Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Time Blues

We don't need to get the winter time blues, we need to occupy our minds with whatever we like best. I love genealogy, and I have a lot of dates and information to add to my family tree. My family software is not full yet. So if you like genealogy, catch up on your work, do a bit more digging. If you are not into genealogy, what about working on your scrapbook, I am sure you will think of new ideas to do. If you are into exercises, then do some indoor exercises, move your feet, wiggle your hands, shake your booties, walk up and down the stairs. Then take a break with a nice cuppa hot coffee,tea,cocoa or milk. Soon winter will be over, the snow will be gone, the robins will return ,(sigh, I can hardly wait)grin. I know what you can all do to shake the winter time blues, I just thought of that (you can come shovel my driveway)haha.
Well I am still thinking up ideas for my store, so I have added a snowy owl series of stuff, a big gorilla and I have given him a name, I created a few new buttons or badges.So if you want to have a look, check out my animals, and wild ones,my miscellaneous folder and buttons,by t-shirts,my humor,and my postcards, and mousepads, hope you like what you see.
go to* Have fun, that is also something you can do to shake the winter time blues, visit my store. smile
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About Korean War and Mom

Hello everyone,well today I want to share two things with you first of all. Many of you must remember when I mentioned that I had posted a page on my acadian-roots website about a list of POWs and MIAs from the Korean War and how a Mr.Davis was looking for relatives of these missing soldiers in order to match their DNA for identifcation? Well today I received a reply one of the nephew of one of the POWs has come forward and he is going to cooperate,so that is wonderful also he himself is a soldier in Afghanistan. So I am pleased. So many later on another soldier will be going home.
Another thing I want to share with you, we had a reunion last July for the Bergeron-Damboise families, and it was held in Fredericton New Brunswick where Barthelemy Bergeron is said to be buried. And we were honored with a reception and buffet at the home of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick who at the time was Hermenegilde Chiasson, and there were photos taken . At our reunion we honored our three oldest guests and one was my mother who is 91 and many photos were taken, one paticular one with the seniors with Mister Chiasson and his lovely wife, and yesterday Mom got this parcel in the mail , it was an 8x10 framed photo of Mister Chiasson ,his wife and the three seniors. Mom was so very pleased, she made me laugh she said she was going to hang it on the wall, and there was a photo taken of her and a cute mountie and she wants to enlarge it and put it besides the other photo. grin.
Now I have added an image here I hope it took, this is something I created, and thought I would share it with all of you, it is a poster entitled Family in the Tree. Hope you like it, it can be found at my gallery.
Another thing, I had also posted on a new book to be published in March, on the first five generation of the descendants of Jacques Mius D'Entremont of Pubnico, if you are interested in ordering the book, you can go to my website click on my book corner and the english books, you will see all the information there, I think this book is a great addition to your genealogy library.
I do hope you enjoyed today's blog, when I began I could not think of a good subject but all in all I think I did.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh Baby it's cold outside

Today the weatherman said minus 17 with windchill factor will feel like minus 28, so as you must have guessed Aline is in the nice cozy house, and trying to find many many reasons not to go out. grin. The title of today's blog reminds me of my grandaughter. When she was around 2years old ,she came to visit and her papa (grandfather)and papa was sick so she had to come with memere(me) to get something at the pharmacy. It was cold that day and I had her all bundled up and I was carrying her and as we were walking I started singing "Baby it's cold outside". All of a sudden she started singing in her own little way "Baby brrrrrr side". Did I ever laugh. Ah memories are something to share and write down somewhere for others to see and laugh or cry one day. For the ones who has children or grandchildren you must know what I mean. Now I was reading about some children from Haiti being adopted in Canada and possible the USA and to the new parents of these children, you have a lot to write about then and now is the time to do so, write how your heart went out to them and you wanted to give them lots of love and a good life. Take a lot of photos of them, tape their voices, and write down how they adapted to their new lives. This will be so important to these children one day. If I would have been one of the people adopting a child, I would get as much information about their lives before I got them as I could, their real parents if I knew and keep a lot of records because everyone wants to know who they are ,where they are from, I have a half sister somewhere, I know it is one of two women but which one is it? This gnaws at me over and over. As the saying goes "enquiring minds want to know". Now changing the subject, last night I worked again on my store and I have added some more postcards , one of Cornwall Ontario, it is an old photo, and a couple of Sudbury Ontario, some funny tee shirts ,and some items with an old King Edward Cent on them, the cent or penny was an old big brown one dated 1910. I have it on a postcard, and magnets, and badges too. I created a hat for all the Canadian Provinces ,these can be found in my Miscellaneous folder. I added a couple of things for Maine USA , and also Acadian and Cajun posters. So if you are in the vicinity of Allicor's store at* I do hope you will stop by even if it is only for window shopping. I think I shall add this blog on another blog of mine too. I honestly liked what I wrote. Until next time
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did You Do it?

