Saturday, June 28, 2008

How do you like my cows? Well yesterday I opened my door and there was this big brown envelope from Texas, yes all the way from Texas, my friend Phylis was kind enough to do this, I had looked everywhere for placemats, but could not find them,the placemats are reversible, and look very nice on my table. So thank you Phylis. Now the dancing cow, with the tutu on is hanging on my wall. I went to a second hand store with my friend and there was this painting you see, how much do you want for it ? I asked the lady, oh give me two dollars, wow two dollars ,I'll take it.
Speaking of second hand stores, today we went again to find a metal teapot to take on our camping trip, we found one, so I said let's look at the books, guess what? I found a book called the forgotten soldiers it has stories from acadian veterans of the second world war, so I am thinking of adding some of these stories on my Acadians who went to war page, I will let you know if and when I do.
I have the 1871 census on my page at , I was thinking of adding it just the way I received it, through Microsoft Excel but I am not sure if everyone will be able to open it or not, so for the time being I will leave it as it is.
Now another one of my members has transcribed some marriages of a parish which I shall tell you about as soon as I have it up on my website, I really appreciate her doing this, I will tell you who she is later also. She will be credited for the information. I just need to convert it to html first.
Now I also received a phone call a short while ago, from a cousin in Maine who has found the baptism of my great great grandmother who was born in Kamourska in 1812, I did not have the information but she was baptized under the name LeBelle instead of LeBel. I told my cousin she was a great detective.grin.
Soon we will be off to Kamouraska Quebec, I do hope the weather will cooperate. We leave on Tuesday morning, will be gone until Thursday or Friday.
So thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello everyone, it is a beautiful summer day, but it won't last long, rain is forecasts. I have been a bit busy these last few days. I had received an email from a lady saying she had transcribed the entire 1871 census for Dundas Kent County in New Brunswick, which includes Cocagne,Notre Dame, surrounding villages and possibly Grand Digue. She gave me permission to add it on my site at so I have added it. I do hope it helps some of you find your ancestors. So to Betty, I say thank you for sharing with us.
On another note, I am getting ready to go on my trip to Quebec, we are leaving Tuesday morning, so I have started getting my stuff together, I have my tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, barbque,lamp,already in my car.I have a pump for my air mattress, now we were told that Walmart sells some good mosquito repellent, going to check that out, and buy a little bottle of propane. I have jotted down places to see. Now I just checked my genealogy and my Joseph Bergeron was born in St Andre de Kamouraska and married in Isle Verte so I want to see the two churches. I want to go to the Berceau de Kamouraska too. I have my camera and just in case it gives me a hard time I bought a throw away one, grin. If it rains, one of the campgrounds has little cabins, so it is quite possible we will end up in the cabin if it rains. grin.I will add the trip on my website www.acadian-roots when we get back and if it turns out good. Oh and I found out there are Tim Hortons in Riviere du Loup and Rimouski, grin, and also MacDonalds,Burger King, KFC, haha. and we are suppose to be camping? grin.
So now I am off to look for some utensils, so have a great day. Thanks for the visit, please come again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bergeron Reunion, this is a better explanation than I gave, thanks to Larry Bergeron;
This story begins in the late 17th century (about 1698) when Gabriel Godin and his wife, Andree-Angelique JEANNES settled/founded the village of Point Saint Anne. During the following years the village prospered and grew. Then in February 1759 a small force of British Troupes (15 men) led by a Lt Moses Hazen raided and destroyed the Acadian village of Pointe Sainte Anne, (The village was located where downtown Fredericton is now) as a consequence of this raid some innocent civilians were killed. These civilians were hastily buried in the village cemetery. This cemetery has since been mistakenly identified as an Indian Cemetery when in reality it is an Acadian Cemetery.Now, we fast forward to 1933 when the cemetery was once again disturbed! This time by a Dr. Wintemberg who came to Point Saint Anne with the expectations of finding pre-historic (First Nation) remains and was surprised to find, buried closely together, and in one case two in one grave, not Indians, but Europeans. In all, seven skeletons were examined. (Two of these remains were those of Anastasie Godin and Madeleine Guilbaut) In no case was there any evidence of Indian (First Nation) at the site. The remains of the two women were then removed to Ottawa where they remain today. As an Acadian and a descendant of Anstasie's family my desire is to have her (their) remains returned to her (their) rightful resting place, Pointe Saint Anne. And the cemetery there properly identified and declared as a National Historical Site.The Bergeron-Damboise families are planning, in conjunction with The Society of History of the River Saint Jean (SHRSJ) a commemoration of the 250 year anniversary of the destruction of the village. We are calling for all Acadians to rally with us in Fredericton on the weekend of the 18th/19th of July (Saturday and Sunday) 2009. This calling includes all Acadians who are descended from the Godin, Saindon, Pare, Bergeron, St Aubin Families as well as any other Acadian family group. Please contact, for Canadian, Aline Cormier ( or, for USA, Lawrence Bergeron ( for further details.
Calling all Bergeron dit Damboise and Godins. Hear ye, hear ye ,hear ye, grin.
Ok I am sort of hoping this will reach many folks who have Bergeron,Damboise,or Godin,Bellefontaine ,or anyone descendent from Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin, or descendants of Gabriel Godin dit Chatillon and Andree Angelique Jeanne (Jasne). As you know these two families were in Riviere Saint Jean New Brunswick and some of their families were masacred .Anyway Fredericton is holding a commemoration of the anniversary of this episode, and my Bergeron group that I belong too have organized a Bergeron Reunion for the same period, We are having it July 18 and 19th 2009 ,it is going to be held at Wilmot Park, which is across from the old Acadian Church and cemetery location. We are inviting the Godins also since they intermarried with our Bergeron lines. Now the Societe Historique Riviere Saint Jean has asked for an appropriate head count on how many will be attending. So if any of you are coming down for the CMA2009, and would like to add this event to your schedule please email me at put Bergeron Reunion in your subject line, I think this will be a fun event and a place to meet new cousins. Here is the letter regarding the SHRSJ request.
Hello CousinsI attempted to send this message this morning but it appears that itdidn't go through!I have been asked by the SHRSJ to come up with a "head count" of thepeople who are planning to attend the Reunion/ Commemoration that isbeing planned for the summer of 2009 in Fredericton. What they require is a total by family. So if there is a family of six it would belisted as two adults and four children. Any child over the age of 16would be considered an adult. Please send your reply to me directly and then I will tabulate the results andforward it to SHRSJ as soon as possible. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS REQUESTBY NEXT WEEKEND JUNE 28 TH.ThanksCousin Larry--~--~---------~--~
Now if you decide to come and cannot reply by the 28th contact either Larry or me just the same to let us know, and remember if something happens that you cannot make it, you can always cancel. I hope to meet many of you there. July 2009 is only a year away, so it would be time to make accomodations soon.
Have a great day

