Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Photos Important Advice

Well today I would like to talk about different things, well a few anyway. I recently discovered another distant relative, and through a friend I am receiving some old photos of other distant cousins, but that person has thrown out some photos he did not recognize. That is sad .
I say to all of you NEVER , NEVER throw out old photos,even if you do not know them, someone out there just might. If you have old photos and do not want them, send them to me, all I need to know is where this photo came from ,in whose possession was it in.
As you know many of our relatives moved from place to place in search of work, some went to the USA, others went out west and their pictures went with them.
When I did a Leger family a few years ago, I tracked some of the relatives to Saskatoon , and they sent me photos ,old photos at that, and can you imagine how excited the Legers were when they got them? I received an old photo from Australia a while back it was of a cousin of my ggrandmother. So again I stress this because it is important .
On another note , as you know I have a genealogy group called acadianrootsclub , it is by invite only , I changed it that way and now it cannot be undone, so in order to have members join I created another group called petiteacadienne and when someone goes there who want to join my main group I send them an invite, but I need to know who they are looking for , or a bit about themselves if possible. Anyway getting back to my story, yesterday I reached the 500 mark for members in my acadianrootsclub group . I am happy about that, I do not know if all 500 members are still there, but their names are.
And I would like to add this, if you are readers of P'tit Francois on my website at www.acadian-roots.com , I am going to stop the stories until after the summer,unless I have time to do some.
With all the reunions and CMA2009 plans, I am finding it a little hard to keep up with everything, I hope this doesn't dissappoint any of you, but I will resume the articles later on ok?
I need to translate yesterday's that I added and then I will stop until further notice.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congres Mondial ,CMA2009

As you know the CMA2009 is getting nearer. Now the excitement is growing. We opened our new tent a few days ago, since we bought it second hand and there were no instructions with it. But we succeeded at setting it up. Now we have to start a list of what to take with us for tenting and for ourselves. If you are in Caraquet ,we will be at the Colibri Campground. On August 15 (Acadian Day) at 11 am whoever wants to come meet us , we will be meeting at the Carrefour de Mer near the Wharf, we will be wearing yellow. So wear yellow so we will know you want to meet us ok?
Now the good part for Acadian Day, the celebrations are going to be held in Caraquet and from 830 pm on, they are going to have lots of music and singing. Some of the guests are going to be some of my favorites, Edith Butler and Zacharie Richard, I can't wait to see their performances, and the singers of the Acadian CMA Theme Song will also be there to sing. So Acadian Day at the CMA is something you don't want to miss.
We have registered for the Leger reunion already, and we are planning on going to the Cormier and Boudreau dances in the evenings. We will also attend something the Breau reunion is having, not sure what yet. Don't forget your sunscreen, your umbrellas, your hats, your cameras and bring plenty of batteries. Oh and if you have chairs bring those too.
Hope to see you at the CMA2009.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

People Search

Have you ever wondered where certain persons went ,or how you could find them?
Well I have had the opportunity to locate a nephew ,and I have narrowed down to ladies one of whom is my half sister. But not knowing which one it is , is knawing at me . There is a part of me wanting to know her, and share with her. I have not given up. So that is what everyone of you should do, never give up.
Now I am trying to track down some children who's parents have separated. These children will never be able to trace their family lines unless we connect because their father changed his name and the children are all under his new surname. These children all have the same father but different mothers.
They could be in Ontario or out in Western Canada.
The first children were born to a Cathy Spencer: I believe it is Spencer,
their names would be Bradford and Robert Law, they are twins born 1977, Natasha and Sabrina Lynn Law.
Next Mother is Bev last name unknow, children are Amanda born 1982, Nathan -Christopher and Jessica Law.
So if anyone knows these children or come across them somewhere please let me know. As I said their surname Law stops there and I feel it is important for them to be able to know who they are.
If any of you readers are looking for someone and if you would like me to post it in my blog contact me ,you can do by adding a comment on the bottom of this blog and we will go from there ok?
Since I haven't mentioned this in a while, if any of you are interested in joining my acadianrootsclub genealogy group,you can do so by contacting me or going in through my petiteacadienne group on the right sidebar here. We are a fine group who are more than willing to do their best to help you and if you just want to join to help others that is fine too.
And be sure to check out my website http://www.acadian-roots.com/ , I haven't added much new stuff on it lately but as soon as I am not busy I will try and add more.
Depending on some of my members , maybe in the fall we will have something new and interesting for some of you.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Postcards are important

