Thursday, January 31, 2008

BEAUBASSIN, why am I beginning my blog with this name? Well the reason is because as I told you in other blogs, I have been going through some newpapers and articles I had saved and I thought I would share them with you. Since many of you would not have read the article, because you are not of my area. This new article I have added on my Beaubassin page at is very interestion, so if you had ancestors who were from Beaubassin, or any connections with Beaubassin, the article I have added titled"LOST VILLAGE HAS EXCITING HISTORY" is towards the middle of my Beaubassin page, it is very interesting with information from Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc the former archivist with the CEA who I met and found to be a very intelligent man. (He also played a big part along with Regis Brun in sharing a movie with me where my parents were on and my great grandmother also). I will always be greatful to Regis and Ronnie for this. Imagine seeing your mother and father walking around in a movie taken before you were born? Mom was around 16 or 17 then. Today she is 89.
But getting back to the article, it is very well written, I do hope you will stop by and read it. This article was in our newspaper seven years ago.
On another note, I have added more names in my Chartersville cemetery. Still many more to add.
Our weather is really strange this year. Last night we had high winds, and today we have icy roads, but nothing as bad as what Prince Edward Island had, they had an ice storm, many are still without power today. To all of you on Prince Edward Island, I do hope your power will be up soon, and that your weather improves. Stay safe.
To all my readers, thank you again for the visit. I do not know who many of you are, but I do know you are there. Maria , hope you get well soon, hello cousin Eve, I see you there, smile, hi Cindy, Sara my faithful reader ,with your coffee, smile, hello Jean and Harry from Scotland, and Effie,Maureen. Just want you all to know, I know you are there.
Have a great day everyone, do drop by again.

Monday, January 28, 2008

While I was looking through some of my old newpapers that I had saved, I came across this photo. Many of you have read that when our Acadian Ancestors came to Acadie, they built Dykes or Aboiteau ,so that they could grow crops and control the water flow. What they would do was to put five or six trees were the water entered their marsh, and then they would lay other trees lenghwise on top of each other and fill the holes with mud,and possible marsh grass, and pack the mud so that the water could not get through. They had some kind of gate that they could open and close, so they could control the flow of the water. The photo is of one or part of one taken near the Petitcodiac River in Memramcook. Can you imagine all the work there would have been in building these Aboiteaux? Now if you go to my website and look at my Acadians in Quebec, there is an article that says some of our Acadian Ancestors who settled in Quebec, brought this method of building dykes along with them. As I said I have added a page on the Acadians who went to Quebec, this was an article in the Etoile paper in 1994, in french and I added the french articles along with the english translation. If you find mistakes in my spelling or my wording, please know that I am doing the best I can at translating. You should have seen me while I did the translation, I had my french to english dictionary handy, and did I ever look up french words. Remember I speak Acadian Slang called Chiac, half french , half english,grin. So some of the words used were not in my vocabulary. smile.
So now I have many new pages on my website, and as I think of new things to add , I will do so, I am not finished with adding genealogy related articles.
Today we are in the middle of another storm, we went to town earlier and the roads are very slippery, the blades on my car wipers were all full of ice, freezing rain and I was telling my friend, boy can you imagine when our ancestors spent their first winters in our country? They would not have been prepared, there were not stores to run to, no cars, many must have frozen to death. If they hunted during the first winters, it sure must have been cold in the woods, and I wonder how warm their homes were? It is a good thing that the native americans taught them a lot about survival. And if our ancestors could only open their eyes and see our century, I really believe they would say. "Boy You sure are Lucky. "
Thanks for the visit, please drop in again.
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello all you faithful readers and all you newcomers. I hope my blogs do interest you once in a while. I was going through my papers that I had saved over the years and I came across a french paper from the Etoile newspaper. It was all about the 1994 Congres Mondial or CMA, so I said to myself, I bet many folks would be interested in reading some articles. But the problem is, that the paper was written in french. So I decided to scan them anyway and add them to a page, and then I decided I would translate part of them into English as best I could. I did not translate the first article as yet, but all through the sections were articles on some ancestors, so I added them on my page and a bit of translation along with them. I noticed some errors in some parts of the families, such as Barnabe Martin being the son of Robert, which according to Stephen White, there is no actual proof that he was. And a Louis Robichaud thought to be the father of Etienne but again no proof of it. So I added the corrections on the page. My page doesn't look as good as my other pages since there are lots of scanned newspaper articles. But I do hope some of you will enjoy reading them.
My friend Maria who was ill is getting better, so for the ones who said prayers , thank you.
I have also added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, and more to follow. I have also received photos of a Charles Cormier married to Mathilda Boudrot and their son Zoel Cormier and his family, to view them go to my photo gallery at , If you have old photos that you would like to share with others and add to my gallery let me know.
Now it is time for a cuppa hot coffee, so have a great day. Thanks for the visit. Hello to my friends in Scotland, hello to Eve and family also.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today I have decided to stop being lazy and come and do my blog. grin. We had to take Shadow to the SPCA a few days ago. It is sad to lose a pet,but my friend did the right thing,Shadow could not walk anymore, nor see, and he was in pain. Thunder is doing ok. He is going on fourteen so he is not a young dog either. Shadow was going on nineteen years of age, that is very old for a dog.
Well I have added another page on my website at , I made a page on Georgetown and Parkton . For the ones of you who never heard of these places, well they are now in Moncton New Brunswick, but at one time they were on the outskirts of Moncton. I had wanted to do a page for a long time. I have added articles and photos also. So for the ones of you who either lived in these places or had ancestors or relatives from there, I do hope you will stop by. Maybe later I will add more stuff about Georgetown and Parkton, and photos if ever I can get some. I would love to have a photo of the picnic that was help every year, and of the Jamboree Hall, and skating rink, I have one of part of the rink now.
We have started a project in our group , we are a bunch of folks who are willing to help with lookups for your brick walls , so if you are having problems, come join our group acadianrootsclub and we will do our best to try and help.
I have lots of cemeteries on our acadian-roots website, and I hope to add more as I do them next summer if I can.
The weather is nice today, not cold, last Monday, it was bitterly cold, with the wind chill it felt like minus 30 degree celsius and that is cold. I do understand why we have lots of folks from down here going down south for the winters. grin.
Well thank you for stopping by, my news are not plentiful today, but a little bit is better than none at all.
So until next time Have a great day