Good morning everyone, the sun is shining, it is a beautiful but cold day. With the wind chills here it is in the minus 20s . Brrr. But yet , we are still so very lucky. Last night we watched the Canada for Haiti show.It was a very good show and while I was watching all the images and the people asking for support and the stories I thought to myself, I want to be a part of it too. I want to help. I feel so very bad for all the little children going hungry , no water and for the parents who must be so worried about their children. So the phone number came over the screen
1 -877-51-42484. So I picked up the phone, dialed it , a voice came over the lines sorry the circuits are busy please try later, No way was I going to try later, so I kept hitting the redial button oh its ringing, then I heard sorry all circuits are busy, so back to the redial and finally I got through. I now feel so very good and to make things much better for the people of Haiti, the Federal Government in Canada is matching all donations, so my donation however big or small will be doubled. But it is not over yet, YOU can still donate until February 12 and have the government equal your donation so please phone 1-877-51-42484 and give? Even five dollars will help, two dollars even. Remember if you give two dollars it makes four dollars going to Haiti.
You can even donate on line by going to .
Well now I need to change the subject, as you know I have been going crazy with my store,grin.
Last night I decided to make a Hat for all the Canadian Provinces, well I need to go and add Labrador cause I only added Newfoundland and need to add Yukon. These hats can be for both men or women, there are pinks and there are greens and reds and more.These hats can all be seen in my Miscellaneous folders in the cities and towns. I also made an American hat and a Maine hat.Then I made more for my Acadian folder too. Added some posters for Acadians and Cajuns with a list of surnames. And now I have my Mom involved in this, she is 91 and she needs something to keep her interested so this morning I went to see her, and she said Aline what about this? So I looked at it and Yes Mom I said this is gonna be something different. So I need to make it first will fill you in later. Also if any of you are Zazzlers please join my Fan Club,if you belong to Linkw please do a review on my gallery?I am doing as many of yours as I get to.
Now I need to go blog elsewhere, so until next time, remember to donate to Haiti and please visit my gallery, come by often I keep adding new things,*
PS I haven't forgotten my genealogy , I keep doing work there too.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

