Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who do you think you are

Well hello everyone. Who do you think you are is a weekly show by It traces some of the ancestors of famous people. The last show was about Rosie O'Donell, it was quite interesting, it took her to various locations. I was surprised when one of her ancestors showed up in Quebec Canada, and then she found  a clue as to what part of Ireland they came from and she went to Ireland, found some baptisms in Ireland . This reminds me of Roots. I enjoyed Roots so much since at the time I was just starting to do my own family tree, and at the time I wondered what I would find while tracing my tree. Well since then I have found tons of information. If you google Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise you will come up with a fascinating story about him and his children, some of them ended in Louisiana ,some of his family were massacred in Fredericton , one of his grandsons led a group of Acadians through the woods ,up the St Lawrence River to St Gregoire Quebec.We had a Bergeron-Damboise reunion in Fredericton in 2009, we had nearly 100 who attended , and they were from all over, Louisiana,Virginia,Massachussetts,Maine,Quebec,Ontario ,New Brunswick,and elsewhere, what a great feeling to all be together and we walked from the Lieutenant Governor's house on a path leading to the cemetery where Barthelemy and his wife are buried. I was thinking during the walk, "if Barthelemy and Genevieve were looking down at us they sure would have been proud of all of their family." If you have never done your family tree and would like to find out where you come from, there is always help out there ,ask questions and get started ,you will have a good feeling knowing who you are, no matter what your ancestors were or did ,remember without them you would not exist.
So getting back to my story ,after watching Who do you think you are, I went on Ancestry and for the fun of it, typed in my Abraham Chate from England, I was surprised because I found three more children that I didn't know about. See Abraham married Ann Bennett in Camberwell England, they had two daughters born there (new to me) then they moved to Deptford and two sons were born there, then they must have went back to Camberwll another son was born there, (new to me again) and then back to Deptford where another son and daughter were born. So now I have three more children, I didn't have before but one of the daughters died in Camberwell as a baby. So there are two children,Ann Chate and John Chate that I must try and find, also need to find who Charles Chate and Thomas Chate married. Abraham Chate's son Abraham is the one who came to Canada ,he was known as Abraham Chase who married Marie Rose Girouard , how I came to connect Chase to Chates I found Abraham listed in the land grants as Abraham Chate.
One must remember when doing our family tree, names changed over time, the spellings for example, the priest or whoever took census sometimes wrote as the name sounded  thus making it harder in our research.  So make sure you check names that sounds like your surnames while searching for your roots.
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Friday, February 04, 2011

Genealogy has good days and bad days

Well  hello everyone, it has been a while since I blogged genealogy: Well I have not given up my genealogy, on the contrary I am always searching either for me or for others. Right now I am at a standstill maybe for a little while maybe for a long while. I am looking for a Olivier Robichaud born around 1803 married to a Marie Louise Mazerolle. Now I have searched many places with no luck, I found the death of Olivier in Escuminac New Brunswick in 1853 he was age fifty that is where I got to my 1803 theory. Now I could not find him in the census of 1851 after that he had died. I found some of his children, not one godparent with the surname Robichaud to be found.

Now it could be possible that Olivier was baptized with a another name plus Olivier for example Jean-Olivier or Pierre_Olivier etc. So this search goes on. I even spoke to Stephen White and he has nothing on Olivier except the names of his in laws, but Stephen may not have gotten that far in his research yet. So what am I to do? Maybe look on the family of Marie Louise Mazerolle to see if there are some Robichauds listed .  The search goes on.
Now on another note I am in the process of  transcribing more records but they are not complete yet, when I am finished I shall add them to my website and let everyone know.
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