Friday, February 19, 2010

Who in the world is P'tit Francois?

Good morning everyone, and thanks for stopping by. On Thursdays we sometime go to the Bingo, don't ask if I win. grin. I could be one of two persons alone in that bingo hall and the other person would win it all. Sigh! Anyway as I enter the bingo hall, usually the french paper L'Etoile is at the entrance . It is a free newspaper so I usually pick it up if it is available if not I pick up the paper elsewhere. Anyway while we wait for the bingo to start, I open the French paper and make my way towards the back pages. There I find an article called "P'tit Francois des Bois". It is a weekly article written in french, and the french he uses is Chiaque or a slang used my many Acadians. It is a continuing story. P'tit Francois lives in Bouctouche Bay (Au Fond de la Baie). He is single and is having having problems with a couple of widows at the moment. He has one who lives at his house and he cannot get rid of her even tho he wants to and the other widow Edmee lives in a fancy house in Memramcook. At the moment P'tit Francois accepted an invitation to spend a few days with Edmee, but Rose is furious and she has followed them there. So while I am at the Bingo I try to translate the story to add on my webpage. I have not translated it this week yet, but am working on it. You can find the article on my website at , Look for P'tit Francois on the sidebar. It is written if French and translated to English so you can read both versions, the french is more hilarious because of some of the french sayings but the english translation is not bad either.
Changing the subject now, I am still reeling from finding my Abraham Chate and Ann Bennett's marriage and her death, now I need to find her line , and also the death of Abraham. Might take me another 30 years by then I will be up in age , grin. But my motto is 'one day at a time and never ever ever give up."
I sold a Moncton mug today, yippee. I will never be rich but the idea that someone likes something I created makes me feel very good. The penny on the keychain image here, is a 1910 penny, one hundred years old, could this keychain be a lucky charm? King Edward V11 was the king at that time and he died in 1910 as well. He was the great grandfather to Queen Elizabeth. You can see more items of this penny and other items as well on my gallery. My latest products are Butterflies, boy the swallowtail butterfly is beautiful.I have also added Eskimo dogs or sled dogs a few days ago. If you feel like having a look around, there are tee shirts, mugs ,stickers,keychains,posters,greeting cards and I even have created some ladies and children shoes, at* enjoy
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Genealogy and why I am so happy

Well somedays a person gets up and go through the everyday motion, you get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, do your chores and get on the computer. grin.But today I got up, washed , no breakfast no chores but headed for my

Well as you know one of my hobbies is genealogy. I have been into genealogy since way back in 1976, and I have stumbled upon many a good story about my ancestors but some of them were elusive, they were in hiding somewhere. My great grandfather only choose to let me find his death about two years ago and I had been searching since 1976 can you imagine? And can you imagine how excited I was when I went and looked in the Provincial Archives and lo and behold there he was .So that solved that search, then I had other ancestors hiding somewhere, but these were way far away in England. Now to do research in England when you are in New Brunswick Canada is not an easy chore. I had written to different addresses in England before I had a computer and way back then, I did my research by writing and asking. So a thorn in my side was my Abraham Chase that is the name he was known under when he arrived in New Brunswick and on his first record which was his marriage to Marie Rose Girouard the priest had different spelling for his surname, they had Kess,Quessy,Chase, so I worked with all these surnames to no avail. The census said he came from England. Not much to go on huh? Anyway one day I was looking to land grants and didn't I find my Abraham but his surname was listed as CHATE. Oh boy a clue. Also his marriage record said his parents were Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose. Hmmm.So to the Mormon Site one day I went looking, and didn't I find my Abraham Chate born in Deptford England son of Abraham Chate and Ann?, also found another brother and sister to my Abraham. Now this was a long time ago that I found all this info.I have been looking ever since for information on his parents, I have the Chate line all traced back to the early 1600s but I had no last name for Ann nor a date of marriage. Today I hit paydirt. I will give you my source in a second, didn't I find the marriage of Abraham Chate and Ann BENNETT (which sounds like Nanette) married in 1790 in London England. Now maybe my Abraham told the priest (remember Abraham must have had a British Accent and the priest was French) that his mother was Bennett instead of Nanette and the priest could have misunderstood.Then I went to look for the death of Ann Bennett and I found her in Deptford England where my Abraham was born , I havent found the death of Abraham husband of Ann yet. But I am so excited to finally have found this couple. I don't have the parents of Ann Bennett so far, I do hope I can find her.Where did I find this? Well I got an email today from, they have added new records and they have Births,Marriages and Death Records for London England. They also have more records for Connecticut,Vermount,Delaware,Ohio, and they are expecting to add more. If you are interested in subcribing to Ancestry, I believe I have a link going to them on the sidebar. And now speaking of London England,yesterday my Mom gave me a 1910 penny that she polished and cleaned for me to use on my gallery so I have created some keychains,magnets,stickers,tee-shirts,mugs,and what I am most proud of is the binder that you see. One the front I added the front of the penny or cent with King Edward V11 on it, he was Queen Victoria's son and Queen Elizabeth's great grandfather. On the back of the binder I added the other side of the penny or cent. This binder can be used for anything you want, a journal, an album, genealogy records,workbooks ,school binders and much more and you can even name the binder . You can find these items at*
So I do hope you have enjoyed my blog, one last note I would like to say, when doing your genealogy or family tree never ,ever,ever, give up.It took me 34 years to find my marriage of Abraham and Ann Chate.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

