Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing ok. As for me, well I am doing just fine. Christmas Eve I delivered the gifts to my grandchildren, then went to My Mothers. At my mom's place we were quite a few, and everyone had a stocking filled with lots of goodies, we had a nice lunch, and then I came home early. Christmas Day I went to my son's home for turkey supper with my friend. It is the first christmas that I do not have a turkey dinner for my son and his family, I missed it. Next year if God is willing I will make my turkey meal. I took lots of pictures. Tomorrow is New Year's eve and we are 4 couples going out, the hall is not far away so I am happy with that.
Now on a different note, I have finished copying all the names on the Saint Anselme Tombstones that Lucie has on her site, I have put them on my site . For the ones who do now know where Saint Anselme is, well it is in New Brunswick Canada. While doing the names I came across an uncle of mine, that I thought was buried in another cemetery. So if you would like to see the tombstone of your ancestor if he or she is buried in Saint Anselme, go to my website if he or she is listed then go to Lucie's site at and you will be able to find the stone much easier the way we are doing this. I would like to end this blog by wishing each and everyone of you a Very Happy New Year, may the new year bring you much love, happiness and good luck
have a great day

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello again, thank you so much for dropping by. Well I do hope you all had a lovely christmas. I had a nice christmas, on christmas eve I went to my Mother's home, and spent time with my siblings, some of my nieces and nephews showed up also, it was nice seeing them. My brother had hung us each a filled stocking and he made us each a DVD of our last two Christmases that we had spent together, it made us laugh seeing some of the photos he had used. On Christmas day I went to my son's house for turkey and had a chance to spend time with my grandchildren. Boy they sure grow fast. The turkey was perfect and we had cheesecake for dessert,mmm.
Now I am back to genealogy, I have been filling my database in my new Legacy Family Tree software. And I have begun to do the Saint Anselme Cemetery names it may take a while but I will have it on my site soon.
I am also helping a friend to trace his Comeau line. So as you can see I have a lot of projects in the works. In my Yahoo acadian roots club I have decided to set my messages on the boards so that I can monitor them first in order to avoid as much spam as possible.
I do hope some of you received genealogy related gifts.
Have a great day

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello everyone, nice of you to drop in during the holidays which are very very near. I must say that during these times traffic is very heavy, so please drive safe while you are out and about.
I received an early present, my brother could not wait to give it to me because he knows that I love genealogy, and he came across the Personal Historian software and he bought it for me. I now have it on my computer, and I later found that I also needed Legacy Family software to go with it. So I decided to buy the Legacy familytree software. It really looks quite easy to use to far. I will also need to learn how to transfer the data to my personal historian. What I am going to like about the personal historian I shall be able to add stories such as I have been doing for such a long time in my books that I have researched.So after I have mastered the software I will let you know what I think of it.
I am very greatful to my brother, he too is into genealogy and he loves to save old photos as I too love to do. Earlier I told you that I had gone to the genealogy center and to make a long story short I received a CD that was redone for me from an old movie that contained my mother my father their house their cow their dogs my father's grandmother take around 1937. I had copies made for my siblings and my brother added it to a movie he made from photos taken at my mothers 88 birthday , and he did a fabulous job with it.....These are all things that may be appreciated when we are gone and the decendents have them in their possessions. I know I would love to find photos of some of my old Williams dit Bristol ancestors, since there are two branches that come down to me, my father's paternal line and my mother's father's maternal line. My father's line comes down from Augustin son of Thomas Bristol and Anne Landry, my mother's line comes down from Lucien Bristol son of Elie Bristol,(which are also Williams).
Maybe one day I will come across some of these old photos.
Have a great day

