. We go to Tim Hortons, he waits in the van, when we get back to the van, he comes up to me, and sometimes I put the timbit in my pocket and you can be sure he does a thorough search for it.
Well I have added another parish record on my site, have any of you heard of Clair New Brunswick? Well it is a small village situated on the St John River across from Fort Kent Maine USA. So I thought that many some of the folks travelled from the USA to New Brunswick or to Maine from New Brunswick. I have only added a few marriages and births. I notice some Soucy, Nadeau, Lang,Thibault,Theriault and others that I cannot remember right now. So if you have looked everywhere else for your ancestors and not found them, it doesn't hurt to have a look in Clair New Brunswick.Now the records are not complete, so if you see some names familiar to you, then you will have an idea where to look further.
My Mom will be 90 years next month, so our open house plans are going well, we will have pot luck and bring her cards, gifts or best wishes. My sister is coming home from the USA and she is going to make the cake, she and my brother are both good at making and decorating cakes. I am only good at eating them. grin.
Must share this with you , I have been contacted with a lady asking me if I knew any Goguen families from my home town, and I said yes I knew so and so, and so and so, she replied Oh My! You do? Anyway after a few conversation, she posted a photo of her uncle with another man, and I looked at the photo and there was my late husband, all dressed up fancy, top coat, shirt n tie. It was taken before I met him . What a surprise, so I sent it to my son, because I know he is going to love the photo. A person never knows what he will find on the internet, I have posted asking for old photos of Parkton in New Brunswick, and old photos of Saint Paul in New Brunswick, you never know, I may get good results one day.
Thank you for the lovely visit, as always I enjoy chatting with you.
Have a great day,hello to my cousins in Maine, and my friends in Scotland and on PEI.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soon it will be the time to start making plans for the Congres Mondial 2009 to be held in Caraquet in Northern New Brunswick. So I am hoping that I will be able to make it, and meet many online friends. Also next year is the Bergeron dit Damboise reunion to be held in Fredericton New Brunswick in July. The group that I belong to is inviting Godins to the reunion and anyone who has Berthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau somewhere in the family tree line. So there will be lots going on in 2009. Something to look forward to.
I am going to mention the following querrie we are trying to solve. We are looking for a Vital Theriault married to Sara Dupere. They had a son Joseph born 1856. Vital Theriault died before 1860 because Sara Dupere married an Achille Auclair .in 1860. we are looking for either the marriage of Vital and Sara Dupere, or the death of Vital Theriault.
Joseph Theriault took the name of his stepfather and he married Georgianna Hill in Skowhegan Maine in 1877. So this is really a brick wall. Sara Dupere was born somewhere in Quebec, could have been near Riviere du Loup since some of her siblings were born there. But where did Vital come from? If any of you readers have any info, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog. Thank you.
We have more members joining our genealogy group, I wasnt pleased at how to find my acadianrootsclub group , I went to Yahoo and had a hard time finding it, then I clicked on it, and it said by invite only and it did not look inviting, I cannot change it . So what I did is I created another yahoo group, my group now does not have to join it, but if anyone surfing the yahoo groups finds my new group home, I have added a message to steer them to our acadianrootsclub room. In other words they will join the new group and then I can invite them to our group. This was suggested to my by yahoo.
Today the weather is so beautiful, a sign that soon summer will be here. I hope you are all having nice weather wherever you are. We had enough of the cold and the snow don't you think so? Thanks for the lovely visit. Do drop in again.
Have a great day

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another day in the life of Aline, grin. Well last night I went to the bingo, sat with my mother and brother, and at our bingo the first single winner of the evening gets to be king or queen for the night, then they pick a number and each time the number comes up they receive a toonie (two dollars). Well last night I won the first game and became queen for the night. I picked a number that had a significant meaning for me. And they brought me this little green piggy bank, it has no opening to take out the money. Anyway my number came up quite often and the guy who was giving me the toonie was sort of heavy set and he would come huffing and puffing to bring me my toonie, at one time he said "I just had a beer and am ready to go again". The game before the last my number was called again, he comes over huffing and puffing put a toonie in my bank and then he adds a second toonie and said" This is for the last game, I am Through With You". Did we ever laugh. I got around 22 dollars in my bank .Plus I won one hundred dollars.
