Sunday, November 28, 2010

If tomorrow never comes

I am sitting her wondering what to blog about, I don't want to blog about my store today. I just got back from the hospital seeing my Mom. And I sit here and think about all kinds of things. For example if one day I should lose her, what is it that I can tell her right now,today,tonight,tomorrow. That song "'If tomorrow never comes" keeps gnawing at me. Seeing her lying in her hospital bed today, I felt so bad for her , she is not in danger now ,don't get me wrong but she is in the hospital. Sometimes we don't express ourselves enough, my family was never one to always say I love you or hug one another, but that doesn't mean we don't love one another and we don't care. It is just the way our family has been all our lives. So lately I have been saying I love you to my Mom ,which I do with all my heart . I say it to my son and his family, and to my siblings too. Life is too short not to say these words as often as we can and mean it.
When I left I kissed on the forehead and said I love you Mom, she looked at me at said "and I love you too very much". That made me feel good. So I say to each one of you,
Appreciate all your love ones, tell them you care, tell them you love them. Three simple little words " I love you"
Have a great day

Monday, November 22, 2010

From France to Canada

Guillaume Pellerin from the Avranche diocese of France came to Gaspe when he was 15 on Mister Gouenard's ship ,he was given this referral by brother Bonaventure:
"In Quebec on Oct 23 1770 I certify that the man Guillaume Pellerin from the Val St Pere sous Avranche Parish in the Avranche archdiocese,came to the Baie of Chaleur as a "trente six mois" at a young age and 6 months after his arrival moved in with me at Miramichi for 17 years.I saw and knew several others whom he came from France with,who assured me he was a free man and I can assure you that he is free to marry. Now what does "trente six mois" mean?
It is a nickname for a young and inexperienced tradesman from France who would normally contract out his service for a period of 3 years after being assured of passage and board at the expense of the one who recruited him.His 3 years of experience in New France was often considered equal to 6 years experience in his trade and qualified him as a Master at\ his trade.He could then return to France and start his own business if he wanted to. His travel time to France was also part of his 3 years (36 months) term.Many of these men preferred to return to France rather than to subject themselves to the colony's many hardships and this was one of the problems encountered when the colony wanted new settlers. source Searching through the old records of New France.
I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit,.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Acadians from a Normandy Frenchman's View

Sieur Diereville was a Frenchman from Normandy who arrived in Port Royal in 1699 and lived among the Acadians for one year. By this time many Acadians had grown up and moved and settled Beaubassin and

Grand Pre. When Diereville landed on the shores of the Dauphin River, there were around 501 settlers living

Along the river close to Port Royal. The following is the explanation he told France:

“Let me begin with, that there are only three settlements to divide so vast a territory ,and that the people of these places have the same occupations. The first is Port Royal ,the second is Grand Pre and Beaubassin is the third. I have never been to these two places and shall therefore give on description of them. I only know that Minas (Grand Pre) provides more wheat than all the rest of the country ,because its marshes, which are quite extensive have been drained and that the people of Port Royal have established their children there on concessions they have purchased in order that the land may be settled and rendered fertile; in this they are very successful. In regard to Beaubassin so called because of its situation it is the least populous settlement and also the least productive. The climate of all this region is like that of France and it lies in almost the same latitude; the summer is warm but the winter is colder; it snows almost continuously at this season ,and the winds are so cold that they freeze one’s face. “ Diereville described the country side around Port Royal as faultlessly beautiful although many of the houses were in poor condition because of the numerous raids and attacks Port Royal had suffered over the years. The parish priest did not live in luxury. Here is what he had to say; “ I asked for the church which I had been unable to identify y,because it differed in no way from the other buildings and I should have been more inclined to take it for a Barn than for the Temple of the true God. While I was on my way there to give thanks to him for his mercy in having brought me here in safety ,I saw Monsieur le Cure coming to meet me, we paid one another compliments after which he conducted me to the Church and honoured me by the offer of Holy Water. I said my prayer ,then Monsieur le Cure took me to his room,which was ill furnished ,and contrary to the rules concerning Presbyteries ,at the end of the church and adjoining it. Diereville did not criticize the Acadians for creating dykes here is what he said “ It costs a great deal to prepare the lands which they wish to cultivate. To grow wheat, the marshes which are inundated by the sea at high Tide, must be drained, these are called Lowlands, and they are quite good, but what labour is needed to make them fit for cultivation! The ebb and flow of the sea cannot easily be stopped, but the Acadians succeed in doing so by means of great Dykes called Aboiteaux.

I found this information in The Acadians of Nova Scotia by Alphonse Deveau and Sally Ross, a very interesting book to read. I do hope you enjoyed reading this little bit of information about the ways of the Acadians so very long ago.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One People

Hello everyone, well I have been off line since Thursday with no phone,no tv and no PC, so what could I do in my spare time? I have moved and after my day's work at unpacking the time was long so I thought what can I think about that would be interesting to you. First of all I love poetry and I love trying to create them so I created the following poem: (hope you like it).
Title is One People:
Our skins may be black
Red,Yellow or White
We have to keep peace
To make everything right

We are One People
Oh that is so true
No matter our color
It's me and it's you

Our language may be different
Our styles and our ways
But we are One People
Why not keep it that way

Love thy neighbour
Is what we've been told
So we are One People
Let's make this our goal.
(composed by Aline Cormier)

You know there has been lot of tragedies over the years, lots of hurts and heartbreaks and lots tears.
The Acadians were kicked out of their homes that they worked hard for and sent on ships all over the world breaking up families, many of them died at sea. They sure must have suffered and cried.
The Native Americans who were here before us, living their lives their ways hunting and fishing to provide for their families, they were rounded up like cattle and put on reservations. These people hurt and I am sure they cried and they lost a lot of their families.
The Blacks were abducted or kidnapped in Africa brought to America sold as slaves, sure must not have been easy for them, they sure must have cried many times and look at Rawando the people were kicked out of their homes too.
So we are not too different all of us, we all have or had feelings, we all love, we all hurt we all bleed the same. Now we need to try and live in peace and  grow old together. We are One People and it should stay that way. Some of the people may cause trouble, or instigate don't listen and don't follow,
Let's all get along. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. grin.
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Have a great day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything is beautiful

