Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cows? Why am I posting this photo? Well as you know I am into kitchen cows at the moment, it is an addiction for the moment grin. And Bells? Why the bell? Well I collect bells too. I must have over 300 by now, and today I went out, when I returned I decided to go check to see if I had any mail. As I opened the door, I spotted this package by my front door. Who could be sending me a package? I am expection some books but this box did not look to be the correct size, so I hastily brought the parcel inside, I shook it, not a jingle to be heard. Oh there is the address of the senders, it came from Scotland. Now I am getting excited, because I have some very good friends in Scotland, I met them on line about nine years ago, gee time flies. Anyway they just returned from a trip to Paris. I wanted to sneak inside their luggage and go on the trip grin but they lived too far away. So I opened the box and they had it taped quite well, so I worked hard to get the box opened. smile. When I finally opened the box, I found this beautiful Bell with Paris written on it, ( Thank you very much JEAN) and next I found this eifel tower cow, I could not believe my eyes, an eifel tower cow. (Thank you Harry). So I wanted to share this with all of you. What beautiful gifts just for me all the way from Paris France.

Today we had rain, and I mean lots of rain. We went to run an errand and my driver side window was open, and I thought it was closed, it started to downpour and yes my seat got all wet and so was I. It is suppose to rain again tomorrow, but it should cool down the air, tonight I went to the bingo and it was so hot there that this lady got sick and they had to phone for an ambulance for it. The heat got to her.

Have not much news on genealogy this time, have not worked on my website today, it was errand day and laundry day. But I would like to remind you that if you are interested in joining our acadian genealogy group, you can do so by going to my website and then to the sidebar and click on the acadian group and follow instructions, , for you newcomers, my group is by invite only but that doesn't mean I don't want you there, I am just trying to stop the spamming. Thanks for the visit, please stop by again.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fort Louisbourg is having a big celebration this year, and I was reading in a book I bought an article that I would like you to read. It is not about Fort Louisbourg but about Isle Madame and surrounding areas. Here is the exert from the book "The Acadians of Nova Scotia".
Fishermen have frequented the waters off Ile Madame and the south coast of Cape Breton Island for more than three centuries. The first Frenchmen to settle in this area at least on a temporary basis were brought out in the 1640s by Nicolas Denys who founded the short lived fishing station of Saint Pierre later called Port Toulouise and now known as St Peters located on a narrow stretch of land separating The Atlantic Ocean and the Bras D'Or Lakes.
When France lost Acadie in 1713, it founded the colony of Ile Royal (Cape Breton) which was protected by the immense fortress at Louisbourg. It was the cod fishery, and not agriculture that formed the economic basis of the new colony. In order to populate the island, France tried to entice or coax the Acadians to leave their furtile lands along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. For various reasons, very few of them were tempted by these invites. In fact resent researchers have shown that only 67 families moved to Cape Breton between 1713 and 1734 and even some of these families eventually moved back to mainland Nova Scotia. The Acadians settled in the two major outports of Cape Breton(Port Toulouse and Petit De Gras) and became involved in coastal trade with Louisbourg. Almost every Acadian in Richmond County today can claim descent from the cluster of families who immigrated to Cape Breton in the early part of the 18th century. Their family names are Coste, Petitapas,LaForest,Boudrot,Dugas, Boucher,Vigneau,Fougere,Langlois,Marchand and Samson. By the time the Frenchman Sieur de la Roque carried out his detailed census of all the settlements on Ile Royale in 1752 thre were about 35 Acadian families settled on Ile Madame along with several families from France.
This is all something that is good to know, especially if you had ancestors from the Cape Breton area.
Now changing the subject, I have added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, not many but some. I have also added more photos of the Beaubassin Archeological Dig, that were shared with me by some of my genealogy group members, they can be found on my website at .
We are still looking for anyone out there who have Roys, Godin,Bellefontaine,Pare, etc that branches into the families of Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and his wife Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin who are interested in attending a Bergeron dit Damboise reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada July 18/19 2009 to be held at Wilmot Park (sure hope it doesn't rain grin). The Societe Historique Riviere St Jean is also hosting a celebration to commemorate the attack and massacre of the Acadians in Pointe Sainte Anne today Fredericton. If you are interested you can contact or contact me.