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A special Christmas Story I would like to share with you. Now some of you have heard this story before, some of you haven't. Since this is the Christmas season, I am thinking about my late husband, so here is my story.
My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 1995. That was really a shock because he was a very intelligent man, he was an electrician and he knew his stuff. He could do cryptoquotes in his head by looking at the puzzle and figuring it out. Anyway to get to my story, he became worse and worse from walking to not being able., to talking and not being able to, to eating and then later having to have his food pureed. And he became bedridden and teminally ill, so I wanted to get him something the christmas before he died, I wanted to get him the Cassette of Ave Maria by Perry Como, I searched everywhere for that cassette, I even went to Ontario, but no luck. And on our local tv station there was this show called Yvonne Colbert on your side, and you could write to her if you needed help. So that Christmas I never got the cassette, and I wanted to much to get it. So in June I wrote to Yvonne Colbert and said, my husband is terminally ill, I am trying to find a cassette of Ave Maria. On July the fourth I got a phone call it was from Starr Dobson, she said Aline we went to a pawn shop and found an LP of Ave Maria by Perry Como, we have made it into a cassette for you, so Ron Shaw will be there tomorrow to present it to you and your husband. And the next day, I was presented with the cassette tape and the LP , and I went near my husband's bedside, and put the cassette in the tape recorder and I said to my husband, "listen honey" the song began to play and I saw a tear roll down his eye... I knew right then he was very happy.... That was July the 5, he passed away July 27. So that was my last gift to him.... I cherish this memory.....Oh and the pawn shop dealer heard that I wanted that song, and he gave it to them , no charge.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hello and nice to see you. I know you must be busy getting ready for the holidays so thank you for stopping by. Would you like some eggnog or a cuppa coffee? smile. Well I have done a bit more work on my website, I have finished putting the obit index I took from the Evangeline paper on the Cormier and Legers. It took me a long time to find them at the genealogy center, I went through a lot of microfilms. Sometimes I did them while I was searching for other information, other times I went to the genealogy center especially to do them. So I do hope that all my work will benefit someone out there, at least it gives them an idea where these people lived and when they died...I now have the LeBlanc page to finish. Next I need to add more cemetery names from Lucie's tombstone images that she has on her site. So that you may benefit from both of our sites.
Later on I will go to the genealogy center to see if there is something else I can add to our site.
There are so many things online that it is hard to find something that is not already there but I am still keeping my eyes open just in case.
So now I am going to close and get a cuppa coffee, thank you for listening.
Have a great day

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello everyone , today I would like to talk a little about our group called acadianroots in yahoo. We are over 300 members and growing. Our room is not like the usual genealogy room, our room has feelings not saying other rooms do not , but the members of our group are willing to help if need be and looking for help also. But at times we do talk about other personal things, things that make you smile, and add to the fun of genealogy. If our ancestors were here, they would agree that we don't only want Joe was the son of Henry who was the son of Francis, they would want little tidbits said also. What I am trying to say, is if we have a little humor into our genealogy research I think it is a wonderful thing. It makes us want to go back to the group . So to you members reading this let's find our roots but let us also lighten up a bit .We are growing to be one big family and I really like that idea.. And in the room there is a location where you can opt not to receive all the messages in your email, you can change your messages to no mail.....That is what I have done, I go to the group and read the messages on our board........
At the moment we are also on the subject of DNA, which is very interesting. It is amazing to be able to determine if your ancestors were European, Native American, etc. I would encourage especially the women to have their maternal lines done, especially if you descend from an acadian woman, because as you know there were lots of woman who were thought to be Native American, because no information on them were found, so through DNA some have already been found to be European and some were Native American....So this is a way of knowing once and for all who these first ladies in Acadie were . So in other words , no more guessing, now down to the truth or proof.
Have a great day

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hello everyone, I know you are all busy getting ready for the holidays but I see that you took the time to drop in have a cuppa tea coffee or hot chocolate and read my blog. I have most of my shopping done, but I would like to talk a little about Christmas and suggest what you could ask for yourself for Christmas,well do not really ask but sort of hint, grin. Why don't you mention you would love genealogy books for Christmas? I know that if I got the New Brunswick provincial marriages I would love that or if I got the 1851 census for Westmorland County, I would love that, or if I got some parish records that have been done.Or the family tree software or even something for your computer like anti virus software.You can order most of the above online, the New Brunswick Provincial Archives have books for sale, the Centre D'etude Acadienne has books for sale and you can order online, and many genweb sites have books on sale, I have a publication page on my site you can order from and I noticed so has Lucie. Now I am mentioning New Brunswick but I am certain Nova Scotia has books for sale, so has PEI etc.
So if you of if you know others into genealogy this would be a great gift.
On another note I have finished both parts of the Barachois Cemetery and added them on my site .So the names are all in alphabetical order on my site and the location is listed on where to go on Lucie's site to find the tombstones. Boy some of those stones were hard to read, there are maybe about 4 or so that I could not read. Some I read partially. Lucie is getting Memramcook and Bouctouche among others so I think the next cemetery I will do will be Bouctouche and then Memramcook, these are big cemeteries, Memramcook is larger than Bouctouche. So it will probably take me much longer to do them .But I will do my best.
So hope you have a great day