Hello everyone, haven't blogged in a few days.I am in the process of moving and that is a big job, I have a trailer full of boxes that I hope to go unload tomorrow,we have our new place for the 15th which is Monday.Tonight I go get the key to the apartment. I am very happy with the new place it has NO carpets and that is a plus, only drawback is I need to take the rubbish out way in the back and I have seven steps to climb. Otherwise, it is a nice building. Now my computer has been giving me so many problems, I bought it around three months ago and my window internet explorer is not working good at all, it was installed when I bought the computer so I need to reformat my computer I need to bring it down to where I bought it. Now the big job is saving my files and photos, I have an external hard drive but its packed, don't ask me where. So I need to get some DVDs and save my photos, my files are already stored. I have Legacy family tree software and I am hoping I don' t lose my information, I created some gedcom files and saved them.
I have my laptop as a backup while I wait for this one to be fixed.
I am still working on my genealogy and helping others when I can one of my projects is at a stand still, still waiting for some information from the person who wants it. So far no word.
And many of you know I have a website named  well I created a subdomain for my store and yesterday I created a forum in my site for the ones who want to add their store urls and join in on other topics. I called the forum Allicor's forum. you can get to the site this way
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That's it for today
Have a great day

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Things Irish

First of all I would like to talk about the group Celtic Thunder, I had never heard of this group until a year ago, a friend of mine was playing it in her car and I said What is that beautiful group? Celtic Thunder she said, so I hurried to Walmart and picked up a copy of the DVD, at the time the youngest in the group was around 13 or so and he was good and he still is good. Each of these entertainers have their own unique style. So separate or together they are awesome. They will be releasing their Christmas Album the 22 of this month ,I am hoping to be able to get the DVD. And they usually end their show by singing their song Ireland Calls which is so touching. To hear them go to You Tube type in Celtic Thunder and listen to their songs, I am sure you will approve.
Now I have created a few products as you can see by the shirt ,I also created a button that would be appropriate for family reunions, you can find it in my genealogy folder and also I created an invitation which can be used for a family reunion, a birthday party and more. You can view the invitation in my greeting card folder then click invitations  at*  Check out my Christmas folder while you are at it.  Getting back to Ireland and Irish I am sure many of you do have a connection to Ireland  in one way or another ,so be sure to listen to the Celtic Thunder and I am certain you will want to listen to them over and over again.
Have a great day

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Other Stuff

Hello everyone, I have been sitting here knowing I haven't blogged here for a while.wondering what I could blog about. Well I know this is a little later seeing Halloween is tomorrow but I watched the news on TV last night and they were
talking about the children who do not do Halloween anymore, because they are older and what some of these children are doing is passing the houses collecting non parishable foods for food banks. As you know there are so many needy folks out there and Food Banks can always use help. So if you have children or you are a teen, why don't you gather some friends and dress up and collect food for the needy?I know it is short notice but you still have time to get ready . I hope this message will reach someone who will be taking my advice. Be careful tomorrow night, it is dark and the cars may not see you, wear something bright so you can be seen.
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Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Thinking of you at Christmas Cards from

Hello everyone, well while I was creating this thinking of you Christmas Card I was thinking that I had not blogged here for a while. So here I am it is 815 am. The weather outside is not delightful it is overcast. grin.
What have I been up to lately? A lot. I am in the process of moving and let me tell you it is a big job. I am hoping to move before the cold and snow gets here. I seen they have already had snow in parts of the USA and Canada. Brrrr.
I am in limbo at the moment for that genealogy project I was working on, I am still waiting for more information to arrive. I think a family tree would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I remember doing one on McLaughlin family for a guy and when his father saw it he was overwelmed , he kept looking at it and he was so very pleased. I did another one for a gentleman who has now passed away and he really loved the book, that made me feel so good because I had helped someone learn about their ancestors. One Christmas I made my paternal line and gave a book to each of my siblings.You have to remember when doing a book ,you need to add information, stories about them, anything you find in newspapers or bibles, and a lot of photos, maybe of places they lived, clubs they belonged to and so on.
I know I keep talking about family tree books, but it is important, the more folks who have your family tree the more chance the information can survive for years to come. If you have the information on your computer, make a DVD and also add it in notebooks so you will be sure you don't lose it. Also to note if there is an event during your lifetime that you are not proud of that happened in your family line,dig a little further back and you will come across some good things that happened. But you have to remember, we are who we are and no matter if grandparents or great grandparents were evil or murderers or pirates, because of them we are here, so they cannot be overlooked or hidden. The truth is what we need to gather. Some family trees paint a lovely story but I bet some of those family trees may be hiding something. A girl who had a baby out of wedlock, a great grandfather who went to jail. a thief, and so on, hiding it is not right it is covering up the real truth. Today the young people live together have kids break up then the girl lives with someone else has kids breaks up , now what about those kids later on? They need to know who their fathers are, this information needs to be written down so in future years they will want to know. I have someone who branches in my tree who changed their names completely has around ten kids with different women and if those kids look up their father they cannot go any further than him, that is so sad, so I have added the information in my books just in case it will help them years from now. So again, write it all down, save it more than one place. Ok that is it for today , for someone who didn't know what to blog about I sure talked a lot. grin.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cemetery Secrets

What can we learn from visiting cemeteries? Well many of those tombstones has a wealth of information. Did you know for instance that this Jane Doe died accidentally? Did you know that Uncle  Tom died overseas? Did you know that Mary was only 17 when she died? Lots of tombstones have images on them such as a truck which was where the deceased worked? Deer image he liked hunting. Fishing image he was a fisherman.

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Then there are the wives : Did you know that Grandmother was way younger than Grandfather? Or that Grandfather married more than once? All these little details are great for anyone doing genealogy or tracing \their family tree. When you begin your family tree make sure that checking cemeteries and obits are on your list of things to do. Be sure to bring your notebook and camera when you do go cemetery hunting.