Why are postcards important? Well did you ever wonder for instance about the handwriting on the postcards? Have you ever looked at a postcard and notice the date?
Well this week I received a photo of two Postcards from Richiboucto Village sent to Gardner Massachusstts. there was no date on the postcards but it was written by a first cousin of my grandfather which now gives me another line to trace and inquire about.
And did you know at one time our ancestors had photos taken and it was on a postcard? Well I was looking in my old photos last week for some new found cousins and I found this gentleman who was the brother of my great grandfather and I turned the photo around and it was a postcard but the best of it, was that on the back was some writing. And guess what? It was written by my grandfather, who was probably writing to his mother or brother and on that postcard it said that his uncle was a very nice man and that he had offered to let my grandfather stay there until he got a job. What a nice thing to have as a souvenir. My grandfather's handwriting. I have never met my grandfather, he died way before I was born.
So before you throw away old postcards, see if you can find out anything about the photos and the people who wrote on the back. You never know what you will find.
Genealogy is finding the history of our ancestors as well as their names ,dates of births, marriages and death. Their lives were more than that, they had families, they had problems, they worked hard, some had jobs, some were talented, some were not, some were muscians , others good at something else, but it is a great feeling to put as much as we can about them along with our genealogy. I found out my grandfather died of Lupus , I have a nephew who has lupus, does it follow down the lines? My grandmother had crippling or rhematoid Arthritis, so has Mom. If you do not know about your grandparents but if you know things about your parents, mark those down in your family tree , so that it will help future generations to find the information and it will save them a lot of time, such as we are doing now trying to find out about our grandparents. I found out my grandmother used to follow my grandfather into Lumber camps at one time or another and she used to cut the lumbermen's hair for 25cents a cut and she used to cook for them too. Again things to pass down to my grandchildren and great grandchildren if I am lucky enough to have some.
On another note, I have added a few more names in my Chartersville Road (Our lady of Calvary) Cemetery page at www.acadian-roots.com I have lots more to add.
Our Bergeron-Damboise reunion is getting nearer and things are falling into place, it should be a very nice and fun time.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Good Old Days

Looking through my books, I came across the following tidbits in Brin d'Histoire from the Societe Historique de Grande Digue, which I shall translate to english. The title of the article is "Growing up in Grandigue by Camille Theriault.
David and Zelma Theriault arrived in Grande Digue in 1917 with one daughter Marguerite.David had left his work on the advice of his doctor. A property at the corner of the road to Caissie Cape caught his eye. Besides the house was a a barn, a garage and a grocery store. Here was clean fresh air that David needed to take care of his lungs.
This young couple went to work. In the summer of 1918 David Theriault began selling his products around the cape with a horse and wagon ,twice a day, while Zelma took care of her house and other work. To make work easier the house was connected to the store through the kitchen. This was done by Baptiste Despres and a few neighbors.
In October of the same year a son was born (Camille ) and nearly every two years from then on were born eight more children.
Camille Theriault who was 76 when he told these stories lived in Ontario at the time. He said he spent 14 years growing up in Grande Digue. Here is more of his stories.
In the spring of 1924 a company (probably Whiterose) set up gas tanks in front of the store and it was operated by David and Zelma.
It is safe to say that on the side of the store was the place that gathered the most snow drifts in all of Grande Digue, sometimes up to 14 feet high. David and Zelma had to answer to the folks as if it were their fault.
Probably many folks of Grande Digue won't remember Michel a Romain Caissie. I can see him coming home and listening to his stories. He was a shoemaker, he could fix nearly any tools even cut hair. He was an interesting man who always travelled by bicycle with a bag attached to the back seat. He travelled all over the villages and was known as far as Saint Antoine.
About my mother:
I am amazed how mother would be so calm doing a crisis and I give her credit she well deserves. With six children near her, her baby Aurele fell and hit his forehead on his bottle and the blood started running. The children were ready to panick but Mother said " Don't get nervous, it's nothing". With that attitude she gave everyone something to do. "you will pump the water in the basin while I hold a cold torniquet, the blood will stop you will see". Then she decided to get help from her capable neighbor " Marguerite ,get dressed warm and go over to Baptiste Despres, tell him exactly where the cut is. He will stop the blood in a hurry you will see". And the blood stopped with the help of the neighbor.
It is true, mothers are unbelievable sometimes. I remember when I was around ten years old and my cousin and I were on Dad's truck (where we were not suppose to be) and it had rained and the front of the truck was slippery and we would slide off the truck, at that time (long ago grin) the license plates had no frame around them and they were sharp, and I slid down and didn't I slip on the edge of the license plate and split the front of my leg near my ankle. The wound was open so wide you could see the cord inside the wound that moves the leg. But believe it or not it was not bleeding, so I hopped over to the house, Mom was scrubbing her floors, she saw me, she didn't panic one bit, made me stand on a chair and she took a clean white cloth and wrapped it around the wound and Dad and her took me to the doctors office. He had to put in eight clamps and a bunch of stitches and she stayed by my side.
I also remember an episode with my son, he was getting all upset and I was very stern and guided him through his dilemma. I remember thinking " I gotta be strong for him" and I think I was.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009


A public meeting will be held on June 28 on the University of Moncton in the Taillon Building local 136 to continue with the formation of the Arsenault/Arseneau,Arceneaux, Arsoneau association. It will be held at 2 pm . There will also be a wine and cheese lunch.
Everyone one who are interested are invited.
As you also know the CMA is fast approaching, if you do not have accomodations yet, hurry before they are all taken. We have sent in our registration for the Leger families, still undecided which others we are attending.
If you are planning on being in Caraquet Aug.15, and would like to come introduce yourselves we will be at the Carrefour de Mer, on the grounds wearing yellow around 11 AM before the Acadian Day celebrations hope to see you there.
Our Bergeron-Damboise reunion is really coming along good. Things are falling into place, we are all getting excited as it nears. The Bergeron-Damboise Association has a website at http://www.bergeron-damboise.com .