Sunday, January 20, 2008

As you can see, Buddy is growing fast, and I was told he is one happy puppy, he has a family who loves him. Lots of toys and I can imagine he has the very best of food. My son told me, when Buddy gets exited he howls. grin.
On a sad note, our Shadow is not doing very well, we are taking him to the vet next week, he is going on 19 years of age , and now his hips are giving up on him. I called the vet today but it is Sunday so we were unable to take him in, she told us to give him some bufferin coated pills, she gave us the strenghth to get. And we went and got a bottle. I hid the pill in some cheese, and Shadow swalled it. He later fell asleep, I will give him another one tonight. The vet said give it to him for two days only and if he happens to stop eating do not give him any pills, well let me tell you he did not stop eating today, his appetite is really good. I don't know what the vet will say next week when we take him in. But some of you must remember me telling you about Fluffy my sons dog? Well she was at the same stage as Shadow for awhile and they put her on Bufferins and she was ok for nearly another year. But I honestly don't think Shadow will be ok for another year, Fluffy was four years younger than Shadow.
Well I have added two more pages to my site at one is a few parish records for New Orleans and Pointe Coupee Louisiana, I do hope they will benefit someone in their research. I shall need to reorganize my sidebar soon. I am also thinking of another project to add, it won't be genealogy but will be looking back in time. I got many emails about my Moncton Nostalgia page, it made me feel good, seeing how it brought back memories to so many people. I also enjoyed doing the page. So watch for my next Nostalgia page at a later date.
I have also set up a get well card for my friend Maria ,just in case you wonder who she is, when you visited my site. She belongs in our genealogy group and on another list that I belong too. She also originally is from my home town. So I thought creating a get well card would be a nice idea. This sort of opens a door for me that I can do more cards as we go along for the ones who are ill, or for special occasions.
So thank you for the lovely visit, hello to Eve, Cindy, Effie,Maria, Sara, Harry, Jean,Rick,Paul,Maureen,Carole,and Carol, to Yolanda a new friend, and to all of you folks who dropped by.
Have a great day