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My grandson had a Karate competion last night, and I attended. The children were all sitting in a row, and one by one they had to go up and strut their stuff, first my grandson did his single then the five judges gave him marks, then they were grouped in threes and had to so the same program they did as single. After they were all done, the judges tallied their marks and awarded them medals for their work, my grandson came third place in his single age group, and his group of three program earned them second place, another medal. And finally they were graded, from white belt to a yellow one. Talk about a proud little boy he was, and so was his Memere proud. I was running around like crazy looking for the best spot to take his photo. grin. The photo above is of him in the group in the back. I found this little boy getting his belt so cute and he was so excited that I just had to take his photo too. I am posting more photos in our chat room of the competition.

On another note, my friend Maria, sent me down a box of books and I mean a box. I have not had time to look at all of them, but there is Acadian to Cajun,that one I am very interested in for sure,Eulalie LaTour,Notes on Exile on being Acadian,Acadians peoples of the maritimes.Adieu Pisiquid,and more. So as you can see I have lots to read. I am very grateful to Maria for sending them to me.

I am also planning a trip to Quebec very soon,could be within the next two weeks, I believe I did mention this already, so now it is time for what should I bring, what should I wear, where do I want to visit, where do we want to sleep, things not to forget and so on. I already bought a throw away camera in case my digital acts up, lately I have a hard time taking photos, I need to press real hard on the button before it takes.