St Bernard Church in Moncton and Tee shirts

Today I shall discuss two topics, the first will be the tee shirts because I could not add the images at the bottom of this blog.I shall continue about St Bernard after.
The reason for the t-shirts is because there is a 15%sale on this weekend and there is only tomorrow left, I have created lots of tee shirts the two here are some you can personalize, you change the names to your choices. I also have funny tee shirts, animals tee shirts,children tee shirts, so if you want to save on the tee shirts they are great for birthdays, St Patrick Day,Reunions and much more. The mugs are ten percent off too . I even have a ball team tee shirt for ladies you personalize it to, so now would be a great time to buy. Go to* click on tee shirts, or acadian cajun, or children they all have tee shirts and the humor page also.
Now getting to Saint Bernards Church in Moncton New Brunswick:
Saint Bernard is the Mother Church of Moncton City, and the cradle of its Catholic community. There were no Catholics among the first who settled in what was to become the city of Moncton after the Exile of the Acadians. A first church had been built by the Acadians near the site of the actual Bore Park called La Chapelle and the surrounding area was called Terre Rouge.(translation Red Earth). This whole area was plundered and burned by the ravages of Scott at the time of the deportation in 1755. Thomas Cocoran an Irishman who arrived in 1810 was maybe the first of many others of his catholic faith in the Moncton area. As the population grew the Mass was said in private homes and in the Free Meeting house on Steadman Street. This prompted Father FX Lafrance of Memramcook to buy in 1851 a lot of land for the building of a church. However twenty years had passed before a first church was built by Father John Murray pastor of St Anselme. Five years later Father FX Cormier began building a bigger church which was finished April 20 1879 by Father William Foley,Moncton's first resident priest. Three years later in 1882 with the appointment of Father Henry A Meahan as Parish Priest Moncton City became the parish if St Bernard. The families of Irishtown were also served by the new parish. The 3rd St Bernard cornerstone was laid in 1888 . The first Moncton native ordained as a priest was Francis Walker 1916. Father Meahan was replaced in 1905 by Father Edward Savage pastor till 1938. The Moncton Cathedrale was built in 1914 . My father was baptized in St Bernards, his father was born there and his grandfather Jake Williams married Osite Leger in St Bernards so that church is special to me. My grandparents married in the Moncton Cathedrale in 1914 .So they were among the first to marry there.
I found most of this information in a book I bought today called 50th Anniversary of the Moncton Diocese. Very interesting book.
Hope you liked today's blog, be sure to check out my tee shirts and mugs. Thanks for the visit and do stop by again
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ladies Genealogy Shirt from