After the bingo I came home, and I had been working on trying to add another photo gallery on my site ,I had left frustrated because I did not understand certain commands. After the bingo I contacted my webhost provider ICD Soft for help. Well they walked me through setting up my gallery, would you believe I was up until nearly four am this morning with them guiding me along? Finally they had me setting up my gallery. If ever you are looking for a good webhost, check them out, you won't be sorry. I think my gallery looks better than the last. Now I need to add more photos to it.
My friend in Scotland alerted me to some mistakes in my spelling and plus one of my photos wasnt showing correctly, fixed all that. So now you can see I have been a busy girl. Coffee time. grin. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well my brown ground did not stay brown very long, we had snow yesterday as you can see by my Sob on the window. But today it is all gone again. It is just the idea of seeing it again. Had I been rich yesterday I think I would have flew to Crail Scotland, or maybe even London England and spent the day at the archives. grin.
I am working on adding photos on my site again, but it wont be a gallery as I had it before, I won't take a chance for now. It is hard when a person doesn't know much about HTML so I am trying to learn slowly. I cannot make my photos thumbnails so they will be big on my page and I am not going to add them side by side, I wish I could and write something beneath them. Maybe I will improve with age. grin. But in the meantime you will be able to view some photos, at the moment I am adding my photos. For the ones who went to my site at and tried to view my award page, it is now up and running, I cannot believe that all the time , that page could not be accessed, I found the problem and corrected it.
I have new members who joined my genealogy group .Our group is doing very well ,we are the moment trying to help someone find something she has been looking for ,but unable to find for a long time. I sure hope we can find at one thing for her, a date, a location, anything at all that will stear her in the right direction. Team work sometimes is a great thing, especially when you have a group such as ours. So as I said in my past posts, if you want to join us, let me know. We are more into Acadian and Cajun but we have some french canadians, I would love to have more french canadians join us, who can help others with their lines too.
Also I would like to add this note ,just in case some people from Moncton or Parkton are reading this too, I am looking for old photos of Parkton, Georgetown,Saint Paul de Kent, if you have any and want to share please let me know.
Thank you for the lovely visit, have a great day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brown for ground, grin. Snow is going away, I can see the ground.Next will be the warmth. Yesterday we were on our way to the country and these two ducks were crossing the road, and would you believe? They thought they owned the road, I said to my friend,Watch out!. When we got nearer the two ducks flew away.
Who is this beautiful baby? Well to me she is very beautiful, this was taken in 1919 ,she was born May 1918. She grew up with six siblings. When she was around three, she remembers her mother making her a little white coat and told her to go play and not get dirty. She went out in the field and into the cow pasture and fell into the cow paddies. So much for her little coat.
Later she learned to hunt partridges and rabbits and was a pretty good markswoman, she could hit a target on a tree from quite a distance, she even did better than many of her cousins. She was only around eleven years of age. She and her brother cut a cord of wood, just the two of them, and sold the cord of wood for two dollars and hurried to the five and ten cent store to spend it. She met a man who was nine years older than her and at the age of nearly 14 they eloped. She told me they built a log cabin and she used to paper the walls with true story books. She made a paste of flour and pasted the walls. The nuns used to go and visit her and compliment how nice her little log cabin looked. She had eight children, one daughter died, she had four sons and three other daughters, one of whom is so very glad. Yes that daughter is me and the baby is my Mom.
On another note, I would like to say I have received another award from my site, you can see it on my award page. It is my second award from the same folks.
My group is doing very well, I am so very proud of all of them, they give of themselves when they can to help others. So if you just surfed in, and want to join us , go to click on acadian group and follow instructions. Hope to see you there.
Have a great day, and thank you for the lovely visit.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red today is because soon we shall be seeing the tulips come out of the ground. I remember when my late husband and I lived in our own home, and I always loved tulips, for one thing they are easy to plant and easy to grow. One year, I remember my mother went to the USA and she brought me home some different tulip bulbs, and I planted them in front of my house. I read about how far apart to put them in the ground and how deep. Well my tulips grew to be the nicest looking tulips around, I had some yellow, black,red,white,and they were so pretty that people walking by would stop to admire them. When we sold our house in order to make a parking lot for a medical center, I dug up most of them and gave them to my sister.
