Friday, July 31, 2009

Another reason why

In today's newspaper there is an article, about a man who lives in England, and while he was going through his father's stuff ,he came across a photo album he had never seen before. It was his father's album of when he was in the air force and at one time he was stationed in Moncton.
His son seen all these photos and names and he decided to contact the Library who told him to contact the newspaper. This album had pictures taken during World War 11 and the son who has never been to Moncton is coming down with his album to share with people from down here, probably some relatives of some who were on the photos. And it will be the first time the son ever comes to Moncton.This was a very interesting story because a person never knows what stories can be found in photos. And when we find photos among the belongings of our ancestors and there are notes or names, and they are not related to us but probably friends of our ancestors, it would be so nice if we could get these photos to the descendants of the people in the photos.Even if there are no names on these photos, donate them to archives or museums. One hundred years from now, someone may say " My look at the way they dressed!". Or "the same style is coming back." Look at the way she had her hair, look at the kinds of shoes they had on.
If you find old photos among your grandparents or even if you come across Old Photos at yard sale, pick them up and if you don't want them ,donate them. This is so very important.
I keep looking for old photos just in case there were some of my great grandparents or great great grandparent. What a find that would be for me. On my father's side "Williams" they did not take too many photos, so there may be someone out there with photos of Jake Williams and his kids, pictures that I would love to have copies of. Jake Williams lived in Moncton and in Notre Dame. Also Amand a Denis Cormier from Sainte Marie in New Brunswick, got married three times, and it would be nice to have photos of his kids. My grandmother was from the last wife. Maybe one day some photos will turn up. That is sort of why I first started Old Photos of New Brunswick on Facebook hoping someone would post a photo that I want, but now I have this group to share any old photos of New Brunswick with others.
Changing the subject, I am on my last page telling you about our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion we had a couple of weeks ago. I have also added some folks who came in my photo gallery on there will be more photos added.
So now it is time for me to go (you know where!). Yes the big TH (Tim Hortons).
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mom's stories

Well today we went over to Mom's with a cup of coffee for her, of course it was Tim Horton's coffee. While we have drinking our coffee, we began talking about old photos and the past.
The conversation came to hospitals and when we were born. And Mom began talking about my siblings and I and our births. She said Old Doctor Baxter delivered all of us except my youngest sister, he had gone on vacation and appointed another doctor who also became unavailable.
Anyway the questions began. I said Mom you were a midwife back then were you not? Oh yes she said. She continued " There was an old lady in the village (Parkton) at the time and when she could not go, they would ask me to go.
She said " We were like a nurse, and usually the doctor would be there. She said we had to put the patient asleep sometimes, because some of the cases were hard ones. I said how did you put them to sleep? She replied" well the doctor would give us a gauze to put over their face or nose and a little bottle of eather and he would tell us how many drops to pour. " She said "Mrs LeBlanc nearly died when she had her first baby, so she had to be put under longer than the others. Then she said" I was there for Mrs Hache, "for her third baby" ,and for Mrs Williams for her first one. This made me proud of my Mom, she helped with the births of other babies.
Then we started on when I was growing up. First of all you have to know that my oldest sister was what I call "dainty". Mom said she had made this little pink dress for my sister, and when she outgrew it, Mom put it away for her next daughter, but another son came along, then another son. Finally she had a little daughter named Aline. She said " you were a cute baby". So she passed me down the cute little pink silk dress that she had made with love and was once my sisters.
Mom said at the time I had two little front teeth and one day she said I lifted my dress and bit on it and ripped it to pieces. tst tst. grin. Then she said " Aline had to wear glasses and she always came home either with them broken or lost. I look at all my photos growing up and would you believe there is something wrong on most of them? Either my socks are rolled down, my straps of my skirt crooked, my sweater buttoned wrong, my hair not parted straight. I said to Mom " where did I come from? " grin. But no matter what, she still loved me for who I was.
It is always so nice listening to Mom talk about when we were young or when she was young. Now speaking of what I looked like growing up, I haven't changed because at our reunion last weekend, someone took a photo of me and I was wearing a headband with a crest in the middle. Guess what? The crest was on the side instead of the middle. See I haven't changed. grin.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

