Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Port Royal, that is where I will be going very soon on a trip. Today I went to the library and looked for Acadian or genealogy related books. I found some. One am reading at the moment is The Acadians of Nova Scotia by Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau. I came across the following entry . After Champlain dismantled the habitation on St.Croix Island, he decided to resettle on the opposite side of the Bay of Fundy. Champlain and Dumont chose a sheltered location on the north shore of the Riviere dauphin,later renamed the Annapolis River. Champlain named the settlement Port Royal. He describes the site and the reconstruction of the buildings.
"Continuing two leagues on the same course, we entered one of the finest harbours I have ever seen on all these coasts, where a couple of thousand vessels could lie in safety. The entrance is 800 paces wide, which I named Port Royal.Into it, falls three rivers one of which is called Equille.
From the mouth of the river to the point we reached are many meadows, but these are flooded at high tide,there being numbers of little creeks leading here and there, up which shallops and boats may pass at high tide.
Having searched well in all directions, we found no place more suitable and better situated than a somewhat elevated spot,about which are some marshes and good springs.Having seen that the site for the settlement was a good one, we began to clear the ground which was full of trees,and to build the houses as soon as possible."
Now wasn't that interesting? This is something that was said in the 1600's.
Port Royal was home to many of our ancestors, Jacques dit La Rosette Leger, Barthelemy Bergeron,Guillaume Trahan, Pierre Melanson,Daniel LeBlanc and many others.
So I think it would be very fitting to add this little article among our genealogy notes.
Thank you for the visit, hope you enjoyed today's blog.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

So far I am not on the roof, nor hanging onto the chandelier,I don't have one so I would probably be hanging onto a ceiling fan or something. grin. Well no sign of the little critters so far, I don't think they took the bait, maybe they are intelligent beings in the form of mice? But I received a call from my cousin who lives a few doors down and she wanted me to take her over some bait, she saw two running across her floor so far and one was fat. I said "oh oh a mother " But they are eating her bait. Mine is still there, no tracks around either.They must be laying in wait until I go to bed , then they have a party. hmmm.
Well as I mentioned before, I am planning on going on a trip to Grand Pre and to Port Royal Nova Scotia, sometimes in the middle of July. I also told you I bought a tent. Last night I decided to take out the tent to see if I could set it up. Hmmmm so many pieces, poles and tent. Ok instructions said lay flat on the floor , so I laid flat on the floor haha, oh they meant lay the tent flat on the floor. Ok, that is done. I laid it down in my spare room. Ok next it said lay the poles like an X over the tent. Done. Now insert the poles in the little pouches, Oh one is easy. Now the next one. Crash ,Bang down goes my potted plant. Down goes the little table holding the potted plant. What a mess. Just figured out why. The room is not big enough.
Guess I will leave it for now. So it is still on the floor as it was yesterday. I will have to try and set it up outdoors where there is lots of room. They say oh just follow the instructions and no problem. Who do they think they are kidding???? smile. But the tent will be mastered before our trip.
About our trip, I am getting excited and anxious now. I plan on taking a note book, my camera, some mosquito repellent, and planning to hit some Tim Horton coffee shops along our way. We found out today, that we can leave the dogs at the kennel late the night before we leave at no extra charge so that is great, we will be able to leave earlier and get in a good days start.
I will check out the genealogy books at both Grand Pre and Port Royal.
In the meantime I want to go back to the genealogy center, some of my group members at my acadianroots club has suggested some records that they would like to see on my site. So I want to look into that.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will come by often . If you want you can always leave a comment to my blogs. Have a great day