Well thanks for the lovely visit, I do hope you found today's blog a bit interesting.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today I would like to write my blog in memory of my husband Gerry who passed away July 27 1999. He died of Alzheimers disease at the age of 71. Gerry was a well liked man by all who knew him. He was an electrician with a heart of gold, I remember nearly every Christmas Eve ,someone would phone to say my oven isn't working, my turkey needs to be cooked, Gerry would leave ,and go fix their stoves, and when it came to to be paid, he would say, never mind and Merry Christmas.
He did things on impulse, one time a friend of his came over and said,Hey Gerry wanna go to Montreal to see a hockey? Sure replied Gerry Let's go!, So his friend had to go home to get packed, Gerry said I will meet you at the train station, when Gerry got there, his friend wasnt there, so off to Montreal went Gerry, his friend took the next train and met up with him in Montreal. Another time some friends of ours came over I remember it was Mother's Day and they had just came from a dance, my Gerry had a few drinks and I remember he has his house coat on, not shaven, no shirt, and anyway the man said , Hey Gerry, wanna go to Haverhill? Sure replied Gerry ,Let's go, now remember Gerry had a few drinks, I tried to talk him out of it, but we all ended up going, Gerry got in the car, in only his housecoat, over his pants, no shirt, not shaven. Well when we got across the border he awoke from a sleep, and said "where are we? " But he did not get mad, he laughed about it.
Now Gerry was a good sport, he said yes to everything, and Gerry always carried a hanky, and always was blowing his nose, so this paticular Halloween, us girls wanted to go to a Halloween dance and get costumed, so Gerry said ok, we had his dressed up very good, when we got to the dance floor, someone said you look familiar, but not a word from Gerry, and at this dance Everybody knew him, except for this night. So all night long, no one knew, then we had to go in a circle for the judging of the costumes, in the middle of the circle, Gerry pulls out his hankey. grin. The entire dance hall yelled "It's GERRYYYYYYYY. grin.
He was a great dad to our son, I could not have asked for better, he loved our son so very much. I have photos of them together, I have lots of photos. And when our two grandchildren were born, my Gerry was so happy and so proud. He loved our grandchildren so very much. And they loved him. He was Papa to them.
Tomorrow I shall be going to the cemetery, I shall place a little bouquet of flowers there, just to let him know he is not forgotten. The following is a little poem I just made in memory of him:
July twenty seventh is the day
God came and took Gerry away
Nine years ago this very day
He had to go, he could not stay.
He is not really gone ,you see,
Because he left me good memories
Little things he did and said
They are all tucked inside my head.
To me he will always be number one
Because he gave to me our son
And if you were one of his friends
I am sure you'll meet him again.
Gerry if you hear me
From somewhere up above
Know that we miss you
And we send our love.
Aline, John,Jo, and granchildren.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Date October 3 1876
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
Source Daniel Johnson
A gentleman in Gloucester Co. recently came across some relics of the past while exploring the archives of the late Hugh MUNRO, Esq. and sent copies to a friend in St. John who has a taste for such curiosities ... But one of the most curious of these old papers is a copy of an undertaking to marry John YOUNG made by one Cicile PETRE. It runs as follows: This Present Certifies - That I, Cicile PETRE daughter of Mary PETRE of Nipisiquit, Bay Chaleur, Do by these Presents before god and the witness hereunto Promise to Marry John YOUNG, Cordweaner of said Nipisiquit and Do by the True Christian faith Promise to perform this obligation of Marriage by the first Opportunity when any of his Majesties Justices of the Pease come to this Settlement. In failure of this Obligation I Cicile PETRE do hereby bind my Self Under the penalty of Twenty pounds to be paid to John YOUNG and Do hereby set my hand and Seal this Eighteenth Day of January in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and three (1803) - (LS) Signed in Presence of Fr'anc's COMMEAUX Jr., James SUTHERLAND.
I did a bit of research and this has to be verified but I found that Cecile Pitre was born in Nicolet Quebec daughter of Michel Pitre and Marie Joseph Orillon ,she married John Young .