Our Family Tree binder
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This lovely binder would be great to add your genealogy or family tree notes inside. You can buy looseleafs and plastic page protectors. That is how I began doing my family tree. This binder can also be found in my genealogy folder at*  or click on the image.
Speaking of cemeteries I also would like to add that I have added more names to my Rumford Maine USA cemetery. My friend Lorraine sent me more names and you can view them at the bottom of the cemetery page. Go to   go to Cemeteries of USA and then scroll to Rumford Maine. I added the new names at the bottom of the page to make it easier to find the new ones. So I do hope you learned something from todays blog.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

About my Genealogy Top Award

Since receiving my award I have gotten a comment that you can read in my last blog saying that this was not a genuine award, that this person has other sites and that the sites who have also gotten the same award some of them are not in service. And that our blogs were picked at random. If this is so, I don't think it is very fair to the ones who receive it in good  faith. And I honestly don't need an award, because my reward is having all you readers follow my blogs ,some of which are good and some of which are not so good.
Well now it's back to blogging, talking and walking haha.
have a great day

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I feel very honored about this award

I wanted to share this with all of you:
Dear Aline,

Congratulations! Jean here, and your blog, Acadian Roots Blog, was

determined to be an essential part of our resources, and has received our

Top Genealogy Blogs award presented by Online Colleges and Universities!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at:


We feel learning should not be limited to only what you can earn a college

degree in. So we began an Experimental College, where knowledge extends

beyond the classroom. And your blog is a pivotal part of our resources.

As a winner, we honor you by presenting you with an awards badge. You can

use this to signify your win to your winners!


If you choose to accept or decline inclusion in our resource list, please

let me know.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Again,

Congratulations, and keep providing us with a great resource!


Jean Haskins



Monday, October 11, 2010

Spooky Things

Horror shirt shirt
Horror shirt by allicor
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Today I would like to share a story with you from the book Acadian Legends, Folktales and Songs by Georges Arsenault. This book is very interesting to read. This part is very suitable seeing Halloween is not far away. Mister Arsenault acquired these stories by talking to the local people. Here is Nellie Nuttrell’s story.You’ve probably heard about Pierre Poirier’s house ?.

Pierre was married to a girl called Marie Bernard. I think they had 5 children. Well Pierre’s wife died when the children were little. He couldn’t live alone. So after a few months he found himself another woman.

She was a Doucette, her name was Emilie. She was an old maid who never had anything to do with children. She didn’t know what it was to love a child, she hadn’t had children. After she was married she had her first child. Well she liked that child but she didn’t like Pierre’s children. She was pretty nasty to one of his girls. One day she pushed her down the stairs and broke her arm.” If you tell your father I will spank you ,she said”. You’re not going to say a word about it. The little girl was only 7 or 8 years old. She was so scared she would not have told her father for anything in the world. Her arm never set and the infection got in it and she died. The stepmother wasn’t any kinder to the poor girl even when she was sick.Anyway she died. After she was dead they would hear someone walking upstairs, then they’d hear someone coming down the steps. They would always leave the house because the woman was scared when she heard the noise. One night when they were in bed, Pierre told her she was just imagining things. She said to him

“No, you heard it yourself, you know!”.Anyway not long after they were in bed, they heard the noise out in the hall,their bedroom door was closed. They heard something walking in the hall,coming towards their bedroom. Then it knocked on the door. Pierre jumped out of the bed and opened the door. There was nobody there. The next day a man named Arsene came to the house. He was a travelling salesman, as Pierre had a store. He got there at suppertime. Pierre said to him “ You might as well have a cup of tea with us”

Arsene had heard about the trouble they had but didn’t dare ask if it was true. They were in the middle of supper when all of a sudden they heard noise upstairs like a pile of glass falling. Oh! There was a big crash. It made the plates on the table rattle. It was awful. That’s when she said “Ah, that’s the noise we hear all the time. Well said Arsene Is that true? Yes she replied. I can’t stay here at all. As soon as I am alone it torments me. It comes down the stairs and goes back up again. The priest had said to them. Maybe if you have the house blessed…….So they had their house blessed. After that there were sound of chains rattling under the house. They heard chains ,big chains that made a racket and shook everything. They said “ We don’t know what to do with this house ,we can’t stay here any longer. Suddenly the house caught fire

And burned. Then they built a new house and never heard the noise again. The house was built on the same location as the old house and they never heard a thing. Everyone said it was because the woman had been so mean or nasty to the little girl and it was the little girl haunting her.

Note: This story is not exactly word for word from the book if you are interested the story in the book is titled “ The Haunted House (La maison Hantee). I would recommend this book. Speaking of Halloween, check out my Halloween products, I have cards, mugs, stickers, invitations , at*

Have a great day

Monday, October 04, 2010

Someone someday will want to know

Many people are curious about who they are, where they come from and want to know about what kind of ancestors they had.
For example, were they important? (well to us they were). Were they rich,or famous or were they pirates,scoundrels and thieves.
Were some of our ancestors heroes ? At one time or another someone in our families will want to know, it may not be you but it may be you children,grandchildren,cousins etc. Now how many of you would love to have the history of your family? Well now is the time for all of you who are interested or who know of someone who might be to do something about it. Christmas is on its way, and it brings times of gifts  and what better gift than to create a family tree ,even a family photo album  for your love ones or friends. You can add things like what kind of work they did, where they lived, did they move ? Where to? Did they have a farm or own a factory? Add photos in the book, add obituaries, marriage certificates, their children, who they married. Little stories about them if you can gather them. Talk to family and friends, see if they know something.
Once you have all you info, what you can do that will not cost much, Get a binder like the one I created, pick up some plastic page protectors, and some photo paper for your photos and also computer paper and get to work and once you are done, gift wrap your family tree book and voila you have a Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift all ready to give. To see more about the binder above, click on the Binder URL below. And be sure to check out my genealogy products at*   I do hope this blog will inspire many of you, now is the time to get busy and create the family tree books.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Melanson Hat from