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well it is time for a coffee break so thought I would come in and chat with you. Today was sort of an off day for me , first of all I decided to get up bright and early and go spend some time at the genealogy center, showered ,dressed and out the door I went, I was going to do wonders when I got there. But as I got out of my car someone called out , Aline we are closing at ten forty am, sob sob. So I went in anyway and found something for Don to help him. Next I did more of the Summerside Parish Records, then I came home.
Now that was not the end of my day, yesterday I had made some ground beef stew and it spilled over on my burner, I forgot about it, and decided to make a pot of coffee. Put the pot on the stove and Poof the stove was on fire. What do I do, What do I do. Oh I know ,I will throw some Baking Soda on the fire. Whew it is out. What a relief. I know nothing can go wrong now. WRONG, I got home from Tim Hortons, began sweeping my kitchen floor, and what do I see on the ledge around my kitchen wall? you will never guess in a million years. What is that? I asked. Oh noooooooooo. Mice droppings whahhhhhhhhh. sob sob. I don't like the little critters, remember I told you that once there was one crossing my floor as if he owned it? Well I am not at that place now, I thought I was free of Mice. sob sob.Anyway I phoned my cousin who lives two doors away and told her about the mice, she said holy moses there is one running across my kitchen floor right now. gulp. I just put some warfarin and water where the dogs could not get it and where the mice were. Hope it works.
So I am not moving from my computer Just in case something else goes wrong .grin.
I have added more Marriages for Summerside and need to add more births. I may change my sidebar around on my website I will see.
so have a great day and please hope that I don't see a mice if I do and you do not hear from me I am either hanging onto the chandelier or on top of the roof.
Oh nooooooooo some mosquitos got in the house . Ouch.......Pretty soon I will be singing" they're coming to take me away haha, they're coming to take me away heh heh....
Have a great day

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello everyone if you look at the photo on the left you will see the train and a group of people lined up.Well yesterday my friend and I went to a safety day held by the Railway. Seeing as I am a widow of a railway man I was invited and my son works for the railway.

We had a lovely day for the picnic. And they had entertainment for the kids, one was guess the answers to some questions asked by one of the volunteers. For instance who was the prime minister of Canada? Then the kids would run up to give their answers, then they received a prize. My son and his family were there with us. We all were given a railway cap, I had my photo taken with one on, but I looked awful so I will not share it with you. grin. They gave out free hot dogs, soda, and ice cream bars. All you could eat. They had a little fire truck giving rides to the kids, and then they had a train ride that you see in the photo. It picked up passengers every half hour, and we were there in the line up for three tries, the third try we got on the train. My friend said, "I haven't been on a train for 40 years, my daughter in law replied quickly "and it will be another forty years before I get on " haha.

I enjoyed it. I love the train. And I enjoyed being with the grandkids .So I wanted to share this little adventure with you.

Well I have added some births and marriages on my webpage for Summerside Prince Edward Island. Go to the Parish Records and Acadian Marriages on the sidebar. Enjoy.

Thanks for the visit do come again.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

I opened my eyes this morning, and you will never guess what I saw. I saw the sun shining. Well that started my day off just great. smile. I do hope we have some warm weather to go along with it. Yesterday it felt like fall weather.
It doesn't matter tho just as long as we have nice weather in July or August because I am planning to go to Grand Pre, Port Royal and Fort Louisbourg. I have been to Grand Pre once, it is beautiful country, but I never had the chance to stay any length of time. This time I want to stop, take some photos. Next it will be off to Port Royal, that is really the place I want to see. Since many of my ancestors and yours probably, settled there before going to Beaubassin I want to walk where they possibly walked, where they brought up their families, and survived since we had harsher winters than in France. I want to take photos.
Next it will probably be off to Louisbourg, I want to go and see the Fort, maybe do the Cabot Trail. So those are my plans so far.
Well changing the subject, I have added another page to my website .This time I have added some marriages from Riviere-du-Loup Quebec. When I do a page I try to add photos relating to the page , and to add some music that is soothing. The music I chose for this page was Back from the forest by Gordon Lightfoot, a canadian writer singer. I love some of his songs.
Then I wanted a photo for Riviere Du Loup, did not want a map this time. So I searched until I found something I liked. The translation of Riviere Du Loup is
Wolf River . So what would be more fitting than a wolf near water?
So I hope if you do go search for marriages in my page you will enjoy it as well.
Have a great day

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another day has come and gone, where does the time go? I seem to remember when I was young, time seem to stand still. Our days seemed longer, now I open my eyes and poof, time for bed. Smile.
Well I wanted to find something to add to my new Acadian Cousin Blog, and I found something that is on line, and has been for a while, but I posted it on my blog. I laugh everytime I read the Diary of a Snowshoveler. So please check it out. I changed a few names to Acadian names to blend in with my blog.I really don't know the author of that article but if I knew I would congratulate him, because his diary has made so many people laugh.
On another note, yesterday I added a few marriages from Kamouraska Quebec on my website.So if you entered this blog via another way, go to Click on Quebec Marriages on the left sidebar, I only created the page yesterday. There are lots of my ancestors on the page, Lebel, Nadeau,Bergeron,Soucy plus others not related. Enjoy.
It is beginning to look like rain, the trees are blowing in the wind, the sun is hiding. Rain is good for the gardens, and for the flowers.
Have a great day