In Memory of Gerry

The wonderful man in this photo is Gerry, and this was taken after we announced we were getting married. I remember he was dressed in a white sport coat and a pair of black pants. And I remember Mom was hanging clothes out back on the clothes line and he said to Mom "We're getting married". That is all he said.
He was a confirmed bachelor at the time, I bet many girls tried to win his heart, but guess what? I did. We got married and were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and I remember how proud he was of our son . From the time our son was a baby until the time he was a man. Gerry was so very proud of him. I remember him playing with our son for hours, on the floor with a train set or a truck. He loved our son and I know he loved me.
Gerry was a hard working man, he took his electrical trade before he met me and he worked for Acadia Electric, then he worked for CNR railway. He worked there for 28 years then he took an early retirement, but that didn't stop him from working. He worked on so many stoves, dryers, and anything that would require an electrician. He was known to be a very good electrician.
Our son who was like his dad a confirmed bachelor took the plunge and married. They blessed Gerry and I with a beautiful grandaughter ,Gerry loved her so very much. I remember he used to tease her and call her "Bad Cat". She would look at him, smile and call him a "Big Indian".
Then we were blessed with a grandson , well I can still see the glow on Gerry's face when first of all our son called us" we were taking care of our grandaughter" and he said "it's a boy".
Gerry was as proud as could be. For a little over four years ,Gerry enjoyed the grandchildren and loved seeing our son and daughter in law arrive with them. The reason I am saying the four years, is because in 1995 Gerry was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. He got worse and worse as the years went by. ( for all of you out there who have love ones with this awful disease, I know what you are going through). So on July 27 1999 ten years ago, God came and took Gerry home.
Today is the anniversary of his death, the weather is calling for rain, I am going to try and get to the cemetery. Gerry; If you can see me, or hear me, rest in peace.
Love always
Aline, John,Joanne,Tina,David and a new addition

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bergeron-Damboise reunion

Well our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion has come and gone. After all our plans and preparations we had the reunion. We had people from Louisiana, Maine,New Hampshire, Maryland,Virginia,New Hampshire, North Carolina,Tennesee,Las Vegas, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. What a great reunion.

We had rain on Saturday which sort of was a let down but it cleared and from the Park and Motel we went to the old Acadian Cemetery. I will post a photo of our group at the cemetery. Now the cemetery has no tombstones or markers at all, there is one monument depicting an Indian Princess or woman. Because the native americans say that that cemetery is an Indian Cemetery, yet there were acadians found in a mass grave in that same cemetery and the bones were tested with DNA , one of the skeletons was Anastasie Godin .

It is possible that some Native Americans shared the same cemetery, because back then the Acadians and Native Americans lived side by side.

It would be so nice if the government would declare the cemetery and the former grounds of the Sainte Anne de Pays Bas Church a historical site. It would be a place for Acadians to return to visit.

We marched from the Lieutenant Governor's house to the cemetery, the ones who could not walk it, drove. Arriving there, Jan Bergeron said a prayer and then some walked around the cemetery. Then we formed a group and took the photo above. We took more photos there but I will share this one. I want to create a page that is more detailed on my acadian-roots website. But I am waiting to receive more photos so that I can choose the ones that will go with the story.

After our day at the cemetery, we finished at the Legion Hall listening to music.

The manager of the Legion announced our group, we were around 38 who went.

The next day we went to a Mass said especially for our group by Father Savoie and then we went to our Hall for a lunch and lots more.(which I will tell you on my website later). We ended our reunion with a tree planting ceremony on the grounds of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick ,Honorable Chiasson who also allowed us to visit the house and enjoy a nice reception given by him.

This was thanks to Mister Bernard Theriot who made it possible for us.

Everyone is talking about the reunion and saying "when and where will our next reunion be?" Some were saying "What about Louisiana?" "Or Quebec?".

Time will tell. So now you know a little bit more about the reunion. Stay tuned for more stories and photos.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children May Want To Know

Are there any of you out there who are looking for a lost love one or parents? If not, I do know that there must be lots of children looking for their parents. They want to know who they are and where they come from. They want to know if they have brothers or sisters somewhere.
Many children have been adopted out, regardless of the reason, they were given up for adoption.
I know of some women who have been reunited with their son or their daughter. And it has been a happy reunion. Children need to know, that sometimes there are reasons why they have been given up . Maybe because the mother wanted a good home for them and could not afford it?
Or maybe the mother wasn't married and afraid of what others would say.
I myself have a half sister whom I haven't found yet, I have it narrowed to two woman, it is one of the two but which one? I have them in my mind, I would love so much to find out the truth and my half sister. Perhaps some day I will find out for certain.
Now another thing, during the world wars, men went overseas, and some had children born there, and they returned to America without their child. Those children must be wondering which one of the soldiers is my father? And while the men were gone ,sometimes their wives had children that they had to give up for adoption.
We hear stories of parents and children finding each other, some may be dissappointed at what they discover but regardless, we are who we are. If you are a child looking for your parents, you need to remember ,no matter how your parents turned out, without them, there would be no you. And maybe all these years your mother has had a very heavy heart having to give you up.
I would love to see all the mothers who gave up their child find that child one day, and all the children out there who are looking and wanting to find out who they are, I wish with all my heart that you would all find that parent. One thing I would like to add, is "To all of you who are searching ,even if you have been looking for a long long time, Never ever ever give up looking and searching. Post on message boards, go to Adoption Boards, look for clues.
I wish you all lots and lots of luck.
Now it is time for me to prepare for our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion this weekend, tomorrow we load three cars with lots of goodies. So I will say goodnight and thanks for the visit.
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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Soldier's Cove, photo, and rowboat

