Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Identifying photos

Today I received a large brown envelope from a VIP and inside the envelope were some photos that I had asked for. I am doing something for our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion and I needed photos. Anyway, inside the envelope was a group photo with the parents and one son identifed.
So I went looking for the family. I checked the 1891 Census for Quebec and lo and behold there they were, and in the photo were ten children or ten persons plus the head of the family, and I did find ten children in the census. So I jotted their names and dates listed in the census. But that was not good enough for me, so I went to the records and found them all one by one. They had three daughters and on the photo they are all standing in the back row. I could tell who the youngest was and who the oldest was so I believe they are identified. Next came the sons ,seven sons, one was already identified, I noticed one is much younger than the rest so I believe he is the one I found born in 1881. Then there is a man who looks the oldest so it is possible he might be according to the photo. But this has not been verified.If I can correct there is still four more sons to be identified. If you have any children or Exilia Bergeron and Hermine Vigneault in your line contact me, maybe someone can identify the rest or correct me if I am wrong.
It is sad when we come across some old photos without names , or photos with some of our relatives and others on the photo are unknown. I have begun writing who are on my photos, so that my family won't have to guess and will keep the photos.
So now I have done what I set out to do today, and a nice coffee (Tim Hortons) would be a nice reward don't you think?
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Anonymous said...

Bonjour Aline,

Je m'appelle Claire Bergeron, retraitée depuis quelques mois à peine je commence à m'intéresser à la généalogie. Mon 1er ancêtre, Barthélemie Bergeron est arrivée en Acadie aux environs de 1690. J'ai beaucoup de photos et la liste de mes ancêtres qui sont venus s'établir au Québec après 1760.
Malheureusement je ne parle pas anglais....parlez-vous français..??
Il y a aussi des Cormier dans mes ancêtres....
Je vais attendre une réponse de votre nous pourrons partager....
Mon adresse de courriel

Votre réunion de Bergeron en juillet m'intéresse beaucoup.
Au plaisir d'une réponse.
Claire Bergeron

alineskee said...

Bonjour Claire, oui je parle le francais,et je vous ai envoyez un courriel. J'ai hate a faire votre connaissance a notre grande reunion Bergeron-Damboise.
Mon francais est plutot Chiaque ,mais on va se comprendre.
A plutard