Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do you believe it? Well this photo was taken this week in Saint Leonard New Brunswick near the Van Buren border. Bobcats, and it is the first time I see so many of them at one time. There was one who came into our neighborhood, and someone snapped his photo, I thought Wow , right in the city, but it looks as if the bobcats are having a hard time this winter. They are probably coming out looking for some food. My friend Effie sent me the photos to share with you.I don't think I would like to come face to face with them. grin. As you can see there is alots of snow, so the deer and other animals must have had a hard winter.

Now changing the subject, I am still adding names to the Saint Charles Cemetery page on my website at , You can view the images at Rick's site at . As I told you, he has given me permission to add the index on my site , which has a link to his site. I have done quite a bit so far. I am also not adding names to my Chartersville Road Cemetery (Our lady of Calvary) in Dieppe NB. I also have been translation my P'Tit Francois articles from french to english, but I think it is more interesting to read the french version since he tells his stories in Chiac or old Acadian words.

Our genealogy group is doing very well , we are helping others as much as we can with their research. It is unbelievable what team work will do. So if you are just surfing in from the net, and if you want to join our group,go to my website, click on Acadian Roots group. But if you decide on joining us, please know in advance, we are one big family, and sometimes the subject is not strickly genealogy, we do mostly genealogy but we sometimes get off the subject but you can be sure we jump right back on it. I do hope you will come and see for yourself. Thank you so much for stopping by, I do hope you will come again.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you remember? Our grandparents and great grandparents sure had it rough compared to us . The barrel on the photo was probably to catch rain water. The rain water would have been used to bathe and to do the laundry and household cleaning. I remember when I had my camp in Saint Louis de Kent, and it was fun , we were roughing it, we were two couples, my sister and brother in law and my Gerry and me. We all stayed in the same camp at first, my brother in law made four bunk beds ,we had an old fridge and we had no TV. Anyway I remember my sister in law and I decided to make a garden, well we dug the earth and planted our garden and we needed water , so we went and got some plastic barrels and put them at the corners of our camp where the water would run down, and then we had pails we would fill and take to the garden. Would you believe that this was hard work? Anyway our garden was the most beautiful garden, we would go water the garden early in the morning , late at night, but the mosquitos were unbelievable, and the garden was ready to pick and the night before , we looked at our peas, what beautiful peas, the next morning all excited we were going to pick the garden, got there and there was not one single pea left, the crows ate them all. sigh.
Now the washer on the picture , I never ever seen one of those but I remember Mom had a wringer washer and she would wash her clothes pass them through the wringer and they woul d drop in this big galvanized tub to rinse them. And I remember she had a scrub board, so did my mother in law, Mom said she used that board for many years. If our ancestors could open their eyes today and see all the different changes compared to their times, they would be amazed.
Now I would like to change the subject, I have not blogged in a few days, I am working on another cemetery, Rick has given me permission to add one of his cemeteries on my website ,the Saint Charles Cemetery in Amherst Nova Scotia . Rick has the images on his site at and I am adding the names on the stones, it is a big cemetery so it will take me awhile to add all of them, but they are all in alphabetical order on his site so I have finished the A to C page and am beginning the next ones. Rick also has other cemeteries of Nova Scotia on his site, he doesn't only have the catholic cemeteries so if you are looking for someone around Amherst Nova Scotia please check his website and he has lots more stuff on his site. I was very impressed when I seen it. To find the cemetery on my site I will add it on my sidebar for a while then will add it to my other cemetery pages later, I think I will also move my Chartersville Our Lady of Rosary cemetery to our New Brunswick Cemetery pages soon also. I am still adding names in that cemetery.
If any of you read this blog and just surfed in, we have a nice genealogy group where we help one another ,if you are interested check the sidebar on my site at and follow the instructions to join us. If you have any french, acadian, cajun, french canadian,ancestors and you either need to find them or want to share them please join us. We are close to 400 members . I had it set so anyone could join , now I have it set that you have to have an invite because of all the spamming going on now days, it is a shame that this happens, so now our group is by invite only, I hope you will come and check us out.