NEW Mius D'Entremont Book

Hello everyone, well today I would first like to talk about Pubnico in Nova Scotia. Pubnico is one of the oldest Acadian Settlements in the province, it is situated not far from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. Philippe Mius D'Entremont arrived there around 1653 with Charles Etienne de La Tour and he was given the title of Baron of Pobomcoup. Philippe married Madeleine Helie around 1649. They had a son Jacques born around 1654 who married Anne de St Etienne de La Tour daughter of Charles and Jeanne Mortin around 1678. They had nine children four sons and five daughters and a new book is to be published about the first five generations of Jacques Mius D'Entremont. Here is what I have posted on my website with permission from the Musee Acadien. If you decide to order a book because they are taken orders now I hope you will mention that you heard about it from acadian roots or from Aline Cormier.
A long awaited genealogical publication has just been published by the Société historique acadienne de
Pubnico Ouest listing a five generation family tree of the family of Jacques Mius d’Entremont (1679-c
1759). This volume contains 578 pages and many names representing many of the family names of
southwest Nova Scotia : Mius d’Entremont, Deon, Amirault, Surette, Bourque, Belliveau, Robichaud….
This work has been several years in the birthing. The information has been verified against the parish
registers, the Vital Statistics of Nova Scotia, the Census of Nova Scotia and the United States ,
family documents, personal information, etc. Insofar as humanly possible the mistakes have been
removed, but will still exist.
Many of the descendants of Jacques Mius d’Entremont over the years have moved all around the Atlantic
Provinces and the United States . The search for work and success brought many members of these large
families to many other geographical areas. This volume should be most helpful to all these families
whose roots remain solidly planted in the Pubnicos.
Philippe Mius d’Entremont (c 1601-c 1700), who was the founder of this family and came to Acadia in
1651 received his land grant in this area in 1653. The descendants of his three sons and two daughters
were caught up in the Acadian expulsion of 1756-59. Jacques is one of these sons. The descendants of
the other two sons, Abraham and Philippe II, often appear within the family tree of their brother
Jacques. Thus the families covered in this volume provide a rich source of information for the area.
The book is 8 x 11 in a blue hardcover format. The price is $55.00. Gift a certificate is available.
Some of the names among lots more:
t,Mius,Geddry,Moulaison,Maillet,Saulnier,Trahan,Theriault,Thibodeau,Duon.Purchase: $55.00Mailing and Handling (if necessary)$15.00Cheque total $70.00
La Société historique acadienne de Pubnico OuestP.O. Box 92West Pubnico, Nova ScotiaCanada BOW 3S0
Pauline d’Entremont - 902-762-2655

There are many other surnames in the book too numerous to list but I do think this will be a beneficial genealogy book for many of you.
Well today I have lots of things to do, I have another blog to create, and my genealogy group to check and my chat n brag and need to do more things for my store.
Last night I created some beautiful christian mugs and posters, I have more to add, I have added some mugs and tee shirts and postcards and a greeting card for all of you who have children who are going to do their Confirmation. I know my grandchildren are doing theirs. The mugs are great to give as a keepsake in memory of their special day. I have also created a beautiful mug of Jesus , you can find thes in my Angels and Religious folder at* When I create something, it is a spurt of the moment idea, and I hurry and create before I forget . grin. I have made some sales, my latest were an Acadian Calendar and mugs and tee shirts, I am very pleased and hope to be able to create something that each one of you will like.
I am also making more friends through my store and that is nice. So now I must hurry and get busy, so if you are into genealogy, I would say to you, check out this Mius D'Entremont book, it has so many surnames there that your elusive ancestor just may pop up. And do stop by at my zazzle store? If you are Acadian,Cajun,Irish,English,Native American or anyone else you may just see something that catches your eye. Check out my fishing folder for a laugh, my money mugs and much much more.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Genealogy plus

Today I would like to talk a little bit about genealogy. I was on twitter earlier and someone is following me and I noticed they asked what genealogy was? I guess the ones who know don't even think of this. We are used to the word and its meaning.
To everyone else who do not know according to the dictionary I have in front of me. Genealogy: Descent traced continuously from ancestor; meaning your father, his father, his grandfather, and so on, until you cannot go any further but wish you could. grin. And what does ancestor mean?It means forefather. And to make it much easier doing genealogy is finding your roots, tracing your family tree. Whew! Genealogy can be fun, it can also be frustrating. You need to be willing to have bad days and good days. One day you will find a whole bunch of stuff, another day you can search till you are blue in the face and come up empty handed. There is one thing to always remember and that is "never ever give up" sooner or later something will pop up. Well maybe not always but a big part of the time. It took me thirty years to find a death of my great grandfather, I had found everyone nearly before him and lo and behold found him. Now I am on a hunt to find the parents of one Anne Landry, I think I know who they are but I cannot say I do for sure until there is some kind of records or proof. For the time being I will say "maybe " she is the daughter of so and so. So if you are not into genealogy ,and family trees, now is the time to think about starting. If not for yourself, do it for your children and grandchildren. Leave them a bit of their history.
Now changing the subject, I received some good news earlier today. Yesterday I posted all over trying to get someone to buy Tshirts from any Zazzle Store, every shirt we sold before midnight last night Zazzle was sending one dollar every time a shirt was sold to the Haiti Relief Center. So I sort of pushed to make a sale, and as I said if a big bunch of Zazzle store owners sold even one shirt the money would add up. This morning I checked and I had sold one shirt, its not much but it is a dollar more on its way to Haiti. I also sold an Acadian Calendar, two mugs,so I was very pleased . Today I created a mug with a one dollar and a two dollar bill, and some tshirts too. You can check my store ,click on miscellaneous and more mugs, and on tee shirts and also some hats in the humor folder. Hope you like what I did.*
I also did a few tee shirts with my own creation of a poem. smile.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Korean War