Melanson Hat from
I am certain that many of you readers do not know that the Melanson's were french protestants . The first Melanson that we have found was a Pierre Melanson dit Laverdure said to be born in France and he died in England during the winter of 1676-1677. This Pierre married an english girl name Priscilla around 1631 in England. They had three children: Pierre born around 1632, Charles around 1643 and Jean . It was two of these sons who came to Port Royal with Thomas Temple in 1657.After the treaty of Breda in 1667 they were in Boston. Their two sons Pierre and Charles who both married Acadian girls stayed in Acadie. Jean remained in Boston for a while and it is not known what happened to him. When Pierre the son and his brother Charles married their spouses they renounced their protestant and married the girls catholic. Pierre married Marguerite Mius D'Entremont around 1665 and Charles married Marie Dugas around 1663 in Port Royal. Charles settled on the north of Annapolis river around 6 and a half kilometers from Annopolis Royal. For nearly a decade Charles Melanson and his descendants lived there. Charles Melanson had 35 arpents of land and the largest fruit orchard with 76 fruit trees. He had 39 cattle,23 sheep and 19 pigs in 1671. The Melanson Settlement where Charles and his family lived became a principle archaelogical dig depicting Acadian live in the 17th and 18th century. Melanson descendants of Charles and his brother Pierre can be found everywhere, in New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island,Quebec, and various parts of the United States. The Melanson surname has also been spelled as Melancon. I hope I have given you some information that you did not have. If you like the hat above, you can click on the url and it will take you to my gallery where there are other Melanson products,click on Acadians,Hats,and Genealogy folders to see what I have and I can also create what you would like said on any product. Have a great day.Thanks for stopping by.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheticamp Nova Scotia

Cheticamp NS mug
Cheticamp NS by allicor
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IN 1785 or around 1785 a group of Acadians returning from exile settled in the beautiful village of Cheticamp in Cape Breton, later a group of pioneers settled in Margaree. More settlers arrived and settled in both Cheticamp and Margaree,. These two villages are very near each other.  Cheticamp is a fishing village. It had three churches built there, the first one was made of  platen  in or around 1800 the next one was built in wood in 1810, the third one was built of stone in 1861. St Peter's church is a very beautiful church. I went  on a trip and did the Cabot Trail and stopped in Cheticamp, entered the beautiful church. If ever you go to the Cabot Trail be sure to stop and admire this beautiful structure. In the book on Cheticamp by Anselme Chiasson I read this passage:If the question was put to us  where can one find  today the type of people who have most faithfully preserved the Acadian character of  former days?  We would answer without hesitation:
" Go to the coast of Cheticamp". There on the shores which will perhaps never see a railroad,among that population,half farming and half fishing, you will discover treasures of faith, considerate charity and delicate hospitality.  I guess this sums it all.   Now I have created a calendar which also contains the image of the church and I have just created this beautiful mug, which I hope is going to show on here. You can visit my site at* click on church or calendar folders. I would also like to add that my other Allicor's Unique Boutique  at  will be more about my store and probably other zazzle stores if you are interested come follow me there too, I will try and have different topics for both blogs. Thanks for the visit  have a great day

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Obituaries are important

Men's Genealogy Shirts shirt
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If you do genealogy or family trees most of you know how important obituaries are. But those who do not or have not done their family tree and are wondering what to do or where to go you can find a lot of information from an obituary. for instance, if you are just starting to do your family tree, and haven't got a clue about your grandparent's family, if you look up his or her obituary a lot of times there is a wealth of information in one.
First of all you know where he or she was born, (that gives you a place to search) next in many cases their parents are mentioned (oh boy another clue) now many times it will say where they worked. (hmmm nice to know) and it names their children (but that's not all) it might say where the children lived. (might come in handy in your research.) If it is a female it also will list her maiden name, (oh I didn't know that). Now an obituary might also say died as a result of an accident. (hmm what kind of accident) if so there might be another article on the accident not far from the obituary. The obituary might also say where they are buried, (oh then maybe they had a tombstone,another image to add to my family tree).So all this comes from one single obituary and this paticular obituary  is another clue to discovering where you come from. I recently searched for an obit, discovered it was due to an automobile accident and this will be information to add in a family tree book.
Changing the subject but still on genealogy, please check out my genealogy folder and acadian/cajun folder on my site at*  or browse my website (which has less images than my site ) at 
This is it for today, have a great day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Church Point Nova Scotia

Did you know that the Saint Marie or Saint Mary Church in Church Point Nova Scotia  is the largest wooden church in North America? It is located between Digby and Yarmouth in a village called Church Point. This church was begun in 1903 and it took a couple of years to build. It was built by a self taught carpenter named Leo Melanson  and around 1500 volunteer parisheners. I found Leo in the 1901 census age 32 with a wife and two daughters. Now around the time this church was being built were many Acadian families, in the 1901 census for Church Point, I found some Doucet,Daigle,Melansons,Chiasson,Mius,Dugas,Guidry,Gaudet,Belliveau,Boudreau,
Comeau, Leblanc,Maillet, Pothier,Richard,Thibodeau,Theriault,Saulniers and there were more Acadian names. I am sure many of these people must have been among the volunteers. The church has 41 stained glass windows. What they did not have for the church was imported from France such as the stained glass windows, the the bells . There is story about the paintings on the ceilings, apparently the artist was afraid of heights so before he would climb to paint he would drink a bottle of wine, then he would take a bottle up with him where he painted. Now how would you find this beautiful church? Well if you can find the Evangeline Trail it will lead to it, and the church is on the St Mary's University Grounds.  And if you are interested in the poster above, you can find it along with other church products in my church folder at*    In the meantime ,thank you for stopping by, if you are not following me yet why don't you do so?
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saulnierville NS Postcard from

Saulnierville NS Postcard from

Well I must let you know what I am doing. I am creating postcards,shirts,bags,magnets,stickers,and possibly posters with images of churches. Today I did the Sacred Heart Church in Saulnierville Nova Scotia. This church was built in 1880 and has served many Acadian families and others . So if you are into genealogy and you have ancestors who came from this area, this would make a nice souvenir . Or if you know someone who came from this area this would make nice gifts for them. I shall be creating other churches as well. So check out my Church folder at* and keep checking, when I get the urge to create I do so and today it was the Saulnierville Church.
I am still working on my Leger and Richard families, on the Legers I am at the last generation and am waiting for photos and a few last minute details then I will have the book made. Next I do the Richard book. I am very proud of what I have found on these Legers and my brother is helping me make the book look much better.
For all you zazzle and cafepress and redbubble followers come follow my other blog at

Thanks for the visit and have a great day. I hope you enjoy my postcard that I posted here, if the photo doesn't appear click on the url.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Blog Site

