Monday, April 27, 2009

Ancestors on the Move

If you have been into genealogy for a long time, you probably have found that some ancestors moved around a lot. Most of them moved in search of work or of a better life.
Take our first ancestors for instance, some were in Europe and others in the British Island and they left their homeland for a better life. The French from France, English from England, Irish from Ireland,Scots from Scotland, Germans from Germany, Italians from Italy and so on.
Then the next generations moved a bit further from their hometowns, maybe because they met their spouse who came from another area? Maybe because the work was more plentiful elsewhere. If some of your ancestors worked in lumbercamps, they too moved from camp to camp looking for better jobs. Some from Canada went to the USA to work in lumber camps.
Next the Mills from the USA seemed inviting to the Canadians, good pay and a good future so they immigrated to the USA, some returned and some stayed. In the early 1900 a lot of Acadians left the Maritime Provinces for the USA .
Now the Gold mines,Silver mines, and Coal mines also lured people ,the pay was very good so our ancestors relocated.
My greatgrandfather went to Nova Scotia, he went to Danforth Maine,Old Town Maine and Kent County New Brunswick. I found him through different censuses. My grandfather was in St Perpetue Quebec, Danforth Maine, Soldier's Cove Cape Breton, Fredericton,Moncton,Kent County . So as you can see they travelled around a lot. Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise was in Quebec, in Nova Scotia, in Campobello Island , and Fredericton New Brunswick.
So if you have elusive ancestors, they could very well have relocated somewhere else. I have an aunt that just passed away and she moved to Manitoba when she was sixteen years old and only came home once for her father's funeral and she died in Manitoba. Making notes of your family or ancestor's locations is important too. Others will not have to research for hours and hours to find this out.
Also jotting down what kind of work they did is important too especially if you do not only want born married and died in your records.
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