Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello everyone, today it is bitterly cold,and more snow expected .As I was looking for old photos for my latest project which I will tell you about a bit later in this blog, I came across our winter of 1992, so I am going to share this photo, taken after the storm, must have been sometimes in February,since a friend of my late husband sculptured the heart, but we did have so much snow back then, my late husband is the little man on the right side. He is the one who had Alzheimers I told you about earlier. I really hope we do not have another storm like that one.Although if I was young again, I could make a tunnel or a fort and have a snowball fight. smile.
Now to change the subject, I can now tell you what I have added on my website. I have added pages about our Acadian,Cajun, French Canadian ancestors over the age of 95. I am still willing to add more if you have some to share with me,such as newpaper articles, photos, if they are still living or passed away,their obits etc. I am proud of my pages. Since I began searching I was amazed at how many lived to be so old, so I do hope you will drop in and read their stories or obits, you can also reach me if you have some stories you want to share, go to click on Amazing Seniors and enjoy. I want to thank some of my members who have shared their stories and love ones with me, Effie,Maria,Maureen,Jackie,Melina,Michele,Paul L and Paul N (hope I haven't missed anyone).If some of you can add more to what I have already added please let me know.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good morning, or good afternoon depending on where you live. Well yesterday I finally decided to write to my missing nephew's mother in law in Mexico. I went to Bablefish and translated my letter from english to spanish, and I added a self stamped envelope along with paper in my letter and posted it. I sure hope we get results. It really is not like my nephew not to contact either one of his parents or his sisters. I wrote to the Nestles Company in Edmondton Alberta where Alderic said he was going to see for work at one point. No reply so far, the Edmonton police said we would have to file a missing person where we live but they told us, unless Alderic registers or is caught for something they cannot do anything. I wrote to the Salvation Army in Toronto, no reply. Now Alderic and Argentina has a son, that son has to be registered in a school somewhere,but where? And the surname De Bristole is not a name that is plentiful. So we are sure that Alderic was in San Diago in February 2007 ,working for a church to make money to head out to western Canada. When he sent an email to his father he mentioned Edmonton, and Richmond BC. Did he get there? or Did he go back to LaPas Mexico? Or are they in Montreal somewhere? They did live in Montreal at one time. If anyone reading my blog sees the name Alderic De Bristole, Amedee De Bristole or Argentina De Bristole anywhere in your part of the country, please reply to this blog? If you need a photo, there is a photo on one of my past blogs.
I haven't added any names to my Chartersville Cemetery lately, but I will be soon. I am working on my new pages which I do hope you will like. I found the music I wanted to use . The pages are up but not complete, when they are I shall let you know. This morning I received an email from one of my group members with a url to a gospel song by Dolly Parton, instead of adding it in my group I am going to add it here so if you like gospel songs this is pretty.
And to you newcomers reading my blog, if you are into genealogy and have Acadian/Cajun/French Canadian Ancestors and want to join our group, we are around 400 members and growing ,and we are like one family, so if you like genealogy and chat go to my website click on acadianrootsgroup on the sidebar and join us, it is free, and friendly. Or you can browse through my website, you never know what you will find.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do you have your cuppa tea,coffee or hot chocolate ready? I have my cuppa coffee, it is not Tim Horton's but instant coffee today. Later on we will go for a drive to Tim Horton's Coffee shop. It is an addiction I tell ya, an addiction. grin. Now we have Thunder hooked too, we just get to the drive through and he is front and center waiting for his timbit. Speaking of Thunder, I ,me, moi have started something called "spoiling" grin. When we go to the store I started buying him a treat, some rawhide chews or ears or soft chews, now as soon as I get back in the car with a bag, yep , he is right there saying"ok what did you get me today". grin.
Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for another snow storm, will it ever stop? I want the green grass, I want the trees to bloom, I want to be able to go out without shovelling or without freezing. Do you feel the same? If you don't then that is because you are the lucky one in the nice warm parts of the country. I want to go too. smile.
Well I am still working on my latest project for my website, it is coming along just fine. Our genealogy projects in our acadianroots group are doing good also. The members there are like one big family,helping one another. For the ones of you who have never been in a genealogy group, it is a good place to make new friends and also to sometimes connect with distant cousins.If you are interested in joining us you can do so on my website click on the url in the sidebar and join. I would love to see more folks from the maritime provinces, Quebec, PEI, more from the USA all who have either Acadian or French Canadian Roots We are now 400 members and growing.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello everyone, today I would like to share something with you. A good friend of my late husband passed away suddenly. So last night we went to pay our respects, and I have never seen so many people paying their respects, the room was full and as we left they were lined up right up to the door waiting to go in.