Today I went walking with my friend for a change we walked near his house, and towards the lake, the weather was not too hot, just right for a walk, oh and last night after the Karate competition we went dancing, and Gary Donelle was playing the music and I think in one of my blogs I had talked about Acadian Day and we had gone to Cap Pele and Gary was playing and he sang Au bord du Lac Bijou a song by Zacharie Richard, and I loved it so last night we requested it and yes he played it for us. The hall was full and usually he plays english songs, well when he started singing Au bord du Lac Bijou the dance floor was packed. grin. I have received some DVDs of Zacharie Richard from my friend Romm in Louisiana but that song isn't on the DVD, so I am going to look for it and get it.

Well guess this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog, thank you for stopping by , please come again.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good morning or afternoon, nice to see you again, and nice to meet you if this is your first time .Well this morning I got up bright and early (for a change) and the weather man was calling for rain or showers, I looked out my window , nope not raining yet. Ok Aline, get up , get dressed. So after I got up, washed , I had a light breakfast and out the door I went. I need to beat the rain. I had put on a light jacket just in case. Anyway I began my walk, the temperature was really nice, going around the corner, this man was waving at me, so when I got up to him, I noticed he was an old friend of my late husband, his dog was barking his head off, the dog's name is Pepper. So I walked to the dog, he smelled my hands, that is what I usually do when I approach a dog, I turn my hands palm down and let them smell them. So the man and his lady were just coming home from their cottage and we talked about gardens, then I was on my way again. I took my normal route, except I went one street over to make my walk a bit longer. My route was a square. across, down,across ,up. The up part was rough grin. Passed Pepper the dog again, and yep, he was barking at me again. grin. It felt so good when I got back home. Grin.
On another note, I have been adding some names in my Legacy Family Tree program. But I need to verify the dates and locations. I did part of that last night, I was checking my Boudrot's in Petit Rocher. Found some dates of births, others I haven't found yet. When I started with Legacy, I added my lines and my late husband's lines, so I have two different family lines . But it will be good for my grandchildren to have one day. I sure hope that one of my grandchildren will be interested in their roots. Sometimes we think the girls will be the most probable one to want to know, but sometimes we may be wrong and the boys will be the ones.
I am also searching for information about L'Isle Verte and Kamouraska Quebec, I found an article saying that the route that we want to take is a scenic route, following the water. I would love that route, I enjoy passing little fishing villages , and old buildings etc. We are planning to go either the end of June of the first week of July, I do hope the weather will cooperate because guess what? We are bringing a tent. haha. Last time we took a trip, it was to Cape Breton, I have the trip on my website at anyway if you read about our trip, you will see the tent stayed in the trunk of my car haha. So no promises about the tent again. But we have the tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, an air pump, need to get some misquito repellent, yep its gonna be fun fun fun . grin. You may see photos of me full of mosquito bites, grin you never know, but if it gets too bad, motels here we come. I need to bring a bunch of batteries for my camera. Now I am getting anxious to go, we have someone who will take care of Thunder, she is very good with him. I checked for campgrounds in Bas Saint Laurent and found some along the way, there is only one is Isle Verte that I found, none right in Kamouraska listed. The reason I want to go to Kamouraska if I can is because this is where some of my maternal ancestors were ,the Michaud, Raymond dit Phocas,Lebel,I noticed names such as Malenfant, Theriault, Alberts too.
Well I hear some Thunderstorms, so will close for now. Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How many of you have ancestors from the Beaubassin area? I had Thomas Cormier and Marie Madeleine Girouard living in Beaubassin and Thomas was quite properous when he lived there. There was also Jacques Bourgeois who was a surgeon also one of the founders of Beaubassin, Pierre Arseneau was a pilot and he had land in Beaubassin he married twice and they were in the Beaubassin census, him and his second wife that is. There were other families in Beaubassin also. The reason I am talking about Beaubassin is because next month there is going to be a Dig to see if they can find any artifats where Beaubassin was situated. What a great find it would be, to find some china, some old pipes, or tools used by our ancestors , a comb even, or pots n pans. So to all the people who have applied to take part in the dig, happy digging, sure hope you find something.