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good morning, nice to see you. Well if you read my winter blog you will see that we have a our first snowstorm. My son phoned me last night and he told me that the roads home from work were very slippery, there were lots of fender benders, seeing people have to adjust their driving speed. I have a little Saturn so I will not venture out onto the road unless they are well salted.
Well I have finished the Pre D'en Haut Cemetery. I never realized how big the cemetery was, I have driven through that little community long ago, my late husband had cousins living there and I came across their tombstones while I was copying the names from Lucie's site. As you know this is a project between Lucie and I on these cemeteries that are on her site. She will be adding more possibly after the holidays , unless she decides to do some before. I am not going to do the Saint Paul ones from her site since I did that cemetery myself not long ago. So I already have the names but not the exact location in the cemetery. You can still go to Lucie's site for Saint Paul but you will have to look for the stones. Maybe later on I may compare her stones with my names and give the location. But I want to first add two cemeteries which Lucie and I both agree should be online for you.So keep checking our sites. I think you will all be pleased in the new year.
Hope you all have a great day

Monday, December 04, 2006

Today I would like to take the time to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would like to thank you for coming in to read my blogs day after day, that has made me enjoy writing them all the more. To my friends in Scotland, thank you and have a happy christmas I am so happy to have you as my friends . To Lucie Merry Christmas, thank you for all the help you have given me. To My New Found Cousins Eve , Cindy and all the family Merry Merry Christmas from my home to yours. To Carol, and Effie,who I do know are reading my blogs Have a very happy holiday... And to all the members of my acadian roots group, Merry Christmas Everyone, thank you so much for joining and for helping others and having confidence in me.
Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great day. because today was not really mine. grin. First of all my water pump stopped my friend is in the hospital so I had to try and solve the problem , the plumber will be here tomorrow. Now that is not all that happened to me. I must tell you that I am terrified of mice and rats, and today I was sitting on the rocking chair minding my business, watching television, I had just put the dogs out for their run. And lo and behold, something was running across the floor, I could not believe my eyes, there was this little mouse going about 90 miles an hour and no table for me to jump on , and there I was facing this mouse. Gulp. What should I do? Shoo I said, Get out of here. He just looked at me , now I did not want to be attacked by a ferocious rodent like him or her, so from the corner of the room I spied the broom, so I slowly walked towards the broom, and ran all I could to get the mouse...... I did!!!!! grin. I figured it was either him dying or me dying of fright. Now I did not want to touch that little furry thing so I swept it in the dustpan and tossed him out as far as I could. Whew. Now I feel safer.... smile. Maybe I should stay up tonight with a shotgun in case others come. smile.
I am now in the process of doing the Pre D'En Haut Cemetery to add to my site with the url to go to Lucie's site to see the images on her site. I have copied all the names and now I am putting them in alphabetical order so it won't be too long before I am finished. Lucie has acquired two cemeteries that I know you will all be anxious to see on line, so after the holidays we will get right to it..
Have a great day

Friday, December 01, 2006

Well here we are the first day of December, my how time goes by fast. I told you I would share the little poem I made while I was sitting in a hospital room, now bear in mind that it is not very good but it kept my mind occupied. Are you ready to listen? Ok have your cuppa coffee and here goes.
Once there was an acadian guy
Who thought and thought
And wondered why.
Why did his people have to go
And leave their homes that
They loved so.
To other lands across the sea
Will they return
He'll wait and see.
But now he knows in
two thousand and nine
Their descendents will
meet one more time.

See I told you it was not that good. smile.

On another note, I have finished doing the Haute Aboujagane Cemetery, so if you have ancestors buried there check out my site then go to Lucie's site and find the stone.. I also added the marriages of Adamsville NB on my site.
I am quite busy these past few days , and I am enjoying my new found cousins very much. What very nice folks that they are, I am so lucky to have them in my life.I am hoping that the future will include our meeting in person, maybe next summer.......
Have a great day