Speaking of my late husband, did I tell you about the bird feeders? Well my husband was suffering from Alzheimers, and I took care of him in my home. Anyway he became bed ridden and I had put his bed in our living room so he could listen to the television and watch it if he wanted to. And I love little birds, and we lived on the second floor of an apartment building, so I decided that having bird feeders outside the window would be good for my husband. Well it was a hard job trying to hang bird feeders on a window sill, what I did is I got some Shelf holders and I opened the window and nailed the L shaped holders on the window sill, and I hung two bird feeders , ond for the finches and one for other birds. Well it was fun to see these little birds, and my husband would watch them for hours, there was this dove that kept coming to eat the niger seeds, and I would shoo it away, it kept coming back, I had nicknamed it PAIN and it made my husband smile, I would say here comes Pain again. Well Pain happened to be a girl and she had little babies and she brought those little babies to the feeder and we would watch her in the tree in the front ,she would watch her babies eat. It was amazing to see.
I never had hummingbirds there, but later on I moved and there I had some.
Changing the subject, I am not sure if I told you or not, but I have removed my photo gallery from my website, due to someone trying to damage my site, I am trying to come up with something else. It is a shame such things happen, the photo gallery was viewed a lot.
My genealogy group is doing well, we have new members who are joining us and we welcome each and everyone of them. If you would like to come and have us try and help you with your brick walls, just go to my website acadian-roots and you will see a url on the sidebar. What I enjoy about our group is we have acadians, we have cajuns, we have french canadians and even some english folks with Acadian roots. A very nice way to meet others.
Thank you for the lovely visit, and please drop in again. Hello to my friends in Scotland, cousin Eve, and hello to you , all my regulars who come in faithfully to visit. Have a great day

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring will soon be here, so I am typing in green today. Well we went to PEI saturday, the weather was beautiful, snow nearly all gone. I was in Summerside and I kept thinking if only I had more time, if only the ground was dry, if only I had come over with my own car. grin. ( I would have ventured into the cemetery).
And you know what that would mean, I would transcribe some of it.
Yesterday I went to the genealogy center, but I could not stay very long. I was going over to find some information for one of my group members ,and while I was there I had a nice chat with Stephen White. I enjoy our chats when I go there. That man has a memory that is unbelievable and he is always willing to help when he can. I was seeking some information shared in our group and he gave me the answers we were looking for.I always leave our chats with a smile .
I would like to mention a reunion being planned for July 2009 again and I will mention it in full later. I belong to a Bergeron group, and we are planning a reunion in Fredericton for anyone who descends from Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin. There will be people from the USA ,Canada,attending that we know of so far. If you are interested you can join the Bergeron dit Damboise group at
I will post more about this at another time.
This reunion also coincides with the Congres Mondial in 2009 so if you are planning to attend the CMA2009 and you are down in July and have Barthelemy in your line it would be very nice to meet you.
Speaking of reunions, my Mom will be ninety years of age in May, and we are planning an open house for her but we let her know so she would not be so surprised, last night she said to me, well why don't we get a hall? grin. My brother feels that it would be too much for her, since she has a bad heart and has rhematoid arthritis but she said she thinks a hall would be better, so now I have sent invites out, will need to know for sure what they want. We had made her a party when she was 88, and it turned out great. This is a way to get her grandchildren and great grandchildren together. All I do know is my Mom deserves something very special for her coming birthday, she is the kind of Mom who does everything for everyone, if one of her grandchildren is having a hard time, Mom is there to help, if someone needs a ride somewhere, Mom is there , if one of us needs a little pair of baby booties knitted ,Mom is there. She never refuses us, she would give her last penny to help anyone in need, she and my Dad separated after 35 years of marriage, yet she was always there for him, he married again, she was still there for him and when he passed away, who was by his side? Mom. She worries about all of us . And a few weeks ago, Mom told me, I am not afraid to die, what I am afraid of ,is hurting all you children when I go. I will hate to leave all of you. Now you know why I love my Mom.
