Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Other Stuff

Hello everyone, I have been sitting here knowing I haven't blogged here for a while.wondering what I could blog about. Well I know this is a little later seeing Halloween is tomorrow but I watched the news on TV last night and they were
talking about the children who do not do Halloween anymore, because they are older and what some of these children are doing is passing the houses collecting non parishable foods for food banks. As you know there are so many needy folks out there and Food Banks can always use help. So if you have children or you are a teen, why don't you gather some friends and dress up and collect food for the needy?I know it is short notice but you still have time to get ready . I hope this message will reach someone who will be taking my advice. Be careful tomorrow night, it is dark and the cars may not see you, wear something bright so you can be seen.
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Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Hello everyone, well while I was creating this thinking of you Christmas Card I was thinking that I had not blogged here for a while. So here I am it is 815 am. The weather outside is not delightful it is overcast. grin.
What have I been up to lately? A lot. I am in the process of moving and let me tell you it is a big job. I am hoping to move before the cold and snow gets here. I seen they have already had snow in parts of the USA and Canada. Brrrr.
I am in limbo at the moment for that genealogy project I was working on, I am still waiting for more information to arrive. I think a family tree would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I remember doing one on McLaughlin family for a guy and when his father saw it he was overwelmed , he kept looking at it and he was so very pleased. I did another one for a gentleman who has now passed away and he really loved the book, that made me feel so good because I had helped someone learn about their ancestors. One Christmas I made my paternal line and gave a book to each of my siblings.You have to remember when doing a book ,you need to add information, stories about them, anything you find in newspapers or bibles, and a lot of photos, maybe of places they lived, clubs they belonged to and so on.
I know I keep talking about family tree books, but it is important, the more folks who have your family tree the more chance the information can survive for years to come. If you have the information on your computer, make a DVD and also add it in notebooks so you will be sure you don't lose it. Also to note if there is an event during your lifetime that you are not proud of that happened in your family line,dig a little further back and you will come across some good things that happened. But you have to remember, we are who we are and no matter if grandparents or great grandparents were evil or murderers or pirates, because of them we are here, so they cannot be overlooked or hidden. The truth is what we need to gather. Some family trees paint a lovely story but I bet some of those family trees may be hiding something. A girl who had a baby out of wedlock, a great grandfather who went to jail. a thief, and so on, hiding it is not right it is covering up the real truth. Today the young people live together have kids break up then the girl lives with someone else has kids breaks up , now what about those kids later on? They need to know who their fathers are, this information needs to be written down so in future years they will want to know. I have someone who branches in my tree who changed their names completely has around ten kids with different women and if those kids look up their father they cannot go any further than him, that is so sad, so I have added the information in my books just in case it will help them years from now. So again, write it all down, save it more than one place. Ok that is it for today , for someone who didn't know what to blog about I sure talked a lot. grin.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cemetery Secrets

What can we learn from visiting cemeteries? Well many of those tombstones has a wealth of information. Did you know for instance that this Jane Doe died accidentally? Did you know that Uncle  Tom died overseas? Did you know that Mary was only 17 when she died? Lots of tombstones have images on them such as a truck which was where the deceased worked? Deer image he liked hunting. Fishing image he was a fisherman.

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Then there are the wives : Did you know that Grandmother was way younger than Grandfather? Or that Grandfather married more than once? All these little details are great for anyone doing genealogy or tracing \their family tree. When you begin your family tree make sure that checking cemeteries and obits are on your list of things to do. Be sure to bring your notebook and camera when you do go cemetery hunting.

Our Family Tree binder
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This lovely binder would be great to add your genealogy or family tree notes inside. You can buy looseleafs and plastic page protectors. That is how I began doing my family tree. This binder can also be found in my genealogy folder at*  or click on the image.
Speaking of cemeteries I also would like to add that I have added more names to my Rumford Maine USA cemetery. My friend Lorraine sent me more names and you can view them at the bottom of the cemetery page. Go to   go to Cemeteries of USA and then scroll to Rumford Maine. I added the new names at the bottom of the page to make it easier to find the new ones. So I do hope you learned something from todays blog.

Funny Genealogy Shirt shirt
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

About my Genealogy Top Award

Since receiving my award I have gotten a comment that you can read in my last blog saying that this was not a genuine award, that this person has other sites and that the sites who have also gotten the same award some of them are not in service. And that our blogs were picked at random. If this is so, I don't think it is very fair to the ones who receive it in good  faith. And I honestly don't need an award, because my reward is having all you readers follow my blogs ,some of which are good and some of which are not so good.
Well now it's back to blogging, talking and walking haha.
have a great day

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I feel very honored about this award

I wanted to share this with all of you:
Dear Aline,

Congratulations! Jean here, and your blog, Acadian Roots Blog, was

determined to be an essential part of our resources, and has received our

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We feel learning should not be limited to only what you can earn a college

degree in. So we began an Experimental College, where knowledge extends

beyond the classroom. And your blog is a pivotal part of our resources.

As a winner, we honor you by presenting you with an awards badge. You can

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If you choose to accept or decline inclusion in our resource list, please

let me know.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Again,

Congratulations, and keep providing us with a great resource!


Jean Haskins



Monday, October 11, 2010

Spooky Things

Horror shirt shirt
Horror shirt by allicor
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Today I would like to share a story with you from the book Acadian Legends, Folktales and Songs by Georges Arsenault. This book is very interesting to read. This part is very suitable seeing Halloween is not far away. Mister Arsenault acquired these stories by talking to the local people. Here is Nellie Nuttrell’s story.You’ve probably heard about Pierre Poirier’s house ?.