Notice about a new blog ,instead of my Allicor Boutique Blog I have created another blog, called Allicor's Unique Boutique, the reason I created it is to reach more people or more readers.  would like to see as many follow me there as I can. That blog will be where I interview other store owners ,and talk about different topics including my zazzle store, I will keep this blog going because this has a lot to do with genealogy, I won't be blogging about genealogy on Allicor's Unique Boutique but will blog about other things.  So I hope I haven't caused too much confusion, I had to set out a new blog so as to be able to reach newcomers.  You can follow my blog at      please tell your friends?
Thank you

Long time no blog

Hello everyone well it has been some time since I blogged so here I am. I have been pretty busy with my genealogy research , am waiting for the final photos and information for my Leger book and next I work on the Richards. I have quite a bit of information on the Richard line but need the final information and photos there too. I am also going to go to the genealogy center to find a couple of obits in the newspaper relating to this family.  As you know with genealogy the more information you have the more interesting the family tree book. This has been my opinion since I first began doing my family tree way way back and long long ago. grin. To me finding that my great grandmother planted an orchard with seeds with her own hands if very important,because last week I went to see the orchard and saw some apples on the ground and a few in the trees ,they must have been picked over. But knowing this lady who I am part of planted this way back in the early 1920s. Awesome!.  I only wish I could have picked up a nice apple to bring back to Mom who is 92 and remembers the orchard when she was a little girl.
I am also working on my Facebook groups "Old Photos of New Brunswick Canada" ,you should see all the photos added there for all to share, I believe there are around 400 photos and growing so if you have any photos of New Brunswick that you want to share ,join the group. And I still have my Williams dit Bristol group where I am looking for any descendants of Mathurin Williams dit Bristol and Angelique Gauthier, I am trying to get as many cousins together as possible and we are posting photos there too. 
I still have my acadianrootsclub and petiteacadienne groups in Yahoo plus Chat n Brag which is a private group. And I still find the time to work on my store at* and I created another website regarding my zazzle store where I am adding some of my products, I set up that website exactly like my website    this site is    so you can check out all these urls if you have the time. you never know what you will find.  I created the mug above a few days ago, it would make a lovely Christmas gift for that special someone.  And finally I found the time to say hello to each of you. Oh and I have other blogs one of the is   ,I think that one will be popular because I have one called Allicor's Boutique  and it is harder to access than the above one which I have named Allicor's Unique Boutique. So for you followers the above blog for my zazzle store will be reaching a lot more readers, please come follow me there? This blog here is a separate blog which I will keep on doing it will still contain genealogy and tidbits.
Thanks for the visit do stop by again. And to you zazzlers when I feature the stores my blog at mrscormier will be reaching more folks.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Genealogy and Humor

Genealogy like anything else has it's funny moments, and that is a good thing it keeps us motivated in keeping on going. Sometimes we hit brick walls, then one day they come tumbling down. It might take a long time for that wall to break, but there are so many new resources that seem to appear, places we haven't looked through, places we don't think to look through and all of a sudden we hit a  gold mine, well to the researchers it is like a gold mine, or finding that pot of gold (lost ancestor).
I am at the present doing two different surname lines for someone and  I thought "Gee I have that line connected right to the first ancestor recorded " Not so !  Come to find out, I was barking up the wrong tree, same name, different line. groan. But that didn't stop me, back to the searching. Oh Boy! Here he is, now I am on the right track. So I am on my way, I know there will be roadblocks along the way but I will get through them.  Now I have decided that I needed to create some funny and some nice genealogy products. I have created some churches and will add more, and I have some funny tee shirt like the one above and more if you go to my genealogy folder at*   you will see what I have so far also you can go to my new website at     and look there.
So now I am off to to I don't know what or I don't know where to start things. grin.
Thanks for the visit and please come again
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Alzheimers Disease and Ancestors

Have you ever wondered if our ancestors had some similar diseases as we have? Could some of these diseases be passed down to us or our children? Yes I believe some of them can. For instance ,my late husband's grandmother died in a mental asylum, they said she was crazy, but back then there was no dementia ,or alzheimers, they were crazy. My late husband died of Alzheimers and his sister is not afflicted with it too. Could it be coincidence? Or could their grandmother have passed it down tot them
Alzheimers is a disease that robs a person of his mind, his motor skills, his ability to walk, talk ,eat and it is so very hard on their love ones.It is a form of dementia and so many people across the world are affected with it. My late husband was one of them. So I have been there, and know how all the caregivers and love ones are feeling right now. Some of them are taking care of their love ones and they probably don't know what is keeping them going. Well I was there too, as I look back I don't know what kept me going but something did. I think it is because we all have our love ones on our mind, we want to make them confortable, we want to make sure they don't get hurt, we hope that inside their minds they can still hear us and know we love them. Alzheimer patients want to go go go, they have to be watched in order that they don't wander off and get lost. So here are a few things that I did with my late husband, when he was up and about , we had a car and he wanted to go drive the car, he had a set of keys with a black cover, so when I had the chance I took another car key that belonged to another old car we had and I switched the black top and he never knew the difference, he tried the car and I said it broke down and that was accepted. Then he wanted to go to the bank, here it was on Sunday, so he had forgotten about the car being broke, I took him to the bank and I said see it is closed, that sort of eased things, next he wanted to go to his home, which was nearby but gone years ago, he said why didn't you tell me? But sometimes they seem to dissappear really fast, one day it was winter time and he got out and here he was climbing a snow bank through the back yard to go somewhere and he was going the wrong way had I not seen him I would never had known which way to go looking for him. I know they sell medic alert bracelets but I never had one for him, now I came up with an idea of a shirt ,this shirt can be bought in different colors and for men women even children and their phone number will be on the back of the shirt if they get lost or disoriented. I am planning on creating more things like a hat , a badge, anything to identify them. I have added a photo of my shirt.

Have a great day.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

What did our Ancestors do for fun?