Well I have added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, and added a few tidbits in Did you know and I have added an obituary of a lady who was 101.
Today was overcast so I did not go walking, I do hope tomorrow will bring a better day. Walking is a great exercise, I do not walk at a fast pace, maybe later on I will be able to do so, but I do know that when I do walk, I can feel the difference , I feel much better.
Well this is not a long blog, so thank you for stopping by, do drop in again.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, nice to see you. Well Saturday I wanted to go to yard sales, I love yard sales, I am always on the lookout for Acadian or Cajun or French Canadian genealogy or history books. And now I am on this kitchen cows hunt. grin. Anyway yesterday George and I decided to go to Albert County, well I really wanted to go so George came too. (He says he doesn't like yard sales but everyone we went to so far he bought something. grin) So yesterday we went to a yard sale in Colpitts Settlement, I had another reason for wanting to go, I have been looking for my half sister for a long long time, I have her narrowed down to two ladies, one is in Ontario and one in Albert County. I have the birth record but on the birth record the name of the mother is the grandmother's name, born the date that I am looking for, and the other lady was suppose to be an adopted daughter ,she has papers to the effect and she would have been born a year too late BUT she resembles me. The other one ,I have spoken to her on the phone, cannot see a photo of her and she sounds like my sister and she denies it. I was sort of hoping I would find the house she is living in, someone told me she may be living at such a such address. And also on the birth records this one in Albert County was christined a different name and uses another first name. What a puzzle this is. But I would so much like to know for sure which one it is. Both parents are gone now so it would not hurt anyone if we knew for sure.The one in Ontario would take a DNA test she had said, but we have sort of lost touch these last few years.
Anyway no luck on finding anything out yesterday, so we continued to the yard sale. The weather was lovely and the sceneries were so beautiful and peaceful in the country. We passed over a little wooden bridge, the water was tricking down a little brook, I wondered if there were lots of trout in the brook.
We finally found the yard sale, and we went in. First thing I asked was for books and cows, well there were no books that I wanted, but she had this cow towel holder, how much? Ok I want it, and then she showed me this big cow that hangs outside, wow talk about nice, how much? Will you take such and such? You will? Ok I will take it. So I now have more cows, and my brother went to a yard sale in Nova Scotia, picked me up something with cows for my wall. grin.
Now changing the subject, I have added more names to my Chartersville Cemetery page. Every once in a while, when I have nothing to do, I add a few names to my cemetery page.
We have more members in my acadianrootsclub genealogy group, that is good. The more that joins the more chance we have of connecting with other cousins sharing our same ancestors.
And I keep adding my P'tit Francois stories and I am translating them , but my translation leaves a lot to be desired, you need to be able to understand chiac to see the stories as they are meant to be seen and read. I have been given permission to add these newspaper clippings from the french paper L'Etoile.
To read them go to my website click on P'tit Francois.
Thanks for the visit, do come again.
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Come walk with me? Well to begin, I have decided I would like to get back in shape, I want to lose a bit of weight, I do not want to lose much but I want to lose. So I have begun walking.Why don't you come walk with me? I am only beginning so I am taking it slowly. The first day that I walked (this is my second week), well let me tell you , I did not go far, I was a huffing and a puffing when I got home. grin.I leave in the early morning, and walk for about a half hour to three quarters of an hour. If you are able to walk, begin by walking around your home, try once, then go around twice the next time, in other words start slowly, this is if you are a senior, if you are younger then start walking around a block. It is good for us to get exercise, it gets us away from our computers where all that gets exercise is our fingers,grin. So to my friends in Scotland and to all my group members who are able and to you who just dropped in, Come walk with me? Today I ventured where no Aline has gone haha, I began walking , instead of cutting corners I walked around them, and when I go to where I usually turn , I kept on going to two streets down, turned and on my way back I took another route and it was uphill. Wow, talk about hard on the legs but I did it. I am only walking once a day for now.
Now if you are unable to walk, see what exercises would be good for you then do them. I know I am feeling good by walking. I walk alone but would love your company.
