Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Momma Told Me

Today I would like to share something with you about my Mom. First of all I want to talk about the photo  of her sitting with a valentine postcard. My mother who is 92 has been a collector all her life. She has saved things since she was a little girl, and has told us stories about them. Like the little basket she has which was made with porcupine quills and given to her when she was around 9 years old from a little native american friend she met in Cape Breton where her father worked for a while.  And the christening dress her mother and her made for her first baby  and then she used it for all of her children, including me, then many of her grandchildren also were baptized in that same dress.  She had a set of granite pie plates that she had when she was first married in 1932 that she has given to me, and I will treasure them for as long as I live. So now we get to the photo and her valentine. This postcard which I made for her with her original valentine is what you see in the photo above. The reason she had me make these postcards was because her valentine was given to her 86 years ago when she was six years old and it was given to her by her teacher. She treasured that valentine all these years and kept it in immaculate condition, and we are seven in my family and she could not give it to everyone so we came up with the idea of me creating a postcard with her valentine, which I did and in the back I put that it was a copy of her valentine she got in 1924 when she was six years old. I also added  from top to bottom where the line goes, "With Love from Mom.  She ordered 16 of them and they came in this week, she is so proud of those postcards, she wants to give us each one for Christmas with a note from her on the back, even it is a valentine it is very special for  my family.  And also a great souvenir.
Now something else she shared with me this week, was her wedding ring, I did not know this but she told me in 1932 ,my Dad sold his bicycle for three dollars and bought Mom a wedding ring, and he paid for the marriage license  too. Mom said she had the ring for a long time but one day someone spilled some mercury on it and it melted. But to me this story is so interesting because I can add this little tidbit in my family tree notes, and maybe one day one of my descendants might enjoy reading all about my Mom and my family.  I hope you enjoyed this little story. Now about the
T_Shirt Image above, well I was asked to have this one made, and to use my own judgement on what to add on it, he works at the Bingo and his wife is there too, so I created this shirt for him, and for others who want to buy one, I bet when he wears this at the Bingo I will have sales from it.
If you are interested you can find this tee shirt in my Hobby folder and then you click on my Bingo Folder at*   So that is my blog for today, please tell your friends about my blog and also about my store and  mention my genealogy website   Thanks for the  visit ,do stop by again, and Have a Great Day. Aline

Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny Genealogy Item

I just had to share this with all of you. I was trying to think what to add to this image that would be funny and related to genealogy, and I came up with this idea. I hope you like it. I never know ahead what I will create so, share this with all your friends, and I will be blogging very soon,

Funny Genealogy Shirt from

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dog never forgets

There is a saying that a dog never forgets, and we really believe this to be true. Today we went to visit our dog Thunder whom we haven't seen in at least two years. We had to give him to a good home because of health reasons. Anyway we had tried to see him a few times but the owners were away. So today thinking they would be away again was sort of dissappointing but we took a chance anyway. Driving up the old country dirt road, we arrived at the end of the road where there was a trailer there. We turned in the yard and there was a vehicle in the yard. I got out of the car and asked the lady who was hanging her clothes to dry on the line if they still had Thunder. Why yes! she replied. I said we were his former owners, she was very nice and invted us in. Thinking Thunder would not recognize us, we went in, but we were very wrong. Thunder ran to me and to my friend. Dog kisses were flying let me tell you. Then Thunder laid on his back for me to rub his belly, something I used to do. It was a very nice visit, and when we got ready to leave,Thunder figured " I'm going to" but they brought him in for a treat and we were on our way.We felt very good when we left because now we know Thunder is in a happy home, he can run and play where the traffic is nil, he can go into the woods if he wants to and he has a new playmate called Lightning, another corgi just like him only younger. The new owners told us we are welcome to visit anytime we want to, so that was nice of them. We won't go very often, because now that is Thunder's new home .
Now the postcard photo above is one I created in my gallery, and I have created many more. today I also created a spider guy tee shirt for little boys, and an itsy bitsy spider tee shirt for little girls. You can view them in my children folder or in my tee shirts at*
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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Bandit in the House