What did our ancestors do  for fun in their days?
Have you ever wondered about this? Well in case you don't know, I am everywhere and on Facebook I started some discussions which seems to be keeping everyone interested and my latest discussion was about Halloween. Well what does this have to do with ancestors?  I didn't think it did at first but since I posted  on FB I spoke to my Mom who is 92 and would you believe when we were young Dad and Mom dressed up at Halloween and took us children out? We are seven in my family but the time she told me about we were six of us. I had to be around five years old and Mom said that she took old coats and tore the inside linings out, made some costumes and masks and then she even tore up some old clothes for costumes, dressed us and out we went. This paticular day she said they walked to the end of the road (they lived in the country) and when they got there it began raining so our costumes and masks were all sopping wet. When we got home Mom said that the dye from the mask she had made had run down all over her face which made it black.  Now I could not imagine my parents going out on Halloween, so if they went out,what about their parents (our grandparents) Did they celebrate Halloween Night? If they lived in the country and the houses were far apart, did they still go out? These are all things that would be nice to know and to add to our notes about them. And speaking of Halloween ,if you are planning a halloween party for the children or for the adults  now is the time to order your invitations, posters, and even badges and mugs to give out as prizes at your party.
Have you seen my lastest project? I created another website and am adding some of my products from my main gallery there, so if you want to go there it's at    and my main gallery where you will find a lot more of my products is at*

Until next time, keep on looking for your ancestors they are out there somewhere.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Website

Hello everyone, this is a short blog , I just wanted to let you all know that my new website Allicor's Shop is up and running, please spread the word around? If you are a zazzle store owner, I have a blog there, you can see it in the sidebar , it is a different blog . So please follow me there?  I will also do my zazzle store featuring on that blog ,not on this one ok? I may even feature the owners with the same interview on another one of my blogs. In other words you will be featured twice  at two different blogs. I want to try to keep this blog as it is, with genealogy topics and my everyday discussions and yes a little bit of advertisement for my store too. So here is the url to my new Allicor Shop website ,add it to your favorites, I will add more products as I create them and possibly remove some older ones  which will all be in my main zazzle gallery anyway.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a beautiful day

Hello everyone, well it is going to be a beautiful day, the sun is coming up and the weatherman says hot. We won't have too many of these hot days soon, it is already beginning to get cooler at night. Brrrr. Well I am pretty busy as usual, I am working on two family tree books for someone and I am hunting like crazy , for tidbits, dates, marriages, obits, and also for photos. I honestly believe that adding all these things sure makes for an interesting book. And especially if the person who is receiving the book sees photos in it that he has never seen before. So at the moment I am doing one family line and I have recently received a photo of a great grandfather, I am hoping that this person has never seen it before. I have also sent for some obituaries and there is one on the way. Once the first book is completed I will start the second book on a different surname.
Now that is not all that I am doing. I know many of you have checked out my website at    ,that is my website  for genealogy and tidbits and I wanted to have a website where I can show some of my products that I am creating and selling so I took the big step and decided to create a website exactly like my acadian roots site with a sidebar and everything, I have even added a blog there. But let me tell you it is a big job, I have a big part of it done already, I had to choose backgrounds that would show up my products which I did and add the titles and I am thinking of adding a little bit of music here and there. And in between my genealogy and my new website I need to create products, take care of my two groups  Williams dit Bristol group and Old Photos of New Brunswick groups on Facebook, plus my genealogy groups on yahoo and my Chat n Brag group on my family. And then I have to squeeze some time to take a break and go to my favorite coffee shop Tim Hortons. And yes I do my housework in between but let me tell you when I hit that pillow, don't ask me any questions because I am then Dead to the World. grin. Well I guess this is it for this time,if you haven't checked out my store (not my new website yet) go to*  ( Oh and I sold my first pair of Scottish Tartan Shoes yesterday) I was really pleased. And if you are on facebook and if you have Williams originally from Kent County and Westmorland County New Brunswick check out our group on Facebook and if you have old photos of New Brunswick, (places,people,building,etc) please join us on Facebook  or if you just want to look at them you are welcome. The image at the top is a postcard of a soldier dreaming of home. I believe this card was from World War 1, the image was.You can see more at my zazzle store. Thanks for the lovely visit,please stop by again.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blogs and Websites

Have you even been at a point where you cannot think or have what they call a senior moment? Well guess what, I think I have reached it. grin. So I am on a blog that doesn't know which way it is going. I hope that I can keep you interested. I have four blogs to do. One on my space, one on zazzle and two on here.  Some are not as active as others. My most used one is this blog because I started this one to go along with my website. I was going to talk a lot about Acadians and genealogy but I think my readers would like to read other things too.
Now as you noticed I have recently been talking about my store and posting photos but I feel as if I am sufforcating everyone, seeing as many are not interested in my gallery  and again there are many who are interested, so I have decided to create another blog, which I have done so but I have not connected it anywhere so far. So now what am I going to do? Well if you look at my genealogy site at    you will notice how my site is set up, so I am now setting up another website on the same principle for my store. I intend on blogging there too . My website will be devoted to my store and other stores and I hope to have it created so it will be interesting to go there. I will keep you posted. But don't worry I will still be blogging here.
At the moment regarding genealogy I have been asked to do a two different family trees for someone, I am trying to go into details to make their books interesting, such as find the obituaries, finding some little stories and adding photos, I think this is much better than just writing John was a son of  Fred and Mable, he was born1500 and died in 1567. But if I say John was born in a little village on the outskirts of Manitoba  and at the age of 19 he married the neighbor Joe Smith's daughter and  they settled in Manitoba where John worked as a butcher and  he was called to active duty  etc etc etc.  When I did my family tree which I am always adding to when I come across something. I wrote that my great grandfather married in New Brunswick ,he went where there was work ,for a while they were in Nova Scotia then they went to Maine next they returned home. So as you can see this is much more interesting to read. For the ones of you who are into genealogy  maybe just beginning? As you hear stories or read stories about your ancestors write them down, you can always begin with your parents, how did they meet? Does your Mother remember how your Father proposed to her? I think I told you a few blogs ago, that my Dad sold his bike for three dollars and he paid for the licence and for Mom's wedding band with it. I find that so romantic. I am so sorry that I could not talk to my grandmothers when they were living, but back then i wasn't into genealogy, so if your grandparents  are living ,ask them questions, I am sure they would love to tell you things, as I have said many times "once they are gone, so are their memories". We need to keep their memories alive.
Now my blog turned out to be quite long huh? grin. So to end this, here is yours truly wearing one of her creations, don't look at the face look at the shirt. haha. you can find this tee shirt and others like it in my genealogy folder at*
If you cannot read what it says, it says "found some nuts in my family tree" .
Have a great day