John and Cecile must have married in Bathurst,(Nipisiquit was Bathurst) and probably waiting for a missionary or priest to come by and marry them. Now I found at ancestry that John Young was born in Caraquet in 1785 son of John Young and Marie Dedam,and that Cecile married a second time to a LeBreton. Another sources says that John came from Scotland, so need to find his birth in Caraquet to see if it is correct.
One .Cecile Pitre died in Tracadie NB widow of her second husband LeBreton, all of the info I found has to be verified . . Well I just found a birth of a John Young in Caraquet born March 25 1785 baptized May 21 1786 son of John Young and Madeleine Dedam.
Pretty interesting stuff huh?
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Acadianroots genealogy group has a new entrance, this is for the folks who are not members yet, I have created a back door that you can enter to sign up. It is called petite acadienne, and if you go to and click on acadianroots group, you will see I added a join my group button, now this is not directly to my genealogy group, once you join, you can tell me a bit about yourself, and who you are looking for ok? Or you can contact me through the same page with the info I asked on the page. As I said before my acadianroots group is by invite only.
Now on another note, for the ones who are looking for ancestors who were on Prince Edward Island and in Rustico, did you know that many from Rustico moved and settled in St.Alexis de Matapedia Quebec? They went there around the 1860s, and the parish was founded in 1870 meaning there were no priest nor church then, and the records went to Sainte Anne de Restigouche Church, but from 1871 on they had their own church and parish. I have added some marriages from St Alexis de Matapedia on my site with a few marriages from Sainte Anne de Restigouche. Go to my website click on Quebec Marriages, you will see St Alexis de Matapedia in the drop down menu. Hope this helps some of you.
Well thanks for the lovely visit, please stop by again. Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Acadie, well next month on the 15th of August will be our National Acadian Day, so first of all I needed some Acadian decorations . So off to the dollar store we went, but to our amazement there were no Acadian Day stuff there, we were told that other dollar day stores did not have them either now what? Ok off to the Great Canadian Dollar Store, it is a bit more expensive than the dollar store, so we went to Bouctouche for our stuff. Oh there are some flags, we need two of those, oh and one for my car, and a magnet for my car, and two glass holders for our drinks, and a shopping bag to put our stuff inside. It is a good start. Next it was off to Moncton and to our Canadian Dollar store, ohhhhhh they have hats, but not sure if I will get one for me, I shall see.
Now where are we going to go this year for Acadian Day, we already went to the Pays de la Sagouine a few times, we went to Cap Pele, we went to Dieppe last year, what about going to Memramcook this year? So we phoned to see what was going on. There will be a mass, then acadian food (mmmm), then music, then the tintamarre, and more music. Yes we shall be going there this year. As many of you know, Memramcook is also known as the cradle of Acadie in New Brunswick. I am sure many of your ancestors may have been there . So it will be nice to go celebrate Acadian Day in Memramcook this year. I shall take photos . All the celebrations are being held not far from the church.
Speaking of Acadie, now the excitement is beginning to mount regarding the Congres Mondial 2009 in Caraquet, we are planning on attending ,not sure which reunion yet, but I am hoping to also meet many of my online friends and members of my genealogy group along the way, and also if any of you will be in New Brunswick on July 18/19 next year and you have Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise somewhere among your ancestors, your name does not have to be Bergeron, it can be Godin, it can be Bellefontaine, it can be Roy, it can be anyone who branches into the Bergeron line along the way, there is going to be a Bergeron dit Damboise reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick to be held at Wilmot Park, we have folks coming from all locations, the Societe Historique de Riviere St Jean is also having a celebration at the same time to commemorate the massacre of the Acadians in Saint Anne des Pays Bas. For more information on the Bergeron Reunion contact me or Lawrence Bergeron at .
Well I hope you liked today's blog, thank you for stopping by, remember to celebrate in some way for Acadian Day. Or even hang a flag outside.
