Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wooden Shoes, yes can you imagine our ancestors wearing these? Well when we went to Port Royal, we were told that they were very comfortable, I was very tempted to try them on, but I was a bit shy. Anyway these wooden shoes were usually made out of poplar tree because that type of wood would last longer. The ones who made the shoes would work on the wood when it was wet so it would be more flexible and the wood would not break as easy. To learn more about the wooden shoes go to http://library.thinkquest.org/C005615/data/english/games/woodenfore.html there is an
article on how the shoes were made long ago and how they are done today.
I came across an old postcard from someplace in Quebec of an old man sitting down smoking a pipe and I noticed he had on a pair of wooden shoes. Apparently they wooden shoes worn by our Acadian Ancestors were worn every day and for special occasions they wore leather shoes. One day I would like to return to Port Royal and try on a pair of these wooden shoes, just to say ,"Look I have on a pair of wooden shoes similar to what my ancestors once wore.
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello and thank you for stopping by, because today I am a bit sad and I needed to tell you why. When my son was engaged to my daughter in law he got her a puppy for valentine day, I remember that day so well, they had gone to a pet store and saw this cute little ball of fur, but they walked away and went to the restaurant they could not get this cute little puppy out of their minds so they went back and got her. They named her fluffy, she was part golden lab and part german shepherd. And they took her home, my son got married four months later, and while they went on their honey moon I took care of Fluffy. Then they found out that they were going to have baby, oh my what will Fluffy do to the new baby, it was panic time, but not to worry, they laid the baby girl on a blanket and our Fluffy walked up to her, sniffed a bit and laid beside her, she would do that each time they laid the baby down, then another baby came along and it was the same thing over again. Now it has been over 14 years and our Fluffy had to be put down today. My son called me yesterday so very upset so I went over yesterday but we did not have a muzzle for her and she was sick to on our way home last night we picked up a muzzle and returned this morning, the kids were sent to their other Nanas , my daughter in law had to work , that left my son me and my friend to take care of Fluffy. We were told to give her a gravol to make her sleepy, she did not want to eat so I said put it in some ice cream, she gobbled it up no problem. Then my son had to put the muzzle on and did it ever hurt him to do so , since Fluffy had never ever wore a muzzle. then we wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the van and took her to the animal shelter , They helped us to take her inside. I felt so bad for my son. I tried to comfort him saying she wants to go, that is why she isnt eating . And you are doing the right thing. We had her cremated and the ashes will be ready in a few days, so tonight I phoned to see how my little family was and my son said Mom we just made a decision, my grandson is to make a little cross, and they will bury Fluffy near to where she always laid, and they are going to plant a little tree nearby. I said that is a nice thing to do, it will bring closure to the family.
I want to add something sort of genealogy related, do you remember I told you I made little books for the grandchildren one about my mother, one about my late husband? Well I also had made one for my grandson, and it was all about FLUFFY. And I remember closing that little story saying, when I am gone you can tell your little boy or girl someday that you had a very nice dog named Fluffy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Acadian Food and Acadian Gardens. To begin with , I took the photo of the garden at Fort Louibourg ,so this would be how our ancestors probably did their planting. That is not the way I did my garden, I did mine in rows, but this way looks much easier.So the Acadians planted corn, turnips,potatoes,beans,carrots, cabbage,and their herbs. If you check out my Beaubassin Trip in my webpage at www.acadian-roots.com I have added an exert from a man who went to Beaubassin and the meal that was served to him. The acadians loved their mutton and fish. The next photo depicts a potato pancake, I ate that one at Annapolis Royal, there was a market on the saturday so my friend and I went there, when I saw the sign potato pancakes I thought they were crepe rapees , but nooooo they tasted like a fish cake sort of, they were made of cooked mashed potatoes and fried golden brown. They were tasty, but I much prefer my grated potato pancakes.