This morning was the service so my son and my friend went to the service, the church was so packed that the ushers were seating the people moving others to make room, he had a nice service, his son gave the eulogy and it was so nice.
After that , they had a lunch in a senior hall, and there it was the same thing, we had to line up in order to get in and no place to sit ,I saw so many old friends today, and my son met a lot of his friends, many had not seen us for years and years. One of our friends talked to my son about his Dad when they were young, it made my son laugh. Another friend of mine has alzheimers, (her husband was our best man). Anyway I thought that she would not know me, so I said hi to her with a big smile, she answered right away, Aline ,I was just thinking about you this week. It made me feel good ,to know she knew me today, but her son told me, he went to see her at the hospital where she is staying at the moment and she introduced him to the staff as her brother. That is very sad.
The deceased was a great friend of my late husband, and when my husband could not feed himself, nor talk,(he had Alzheimers too) his friend (the deceased) came over nearly everyday, and he would sit with my husband, he brought him oysters ,my husband loved them and he would open them and feed my husband. My husband always said to me, he is just like a brother to me. I feel good that my son and I went to his funeral, my late husband would have wanted us to go.
I met two ladies that I went to school with, some of my cousins were there also.
And I was so proud to have my son with me today,and my friend did not know many ,but it so happened some of his cousins are related to the widow and they were there.
So today I am not talking genealogy in this blog, but even if I don't , it doesn't mean a thing, I did more researching a few minutes ago, I got the bug, the genealogy bug, and it is catching, grin.
Have a great day, thank you for listening, do come again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Notice the color of my text? grin. It is because I went to Prince Edward Island and their soil is a reddish color. Yes I went to Summerside last Saturday with my friends. The roads had lots of frost heaves, but the weather was good on our trip over. As we crossed the Confederation Bridge, we talked about the times when we crossed to PEI on the ferries. I really enjoyed those trips over, I would look out in the waters and hope to see some fish, or seals in the water, I never did. Then we talked about before the bridge and before the ferries, how did our ancestors cross over in the winter times? Well I was told that they used to cross on the ice with a horse and sled, they would have a certain place that they would usually take to cross, like a man made road. In the summertimes they probably crossed over by boats.
Arriving at Borden guess where we headed for? The first Tim Horton coffee shop. smile. Then we went into Summerside, and I was hoping to go check out the Summerside genealogy center at the Wyatts Museum, it turned out that my friend lives about two blocks away. So she came with me. I was impressed as we entered the archives, stairs leading up were all wood and antique photos on the wall.
Entering the archives a man was leaving and another lady named Jeanne greeted us. The gentleman was into genealogy and we struck up a conversation for a bit.
And we continued into the room. I did not have anything special that I wanted to do this time except find a Gallant family for one of my members. So with the guidance of Jeanne , I think I found the right family, they were in lot 14 before going to Summerside. My friend was looking for a Leger family who were on PEI according to her mother. Lo and behold she found the obituary of her great great grandmother in 1929. She was excited. Then there was this young lady who came running in and onto the microfilm machine ,she said hello and I went on the computer to show Jeanne my website, and then we were on our way out we stopped and spoke with this young lady, and she said Oh I know who you are, she said you helped me out a while back and I have been to your site. That made me feel good, and she said I am so glad to meet you in person. She said you helped a lot of people, and I replied " I do it because I love doing it". We spoke about the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, I would love to go there for a whole week to browse through their material. I may still get there yet.
I also learned from Jeanne (who was a very nice lady) that the diocese of Charlottown will not give permission to release parish records after 1900.
They had a few parish records there, plus census, books from the PEI genealogy society, newspapers, cemeteries. But Jeanne said I would find much more at
Miscouche, had we had more time I would have gone, but I do intend on returning and going there, I also want to do more cemeteries perhaps next summer.
Oh and I tasted my first Syrian dish while at my friends house, it is called Keptie or Kepty, my friends were raving how good it was, so I said to myself ok, then I will try it. Well it was good, it is made of ground beef, rice, spices ,tomatoes, and boiled. She gave me the recipe and some spices . I will try and make some soon, I still want to make my gumbo . For christmas my friend Romm sent me a big box of cajun food, a cookbook even and a CD of Zacharie Richard, I love his singing. I love Acadian and Cajun music. I look for music of theirs to add to my website .
I had not blogged for a few days, but I wanted to share my short trip to PEI with you. Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place, I shall return, and so is Nova Scotia, I shall return. Never went to Newfoundland, would love to go there.
So thank you for coming and listening to my story, and do come again.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