Pierre was married to a girl called Marie Bernard. I think they had 5 children. Well Pierre’s wife died when the children were little. He couldn’t live alone. So after a few months he found himself another woman.

She was a Doucette, her name was Emilie. She was an old maid who never had anything to do with children. She didn’t know what it was to love a child, she hadn’t had children. After she was married she had her first child. Well she liked that child but she didn’t like Pierre’s children. She was pretty nasty to one of his girls. One day she pushed her down the stairs and broke her arm.” If you tell your father I will spank you ,she said”. You’re not going to say a word about it. The little girl was only 7 or 8 years old. She was so scared she would not have told her father for anything in the world. Her arm never set and the infection got in it and she died. The stepmother wasn’t any kinder to the poor girl even when she was sick.Anyway she died. After she was dead they would hear someone walking upstairs, then they’d hear someone coming down the steps. They would always leave the house because the woman was scared when she heard the noise. One night when they were in bed, Pierre told her she was just imagining things. She said to him

“No, you heard it yourself, you know!”.Anyway not long after they were in bed, they heard the noise out in the hall,their bedroom door was closed. They heard something walking in the hall,coming towards their bedroom. Then it knocked on the door. Pierre jumped out of the bed and opened the door. There was nobody there. The next day a man named Arsene came to the house. He was a travelling salesman, as Pierre had a store. He got there at suppertime. Pierre said to him “ You might as well have a cup of tea with us”

Arsene had heard about the trouble they had but didn’t dare ask if it was true. They were in the middle of supper when all of a sudden they heard noise upstairs like a pile of glass falling. Oh! There was a big crash. It made the plates on the table rattle. It was awful. That’s when she said “Ah, that’s the noise we hear all the time. Well said Arsene Is that true? Yes she replied. I can’t stay here at all. As soon as I am alone it torments me. It comes down the stairs and goes back up again. The priest had said to them. Maybe if you have the house blessed…….So they had their house blessed. After that there were sound of chains rattling under the house. They heard chains ,big chains that made a racket and shook everything. They said “ We don’t know what to do with this house ,we can’t stay here any longer. Suddenly the house caught fire

And burned. Then they built a new house and never heard the noise again. The house was built on the same location as the old house and they never heard a thing. Everyone said it was because the woman had been so mean or nasty to the little girl and it was the little girl haunting her.

Note: This story is not exactly word for word from the book if you are interested the story in the book is titled “ The Haunted House (La maison Hantee). I would recommend this book. Speaking of Halloween, check out my Halloween products, I have cards, mugs, stickers, invitations , at*

Have a great day

Monday, October 04, 2010

Someone someday will want to know

Many people are curious about who they are, where they come from and want to know about what kind of ancestors they had.
For example, were they important? (well to us they were). Were they rich,or famous or were they pirates,scoundrels and thieves.
Were some of our ancestors heroes ? At one time or another someone in our families will want to know, it may not be you but it may be you children,grandchildren,cousins etc. Now how many of you would love to have the history of your family? Well now is the time for all of you who are interested or who know of someone who might be to do something about it. Christmas is on its way, and it brings times of gifts  and what better gift than to create a family tree ,even a family photo album  for your love ones or friends. You can add things like what kind of work they did, where they lived, did they move ? Where to? Did they have a farm or own a factory? Add photos in the book, add obituaries, marriage certificates, their children, who they married. Little stories about them if you can gather them. Talk to family and friends, see if they know something.
Once you have all you info, what you can do that will not cost much, Get a binder like the one I created, pick up some plastic page protectors, and some photo paper for your photos and also computer paper and get to work and once you are done, gift wrap your family tree book and voila you have a Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift all ready to give. To see more about the binder above, click on the Binder URL below. And be sure to check out my genealogy products at*   I do hope this blog will inspire many of you, now is the time to get busy and create the family tree books.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Melanson Hat from

Melanson Hat from
I am certain that many of you readers do not know that the Melanson's were french protestants . The first Melanson that we have found was a Pierre Melanson dit Laverdure said to be born in France and he died in England during the winter of 1676-1677. This Pierre married an english girl name Priscilla around 1631 in England. They had three children: Pierre born around 1632, Charles around 1643 and Jean . It was two of these sons who came to Port Royal with Thomas Temple in 1657.After the treaty of Breda in 1667 they were in Boston. Their two sons Pierre and Charles who both married Acadian girls stayed in Acadie. Jean remained in Boston for a while and it is not known what happened to him. When Pierre the son and his brother Charles married their spouses they renounced their protestant and married the girls catholic. Pierre married Marguerite Mius D'Entremont around 1665 and Charles married Marie Dugas around 1663 in Port Royal. Charles settled on the north of Annapolis river around 6 and a half kilometers from Annopolis Royal. For nearly a decade Charles Melanson and his descendants lived there. Charles Melanson had 35 arpents of land and the largest fruit orchard with 76 fruit trees. He had 39 cattle,23 sheep and 19 pigs in 1671. The Melanson Settlement where Charles and his family lived became a principle archaelogical dig depicting Acadian live in the 17th and 18th century. Melanson descendants of Charles and his brother Pierre can be found everywhere, in New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island,Quebec, and various parts of the United States. The Melanson surname has also been spelled as Melancon. I hope I have given you some information that you did not have. If you like the hat above, you can click on the url and it will take you to my gallery where there are other Melanson products,click on Acadians,Hats,and Genealogy folders to see what I have and I can also create what you would like said on any product. Have a great day.Thanks for stopping by.
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