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good evening, and nice to see you as usual. Well yesterday I went to my grandaughter's 13th birthday party. It was so nice being with the kids. I brought along my new yard sale bingo game, and had the kids sit and play for little prizes. They were excited , and for a while my grandson was sort of pouting because he was not winning any prizes, and there was this little four year old girl also who had not won. So I made the games very easy, two top corners, so the little girl needed O 64, oh I saw that number,called it and she won, my grandson still not winning, smile, so I said ok next is two top corners, he needed B6, Oh I see B6, a big smile appeared on his face. smile. So that game went well. Next it was Pizza time, and then opening of the gifts. Now do you remember long ago I mentioned my grandaughter had a little friend with MS? Well she was at the party also. When the kids went upstairs, my son carried her up, when they came back downstairs my son carried her down. But what touched me most of all is she was always sitting near my grandaughter. And when my grandaughter read her birthday cards out loud, her best friend was right by her side.
Later I went up to their room, and told my grandaughter that maybe one day I would get her Dad to take her to the Mall and we would go shopping. The little girl with MS replied OH Can I go too??? Then my grandaughter quickly said, her mother is buying her an electric wheelchair, and she is going to take us to the Mall. Oh I said then you can come too. She had a big smile and said I love you. grin. So it just goes to show us, that friendship has no boudaries. I am so proud of my grandaughter. When I left I told my grandson, memere loves you just as much and your birthday is next. He smiled gave me a hug.
And finally I must add this, My mother came to the party, she is 89 and was the oldest guest, she has only missed one birthday ever since my grandchildren were born, and during the party, my daughter in law's niece came in with her new ten week old daughter. My daughter in law took the baby, walked up to my Mom and placed the baby in her arms. My mother took that baby put her on her shoulder ,patted her back, talked baby talk with her. It was so nice, I took a lot of pictures, I had two pictures taken with my mom, me, my son and two grandchildren, next I got my daughter in law (who hates taking photos), her mother, and the two grandchildren. I said to my daughter in law's mother, we never know what tomorrow will bring, so now is the time to do these things, one day the grandkids or their kids will be very glad we did.
Sorry I went on and on about the party, but I wanted to share this with you.
Again take photos of the older members of the family, take notes on their stories, jot down notes about their medical problems and so on.
So thank you for reading today's blog, and have a very nice day tomorrow.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello again, so nice of you to drop in. You must know that you are always welcome to my blog . smile.
Today I was sitting in the doctor's office ,waiting for a friend, and while I waited, I did what most of us do. I picked up a book, naw that one doesn't seem interesting. Oh here is a medical book, I will browse through it. Well it talked about our lungs, it talked about out hearts, it talked about our diet. Then I saw two words that really made me alert. FAMILY TREE. Oh I have to read that page, for sure and certain.grin. So it is on page 8 . Hmm page one, page three, oh page eight there it is. My eyes got wider. hmmm what can a family tree have to do with medical??? As I began reading, all I kept thinking was Oh I must share this with my online friends. So here is what it was all about, and I personally think it is a great idea, especially for us genealogy researchers.
When we find an ancestor or ours, see if we can find out the cause of death.When we find an aunt , an uncle of ours, find the cause of death.Write it down among all our genealogy notes.By writing down medical things about our ancestors and relatives, it will give our decendants down the line something to see if their illnesses were inherited by us or our ancestors. It can help the medical profession, and you never know , by what we write down , it could maybe save some of our great grandchildren's lives one day.
Oh if you have family with illnesses such as Alzheimers, MS , Parkinsons, Heart problems, cancer, diebetes,make notes, put the notes where you are sure they will someday be seen. I already have noted in my book that my late husband had Alzheimers, and his grandmother died in a mental institution , in those days they used to say they were crazy, but I wonder if she wouldn't have had Alzhemers back then, and now my sister in law has been diagnozed with Alzheimers. Can it somehow be inherited? I wonder.
On a lighter note, tomorrow is my grandaughter's 13th birthday, she is having a party and she decided she wanted Pizza instead of hot dogs, smile. So I guess we are having Pizza. My mom is suppose to come , if she does, I want to take a photo of her(she is 89), myself, my son, and two grandchildren. That is IF I can get the kids to stay still long enough , grin. I am looking forward to my visit with them. They are growing so fast. I am very happy my Mom got to see them grow to be so big, and to be so nice . I am proud of them, and also proud of my son and daughter in law. Sometimes I wish my husband could open his eyes, to see how they have grown, when he died one was 5 and one was3 . The 5 years old was my grandaughter and she still remembers her papa,and remembers her papa calling her a bad kat. smile.
Have a great day