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acadian Day

Acadian day will soon be here. It is held on August 15 of every year. This is the time for all Acadian and anyone with Acadian Roots to celebrate. Get out your pots and pans,your horns, drums and anything that makes noise and join the Tintamarre. In the olden days a Chavarie was the name used for something similar. When a young couple married all the villagers would go to their door the night of their wedding and make all kinds of noise, the object of this was for the newly weds to invite them in. My Mom  told me that is what happened to her and my Dad. She never told me yet if they opened the doors to the neighbors or not. So back to the Tintamarre, it's a parade down a route with everyone making all sorts of noise. After the tintamarre which usually occurs around 6 pm or so, everyone gathers where the music is and they listen to music and party.
There are usually lots of beautiful costumes of blue, yellow ,red and whites. The music played is usually lively tap dancing music, with fiddles and accordions among the instruments.
And we cannot forget the variety of foods, poutine rappees, chicken fricot,and the famous and popular hot dog. grin. So if you know of any activities being held in your area to celebrate Acadian Day , make sure you drop by and enjoy the festivities. I am hoping to go to the Dieppe Celebrations ,if I do I intend on taking lots of photos.
Now changing the subject, you may have noticed I haven't blogged for a little while, the reason being I have created another blog to separate my allicor store from this blog and that is not all I have done or doing. I am creating another website for my store which I will tell you about later.
My new blog is on the right side of this page but I am not active in it so far, if you want to follow me please do so and  I shall tell you when I get blogging there . My new website will be set up similar to my  website.  I will give you all the url as soon as it is ready.
I also wanted to share a photo here today of me wearing my new Bingo shirt I created and I will be wearing it to the Bingo tomorrow night.
So have a great day, thanks for stopping by do drop in again.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ancestors and why do we care

I am certain that there are lots of folks out there who haven't got a clue about their Ancestors. Better still there are many out there who have not thought about their Ancestors. Life is fast, and the first thing you know ,things that you could have done or should have done cannot be so.
You run to the dictionary and look up Ancestor, the definition says Forefathers.Not much information there huh? Let's look up Forefather in the dictionary: Forefather : thoses from whom a father or mother descends or the earliest generations of a family or race. So should this interest us? Why would we care ?  There are so many reasons for us to know about our Ancestors. An important reason could be medical. If we find a great grandfather or great grandmother who had Lupus for example,and one of our children has it, this could be it was passed down. When we go to the doctor the first thing he will ask is ,"Is there any cancer in your family" .So this is one reason to know about our Ancestors.Let's move to the future for a second. Today you and I are living, we are laughing,crying,we hurt, we love we get sick, we do something heroic or we become an important figure then we die. Period. Who is going to know about us? Who will know that we could dance, or sing, or we did something special like helping the poor countries or the homeless?
Not many people will remember us, all they will say oh he or she was a nice person,and that is it.
BUT if we take charge and write about ourselves, our hurts, our feats,our thoughts, why we love our children so and our grandchildren. Down the road one of our descendants will say oh this was my great grandfather, he was in the first world war! Awesome!. Now back to our Ancestors,what kind of people were they? Were they carpenters like our Father? Or did they play music like our Mother? Someone told me recently that they drive by a field and say to themselves "Who cleared this land in order for us to have this nice field? Who? Someone's Ancestor did this. Our roads? Well the roads long ago were not roads, but many were trails or paths in the woods. Who cleared these trails and paths that eventually became roads?Someone's Ancestors did. Walk through a cemetery, see the old stones. Mary Cormier died 1826 at the age of 65. Wow she was born in 1761 . What would it have been like back in 1761. If her mother had written a diary, maybe today we would know. There are some documents out there, which gives us an idea of how our Ancestors lived. It is up to us to find these hidden gems. It is up to us to bring our Ancestors to life, meaning bring back something about them to share with others. I personally have found lots of little tidbits about my Ancestors. My great grandmother planted an apple orchard by hand before 1929 when she died, she never saw that apple orchard bear fruit. Today that apple orchard is still there.
My great great grandfather sold his land to build a church, there is still a church on that land.
One of Ancestors was made prisoner during the Expulsion of the Acadians and brought to Boston and he was the first one to be released. The document explains details of his release . One of my direct Ancestor's brother was a guide   led a group of people through the woods to safety .
See what I mean about caring and knowing about our Ancestors? So  if you haven't got a clue how to find your Ancestors, there are lots of  people willing to help, there is a lot of information online BUT all the information online is Not always correct. Do not believe all you hear unless there is some kind of proof. But find your lost Ancestors, they would want you to do so, if they did something bad? Well it is the truth, if they were heros, great, but the truth is the truth, we don't paint a pretty picture of our Ancestors if it is not the truth, we do not cover up what they did. Everyone in this world makes mistakes, and the mistakes are covered up ,hidden, but they are our mistakes, nobody is the world is perfect we are who we are and our Ancestors were who they were. But remember this: Without our Ancestors there would be no you and I.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Momma Told Me

Today I would like to share something with you about my Mom. First of all I want to talk about the photo  of her sitting with a valentine postcard. My mother who is 92 has been a collector all her life. She has saved things since she was a little girl, and has told us stories about them. Like the little basket she has which was made with porcupine quills and given to her when she was around 9 years old from a little native american friend she met in Cape Breton where her father worked for a while.  And the christening dress her mother and her made for her first baby  and then she used it for all of her children, including me, then many of her grandchildren also were baptized in that same dress.  She had a set of granite pie plates that she had when she was first married in 1932 that she has given to me, and I will treasure them for as long as I live. So now we get to the photo and her valentine. This postcard which I made for her with her original valentine is what you see in the photo above. The reason she had me make these postcards was because her valentine was given to her 86 years ago when she was six years old and it was given to her by her teacher. She treasured that valentine all these years and kept it in immaculate condition, and we are seven in my family and she could not give it to everyone so we came up with the idea of me creating a postcard with her valentine, which I did and in the back I put that it was a copy of her valentine she got in 1924 when she was six years old. I also added  from top to bottom where the line goes, "With Love from Mom.  She ordered 16 of them and they came in this week, she is so proud of those postcards, she wants to give us each one for Christmas with a note from her on the back, even it is a valentine it is very special for  my family.  And also a great souvenir.
Now something else she shared with me this week, was her wedding ring, I did not know this but she told me in 1932 ,my Dad sold his bicycle for three dollars and bought Mom a wedding ring, and he paid for the marriage license  too. Mom said she had the ring for a long time but one day someone spilled some mercury on it and it melted. But to me this story is so interesting because I can add this little tidbit in my family tree notes, and maybe one day one of my descendants might enjoy reading all about my Mom and my family.  I hope you enjoyed this little story. Now about the
T_Shirt Image above, well I was asked to have this one made, and to use my own judgement on what to add on it, he works at the Bingo and his wife is there too, so I created this shirt for him, and for others who want to buy one, I bet when he wears this at the Bingo I will have sales from it.
If you are interested you can find this tee shirt in my Hobby folder and then you click on my Bingo Folder at*   So that is my blog for today, please tell your friends about my blog and also about my store and  mention my genealogy website   Thanks for the  visit ,do stop by again, and Have a Great Day. Aline

Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny Genealogy Item

I just had to share this with all of you. I was trying to think what to add to this image that would be funny and related to genealogy, and I came up with this idea. I hope you like it. I never know ahead what I will create so, share this with all your friends, and I will be blogging very soon,

Funny Genealogy Shirt from

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dog never forgets

There is a saying that a dog never forgets, and we really believe this to be true. Today we went to visit our dog Thunder whom we haven't seen in at least two years. We had to give him to a good home because of health reasons. Anyway we had tried to see him a few times but the owners were away. So today thinking they would be away again was sort of dissappointing but we took a chance anyway. Driving up the old country dirt road, we arrived at the end of the road where there was a trailer there. We turned in the yard and there was a vehicle in the yard. I got out of the car and asked the lady who was hanging her clothes to dry on the line if they still had Thunder. Why yes! she replied. I said we were his former owners, she was very nice and invted us in. Thinking Thunder would not recognize us, we went in, but we were very wrong. Thunder ran to me and to my friend. Dog kisses were flying let me tell you. Then Thunder laid on his back for me to rub his belly, something I used to do. It was a very nice visit, and when we got ready to leave,Thunder figured " I'm going to" but they brought him in for a treat and we were on our way.We felt very good when we left because now we know Thunder is in a happy home, he can run and play where the traffic is nil, he can go into the woods if he wants to and he has a new playmate called Lightning, another corgi just like him only younger. The new owners told us we are welcome to visit anytime we want to, so that was nice of them. We won't go very often, because now that is Thunder's new home .
Now the postcard photo above is one I created in my gallery, and I have created many more. today I also created a spider guy tee shirt for little boys, and an itsy bitsy spider tee shirt for little girls. You can view them in my children folder or in my tee shirts at*
Also be sure to check out my genealogy website which has lots more besides genealogy at
Thanks for the visit ,do stop by again.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Bandit in the House

Today I would like to share a little story with you. My son lives in a pretty log cabin with his family and hound dog. One day they noticed the screen door was torn, so they had it fixed, again the screen door was ripped. What could be causing this? They have rabbits, they have raccoons,squirrels, mice, foxes all around their place.What could be causing all this damage? So this paticular day, they went out,closed the screen door, and  when they returned, they noticed bread crumbs on the cupboard top. And my daughter in law keeps her house very clean. So they thought my grandson may have made a sandwich but nope it wasn't him.
Then they looked outside on the lawn. What are those two pieces of bread doing there?  Lo and behold
not far from the bread was this bold little squirrel. When he saw my son, he started to run, so my son called his dog and said "let's go hunting". Out the door they went, the dog pulling my son, because he spotted the
squirrel running for his life. Up the side of the log home he ran. He was all out of breath, and no place to go.
The dog was howling, my son was throwing a  beach ball up towards him to make him come down. By now they squirrel was petrified  and at the same time my grandaughter came out to see what the racket was all about, right at that moment ,the squirrel fell, and he fell right at my grandaughter's feet, when she saw him, she panicked, started yelling and ran as fast as she could for the house, and the squirrel , he too panicked and ran as fast as he could for the nearest  hiding place. I don't believe he will ever return, because he was so afraid.
As for my grandaughter she is probably still in her room. grin.
Well I have been busy creating again ,did these shoes, and , I have been creating some postage stamps, because from today until Wednesday there is a sale on them, $8. 80 off of every sheet of 44 cents postage stamps you buy.I have quite a selection if you happen to go to my site, I have some postage stamps in my postage stamp folder and I believe I have some in my church or genealogy folder. Go to*   Also if you have already began shopping for school ,why don't you check out my shoes at the same time? 
Thank you for the lovely visit, do stop by again,
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What has Aline been doing?

Hello everyone, well today it is raining, we are expection some thunder so I imagine there will be lots of little dogs and cats being afraid. We had a dog named Thunder and he was so afraid of Thunder he would shake and run and try and hide, he is now with another family due to health reasons and this family recently bought another dog ,the same breed as Thunder and they named him Lightning.So they have Thunder and Lightning.
I have been pretty busy lately, I have been doing some genealogy research for someone , which has taken me to the genealogy center, where I love to go. I feel so at home there and I can relax.
And today I added some marriages of Williams dit Bristol folks in my group of the same name on Facebook. You can find me all over the place on Facebook, I am there with the group Old Photos of New Brunswick, Williams dit Bristol group,Trails of our Ancestors group,ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE page . As you can see I have lots to keep me busy, I also have my Chat n Brag room in which is private, I have two yahoo genealogy groups, one is private to get there you need to go to petiteacadienne group for an invite. And finally I am having a great time with my store, today I created a folder called Churches, and that is what I plan on adding there, in hopes that someone doing their family tree would love some products of their ancestors areas. I also have a genealogy folder there, which is new, plus my Acadian/Cajun folder and much more, I posted some of my latest shoes and my funny tee shirts hope you like them, if you are interested in them or feel like seeing what I create go to*   
I have a folder for children also with nursery rhymes and much more.
Now that I have blogged a little it is time for a nice cuppa coffee, it is too late to go to Tims, so I will stay at Alines. grin. Until next time have a great day, do stop by again