Ladies Genealogy Shirt from

Had to share this with all of you into genealogy .Here is what it reads:

A picture to hang on your wall I send
An Ancestor's picture it is ,my dear friend
That it's genuine no one who sees it can doubt
etc etc etc.

so check it out, I also have it on a man's tee shirt .Going to add it elsewhere.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coyote Attack in New Brunswick

Wanted to share this newspaper article with you that came out in the Moncton times transcript,
What a surprise to open the paper and this article on the front page described an attack on a woman in Saint Charles New Brunswick by a coyote while she was protecting her pet. Can you image the fear she must have felt? And had she not have been there she would have lost her precious pet. I once lived in the country not that far from there and where I lived they had cats, that were wild and some who were pets, and we would see a certain little cat around for a long time and poof it dissappeared so we had figured it was the coyotes. So if you live where coyotes have been seen please watch your pets. And if the coyote attacked the woman, who's to say it won't attack another human. We should always be aware of this.
Well we are having nice weather these days. Yesterday we went out and it was so very nice. The more days we have like these, the shorter our winter will be.
I am still as busy as can be. My genealogy site is doing good, if any of you want to join us, we are a nice group all willing to help if we can, we focus a lot on acadian and cajun but we can also try and help you even if you are not. Acadian Ancestors are easier to find but with all the resources out there others are getting easier too.
Our Chat and Brag room is always busy, always someone sharing photos or stories or just being there if we need a friend. Old Photos of New Brunswick on Facebook is another one of my groups, if you have old photos you want to share of places or people in New Brunswick please join us. And if you have any Williams dit Bristol in your lines there is also a group on Facebook called Williams dit Bristol you are welcome to join.
Whew! And finally my store: You never know what you will find , have created some funny tee shirts lately, trying my luck at invitations and business cards. I also have decided I wanted something for the younger folks, so I am working on a spooky folder, right now I have added a few things, these are cute and funny and will be adding more. You can go window shop if you like at* If you see something that catches your eye you can purchase it ,also if you see something you would like with word changes ,can do that too.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Acadian-Cajun Announcement

Telephone: 337.288.2681

Lafayette, Louisiana. January 29, 2010 - Louisiane-Acadie, aiming to fulfill the mission to mobilize all Acadians to participate in the continued expression of their native French language and culture, announces "Grand Réveil Acadien / Great Acadian Awakening”, a one week gathering of Acadians from around the world, to be held in Louisiana in October 2011.
From September 30 to October 9, 2011, the entire Acadiana Region will open its doors to welcome family and friends, who want to celebrate and assist in helping preserve the Acadian/Cajun culture, customs, traditions and history of the first North American settlers, the Acadians. The "Grand Réveil Acadien / Great Acadian Awakening” will be held the week before Festival Acadiens et Créoles and will close with a huge celebration of renewal on the last day of the Festival.
After engaging a group of young adult Cajuns (Les Jeunes Cadiens) to represent the Louisiana Acadians at the 2009 World Acadian Congress, an awakening of their heritage became evident. "The spirited Acadians of the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick , hosts of the 2009 Congress, more particularly the “Grand Rassemblement Jeunesse”, sparked a renaissance and awakening of our younger generation's pride and interest in preserving their Cajun ancestor's native French language and culture,” states Louisiane-Acadie President Ray Trahan.
The Acadians left France in the early 1600s to colonize “Acadie,” present - day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada. Years after the Deportation of 1755, over 3,000 Acadians arrived and settled in south Louisiana bringing with them the French language and rich French-Acadian customs. These settlers, now called "Cajuns," are estimated to number over 600,000. As the Louisiana gulf coast, where many Acadians settled, dwindles, the Cajuns are forced to move further north to English-speaking communities. Consequently, as the older generation of Acadians passes away, our French language and many Cajun traditions risk being lost forever.
When Cajun parents/grandparents pass away, material possessions from those loved ones are dearly preserved to remember and honor them. "There is no better way to honor and remember our loved ones, than to keep and to live their native French language and culture,” says Trahan.
The importance of keeping this momentum cannot be lost. It is time to invite the world, especially those of Acadian descent, to join us, in Louisiana, and continue the fight to keep this culture alive!
We have awakened a renewed spirit of our Cajun people and need everyone, including our international families and cousins, to support us in our efforts. Vive l’Acadie!
If you would like more information on this event, please contact Ray Trahan at (337) 288 – 2681 or visit and