I told you yesterday I had gone to the genealogy center to do some research and do some lookups? Well it sure was nice just relaxing and looking through documents and records. And this time I did not carry conversation with anyone, Stephen said hello, and I had a quick chat with Regis, we talked about Robertville.
I never get tired of going there. There is so much stuff that I still have not seen, that there must be more on my ancestors to find. I would love to go to Fredericton in the archives one day, I think I would need more than a day grin.
For the ones who have Arsenaults in your families and if you are in the vicinity of Amherst NS in July, there is going to be a reunion with lots of fun stuff, go to and contact Rick.
Well that's it for this time, just to remind you I had added a page on the parish of Sainte Therese in Robertville New Brunwick ,with some photos, marriages and deaths at click on Parish Records then to Robertville NB.
Thanks for the nice visit, and hope you will come walk with me in the mornings.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you ever heard of Robertville New Brunswick in Canada? Well it is a village in Gloucester County, not far from Petit Rocher and Nigadoo. The parish is called Ste-Therese. My grandmother was born there as was her sister. My great great grandmother Marie Vienneau died there. So I went to the genealogy center a few days ago, and looked through a souvenir booklet of Robertville and in the book there were photos of some of the people who lived there. Wow, that was nice to see, there is a photo of a man who was seven feet tall weighed 400 pounds, and his wife is also on the photo. She looks so little next to him. I also extracted some marriages and deaths of Robertville. You can view all of this on my site at click on Parish Records and in the drop down menu you will see Robertville NEW NEW. Also if you had ancestors who lived in Petit Rocher and then you lost track of them, check out Robertville they could be there. I also have the song holes in the floor of heaven playing.
So if any of you wondered where I have been, well I have been busy with my website and setting up a forum , where we can post various things. The forum is like my genealogy group,by invite only, but the forum is new and it takes getting used to it , to find one's way around. We still have our little chat n brag room too, there we are like a big family. For the ones who want invites to any of our rooms, please go to my site and contact me for an invite.
Thanks for the visit.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Sunday drive today, took us past Shediac in New Brunswick, first a stop to Dairy Queen for an ice cream sunday , then to a yard sale at Pointe Du Chene, her prices were way too high, and then we went to Barachois. I wanted to go to the beach in Barachois, I had gone to a beach in Cap Pele which is not far from Barachois. So we turned down the road ,as we were turning I read the road sign "Pointe au Bouleau Road." Well that name Bouleau sparked some memory . Olivier dit Bouleau Doiron son of Louis dit Louison Doiron and Marie Bonnevie dit Beaumont, once lived in Barachois, could this road have been the area he lived? I was once told there was a road in Barachois named after him. Olivier later died in Bouctouche New Brunswick. So we contined down the road, a sign said Dead End, but we went down anyway. Arriving at the bottom of the road, there were little side roads, with rows of cottages, and a jeep was parked there, a couple and their two dogs were just leaving, so we parked my car and proceeded down to the water. The weather was very nice, I walked to the water below, and reached down, wow the water was cold. brrrr. There was only one couple on the beach today but I bet that in a few weeks the beach will be so crowded there will be no place to sit.
Changing the subject, I have added an article on my Did you know page at regarding how well to do the Acadians were before the expulsion in 1755.
I added a few more names to my Saint Louis de Kent Marriages also.
If you go to my website and click on the CMA2009 you will see there are lots of families who have registered now . Be sure to see if your Surnames have registered. I notice the Cormier name has been registered, and the Godin, and Saindon, Arsenaults and others.
Like Porky Pig used to say "Thatttt's all ffffolks. grin.
Thank you for stopping by, do come again. Have a great day.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Allons danser Collinda, allons danser Collinda. Just looking at the photo makes me want to dance. Now if you notice the photo, you can see it is a sand sculpture, it was sent to me, and the sculpture was done on Prince Edward Island. Isn't it fantastic. It looks so real. And a typical Acadian setting, music, dancing, and having a good ole time. I noticed our Cajun Cousins also love music, dancing and having a good tyme. I wanted to share this paticular sculpture with you, There were lots more , one of the church, one of a farmer's wife milking a cow, a fisherman, Anne of Green Gables, a tractor, a farm and so on.