Well as you know I am always trying to think of things to improve my site, and help my members, now I have created a room at my family.com , there we can chat , add photos, add events, so far it is going quite well, but to join you need an invite. We are posting some of our ancesors photos and other photos as well. If you just surfed in and are interested in joining please coment here or go to my website and email me or join my acadianroots group. In my acadianroots group, we cater to Acadians and Cajuns and French Canadians are always welcome, if we can help you in any way we will try, also maybe someone out there may like to also come in and help with lookups. I just finished adding some marriages for Saint Louis de Kent parish in New Brunswick. So now it is coffee time. Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going back into the past, we are looking at two photos, the one that has two square openings was the ovens that they used to bake their bread at Fort Louisbourg. Now there were more than one oven, but one of the ovens baked 75 loaves of bread. So you can imagine if they had 6 ovens going at one time, that would be bread for many soldiers. The soldiers were each rationed one loaf of fresh bread, but in order for them to have fresh bread daily, they would share their bread among the other soldiers and the other soldiers in turn would share their bread .The bread was not given out on all the same days, this way by sharing their bread the soldiers had fresh bread daily. The next photo was taken in Port Royal. This would have been a typical fireplace that they would also use ,for heat and to cook their meals. I noticed how nice the heat was from these fireplaces at a few of the rooms we visited. In Fort Louisbourg it was quite cold since the Fort was on the waterfront, so when we entered a room with a fireplace and heated with wood, ahhhhhhhh it sure felt good. Did you notice the broom near the ovens? Many of the brooms were made with corn stalks. And the round wooden barrels? Some acadians used their barrels to hold rain water. Some used them to salt their meats and vegetables and I am certain they had many many other uses for their barrels. Perhaps to store their flour? It is so nice to be able to go to these forts and museums to have a glimpse of the past and the history of the way our ancestors lived. Thanks for stopping by, and do come again.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Acadian and their herbs. Well as you look at the bottom photo, you will notice all the various herbs hanging from the ceiling, this is how our ancestors used to dry their herbs. Once they reached their dried stages, they would store them away. Notice on the top photo all the different drawers and all the herbs inside. I found these photos in Port Royal on my trip last of last week.I read somewhere that some of our first acadian ancestors brought their own herb seeds over to grow in the new land. I tried growing summer savory a while back. And I succeeded in doing so. Once the bushes had grown and were at the picking stage, I carefully removed them from my garden and I tied a string to bunches of branches, then I hung them in an upstairs closet and spread newspapers on the floor. Well needless to say, everytime I would go into the closet, I would get the nicest smell from the summer savory. Then I stripped the summer savory from the dried branches and put them in containers. I used it in my Chicken Fricot, in my turkey dressing or beef stews. What a lovely flavor. Now come join me next time, with my next set of photos and information. Thank you for dropping in.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well our trip continued along the Cabot Trail, we began seeing Acadian flags, and Acadian names, next we arrived at Cheticamp.What a lovely little village, we stopped at a bakery to ask directions and the people were so friendly and they spoke to me in French. We were told to keep going straight, first stop was at the Trois Pignon, pictured above, the genealogy place. So my friend is not into genealogy so I went and checked the books, and found one on the Poirier Families. Which I proudly bought. Next stop was, you will never guess. yep Tim Horton's Coffee Shop. Sitting there, a man asked us if we were from Quebec, no we said we are from New Brunswick. He continued to tell us he has been to our hospital and has a girlfriend on the outskirts of our city. Small World huh? Next we went to the wharf, the photo above was taken by me when we arrived. We were also told that the lobster season was over for them and crab season was opened. We continued our trip, next stop was the church. What a beautiful church. I took some photos of the inside, and while we were there I burned two candles, one for my father and one for my late husband. I felt good doing so.
Then we decided we would not be sleeping over and we were going to try and make it back home that same night. So we left Cheticamp for home. Crossing the Canso Causeway,I told my friend, next time we come this way I would love to stop in at Pomquet, my reason was because some of my members of my acadianroots group has asked me to do some lookups for them at the genealogy center. And lo and behold my friend turned off at Pomquet. Well you can imagine how happy I was, so I said I want to take a photo of the church, arriving at the church guess what was on the side ? Yep a cemetery and yes I walked to it and yes i copied a few names but it was getting late and we wanted to make it home before it got too dark. But I was pleased with the little visit to Pomquet. So we made it home before dark. And it was a lovely trip. Next I shall talk about other things I saw, with photos.
To be continued

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello everyone, well I haven't posted in a while, so I have decided to share my trip with you. I have already added my trips to my website at http://www.acadian-roots.com/ but I have omited many photos and information to use on my blogs. So I shall begin with my trip to the Cabot Trail. The photo above is the Saint Anne Bay, I took this photo from our little cabin we rented.We had gone to Louisbourg and decided to do the trail. We arrived at our cabin around 6pm and we did not want to go any further that night and the weatherman had forcasts rain and thunder showers.

So it was rest time. The next moring we were on the road bright and early. Instead of starting on the other side of the Cabot Trail which would have been better we were told because we would be on the side of the mountains looking down, but we did not know this. So we began our trip the opposite side but that did not stop us from seeing such magnificent sites. We stopped at different stop areas and took photos. As you see the photo which I tried to add below the St Anne Bay one and it did not work,smile. Isn't it a beautiful site?
We continued along the trail until we reached the entrance to the National Park named Ingonish and had our breakfast. It was a nice restaurant and the food was great. Then we continued on the trail stopping when we could, taking more photos. I even took photos while we were driving along. You can see one of them on the main page of Acadian Trips on my site.
We climbed mountains, and we went down mountains, some places we had to shift to low gear to descend. There were lots of Moose Crossing signs along the way, since moose like hills and high grounds but we were fortunate not to have one cross our path.
Next we were on the opposite side of the trail Pleasant Bay, next Presq'ile then Cheticamp.