Today I would like to talk about different things as I usually end up doing. Before I start talking about the Korean War part, I would like to say to everyone who are helping the Haiti disaster in any way ,shape or form, thank you. Thank you for opening your hearts. I know many cannot give money, but I know in your heart you are praying for the people of Haiti. So far, the donations are pouring in all over the world, that is a good thing. We never know, one day we may need help too. All the volunteers who have gone or are going to Haiti and all the soldiers who are being deployed there, you are doing a very good thing. If any of you who are going to Haiti ,and you see a little boy or girl crying, please pick them up and give them a hug, and give them one from me? To all you people from Haiti or to all the ones from Haiti who are here, God bless you all.
Now why did I title my blog Korean War? Well I remember blogging a few days ago about missing families of the POWs, and MIAs. A Mister Davis posted on a forum that I am a member of and he was asking if anyone knew the family of a certain POW ,a LeBlanc and that caught my eye. So my group and I did a little searching for that family, we have succeeded in finding the church where his late mother belonged , we think perhaps the parish priest can locate some siblings.
Then Mister Davis who is a veteran of the Korean War himself sent me a list at my request of other soldiers who's family or relatives are wanted. What they want is to get DNA from relatives of these soldiers in order to identify them when they are found and bring them home. So I have done a little bit of searching and I decided that the more advertising this gets , the better chance of finding the families of missing soldiers. Mister Davis was looking for the USA families but I have added some Canadian MIAs and POWs too. It would be great to have a list of known relatives of these soldiers ,put them on file, and when the soldier's remains are found they can be brought home for a proper burial where they belong.
So if you go to my website and click on R U My Family it will take you to my Korean Soldier pages. At the moment , I have listed the names Mister Davis sent me and I have added DNA after their names, these are the soldiers who's families are wanted, but if you are related to any of these soldiers ,Americans or Canadians please let us know? You can also go to my pages directly at .

Next I would like to change the subject, wanted to let you know I made a couple of mugs with old used postage stamps on them. One mug has a John Adams,Franklin and Washington postage stamps, these would be nice to just collect, then I made one with Canadian Stamps, mind you these are stamps that have been used that I found on old letters. I also did a beautiful Acadian and a beautiful cajun mug, these can be found in my Acadian /Cajun folder. The stamps are in my Miscellaneous folder under more mugs. Did a couple of new Invitation Cards too.
All these can be viewed at* or scroll way down the bottom of this page to see the flash panel.
So I hope you did not tire of today's blog, but when I blog sometimes I have so many things I want to say. Other times, I think "what can I talk about today? " grin. Thanks for the lovely visit ,do stop by again.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sad times for Haiti

Last night , I was listening to the evening news, and I saw lots of photos and videos of the devastation in Haiti due to the earthquake which measure 7 on the Rickter Scale. I noticed the anguish, the hurt, the sadness,the confusion of all these people.
You feel like you want to do something to help,to make them feel better. To give them a hug and say everything will be ok. But for many it will not be ok for a long long time. Many have lost love ones,children,parents,cousins,spouses.
The Canadian Governor has offered to match dollar for dollar for every donation made by a Canadian. So if we give a donation , it means Haiti will get double our donation. Usually at times like these people are so very generous so today ,this is what I would like to say to each and everyone of you out there. Open your hearts , and give if you can. Some of you ladies can sew or knit ,I am sure if you cannot give money, clothes would be a good thing. Do you have clothes in good condition that you don't wear anymore? Why not see if you can donate them to Haiti?
Get a project going like a shoebox idea at your schools. Send care packages with little things like combs, soaps,stockings,find out what can be sent and work on it.
A gift from a child to another child is something special. So to all you teachers out there, now is the time to help. I am sure the students would jump at the idea of sending a care package to other children.
Ladies have a bakesale, with proceeds going out to Haiti. If you live where it is hot, have a yard sale or garage sale with proceeds going to Haiti. To all you men out there, start a collection at work for Haiti. Have some kind of auction with money or a percentage even going to Haiti. Contact your police and see if it would be allowed to canvas from door to door,you probably would have to be registered to do so. Contact your nearest Red Cross and ask how you can help or donate to them for Haiti. Remember "where there is a will, there is a way".
To all you Haitian out there, I send you my heartfelt sentiments. To the ones who lost family, my deepest sympathy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold Winter Days