Well I have added another photo to my photo gallery at, it is of Augustin Brideau son of Marcin Brideau and Marie LeBreton, he was born in 1860 and in the photo he is 91 years old and he is skating. If you do go see, click on his photo, to get the full view, I am not experienced with thumbnails yet so I need to learn about the sizes.

I want to end this blog today by sending congratulations to Scotland to my friends ,they are soon to become proud grandparents. I am so pleased for them, since it is their first grandchild. Bravo.

Have a great day everyone thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Isn't this a beautiful photo? Does it look familiar to any of you? Well by the look of the car in the photo, it must have been taken in the 1930s or early 1940s and it is the main street in Saint Louis de Kent, in New Brunswick Canada. I am so pleased to have received permission to use this photo and some others to add to my photo gallery at . If you want to see more photos of Saint Louis go to my gallery and scroll to the bottom until you see Saint Louis Photos, click there and you will see more photos like the one above. I have never lived in Saint Louis but I had a camp there for a few years, and my late brother in law came from there. So I met a lot of nice folks in Saint Louis, I met some Maillets, some Brideaus, some Daigle, and some Proulxs. I have good memories of Saint Louis.That is where I had planted a lovely garden with my sister in law, we worked very hard that summer, we endured mosquitos, rain, wind , horse flies, little black flies in order to succeed with our garden, our peas , they bushes were nice and high and so healthy looking, one day we said, ok tomorrow we will pick the peas, but when we awoke the next day, the crows had cleaned every single bush, not a single pea did we see.

Changing the subject, I have received a CD of the Southwest Louisiana Parish records, and a VHD tape on Acadie Liberte, depicting the expulsion of the Acadians, and Against the Tide by Zacharie Richard, it is his interpretation of Acadie Liberte as seen from the eyes of the Louisiana Acadians, Haunted Waters , covers a lot of Louisiana Cajun life. A friend of mine Don has sent it to me, I appreciate it . I love anything Acadian/Cajun. Since I also have English roots, I am interested in Deptford England and Bristol, and my french canadian roots, I am planning on going to L'Isle Verte in Quebec hopefully this summer. I also would love to go to Castile or Castine Maine, where D'Abbadie de St Castin was, seeing he is also among my ancestors. Next year July 25, I am hoping to make it to Fredericton for our big Bergeron dit Damboise reunion. Time will tell, if I get to go where I want to go. And of course we have the Congres Mondial next year also, I do hope to meet many of my online friends and members of my genealogy group there.For the ones of you just surfing in, if you are interested in Acadian Roots genealogy, meaning if you have some ancestors who were Acadians and you would like to join our genealogy group, contact me through my website and I will send you an invite.

Thanks for the lovely visit, do come again. Hope you will enjoy the new photos on my gallery.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Where have I been? You may ask. Well saturday I got up and said to my friend, there is a community yard sale ,it has been on for a few hours, my friend George said ,wanna go? Well he did not have to ask me twice. So off we went to the yard sale, well it was getting late, and it began to rain, but we were lucky , most of the sales were held in their garages. Of course all I could think of were Cows. grin. The second place we stopped, I spotted something all by itself in a corner, yes it was a cow, and it was the cow you see here, a butter dish, well it did not take me long to grab it. And then I found some cow butter spreaders, there is one missing from the set but it is fine. Now George who isn't into yard sales, got himself a television and a set of dishes, he was pleased, I hope he was so pleased that he wants to go again this saturday. grin. If he does come with me, I can direct him where to go, and when we get to the sales, I can get out of the car faster and get to the sale. haha.

Well I have been pretty busy, I added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, added a few photos to my senior pages. And I have been busy trying to fix up my apartment . It is looking pretty nice. Our genealogy group is doing pretty well, newcomers are joining and that is good. Our members are really pitching in to help others, I am very pleased with my members.

Thank you for the visit, and please stop by again.

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