Have a great day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Acadian ancestors ,were they all farmers? Did they have any trades? Well I am now reading a book called the Acadians of Nova Scotia and in the book I read the following;
Jacques Bourgeois was the only professional man in Port Royal, he was a doctor, he was listed in Port Royal with his wife Jeanne Trahan who was ten years younger than he was. So Jacques and his family was listed at the top of the social scale. Most of the heads of family were listed as laborers or ploughmen but the census also listed many specialized tradesmen. For example there were four coopers including Pierre Comeau who was 75 years of age when he married Rose Bayol 33 years younger than he was.Pierre Melanson was a tailor,Thomas Cormier was a carpenter,Mathieu Martin was a weaver,Pierre Doucet was a mason,Laurent Granger was a sailor,Guillaume Trahan and Jehan Pitre were blacksmiths and Pierre Sire and Abraham Dugast were gunsmiths.
Continuing in the book, I now am reading that the following are the founding families of Cheticamp.
Pierre Bois,
Raymond Poirier and Marie Bois
Augustin Deveau and Rose Richard
Anselme Aucoin and Rose Chiasson
Paul Chiasson and Louise Boudrot
Basile Chiasson and Adelaide Arseneaux
Jean Chiasson and Isabelle Boudrot
Joseph Gaudet and Marie Anne Richard
Pierre Aucoin and Felicite LeBlanc and later to Marie Doucet
Joseph Boudrot and Anne Chiasson
Lazarre LeBlanc and Modeste Chiasson
Joseph Deveau
Joseph Aucoin and Marie Hebert and adopted son Cyriac Roach
Gregoire Maillet and Anne LeBlanc
Also 36 families came across from Rustico on PEI to settle in Cheticamp in 1822 and another 5 families came in 1829.
So if any of the above names connect to your lines or seem familiar, maybe you can check the registers of Cheticamp Nova Scotia.
I hope this blog will help someone or make for good reading. Until next time, have a great day,
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am standing in Beaubassin, or where Beaubassin used to be with Mister Charles Burke who is the head of archeology for Parks Canada, and we have a message to all of you out there.
Right now they are doing archeology digs where we are both standing, and Mister Burke has asked me to tell everyone I can, that you are all welcome to go down to view the diggings, you can also participate in the Archeology digs, but you have to register to do so. You can register at Parks Canada Office at Fort Beausejour. My friend and I were there yesterday, and I did not know we were allowed down there, but we were told we could go. I took some photos and will be making a page on my website about it. If any of you go to dig or to take photos and you want to share them with me to add to my page I would appreciate it very much. You can contact me through my website at with beaubassin in the subject line .I will not tell you much about my day yesterday until I do my webpage, then I will take you with me on my tour. I was standing in this field thinking " I cannot believe I am standing on where the acadian village of Bearbassin actually was. Could Thomas Cormier have lived close to where I walked? Could his children have played where I am walking? The view of the river is beautiful, I did not take any photos of it, I should have. And I was told where what they believe is the approximate place of the church.
Anyway I would like to encourage you, if you are able to go, to do so. I do know that Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc was going there today. If you do not know how to get there, go to the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick border, and follow the Fort St Lawrence Road past the Tourist Bureau towards the water, if you pass a little bridge with a grey barn on the right side, you are going the right way, you will see the piles of dirt in the fields and probably some archeologists doing what they do best, uncovering a piece of our past. Mister Burke told me that one of the girls found an artifat in real good condition, will tell you more when I do my page.
Have a great day, thanks for the visit, and if you go for a drive, head towards Beaubassin, then go to Fort Beausejour .

Monday, July 14, 2008

Antiques are the in thing lately , I went to a yard sale, and they had this old barrel, and old milk can, and an old wheel for sale. My daughter in law would love those.
Then over the weekend we had a car show, with old antique cars, there were all kinds, and they were all restored ,with different paint jobs, there were orange cars, purple, yellow, green, there were old fords, old studebakers, mercurys and so on. So I was chatting with my friend and into the conversation we said, well if they are restoring cars, and collecting antiques, why could we not restore our ancestors old clothing , and wear them? Can you imagine us ladies wearing the long dresses, and aprons, and wearing our hair in a bun, and wearing the granny shoes. grin. We could get a pair of old granny eye glasses too.