I have added a few more names on my Chartersville Road Cemetery in Dieppe in case you want to check it out at http://www.acadian-roots.com/ I have lots more to add.
Just came back from PEI, had a nice time, the weather was great. Now it is coffee time.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would our Ancestors think?

Have you ever wondered about the difference in the world around us today ,and what our ancestors would think if they too could see?
First of all, we have electricity, they had lanterns and lamps. I bet they would really appreciate turning on a switch instead of lighting a lamp or even a candle.
We have cars, they had horse and wagons,we have skidoos, they had horse and sleighs. How they would marvel at all the new inventions.
Our ancestors washed in the rivers and streams, and hung their clothes on trees and branches, we have automatic washers and dryers. Can you imagine our great great great grandmothers opening their eyes today and after all the hard work that they did, see a washer and dryer?
The men used axes and saws, to cut down their trees, it must have taken them a long time to cut one tree, today we have power saws, one zip and the tree is down.
Building a house back then took time, and a lot of hard work with their limited tools. Today in no time a house is all built because of all the new tools we have.
Back they had to plow their fields with a horse and them walking behind, it took them a long long time to get their soil ready for planting. Now today we have tractors and tillers, in no time we have our garden all sowed.
We can take a nice hot shower whenever we want to, our ancestors had no showers ,I bet you lots of time they bathe in the brooks, brrrr sure must have been cold sometimes.
These are things to think about and realize how lucky we are. And yes if our Ancestors could be here today they would marvel at all the new inventions.
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Family Reunions what are they?

What are family reunions? Well family reunion are a gathering of family members together . There are various reasons for reunions. Some are to celebrate a special milestone, for example Grandma and Grampa were married sixty years ago, and it is a good time to have all their descendants under one roof to celebrate. Mother is 100 years old, what a nice time to have a family reunion, think about all her descendants that she will see.
The CMA is holding an Acadian World Gathering in Northern New Brunswick Canada in August. That reunion will be a very big event, with all different family surnames holding their reunions at different times and places but all coinciding with the CMA. This is a must if you can make it .The different reunions will host different schedules of events. Some will have dances, others just music, or discussing genealogy ,and having a great time, meeting new friends.
So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by the CMA and join in on all the fun.
The Bergeron-Damboise Association is holding a reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick July 18 and 19th. I am the spokeman for them in New Brunswick.
We are going to try and make this reunion a great one with lots of good memories for the guests to take back home. But also along with our reunion we are going to do a good deed. All the food we have left from our lunch will be donated to the Fredericton Soup Kitchen, as a treat perhaps for the hungry.
So if there are any of you reading this blog and you want to donate any food for the soup kitchen, drop off your donation to the Sainte Anne Community Hall on Priestman Rd in Fredericton on July 19th after 930am and say it is for the Soup Kitchen.
We have received some donations for our reunion from some very nice folks, which I shall add on my website after our reunion is over. They will also be added on the Bergeron-Damboise website at http://www.bergeron-damboise.org/
Myself ,personally, I am very excited about our reunion in Fredericton since I will be meeting many distant cousins from places such as Louisiana, Chicago,Vermont,Minnesota,New Hampshire,Massachussetts,Maine,Ontario,and Quebec and possibly more.
It should be a fun time. And I am also looking forward to the CMA, since we are going there for two weeks, we will be tenting, (I still haven't tried to set up my tent yet, I had better do so before we go grin) It is a new tent.
So we will be attending different reunions, the Legers, maybe Cormier and Boudreau, and taking in all the festivities. Also some of my online friends will be meeting us at the Carrefour de Mer on Acadian Day august 15. I am looking forward to that meeting. So this year, reunions are very important to me.
I only hope that the weather will remain very nice during our reunions.
Oh and before I forget, on July 19 at 11 am at the Sainte Anne de Pays Bas church on Priestman Rd in Fredericton there is going to be a mass said for the Bergeron-Damboise group but also it will be for descendants of the pioneers of Sainte Anne de Pays Bas, surnames such as Godin,Bellefontaine,Bellefeuille,Beausejour,Roy,Saindon,Landry,Dugas,Pare
so if you have ancestors that were in Sainte Anne de Pays Bas, come join us for the mass.
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