Hello everyone, well first of all I would like to mention that I found the family name of the photo from Soldier's Cove since I posted it. They were a McDonald or MacDonald family from Soldier's Cove. I hope by sharing this , that someone out there may recognized them.
I think I have already told you the story passed down to me from my Mom about Soldier's Cove, but I have new followers so I shall tell the story again.
When Mom was around 10 years old maybe 11, her father moved the family to Soldier's Cove where he had found work as a saw filer . Mom remembers a mill and behind the mill was a river.
And Mom and two of her brothers one nickamed Ti-Ti and the other Dee_Dee. Dee-Dee was the youngest and he was alway getting into some mischief or trouble, and because he had a crippled arm he usually always got away with it. Anyway Mom said this time, the three of them were by the river and Dee-Dee got on this log ,(probably imagining it was a boat) and all of a sudden he began drifting towards the channel,(the deepest part of the river) when Mom and Ti-Ti noticed him, he had drifted quite a ways out, so Mom said there was this old rowboat on the side of the river so they both jumped in and they noticed it was leaking , so Ti_Ti rowed the boat and Mom bailed the water out with a can she said. Can you imagine seeing this in your mind?
They reached Dee-Dee and got him back into the boat and back to shore.
I have written this story down and put it in a book I made for my grandaughter along with other stories of when Mom was a little girl. Do you have any little stories about your parents or grandparents such as this one? Why don't you take time and write it down, try to name where it happened, and when it did, who were the people and so on. If you want to, make it similar to a diary, everyday if you remember something write it down. One day maybe not today or tomorrow but one day someone somewhere will enjoy finding and reading this diary or notebook of yours.
On another note, I just colored my hair , suppose to be medium brown, sob sob it looks black. Tomorrow I go get some streaks put in, I just might look something like a skunk. grin.
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Chezzetcook and Soldier's Cove

Hello everyone, first of all why did I mention Soldier's cove? Well my mother told me she remembers being there when she was little because her father had gotten a job there probably in a camp. Anyway Mom came across this photo among her photos ,this was a family from Soldier's Cove , she did not know anything about them so I posted it here hoping that some of you readers might just recognize the people. This would have been taken in the early 1900s.

Now let's change the subject, I was reading a book called The Acadians of Nova Scotia and inside I found the following about Chezzetcook Nova Scotia:"Several hundred Acadians were brought to Halifax as prisoners between 1758 and 1762. Some were deported and some were permitted to settle in various parts of the province. A certain number of these prisoners made their way across Halifax Harbor to Chezzetcook, maybe because of the Marshlands, but most likely because of the MicMac settlement known to French Missionaries for many years. Family names still common today in West Chezzetcook and Grand Desert which can be traced to those former prisoners are Boudreau,Bellefontaine,LaPierre and Wolfe. Despite of the appearance of the surname Wolfe ,it is a french name.Augustin wolfe was born in Alsace France in 1721 and appears in 1751 in Halifax as a colonist.Besides the prisoners there was another group of Acadians all whom had been living in Cape Breton and were giving permission to settle in Chezzetcook, they included names like Petipas,Bonin,Roma,Manet and Mayet. And Chezzetcook also became the home of Breaus and Bonnevies from Miquelon and also for Simon Julien a deserter from the Napleonic wars. In the first part of 1770 there were around 12 Acadian families in chezzetcook and when the Bishop of Quebec made his visit to Nova Scotia in 1815 there were 47 families.Thought you would enjoy reading this little tidbit on Chezzetcook. I believe one of my Bellefontaine ancestors was there for a while.Thanks for the visit, I need a break, a coffee break , a Tim Horton's break. grin.Do stop by againHave a great day


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Genealogy of the Acadians of PEI Book

I would just like to know if any of you readers would be interested in ordering books on the Genealogy of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island. The author Mister Bernard has done some very intense research and is creating five volumes with around 700 pages each. These Volumes will be sold at 47.50 each volume
Volume one is ARSENAULTS
Volume two is ALBERT to FRANCIS
Volume three is GALLANTS
Volume four is GAUDET to OVERBACK
Volume five is PAQUET to WITZELL.

I have told him I would see how many orders I could get for him, so if you are interested, I have created a email address just for this. Email me with the volumes you are interested in , your names and emails and I will forward them to him and he will contact you.
My email for this is

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