And not to forget you men out there, you could wear old red flannel underwear, haha, and wooden shoes, and baggy pants with suspenders. grin.
Us ladies would have to wear a long peticoat under our dresses. You would think that would be some hot during the summer but I bet the mosquitos and black flies would give up trying to bite us, they could not find us under all those clothes. grin.
We could start wearing fancy hats again, I remember when I was newly married and would buy a new outfit, the hat was included in the wardrobe.
I look at old photos, and I notice in the early 1900s some of the ladies looked prim and proper with their high neck blouses, and long sleeves. I love old photos of our ancestors, I am always asking for old photos of our Acadian Ancestors to add to my photo gallery to share with all of you. But there is also another reason I keep asking for them, and that is in hopes some of the photos will be of some of my ancestors or their siblings.
Well as you know, I have added my trip to Kamouraska on my site at , I am now working on something else to add to my website. It is only little tidbits but to someone out there it may be a clue about their ancestor. I also want to say, I am proud of my website, I am working hard to make it interesting,but like everyone else , there could be errors here and there, so if you happen to see something that you are interested in, always verify it ok? Some things that I add , is to sort of give you an idea where to look.
Now it is coffee time, so thanks for the lovely visit, and do drop by again.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the nice hot ,humid weather. It sure was humid last night. I guess we complain if it is too cold, we complain if it is too hot, grin. Well I finally finished our trip to Kamouraska and Isle Verte page at , you will see it listed in the Acadian Road trip page. It took quite a while to upload all the photos, and to get the HTML correct. Sometimes just a dot can cause problems with HTML. I do hope you enjoy reading and seeing the photos.
On another note, our genealogy group is growing every day, many are finding some of their brick walls and I hope many more will do the same. Our group is great at helping when they can. So if you wanna join us, you can contact me through my Acadian Roots site about joining. I wish I could have set my group to anyone can join but in the past there was lots of spamming and conflicts , but I have a back door sort of in yahoo groups called Petite Acadienne, but it is much easier to just go to my website and contact me there.I also would like to add, even if you do not need help with your genealogy but you are willing to help others ,you are very welcome to join us. The more helpers or researchers we have the better chance of others finding their roots. And if you are also new at researching, do not believe everything that is online, there are lots of mistakes made long ago and have not been corrected online, so whatever you find, always verify it to make sure or ask someone else to help you verify.
For the ones who are going on vacation and won't be online, have a safe and wonderful vacation, come back soon.
Have a great day

Monday, July 07, 2008

Well Summer is here and it is time for family get togethers and fun. There will be lots of festivals, and exhibitions . My friend Effie sent me an article that I tried to post here and it did not show good so I shall give you an idea what it was about.
From July 26 to August 15 Clare Nova Scotia will be celebrating its 53 Festival Acadien.It is expected to attract 40,000 participants to Southwest Nova Scotia to celebrate Acadian people and culture.Three big outdoor concerts running from 7pm to 2 an with no intermission and open to all ages are slated for the Club Social of Clare in Little Brook.This year's line up include New Brunswick's George Belliveau known as the Acadian Keith Urban with guitarist Dylan Robichaud in his band,Chatouille ma Bourique featuring Grand Derangement, the second concert brings cajun music Chris Miller and the Bayou Roots from Lake Charles Louisiana,Cajun Chef and musician Richard LeBoeuf, and the Pine Leaf Boys.JP LeBlanc is among the ones in the closing concert he plays blues. The closing concert on Acadian Day will follow the Tintemarre,in which people decorate their cars and bang on pots n pans or play loud music, anything to make noise as they make their way from the St Bernard Church and Meteghan and Salmon River fire station to the Club Social beginning at 6 pm.And there is much more, to order your tickets go to . This sounds like a really good time .
Now here in Dieppe New Brunswick ,every wednesday evening at the parc they will be having music for the summer, it is free, all we need to do is bring our own chair.
I am not sure where we will be going this year for Acadian Day, I already went to Bouctouche one year, to Cap Pele and Dieppe also. I would love to go to Memramcook, and bring my tent, but at the moment we have not made a decision on where we will go. I love acadian music, and I love cajun music. Can you imagine the CMA2009 next year? I bet there will be lots of music, and fun.Looking forward to going, and meeting all my online friends and many members of my genealogy group.