For your information:
“Grand Réveil Acadien/Great Acadian Awakening”:
Mission: The mission of the Great Acadian Awakening is to awaken the population of Louisiana and the world, primarily those of Acadian descent, and in particular our youth, to the realization that, while we have made positive strides, the people of Louisiana are losing their French language, culture, and coastal land, and to seek support, partnerships, solutions and concerted plans of action through these large gatherings.

Executive Board Members:
President Ray Trahan
Vice-President Elaine Clement
Secretary Peggy Matt
Treasury Loubert Trahan
Philippe Gustin
Brenda Trahan
Valerie Broussard
Lucius Fontentot
Associate Members Sharon Alfred
Angie Istre

Information will be forthcoming as plans are finalized. The web sites, mentioned above, for Louisiane-Acadie are currently being developed and should be accessible shortly.
Sponsored by a grant from the State of Louisiana and the Lafayette Consolidated Government

And speaking of Acadians and Cajuns, why not stop by my gallery and see what I have created?*

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Alzheimers and Genealogy

Alzheimer is a brain disease affection mostly people 65 and over, but there are cases of people as young as 30,40 and 50 getting the disease. Alzheimers is a progressive disease. People with Alzheimers are forgetful, they lose things,they get lost. They have mood changes at times.
Things that they used to do everyday are unfamiliar to them. There is a reason for my title as you will see later on.
We found out my late husband had Alzheimers in 1995, he was a very smart man. He was an electrician and a very good one. He could do crytograms without writing anything down, he would look at it and decifer it right away. I noticed he was forgetting first of all by his driving, his sense of direction was all wrong, he would be on the wrong side of the road and say he wasn't. It used to take him five minutes to fix a lamp, but it was at a point it took him over an hour and sometimes longer. Once we found out he had Alzheimers, he progressed very fast, from not walking, to not talking to not eating unless his food was pureed. It was a very hard time for the both of us. Me being the caregiver and him being the patient and not knowing why things were happening. I am so happy that before he took sick we shared his memories. He told me about when he was single and the things he did. The fun he had. And I made notes , not knowing that soon he would have Alzheimers. As you know Alzheimers is a mind taking disease. They cannot remember .He shared with me, a paticular story that was funny. If any of you remember the Canadian MP Claudette Bradshaw, well my husband was a great friend to her father and the boys used to all go there. My husband always wore shirt and ties and suits before he married me and he liked his beer, and anyway this paticular time he fell asleep on the sofa in his suit ,tie and white shirt. While he was sleeping someone put a live hen on his chest, and when he woke up, he saw it and said "Hya Chicken" and the chicken was so scared it dirtied all over his white shirt.
I found that to be so funny that I added it in a story book I made for my grandson.
So this is the connection with Genealogy and Alzheimers, before your love ones come down with the disease or if they are just beginning, Now is the time to ask questions about when they were young, maybe get them to tell you about favorite recipes, or first loves, how they met their spouses, if they remember their christmases of long ago. Ask them to talk about their parents, and be sure to have a tape recorder ,or a scribbler, or note book and your digital camera on hand. This is something you or your love ones will treasure later on. Because Alzheimers robs them of their memories, and when the memory are gone, there is no getting it back.
Thanks for the visit do stop by again. Be sure to check out my gallery my recent additions are mugs,postcards,posters,magnets,badges of Moncton New Brunswick, go to my Miscellaneous folders, then to cities towns and places,also check out my mousepads and postcards,and more mugs.* enjoy.
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Friday, February 05, 2010

Will it be as good as Roots?