Thanks for listening, do have a great day and drop in again.

Friday, April 04, 2008

DID YOU KNOW? That in 1670 a decree urged parents to marry off their children at a young age? Archdiocesan Register of Quebec 514, Marcel Trudel places the legal marriage age for a groom at 14 and a bride at 12. The King began to encourage early marriages with a financial subsidies as high as an annual pf 300 livres (sixty dollars) to fathers having ten children and 400 livres (eighty dollars) to fathers having 12.(Introduction to New France,Quintin Publications 1997 page 140) because so few immigrants wished to migrate or remain in New France. The birth rate was often the highest in the world reaching as high as 65.2 children per 1000 residents as opposed to a high of 55 per 1000 in other areas. The above was from the book Searching through the old records of New France given to me by my friend Maria. My mother got married at 13 and a half, I thought that was very young. But can you imagine your son getting married at 14?No wonder they had large families back then. And a girl age 12 getting married? To me they are still children at those ages.
Well I finally finished my St Charles Cemetery in Amherst index, so now you can jump from my website and then to Rick's site and find your ancestors tombstones. Now that is not all. Maria a while back went to Woonsocket Rhode Island and she stopped at the cemetery and took around 300 images, some are just parts of the cemetery, some are just surnames and some are the stones. She sent them to me and I have uploaded them, this is my first attempt at adding the images, so for now they are uploaded and may need to be edited, you can view them by going to my website ,click on USA Cemeteries, go to the drop down menu. They are not in alphabetical order so you will have to check each stone, for now anyway.
I was just thinking, maybe I should have loaded the photos to my photo gallery, but I do not know what my limit is at the moment. Anyway hope you enjoyed todays blog. Now I am going to try and attempt to make some Chicken Gumbo. It is my first time, and I have never tasted Gumbo before so now is the time. grin.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What can one find in a second hand shop or store? Well I must tell you, that sometimes you can find things that you do not expect. A few days ago, I went in to a second hand store with my friend. First I want to share this with you and I will get back to my story. My niece is always so well dressed, she is tall and looks attractive. She lives in Ontario, one time while I was visiting her, we went out shopping and she took me to a place called Value Village, well all I saw was racks of clothes, all kinds, I watched my niece, and she would say oh this one is a designer label, this is an expensive line of clothing. Well I did not know one from another, I used to shop at KMart once, grin. Anyway she picked me up an all weather coat ,label was London Fog. It looked so nice, she then told me she went to work, she worked in an office and the girls would all say to her, where do you get the nice clothes? She replied at VVs, where is that? they asked. Value Village she answered. But as I said she knew what to shop for. Now getting back to my story, I went in there a few days ago, and saw a book corner, well I went there and began looking, I found a book called Acadian Silhouettes, bought it. Well inside it has biographies of Acadian Women. You must have heard of La Saguine? she is a character in a play about an Acadian Scrubwomen, she is played by an actress called Viola Leger. I was amazed at her biography, she was born in the USA, her parents were from New Brunswick, she was also a teacher. When I think of her I think of La Saguine. In the book also is the biography of the writer of La Saguine Antonin Maillet. She has written many books and she was born in Bouctouche New Brunswick. So if you do not go to second hand stores, drop in once in a while, check out their books. I will be doing so from now on, The book I bought is in perfect condition. And it has photos of the ladies in the book. You can be sure I will check out the books from now on.
I am still working on my St Charles Amherst Cemetery index, I am moving along quite well, I am on my last page . I also have another senior to add in my senior page when I can. I also want to thank everyone who is encouraging me to go on with my blogs, I did not know so many of you were reading them. This makes me feel good , to know I am giving you something to read that you enjoy. For the ones of you who told me they cannot answer these blogs, I think if you go to the bottom of the blog you will see comment, you click it and a window opens, you type in the window and click send or Ok, I forget what it says. Anyway thanks for the lovely visit, have a great day, hello to my friends Jean and Harry in Scotland, and to my cousin Eve and Cindy, I see all of you. grin.
Have a great day everyone reading this blog,