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hello again, today the weather is overcast but I sure hope mister Sun is lurking nearby. smile.
As you know I am always doing something on the spur of the moment, so I want to share this with you. I have submitted my acadian-roots site to World Top Site,and to get into the top listings I need to have votes for my site. I really would like to have my site there.So if any of you would look at my site and if you think it is worth a vote, go to my page with my poem, the white page ,at the bottom you will see a little icon, click on it and vote for acadian-roots? I would appreciate it, but only if you think my site is worthy of the vote. I would also like to learn to make banners for my site, I havent even attempted that ,but I notice on other sites they have banners advertising their sites.
As I told you yesterday I have started another blog, I just added a comment on it,to see how it will work, and all the comments have to be approved by me, so if any comments do not qualify I do not allow, so it is the same as if my blog would have a password. So I do hope some of you will drop in there also. The url is once you get there bookmark the page. I am keeping this blog as it is to share my memories, my genealogy ,etc.
Have a great day

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello everyone, thank you for the lovely visit, I hope you are confortable. Well I have been busy these last few days, I have added some 1871 census for Beresford Gloucester County NB and some Westmorland County NB marriage records that were registered in New Brunswick on my site
I have also created another blog, it is called Acadian Cousins Cousines. I am hoping to get that blog going with lots of stuff on it. So please check it out and if you feel you would like to join in, please do so. I would love to hear from my Acadian Cousins and Cajun Cousins, French Canadian and French Americans are also welcome to join us.
Changing the subject, I was talking to my son earlier today, and yesterday was his wedding anniversary, and he said he wasnt thinking it was that day, so my grandaughter went upstairs and said Dad Heads up, today is your anniversary, she is only 12 years of age. smile. Saturday she turns 13, and she wanted a tshirt of the Toronto Maple Leafs, they are some hard to find, but I found one for her, she will be pleased,and every birthday I get her a birthday doll, it is a collection that goes up to age 16 or 17 , I have faithfully gotten one for her every year.
For my grandson I was collecting the Cherished Teddy Bears, but they went out of circulation, so I cannot get him any. He is also into Hockey, he is a Montreal Canadian fan, he is only 11 . smile. But they are both so special.
Have a great day

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well summer is finally here, with the summer comes warm weather and to clue you in ,(grin).Today we took the dogs to the park. IN our park we have a special dog run, which is all fenced in. Lots and lots of trees. Anyway we walked in with our two dogs, about six other dogs came to greet us. We walked around a little and decided to sit on a bench and just gaze at the dogs running and getting their exercise. When all of a sudden, I felt something on my hand, I looked at there was nothing there. So I watched the little dogs and the big dogs, it is so funny to see they interact, the big ones go see the little ones and then they leave them alone, then they all go check out our old dog, and all seem to respect him, probably thinking OH we had better let the senior alone. smile. Ouch something bit me, right on the arm. Yes you guessed it, MOSQUITOS , sob sob. So that is when we made the big decision, we are taking the dogs home. grin. But the weather is so beautiful. One morning early I would just love to go walk around the little island in our park. There is a path all around it. Maybe I will go before summer is over.
Yesterday was also a great day, I went to yard sales. There was a community sale, so my brother, cousin and I left early and headed towards that sale. I parked my car and we walked all around the neighborhood. It is amazing to see how many other folks enjoy going. I wanted to find a cooler, and I did, I wanted to find a bark collar for Thunder, I did, I wanted to find music boxes, I found three nuns, I wanted a bell, found one. grin. So as You can see I did very well.
And I always look for genealogy books during my hunting. I saw the book Roots by Alex Haley but did not buy it, I am looking for genealogy books or history books that may have my ancestors mentioned inside.Or stories about villages in New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia, or Massachussetts, especially New Bedford and Acushenet. You never know what you find at yard or garage sales.
I want to change the subject and add that I have added some names from the 1871 census for Bathurst and Beresford on my website at So if you happen to drop by please check them out, and if you have old acadian recipes you are welcome to share them with us on our acadian recipe board, and if you have little stories about your ancestors we have a memory board, your stories regarding your ancestors are welcome.
Thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
Have a great day