It is now official, the Leger/Legere families now have their own coat of arms that has been officially registered in Ottawa. On Valentine Day, there was to be a ceremony at the University of Moncton. I can imagine it must have been interesting, and they were to retrace the footsteps of our ancestors Jacques Leger dit La Rosette. As you know Jacques Leger the first one to come to Acadie was a drummer in the military. So as you can see the drum in the center of the coat of arms represents Jacques Leger dit La Rosette, and if you count the rosettes all around the drum you will see that there are eleven of them, representing the eleven children of Jacques Leger dit La Rosette and his wife Madeleine Trahan. The star on the drum represents Acadie.
Mister Stephen White in the article of the L'Etoile where I found the coat of arm and story said that the records where the marriage of Jacques and Madeleine would have been married do not exist anymore. We know "he continued to say" that Jacques came from France but we do not know where in France.He was a soldier and a drummer soldier.
The article continues to say that the Legers are not the only ones who have registered for a coat of arms, there are also nine others; LeBlanc, Babin,Babineau, Boudreau, Bourgeois, Mallet, Robichaud and Savoie who on Valentine Day were also going to unveil their coat of arms.
On a different subject, we have had another taste of winter, snow, rain ,freezing rain, our paper shows a lady walking along the icy sidewalk and holding on to the snow bank as she walked. It is still very icy, anyway yesterday we decided to go check out the spring ,so we could fill our water jugs, there is a big difference from drinking spring water and drinking tap water, we can taste the chlorine in the tap water but spring water is pure. Our spring comes from a mountain, and they have a pipe so that the water flows through it. Anyway arriving at the spring, I took two jugs and headed for the path which is quite steep, I had to go through a large puddle of water , as I took a step to go down the hill I made a runway and all the water in the puddle started going down the pathway. There is no way I could have gone down, and had I tried I would have slipped and slid down in the running brook of cold water. So no way did I go. We will try it another day.
I am very happy that you dropped by today, I do know that my blogs are doing some good to some of you because , first of all you take a break from your busy schedule, second I sometimes can make you smile.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you recognize this bridge? Do you live in Moncton NB or Dieppe NB? Did you ever live there? Well this is the old bridge on Main Street between Moncton and Dieppe. In the background you can see our Petitcodiac River. This bridge was called or named McMongle Bridge ( I did not know this) and it was replaced in 1978. The photo and information was in the latest L'Etoile paper.