For many of us, it is winter time and winter brings snow and it brings cold weather. I was listening to the news last night and it showed other places gripped by the cold and bad weather.
Florida for one, is in a cold snap, and this could mean that their oranges will be spoiled and that means if they lose their crops, the fruit in our grocery store could go up in price.
Here where I live yesterday it was cold, with the wind chill factor it felt like minus 25 celsius, and that is cold. I never started my car, I sure hope it will start today because it is still cold.
So what can we do if its too cold to go anywhere? Ahhhhh, there is something we can do and that is to put all our genealogy stuff in order, or start our family tree journal? Rearrange our photos, identify them. If we have a family tree software like Legacy or Family Tree Maker of PAF etc we can maybe add more names, do some searching at Ancestry or if we have French-Canadians lines we can check out Tanguay's dictionary online. Genealogy is a hobby that is endless, meaning there is always something else to do. Has a member in your family or relative passed away recently? Did you add their date of death to your records? What about the ones who just got married? Now is the time to take notes it will save lots of time later trying to find those dates.
Now changing the subject, I have been busy with a few things, I am thinking of adding something on my website, but am researching on how to do it, this is a project that may help someone in some way. If I do it , I will let you all know when it is finished.
And I am still creating things for my store, (you can see the flash panel way at the bottom of this page). Today I made two reunion invitations, (but I am hoping to get better at it) and I did some funny stuff yesterday. You can see the invites in the greeting card folder and the funny stuff in humor , and in tee shirts, did some Irish things too. So you can go window shop, the store is quite big , and if you happen to like something it is there for sale. I recently sold some invitations and I was glad ,because it gave me incentive to create more. grin. Oh and if you go to the children folder you will see a postage stamp of three children, (I am one of them)and I an now on a postage stamp. grin.These are real postage stamps approved by the USA Post. I also have other postage stamps, a valentine girl one, another pretty little girl, Rocky the Raccoon,and more.
I have lots of funny bumper stickers, also some with good advice. You can go to* and look around. Now it is coffee time and so I shall see you all next time.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Mothers contribute so much in life , they are the heart of the families. This must have been carried through the times. If we traced all the ladies on our maternal line, I wonder what kind of ladies they would have been. Mothers are there for their children , they teach them, they feed and dress them, they support them and most of all they love them.
Yesterday I went for my daily visit to see my Mom, and she knows I love old stuff, meaning old photos, old papers and documents. So yesterday she took our her valentines and cards .She had this paticular valentine, it was a little girl I believe a german girl, because on the bottom of the valentine it said Germany and Mom told me she got that Valentine when she was six years old, can you imagine? That was 85 years ago and the Valentine is in great condition, so I have scanned it and added it in my store, I created a mug, a valentine, a little girl's shirt, a keychain,and I believe a mousepad with it. You can see it at* click on miscellaneous folder and then on More Mugs for the mug. I am very proud of the products with Mom's Valentine. There is more to come. Mom said she has other stuff. Yippee! grin. Oh and I sold some invitation cards, I was impressed, sold quite a lot of them. So when I sell something it motivates me to make more stuff.
Getting back to Mother's I want to take my digital camera and tape Mom on it as a video. I am going to ask my siblings to give me a couple of questions each that they would like to see Mom talk about, then I will sit at the table with her. I do hope I can do this. A cousin of mine came to visit Mom a few days ago and he told us that he has recorded the voices of all his siblings and since then two or three have passed away. What a great souvenir don't you agree?
And regarding my last story about the Korean War and finding missing families, I think I did not word my message correctly. Some soldiers have not been found yet, but families of these missing soldiers are wanted so that they can take DNA and have it ready to identify the soldiers when they are found. Apparently many families have done so, but there are many others who havent and this is important in order to have the soldiers brought back home one day.
Have a great day

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Korean War, can we help?