Now I am also hoping that many Bergeron,Damboise,Godin,Bellefontaine, descendants will be attending our Reunion in Fredericton next year.The reunion will be held at Wilmot Park, across from the old Acadian Cemetery , and across from where the old Acadian Church once was.Here is more about the reunion

This story begins in the last decade of the 17th century. When in 1692 Governor Villebon granted Point Saint Anne (all of the lower part of today’s Fredericton) to Gabriel Godin. (The census of 1693 confirms this fact for us) Gabriel Godin and his wife, Andree-Angelique JEANNES settled the village of Point Saint Anne. During the following years the village prospered and grew. Then in February 1759 a small force of British Troupes (16 men) led by a Lt Moses Hazen raided and destroyed the Acadian village of Pointe Sainte Anne, as a consequence of this raid some innocent civilians were killed. These civilians were hastily buried in the village cemetery. This cemetery has since been mistakenly identified as an Indian Cemetery when in reality it is an Acadian Cemetery.
Now, we fast forward to 1933 when the cemetery was once again disturbed! This time by a Dr. Wintemberg who came to Point Saint Anne with the expectations of finding pre-historic (First Nation) remains and was surprised to find, buried closely together, and in one case two in one grave, not Indians, but Europeans. In all, seven skeletons were examined. (Two of these remains were those of Anastasie Godin and Madeleine Guilbaut) In no case was there any evidence of Indian (First Nation) at the site. The remains of the two women were removed to Ottawa where they remain today. As Acadian’s and descendants of Anstasie’s family our desire is to have her (their) remains returned to her (their) rightful resting place, Pointe Saint Anne. And the cemetery there properly identified and declared as a National Historical Site.
The Bergeron-Damboise families are planning, in conjunction with The Society of History of the River Saint Jean (SHRSJ) a commemoration of the 250 year anniversary of the destruction of the village. We are calling for all Acadians to rally with us in Fredericton on the weekend of the 18th/19th of July (Saturday and Sunday) 2009. This calling includes all Acadians who are descended from the Godin, Saindon, Pare, Bergeron, St Aubin Families as well as any other family group. Please contact Aline Cormier ( or Lawrence Bergeron ( for further details.

So today my blog was all about events , thank you for the lovely visit, and please think about all these events and reunions, hope to meet some of you at some of the events. Have a great day

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Well I had better do my blog, or else I might be in big trouble, everyone keeps saying that they are heading out to read my blog. grin.
Well I have just arrived from a trip that i have wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to go where some of my ancestors were from ,which included, L'Isle Verte, and Kamouraska Quebec.
The photo on the left was taken in a place called le Berceau de Kamouraska, it was here that the first chapel was built and where some of the Kamouraska pioneers were buried and it was also a central place where the people would meet for meetings etc. What I am pointing to on the photo is to the surname Bergeron and there was only one Bergeron listed as being buried there. There were lots of other surnames of my ancestors on the list, LeBel, Bouchard, Michaud,Soucy,Ancelin.
Behind the monument is where the cemetery was located, you can see a tombstone in the background. I plan on creating a page of our trip and add it to my website, I will let you know when it is up and running. We took 251 photos along the way, some are good, some are not, but I will add the ones I think will be good. We brought a tent with us , it was our first tenting trip, the last time we went and brought the tent was to Port Royal and we ended taking motels along the way. So it was an experience for us, especially when we were trying to put air in the mattress and the plug was still in it haha.
Changing the subject, I am pleased to have received a newsletter from Maine with a copy of my genealogy poem I had done and a link to my website. Also I am receiving so many emails saying that they love my website at , so that encourages me to keep on trying to improve it with things the readers will enjoy. Many are saying things such as, I found my grandfather, or I lived in Georgetown, or I enjoy your blogs, or I love your photo gallery and so on.
And to add a footnote to all of this, I want to say, I love what I do, which is first my genealogy and helping others, and working on my website even if it is only to bring a smile to someone out there.
Thank you for the lovely visit, please stop by again when you have time.
Have a great day.