Speaking of L'Etoile, just to remind you that I have added P'tit Francois des Bois on my website at ,he has a new little story in french every week. I am expecting some of these little stories of being translated in the future (I hope). Keep checking my website, you never know what you will find there. Changing the subject now with a bit of advertisement. grin; here goes; Have you exhausted all your research for your Acadian/Cajun/French Canadian roots? Have you hit a brick wall? Would you like to try and see if we can help you? Are you just beginning your family tree and need help? If you answered yes to any of these questions, email me at ize_o_blue and at (this is to avoid spammers) and I will tell you what to do next. Just add genealogy help in the subject line so that I will know and not delete it as spam.

I would just like to finish this blog by thanking all my members with their great help on our latest thing we did. And if you readers are curious to know what that is (like Bob Barker would say) Come on over. smile.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our Acadian Ancestors .Have you ever thought of when they left their home in France to sail across unknown waters to a place they had never set eyes on? Well I came across this article while searching for my Boudreau ancestos in "Un historique de la famille Boudreau .The photo of the french vessel is also from that same book.
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
The crossing of the Atlantic Ocean for our Acadian (even French Canadians) ancestors was not always restful. The voyage in these vessels could last from 30 to 60 days.
These vessels could cross the ocean between France and Cape Breton in seven weeks. Usually the vessels would leave the ports in France in the early spring in order to arrive to Acadie in time for the sowing season. The crew and passengers could expect storms to rise at any unexpected moments. Furthermore the crew had to confront pirates and thieves very active on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland during 1710 to 1740 years. Enemy ships were always to be feared especially during the times of war. The pirates had to be contented with fish,furs from Acadie and New France and manufactured products. Which could not be compared as to stealing gold, sugar, and coffee from the ocean ships from the South. But all was not always bad on the vessels, before the chaplain would say the vespers ,the sailors would dance on the deck while the passenger were taking a breather on the bridge.
The kings vessels from France also crossed animals to constitute livestock in New France,horses, pigs, ,cattle, cows,sheep, fowl etc. The ship also carried grains of all sorts, flour, barrels of wine plus all the passengers luggage and personal belongings.
I would imagine some of the children would have noticed many new and strange things during their voyage across the high seas, such as whales, and dolphins, seals, different kids of birds.
Arriving in Acadia or Quebec, they must have come across so many different kinds of flowers and plants, some of them being poison and they would not have known. How sad. But many of them were survivers, and very brave to come from their homeland to a strange new land not having a clue what to expect.
I do hope you have enjoyed reading this little article. On another note , I have added my Boudreau genealogy of my ancestors, with a few other names, I mentioned in my page that if errors were found to let me know. So if you have Boudreau lines who were in Quebec and came to Petit Rocher in New Brunswick, then they are my line also or branch into mine.
Thank you for stopping by, and do have a great day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thunder just got groomed , so he wanted to say hello. I wanted to add his photo at the bottom of this blog ,but unable to do so.
Cyriac Brideau was my brother in law's brother in law, he was very well known in Saint Louis de Kent in New Brunswick. He was very interested in genealogy, his uncle Cyriac Daigle wrote a book on the History of Saint Louis. Cyriac was also a comedian, he would perform little skits or plays on stage. I remember him once asking me if I would join me in one of his plays, he said you can sing. Well if you heard me singing you would run away as fast as your legs would take you. smile. Of course I declined the invitation. Many people approached Cyriac for genealogy information about Saint Louis de Kent and its ancestors. While looking through my books and papers, I came across this story told by Cyriac Brideau and translated by Louis M Bourque in Le Reveil Acadien that I once belonged to.

HUNTING MISHAP by Cyriac Brideau;

In 1885, Urbain LeBlanc lived 2 miles from the village at the entrance of the Kouchibouguac Park. He noticed that at night a bear would come out of the woods and devour his sheep. Once and for all he decided to lay a trap and be rid of the bear. He laid out two big muskets one on each side of the small road where the bear usually came through. A cord was attached to each of the triggers of the guns and as the bear would cross the road it would touch the cord and the two guns would go off at the same time. I myself have seen a bear brought down in this manner by bear hunter Belonie A Richard father of Leonie and Stanislas of Richiboucto,Delphin of Pointe Sapin and tow nuns from Campbelton.

Returning to my story, the next day Urbain was in front of his barn when heard guns going off in the direction of where he had set his trap. The bear must certainly be down, he thought. With haste, he alerts his neighbors and they all set off for the woods. Urbain LeBlanc with his young son Germain, neighbor Urbain Fontaine and his young son James age 13. Elder LeBlan at the head of the party with son Germain, all running with excitement certain that both guns had went off. Unfortunately Urbain was mistaken, for upon arriving at the site, one of them touched the cord that was still attached to the second trigger discharging it, tumbling the two men, the father near death and his son severely injured.

Imagine the horror of the accompanying neighbors, the Fontaines, witnessing this accident and watching their friends bleeding to death. Elder LeBlanc saying "I'm going to die (Je vais mourir). Those big guns were powerful enough to inflict severe gaping wounds.

He had been wounded in the hip, while young LeBlanc had been injured in the knee. Young Jim (James) on the orders from his father set out running for help from Remi and Pierre Babineau. After about one mile, arriving at the main road, a wagon was passing by, the man calling out to the young boy to stop because at the rate he was running something horrible must have happened. After describing the accident, the passerby directed his horse full speed toward the accident site. It was with great joy to see this man who they recognized as the young doctor from Rexton, that young Jim had not recognized. Having given first aid he knew young Germain's life could be saved but feared for the father , as had had received the full force of the blow with much loss of blood.