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am beginning this blog by saying that for the ones who did not hear ,last saturday a group of basketball players from the Bathurst High School came to Moncton for a game. On their way home they had a terrible accident ,their coach was the driver, the road was bad and their coach was driving along with his wife and child in the van. They lost control of the van ,it skidded into an oncoming vehicle. Seven boys were killed along with the wife of the coach. Four people survived , the coach, his daughter and two teamates of the boys.Needless to say it was a very sad tragedy. Tomorrow they are having the mass said in their arena, all of the caskets will be there together. Everyone is feeling very bad for the families of these boys and for the family of the coach's wife. I was listening to the news, a Halifax basketball group are having tee shirts made with the names of all the boys who died on them. They will wear the teeshirt for their game tomorrow night. Moncton High was the last team to play them, so the Moncton Basketball team is going to wear their logo all next season on their shirts. Another school is taking a big white sheet and having all the students send a message. The sister of one of the boys spoke about her brother last night on the television, she said so many nice things about him and his friends The names of the boys who died were;
Nathan Cleland, Justin Cormier,Daniel Hains,Javier Acevedo,Cody Branch all 17,Nicholas Quinn 16, Nicholas Kelly 15. So please keep them and all their love ones in your prayers and also keep Mrs Lord the coach's wife and her love ones in your prayers also.
Speaking of prayers, we have a member in our genealogy group named Maria, she is in the hospital, so even if you don't know her , say a prayer for a fast recovery?
Well I have added more names to my acadians who went to war page, and more names on my Chartersville Cemetery page.
I am going to try and go to the genealogy center this week, I have some obits to search for and other things to look into. Keep your fingers crossed that I find what I am looking for.
Thank you for stopping by, and to all the families who lost their love ones in the Bathurst Tragedy, my heart goes out to all of you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I checked the weather yesterday, light snow, oh that is very good,so we will only have light snow? Wrong ,wrong ,wrong. grin. Later last night I went on the weather channel, weather storm advisory, severe storm headed to Kent County and Moncton among other places. Twenty five centimeters expected this evening and through the night, with more snow expected tomorrow. It sure would be nice to be on some beach somewhere right now .smile.
Well, I have added new things on my website at , I have added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery also.
Some of my members in my group have sent me some new cajun words that I have also added. I have the 1851 census for a part of Northumberland County.
On another note, I have been receiving so many emails saying that my work is very well appreciated and that encourages me to keep on striving to make it even better. Many have emailed me saying, ohhhhhh I found an uncle, or these were my relatives in the school classes , and I found a relative in the cemetery or in the census. That is the purpose for my site ,to help others in any little way I can. I also have found new cousins along the way, again today I received an email saying they are related through my great grandmother's brother.
Also, in case you did not know, a group of us are planning a reunion in Fredericton in 2009 for all descendants of Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin. It is going to coincide with an anniversary of the raid on Pointe Ste Anne, where our ancestors were, they also plan on asking the government to declare the location of the old Acadian Cemetery where our Barthelemy and others are buried and the church as a Historical Site. So if it does happen, it should be a nice reunion. I have contacted a Bergeron descendant who is a well known magician and he has replied and said he would love to attend if he is able.
For the ones who can read french,be sure to continue reading P'tit Francois, the writer has contacted me again, saying he is going to do the translation of my pages to english as soon as he can.
Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your support.
Have a great day

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I woke up this morning, and the weather was gorgeous. It was a bit windy at first. Anyway I had been looking on the internet for a photo for one of my pages, but as you know it is not possible to just pick any nice photo online and use it. So I decided to take a ride to Richiboucto New Brunswick. So off we went my friend and I. All of a sudden I saw a sign, Sainte Anne , this is in Kent County New Brunswick and if you have looked at my site at you would have noticed I had a photo of the Sainte Anne Church burning, so we stopped at Sainte Anne and I took a photo of the new church, if you want to see it go to my site, and click on my Sainte Anne Cemetery page.
Next we continued on to Richiboucto, I wanted to stop at the wharf, we did, I took two photos, there were not boats at this time of the year , so I took a photo of where the boats enter the marina or wharf. Next we kept on going to the church.
What a beautiful church, I took three photos to make sure I had a nice one. Then we drove home again. It was such a beautiful day, the roads were all dry. On our way home, we heard the weatherman, tomorrow ,snow, rain and freezing ice pellets. I sure am glad we went for a ride today.
Now I have added another page to my website, I did the Richiboucto Parish Records. I have completed certain years, with the records of Acadian and French Canadian names only. I do hope it will benefit some of you in your research.
Now do not confuse Richiboucto with Richiboucto Village, they are two different towns near to each other. Richiboucto Village was mostly french, and Richiboucto was mostly English and Migmaw with some french at the beginning.
Thank you for stopping by, do check out my website for new things, and more to come probably. Stop by our acadianroots group also, we would love to help you if and when we can.
Have a great day