Today this blog is being done in hopes that everyone who reads this will spread the word around.
I think it is a very important mission. First of all I belong to different genealogy forums, today I saw a message asking for help on the LeBlanc forum and that message really caught my eye.
The gentleman who wrote it is a veteran of the Korean War and he is helping to try and find families of missing soldiers from the Korean War. As you know the war was over fifty years ago and today with the DNA it is more possible to identify these soldiers. But many of their families cannot be found. I have offered to help find the family of one RAWFORD EDMOND LEBLANC born around 1930 in Massachussetts, one record mentions Templeton MA and I noticed Worcester Mass on another document, I checked the vital record index for Worcester did not find him, I just wrote to Templeton town clerk to see if they a record of his birth. Waiting for a reply. So I was wondering if you could spread the word around to see if we can reach his family so that his ashes can be returned to them. You can reach me at mrsaline at live dot com, remember to change the (AT)to the proper symbol. And the dot to a (.)I am hoping we can all team up and find his family.
Thank you
Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photos,and Genealogy

As I have mentioned time and time again, photos are very important, they are a part of our history. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to identify the photos.We need to identify the ones we now have, so that the next generations won't have the problems some of us are having identifying old photos. My mother in law passed away in 1976 and she had so many photos with no names to let us know who they were.She had one which we believe one of the two women would be her mother, but we cannot tell which one, and we are not certain of this. If it is her, that is the only photo we have of her. I went to yard sales and flea markets and saw some beatiful photos of people of long ago again no names, that is probably why they are in yard sales they are unknowns,unidentified. It is such a shame. I am sure you must all agree. So we have to make sure our descendants do not say the same thing about our generations, that we never noted who our people were. Another thing we should do in order to preserve our precious photos is not to keep them all to ourselves, share them. The more people who has a photo of our grandparents,the more chance the photo has to survive. Many things can happen to photos, they can be lost, or be in a burning building, or even stolen, if we have ten photo copies instead of only one then the picture will survive much longer. If you have a group , ask them to share their photos. I have a group on Facebook called Old Photos of New Brunswick, and we have a lot of photos posted there, a great idea. And along with being a good idea, we have a chance of coming across new photos of our relatives and ancestors. And photos are also important to go along with our genealogy. Our genealogy is history ,it is about who our ancestors were, where we come from. And putting a face and stories along with the names and dates makes a big difference .
When I first started my family tree, that is what I had, he was born, married and died. Not exciting huh? Now I have he was a captain ,owned his own vessel,sailed up and down the Fundy coast. Now do you see what I mean? And If every a photo of that captain were to show up can you imagine how exciting that would be?
And speaking of genealogy, I would like to add that I have added a few more genealogy products in my shop. Today I made a binder ,you can see it in my Acadian/Cajun folder but it is not only for Acadian and Cajuns, I didn't know what folder to put it in. Also I made a few more genealogy Tshirts in my Tshirt and Acadian folders. Plus I did a few Valentines, and some poodle things.
So I have been quite busy. You can find all that stuff at*
I also have created some USA postage stamps, they are approved by the USA Post, and one of the stamps, is of three little children and guess what? One of the children is me. So I feel honored to be on a USA postage stamps, you can also find the stamps on my site. When I told Mom what I did, she replied "We have to buy some" grin.
Well I do hope you enjoyed today's blog. So until next time, remember what I said about the photos, and stop by my store to see how I am doing . If you are on Facebook I am there too, and I have two groups, Old Photos of New Brunswick and Williams dit Bristol. I am on twitters, and I have a room called Chat n Brag which is a nice family group, we are like a big family tree and it is by invite only and I have my main genealogy group acadianrootsclub that you need an invite, in order to be invited you can join petiteacadienne the url is on the side of this blog. From there I will invite you to our main room.
Until next time
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