Finally young Jim arrives with two men, a horse and buggy to transport the injured with the doctor following behind them. Upon their return home sadly his wife was to witness her husband on his deathbed. Her son seriously hurt, grateful to the doctor who had saved his life. His knee was never the same after the accident for he limped the rest of his life. Urbain LeBlanc was married to one of my aunts; Rachel Babineau,Pere Arcade LeBlanc, Eudiste, as well as Sister Auralie from Montreal and Louis from the USA are his surviving grandchildren. He was also he grandfather of the late Alphee who married Adrienne Maillet.

P.S. A few years ago I had the occasion to see the gun that killed my uncle Urbain at the house of Arthur Barrieau.

Cyriac Brideau.
There must have been so many terrible accidents similar to the above one, during the time of our ancestors. I do recall my parents telling me that one of my great grandmothers Marie Martin was walking along a dirt road in Adamsville and she was holding this stick, and she saw something brown or black moving in the ditch, she poked it with her stick and it turned out to be a bear, my parents told me that the bear chewed part of her side, and she later died. I have found no proof of that so far, but if I ever go to the archives I will see if I can find her death records.
Seeing todays blog is about accidents and tragedies, I would just like to say, to everyone in Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri and every state hit by those awful tornados I feel very bad for everyone, I do hope you remain safe. God Bless each one of you.
Thank you for stopping by. Take care.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. Well I have been busy the last few days. I have added a page in my cajun pages about an Acadian-Memorial Day to be held in Cajun-Country, I also added a few photos, so be sure to check it out ,it sounds like there is going to be lots of fun to be had.
Next I found more old newspapers among my souvenirs (just like the song grin), and I came across two articles that I have added in my Moncton page, if you go to my site click on Moncton, you will see the last two articles, I found them very interesting to read.
I added more names to my Chartersville Cemetery page. And our two projects in our acadianroots group at yahoo is going very well. So all I will say is if you have brick walls, and would like some help come join our genealogy group, you will be amazed at all the nice folks who are willing to give a try at knocking down your brick walls. Once you are there, you email me your brick walls and I post them .
Then our busy beavers really get to work. smile. To get to our genealogy group, go to my website above, click on acadian group in the left sidebar and come on in.
There are many many old messages you can look through.
OH here comes company. Have a great day everyone

