Friday, April 24, 2009

This is my life

I was born a long long time ago. I was not the first born, nor was I the last born in my family. I was the in between girl.
What a nice day that was, the birds were singing, I could smell the beautiful flowers, well probably they were only tulips and crocus, but it was a nice feeling to feel the wind on my face, to see the light shining down on me. I am sure there were many people happy to see me.I can imagine my Mom looking down at me with so much love and my Dad feeling very proud of his new baby daughter.My brothers and sister running in to have a look at their latest baby sister.
And soon I began to crawl and ga ga and goo goo a lot, and then came the day I decided enough is enough it is time to walk just like everyone else and I did. Now to talk was a little bit harder but I got the hang of it. I didn't like the idea of sitting on that potty tho, I wanted to sit on the real seat so in order to do that I had to hurry and learn how to do it. Yessss finally I was trained so I felt like a big girl by now.
Now I am already five and ready to go to school, yes I did go at five ,in a one room school in a place called Highland View. The teacher was very nice.
Then I began grading every year and soon I was into high school, with lots of girls and good looking boys, but my heart was already taken. I was in love with my Gerry even tho he did not know it. Oh but one day he noticed me and from that day on, I was in heaven. Got married , had a beautiful son of my own who I love so very much, just like Mom did when she had me her beautiful daughter. Next came the grandchildren, another special part of my life, they are loved so very much too. So now i am old and gray, and I remember my life, all the good things that has happened, the sad things too and even tho I am not a baby anymore, I feel so very happy to have been born and had been given a chance to live my life. Today I am one year older, and all I can say is I wouldn't have changed a thing. I am happy to be here . I feel I have been put on earth for a purpose as we all have . Thank you everyone for all the wishes you have sent me.
Have a great day

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