To be continued.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Through the eyes of Mom and Dad. The photo on the left is how Moncton's Main Street looked like around 1930. My parents married in 1932.so at the moment you are looking at the way it was during their young years. My mom used to come to Moncton to visit her best friend with her Dad before 1932, her friend lived on Robinson Street.For the ones of you who are familiar with Moncton, you will know of the subway overpass which is where the train is passing. To the left is the Grand Opera House where Moncton's cultural events took place. I found these photos in Dan Soucoup's Old Moncton Book. I was very impressed. To see all those old photos of long ago along with short stories
Now the photo on the top right is Moncton is what I saw through my younger years. I remember
Woolworths, and about where the white car is on the right side, was the street where I worked before I got married. The street next to that one was Robinson Street where Mom used to go visit. And My great grandfather and his family lived on Lutes and Robinson long ago.
To the left of the photo is the Subway Block , it is still there today, and if you look on the photo of 1930 you will notice it there also. It was built in 1918.
So thank you for strolling with me down memory lane
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello my faithful readers, and welcome to all you newcomers. Well yesterday I had wanted to watch the fireworks but as it turned out, I had that flu, so decided to watch it from my room, but lo and behold, when the fireworks started and I went to the window all I could see was my big , enormous maple tree. So at least I heard the booms and saw a little bit of light here and there. grin.
I have been busy trying to create buttons for my website. I have made a few ,and they are not too bad for a beginner. It sort of encourages me to experiment a bit more.
I have also been searching on the net, for more links to add to my website. There sure are great sites out there. Such as the Terriot site, the Our Folks site, so I have added those to my link page. I am sure there are Terriot/Terriaults out there who do not know about the site. And the Quebec database is good also if you have french canadian ancestors. I have some, and I have Acadian, and English. Boy my English line is hard to trace, I cannot find much on them ,when they died and so on. And In England I am still trying to find information on my Chate line who were in Deptford England. Abraham Chate married to maybe Ann Rose. They had three kids that I know of, one was my ancestor Abraham born 1697. When he arrived in New Brunswick he got some land and on the deed he is named Chate, from then on he is known as Chase. I know on my Williams line I won't be able to go further since Williams may have been his first name William from Bristol.So that line is sort of harder to trace. I would have to find every first name William born in Bristol around 1750.
So if I can find my Abraham Chate line I will be one happy lady. My Acadian ancestors, were Cormier,Leger,Bellefontaine,Breau,Dupuis,Surette,Lirette,Martin,Boudreau and others. So I have lots of Acadian blood, French Canadian, I have Bergeron,Soucy,LeBel,Cloutier,Nadeau,Bouchard,Boilleau, and more.
One of my group members posted a message today saying that The Olive Tree has added a page on identifying old photos. I think that is a great idea. I would love to have a site that we could all add our oldest photos, and identify them , so that we could exchange them. That way if one person would lose the photo, then the photo would continue elsewhere. I love old photos, just found one in a book I borrowed of the Cotton Mill in Moncton. My grandmother , her sister, my dad's aunts all worked there before they were married, and my grandmother got married in 1915. So that is a long while ago. The building is gone, the ancestors are gone, but there is still a photo left.
Have a great day everyone

Monday, July 02, 2007

How was Canada day? Well I do hope that all of you Canadians had a great day. We decided to go watch the fireworks ,they were being held at our river front. So we stopped at a store , picked up some munchies, I got a 7up, some chips and a chocolate bar. MMM I was all ready, had my camera. So off we went, boy there were lots of cars, all lined up in parking lots, in grocery store lots, behind restaurants, even across the street and folks were walking over to the side of the river. (Petitcodiac). So we found our spot, the car was pointing towards the riverfront. There were lots and lots of dark clouds above. I thought to myself, well the fireworks will show up good. OH here comes a police car. He sure is driving slow. We decided to walk to the side of the river when the couple in the car ahead of me were walking towards their car. They yelled " Cancelled until tomorrow night". Grrrrrrrr. Ok then we are going to go to a movie. It is starting at 920 pm. It is 9 pm. I haven't gone to a movie in a while. Got there, all excited to see the show. The show started at 820 . Grrrrr. On our way home , driving on the road, I wasnt watching where I was going and instead of taking the center lane , I was on the outside lane, got to the lights (it was a turning lane) sob sob...Got home decided to watch a movie on television, laid back the story was getting good. Poof I fell asleeep.... haha.
Well as you know I am planning a trip to Port Royal, I have been searching for campgrounds, a friend of mine suggested some campsites. Boy there are some nice campgrounds around.
And I have also been looking for information on where abouts or around where my Barthelemy Bergeron lived, and where Jacques Leger dit La Rosette lived. I found where Jacques lived, and I came across two articles on approximately where Barthelemy lived, he lived near Abraham Dugas. Jacques Leger lived near Roundhill. I would love to go walk near where they lived , just to say I have walked where my ancestors walked. I also want to go to the Deportation Cross is in Grand Pre. I have the instructions on how to get there. I am hoping to be able to go sometimes next week.
Maybe after my trip I will have lots more to share with you. So have a great day,thank you for dropping by.