Friday, February 01, 2008

I have been asked to make the following announcement to I shall post the email I received;
Dear Aline,
Hi! I'm Whitney Ransom, Director of Corporate Communications at, Inc. (a family of services that includes,, and We're Related on Facebook). We have a really exciting announcement we are making on Monday, February 4, 2008. We are launching our World Collection, which contains more than 1.5 billion records from 35 different countries. (Our initial launch will include about .5 billions names, and we will release the rest of the records over the next few months.) I have included our press release at the end of this email with the rest of the details.
We want to spread the word about this launch as much as possible and would really appreciate it if you would mention it in your blog.
Also, we made a video about the joy of genealogy and family history. You may want to include it in your blog. Here are several locations where you can access the video.
5-minute version of the video:
2-minute version of the video:
Video pages with multiple formats:
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (801)735-2192 or send an email to
Thank you.
Whitney RansomDirector, Corporate CommunicationsWorld Vital Innovative Tools to Connect,, and We're Related on Facebook Launches World Genealogy Collection
A billion names from 33 countries coming online
PROVO, UT, February 4, 2008 -- (a service of released today its flagship product, the World Collection, an online genealogy database containing more than 1.5 billion names from 35 countries.'s World Collection launch includes significant collections from countries such as: England, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, and Portugal.
"All over the world there are wonderful people who are digitizing and preserving historic records," said Paul Allen, CEO,, Inc. "During the past year we have traveled and met with these content providers from more than a dozen countries. We are pleased today to announce that many of them have chosen to let us distribute their genealogical databases on the Internet."
More than 20 companies have partnered with to make this new collection possible. They include Find My Past, Genealogical Publishing Company, Archive CD Books Australia, British Origins, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, Archive CD Books Canada, Eneclann, Quintin Publications, Gould Genealogy, Familias Argentinas, Godfrey Memorial Library, and Moravian Heritage Society.
"This is a very exciting announcement for our members. As we enter our second year, we have accomplished much including having more than 24,000 paid subscribers, 2 million users on our We're Related application on Facebook, and have announced 2 billion names in our two major content collections, the US and World Collection. The number two seems to be common theme in this announcement as we enter our second stage," said David Lifferth, President,, Inc.
The World Collection includes birth, marriage and death records, census records, passenger lists, immigration lists, emigration records, foreign newspapers, cemetery records, reference materials, land records, family histories, historical records, city directories, business directories, township histories, civil service records, telephone directories, government records, war records, and maps, atlases, and gazetteers.
Census records from the UK comprise's largest database in the World Collection. These records include the 1851, 1861, 1881, and 1891, 1901 censuses. These records are the official civil registration records for England and Wales from 1837 to the present. All of these censuses will be periodically posted county by county throughout the year. These censuses include images, and also a key-word searchable index.
"Alongside birth, marriage, and death records, census records are the most important building block for family historians," said Elaine Collins, Commercial Director, Find My Past. "We feel is set for success, and we are excited to make our census records more accessible to an American audience who wouldn't normally think of Find My Past as the first place to look for census records."
The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG) lists is another large database containing almost 9,000 passenger lists and millions of names. The ISTG records include information such as surname, captain's name, port of arrival/departure, and name of the ship. These records are the result of the work of more than 500 volunteers over a ten-year period.
"I am very excited about this partnership. I remember when ISTG was one-year old, and everyone was supporting us. In return, I'm happy to partner with because they provide a service that is affordable and easily accessible on the Internet," said Patty MacFarlane McCormack, Founder, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.
The World Collection also includes newspapers from Australia, the Bahamas, Canada (over 80 newspaper representing all provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, Ireland, and Mexico (more than 150 newspapers from 15 states).
Genealogical Publishing Company also adds more than 600 large databases to the World Collection including colonial and Irish genealogy, royal ancestry, and family history.
"We have been publishing at for 55 years, and we look forward to expanding our work into new territories, such as," said Barry Chodak, President, Genealogical Publishing Company.
Individuals can access more than 5,000 genealogical databases, more than 2 billion names (these names are being added throughout the year), and the World Collection at
Media Contact
Whitney Ransom Corporate Communications, Inc.
About, Inc., Inc. is a family of services that includes,, and We're Related on Facebook. The focus of the company is to provide innovative tools to connect families.
About World Vital Records, Inc.
Founded in 2006, by Paul Allen and several key members of the original team, World Vital Records, Inc. provides affordable genealogy databases and family history tools used by more than 470,000 monthly visitors, 6.4 million monthly pages views, and more than 24,000 subscribers. With thousands of databases including birth, death, military, census, and parish records, makes it easy to extend your family tree. World Vital Records also runs, a social network for genealogists, and We're Related, a popular Facebook application with more than 2 million users. Some of its partners include Everton Publishers, Quintin Publications, Archive CD Books Australia, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, Archive CD Books Canada, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., SmallTownPapers®, Accessible Archives, Genealogical Publishing Company, Find My Past, Godfrey Memorial Library, Find A Grave, and FamilySearch™. Investors include vSpring Capital and several angel investors.
This seems to be very exciting news, so I myself will be watching for this.
Next I would like to ask you , if anyone of you can identify the object above, I believe it may be upside down. My cousin found this in her back yard and is eager to have it identified. If you do know what it is, could you please leave a comment? or email me at with IDENTIFY in the subject line of your email?
I do hope you have enjoyed reading my latest addition on Beaubassin in my page at , I added a few more names again to Chartersville Cemetery. I do know that a lot of people are appreciating this, because I receive emails telling me so. This Chartersville Cemetery is huge, and I mean huge, there are other names I do not have, but during the summer I may go and copy a few more, I have an idea what general area is not done.
I also want to mention again, that if you have Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and his wife Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin in your lines, and you would be interested in joining our Bergeron list on googles, where we are reunited among other things to talk about a reunion being planned for next year in Fredericton New Brunswick , we would like as many descendants as possible to try and attend. We have folks from as far as Louisiana planning on attending, some from as near as Maine also. We want to spread the word to all descendants to come join us, even if you just want to chat Bergeron genealogy, go to
Thank you for listening, and for the lovely visit.
Have a great day.