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello everyone, how are you this fine day? Our snow has gone down quite a bit, we had rain and very mild weather yesterday, now my car is free from all that snow.
Yesterday I went to my second home, the Centre d'Etude Acadienne (genealogy center). Arriving there , I thought to myself, what can I look for today? What can I find that would interest my website viewers, Ah ha,I thought of something, I am going to add more parish records. So I have two more pages to do, one for a register in Prince Edward Island and one for a register of a parish in New Brunswick. I shall be doing them very soon. While I was there I also browsed through other stuff, and I came across a letter written in 1825 of a trip to PEI by an Acadian written in his own language in french, and since I have french and cajun words on my site I thought I would add this letter. So if you can read french go to my site click on cajun/acadian and go to the bottom drop down menu you will see the trip. I could translate it into english but if I did so ,it would not be as interesting due to his way of speaking french.
Soon we will be beginning our new Project in our acadianroots group to help others with their brick walls, or try to help, so if you are surfing in, why don't you come join us , if you don't need help, then maybe you can help us.
In closing I would like to say I get offlines regarding my blogs, I am glad that many are reading these faithfully. Thank you for dropping by.
Have a great day, hello to Eve, Cindy,Harry,Jean(Scotland)Sara ,Effie,Maureen,Carol,and would everyone say a prayer for my friend Maria who is in the hospital, I hope she will be back with all of us very soon.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I would like to introduce you to Buddy, he is part Beagle and part Basset, he was born Oct.6 2007 ,my son was also born Oct 6 and this is his and his family's new addition.
The story is, that the day before new years eve, my son and his family went to eat at a restaurant which was near the pet store ,so my daughter in law said,let's go see the puppies, we can pet them you know. So my son agreed and off they went to the pet store. They looked at the puppies and my daughter in law fell in love with this one. Remember I told you they had Fluffy which was a big part Lab? They lost her last summer. So my son and his family brought Buddy home to live with them. They all love him already.
Next I would like to update you on my nephew, we found nothing so far, but I have contacted different places who are looking. It is quite possible that Alderic is in British Columbia, because some of his in laws are there, I just found out that they are Gallegos Rodriguez according to the wedding invitation of Alderic and Argentina. I don't have the first names of the Rodriguez as yet. I have also contacted the salvation army who had me fill a form and they will let me know if they find anything. I spoke to the San Diago police, no record of Alderic anywhere. If I have more news will let you know.
Finally , I would like to say I have added more Cajun words and sayings on my website at go there,click on Cajun Acadian go to the bottom and click on Cajun Words and Sayings. I hope you like the page, I am always happy to receive more words and saying to add to my page.
I have two more things I will be adding on my website, am still waiting for permission to use certain photos.
I hope you enjoyed todays blog, thanks for stopping by,
Have a great day

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It sure would be nice to be on some nice warm island ,at the beach, where it is warm, but that is only dreaming. well the two top photos were taken yesterday. before the storm. The first photo is me near a snow bank, the second photo
taken in the same area, the church is where I got married, and to the left is our pharmacy.
The next photo I took this morning, this is my patio, and Thunder had to go out on business, so i cleared him a small path and do you see that rope hanging over the rail? Well that is his leash, and we walked to it, I put the leash on and he went down the steps, he sunk right in the snow, I grabbed the leash as fast as I could, and let me tell you he never ran up those stairs so fast. grin.
The last photo is a path I shovelled, from my back steps, you can see how deep the snow is. My car is buried again. We are still getting snow as I speak and winds, but it is suppose to let up later today.
And you will never guess what I am about to say. We are expectiong ANOTHER STORM ,maybe the next photos you see will be of my IGLOO. smile.
I hope you all had nice holidays, now the new year begins,and I am hoping that lots of good things will come your way. I am hoping we all find some of our family brick walls. If you are new to my blog and a first time visitor to my website ,I hope you will come join our acadianroots group, we have lots of great folks there, friendly ,willing to help if and when they can.You can join through my acadian-roots website. Hope to see you there.
Have a great day,thanks for the visit.