I am certain many of you have watched the television series Roots by Alex Haley, it told the story of an african boy kidnapped and sold into slavery and the saga continued with his daughter and grandson. It was a very good story. And from that show, it got a lot of people interested in tracing their families. Now I just received word that on March 5,at 8pm/7 Central time,NBC is going to air a new show called Who do you think you are? The idea was taken from a UK TV show which got a lot of people into genealogy. The one that will air on NBC is going to be celebrities finding their roots. This should be very interesting. Some of the ones taking part are Brooke Shield,Susan Serandon,Sarah Jessica Parker,Emmitt Smith. I am anxious to see the show, since I like Susan Sarandon, and Sarah Jessica Parker. And this show just might get more people interested in their roots. I wonder if there will be some important people among their ancestors, maybe there were pirates,or kings or who knows. Maybe by watching the show we just may see some of our ancestors branching into these celebrities lines. I hope some of you will catch the show. You can read more about it at

Now speaking about family trees, I have added a few genealogy items in my gallery,and probably will be adding more. My Acadian/Cajun folder has some things too.I also created a nice invitation for a family reunion, I have added it here. It can be found at* in my greeting card folders.
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Funny Postcards from

Funny Postcards from

What is Fishing?

There are many avid fishermen out there. What kinds of fishing do they like? Well some are brook fishermen,some deep sea fishermen,soem fish in lakes . They fish for salmon, as you can see by my photo here, they fish salmon in both oceans. Miramichi Salmon Fishing is a well known . Miramichi is located in New Brunswick Canada, and did you know that Bing Crosby the easy listening singer who sang White Christmas used to have a camp there?
Apparently his mother or grandmother was Irish and came from that area.(So I am told). And I am sure there were many other famous folks fishing in the great Miramichi. Now some folks prefer ice fishing. On the paper this week there was an article on smelts, and ice fishing.I quote from the article." Smelts may never attain the iconic status that has earned the Atlantic Salmon,a place on this province's license plates. But this unsung delicacy of the sea will always have a place on New Brunswicker's dinner plates. Now I love smelts when they are caught in the winter, they are sweet. Rolled in flour ,seasoned with pepper, a tad of salt if possible and fried until a golden brown. Oh this makes my mouth water. I remember my late husband used to go smelt fishing on the ice, the ice was frozen hard enough for cars to drive on and they would go by truck. I kept hoping the ice would be hard enough, yep it was.Once they got to their destination, the fishermen had little huts all around, inside the huts they drilled through the ice until they hit the water and used to fish from those holes. The men would dress warm to go there even if they had their little huts.
Now some folks like to fish for trout, there are brook trout and sea trout, but I love the brook trout the best. I went fishing a couple of times, but guess what? Someone always had to put the worm on my hook. grin. No way did I want to touch the worms. It must have been frustrating for them because as soon as I got the worm on my hook, I would cast in the water, if I didn't catch a branch I got a trout. Now once I caught the trout it was "take it off! take it off!"
Another time we went by boat, my brother in law had a sports boat and we went on the open waters off of Saint Louis and he had equipment to jig makerel and cod fish, so he showed us what to do, and lo and behold I caught makerel and makerel, when we returned to shore the bottom of his boat was filled with cod and makerel since the cod follows the makerel. Talk about a smell in the boat, and we bottled some fish, we gave a lot away but it was a fun day.
There are some who fish Eels, (not me I am afraid of them)others fish for shad, or sturgeon, and so on.There are many many kinds of fish out there which means there are many fishermen who prefer to fish their choices. Now there are many ladies who love to fish, as well as many children.You see in stories about a little boy on his bicycle with his fishing rod on the way to fish.
Now speaking of fishing, I want to mention, the image at the top of this page is a mousepad I did ,and I also have created things with trout on and funny fishing products. You can see them in my gallery, check out fishing, and also check out miscellaneous ,and more mugs and magnets.
I intend on adding more fishing things. Go to* while you are there check out my valentines, just created a new one today .
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