Today I would like to share a little story with you. My son lives in a pretty log cabin with his family and hound dog. One day they noticed the screen door was torn, so they had it fixed, again the screen door was ripped. What could be causing this? They have rabbits, they have raccoons,squirrels, mice, foxes all around their place.What could be causing all this damage? So this paticular day, they went out,closed the screen door, and  when they returned, they noticed bread crumbs on the cupboard top. And my daughter in law keeps her house very clean. So they thought my grandson may have made a sandwich but nope it wasn't him.
Then they looked outside on the lawn. What are those two pieces of bread doing there?  Lo and behold
not far from the bread was this bold little squirrel. When he saw my son, he started to run, so my son called his dog and said "let's go hunting". Out the door they went, the dog pulling my son, because he spotted the
squirrel running for his life. Up the side of the log home he ran. He was all out of breath, and no place to go.
The dog was howling, my son was throwing a  beach ball up towards him to make him come down. By now they squirrel was petrified  and at the same time my grandaughter came out to see what the racket was all about, right at that moment ,the squirrel fell, and he fell right at my grandaughter's feet, when she saw him, she panicked, started yelling and ran as fast as she could for the house, and the squirrel , he too panicked and ran as fast as he could for the nearest  hiding place. I don't believe he will ever return, because he was so afraid.
As for my grandaughter she is probably still in her room. grin.
Well I have been busy creating again ,did these shoes, and , I have been creating some postage stamps, because from today until Wednesday there is a sale on them, $8. 80 off of every sheet of 44 cents postage stamps you buy.I have quite a selection if you happen to go to my site, I have some postage stamps in my postage stamp folder and I believe I have some in my church or genealogy folder. Go to*   Also if you have already began shopping for school ,why don't you check out my shoes at the same time? 
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What has Aline been doing?

Hello everyone, well today it is raining, we are expection some thunder so I imagine there will be lots of little dogs and cats being afraid. We had a dog named Thunder and he was so afraid of Thunder he would shake and run and try and hide, he is now with another family due to health reasons and this family recently bought another dog ,the same breed as Thunder and they named him Lightning.So they have Thunder and Lightning.
I have been pretty busy lately, I have been doing some genealogy research for someone , which has taken me to the genealogy center, where I love to go. I feel so at home there and I can relax.
And today I added some marriages of Williams dit Bristol folks in my group of the same name on Facebook. You can find me all over the place on Facebook, I am there with the group Old Photos of New Brunswick, Williams dit Bristol group,Trails of our Ancestors group,ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE page . As you can see I have lots to keep me busy, I also have my Chat n Brag room in which is private, I have two yahoo genealogy groups, one is private to get there you need to go to petiteacadienne group for an invite. And finally I am having a great time with my store, today I created a folder called Churches, and that is what I plan on adding there, in hopes that someone doing their family tree would love some products of their ancestors areas. I also have a genealogy folder there, which is new, plus my Acadian/Cajun folder and much more, I posted some of my latest shoes and my funny tee shirts hope you like them, if you are interested in them or feel like seeing what I create go to*   
I have a folder for children also with nursery rhymes and much more.
Now that I have blogged a little it is time for a nice cuppa coffee, it is too late to go to Tims, so I will stay at Alines. grin. Until next time have a great day, do stop by again

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Good Advice

Computer Talk T Shirts from

Here is a tee shirt that can be funny but also can show you that you should not believe all that you hear on the internet. Anyone can say anything that they think you  want you to hear, so please be careful.
Remember you don't always see them, and they can send you a photo of anybody. This tee shirt could be another way to put the message across to others.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Good Deeds ,Feeling Good

Now why would good deed make a person feel good? Well I would think of it this way, if someone did a good deed for me, I am sure I would feel good about it and they would feel good doing it.

A couple of days ago,I went to the supermarket to pick up a few articles of groceries, while I was standing at the check out with my cart and groceries, this elderly lady was ahead of me and when the clerk told her what her groceries came to, this lady started looking for her purse ,then she began to panic ,she was so very upset, she had put her purse in another cart and changed carts, and her cart was nowhere to be seen and she kept saying I have never done this before and all my money and cards are in my wallet, what am I going to do? Seeing her so upset I said to her, wait a minute I will go see if I can find it. So there were others at the other checkouts and so I began asking ,have you seen a purse, have you seen a purse? All of a sudden I heard it is at the office, someone had found it and brought it to the office. So the clerk went and got it. This little lady had tears in her eyes because she was so happy to have her purse and all its belongings inside.So this was my good deed and it honestly did make me feel good . And the good deed I did must have paid off because I came home, checked my mail and guess what? I had made a sale in my zazzle store. So maybe the sale was my reward.
I have been working on my gallery, adding new things very often, If an idea comes to me, then I create, this week it was genealogy related, as you know I love genealogy so this was an easy task, last week I was on the shoe creating, next week I haven’t a clue but I honestly love creating and I do hope others will like my ideas and products. You can view them all at*
The mug on the right side has the image of a reinactment of Montcalm's Victory, we have all read about Montcalm and Wolfe in our history books. Remember to order your invitations early enough and also your children shoes for school. Time sure goes by fast so don't delay.
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