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well I awoke this morning with all these things running through my head, I have to do this and I have to do that, so every morning I begin by making a pot of tea and some instant coffee for me. So I boiled my water, and prepared the coffee in a cup, at the same time I am thinking of what I am going to do today for my group and for my blog, so the water is boiling, so I hurry to pour my water into my coffee, next I go to the fridge for the milk, take out the carton and start pouring, OH NO! this is not milk, it is Orange Juice. So I had a cuppa coffee double milk, double sugar and part orange juice. grin.
Now I have things to share today, first of all I have added some marriages from the Rogersville New Brunswick parish records,there are quite a few ,but not complete, if you go to click on Acadian Marriages you will see Rogersville. I hope it will help you.
And I have added a lot more photos in my photo gallery on the same website, one of my members Barbe had a lot of photos that she is sharing, many are unknown, some are from the Shediac Area, Moncton Area, Richiboucto Area and maybe PEI, so if you have time check them out to see if you can identify any. They are somehow connected to the Blanch,Boleyn families either friends or relative.
I have received many emails saying that they enjoyed my What is a Cajun page, I am pleased .
For the ones who do not know, I also have lots of Cemeteries on my website, some I did myself others I had permission to add.I have some from PEI, some from Nova Scotia and many from New Brunswick .
I was going to add a note regarding our Bergeron Reunion next year but I will save it for another blog because there has been some new developments.
So until then , have a great day, and remember " make sure you do not take a carton of orange juice instead of milk. grin.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cajun Blood, have you ever heard that song by Jo-El Sonnier, I find it so touching ,I wanted to find a spot on my website to add it, so what more fitting than a cajun page. With the help of my friends and permission from others, I have created a page called "What is a Cajun". I am very proud of the page and I let a cajun have the first look,he approved and that is good enough for me. So if you want to read some very touching and down to earth stories ,go to click on Acadian/Cajun and go to what is a cajun at the bottom of the drop down menu.
On another note, I would just like to say that from this moment on, my acadianroots group will be accessed by invite only. I had to do this because of all the spamming that is happening out there, I have a great group, and want to keep it that way so I am securing our site, if any ones wants an invite there are guidelines ,if interesed go to my website and click on acadian group, read the info there . I feel bad that I have to resort to this, but the safety of my group is important. This was a hard decision to make but in my heart I feel I am doing the right thing. If you are sincere about genealogy, if you really want us to help you or if you sincerely want to help us help others then by all means come join us. Our group are not always totally talking genealogy , we are also friends and friends are there for each other. We are one big family......with a goal, to knock down our brick walls first and foremost and help others with their genealogy when we can.
Well we are expecting rain today, I am glad because a lot of snow will dissappear, it will be so nice to see the grass again, and the warm weather, (probably then I will complain that it is too hot ,grin). Thanks for the visit, as always I am glad you came, it gives me reason to keep my blogs going.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is in the air, because when you take a drive and see the deer in the fields, then you can be sure it won't be long before it arrives. This photo was taken near Sussex in New Brunswick Canada. I received more photos than this one, with more deer. I remember my late husband and I used to go for a ride on Good Fridays, and we would go up the Cole Islands Road going towards Fredericton, well the first time I saw so many deer I couldn't believe my eyes, one time we counted over fifty in one field. Unbelieveable .The first time I saw them, they were a ways out in the field, I said to my Gerry, look at all the cows haha. He replied Aline those are deer. I said wild ones? He said yep. Then I was anxious to go see them again and again. I imagine the deer had a hard time this winter with all the snow we had, they were easy prey for the coyotes .
On another note, I would like to let you know ,I have and am adding some photos on my ancestor photo gallery at .One of my genealogy group members is sharing them with me for all of you to see , and if you recognize any of the photos and can identify who we cannot then please contact me? I am adding some in Barb's Album and the unknown album, for instance she has a Lucie a beautiful lady from Moncton New Brunswick, that is all we know, so she is in our unknown album. She has photos from Kent County and Westmorland county among her photos ,so check out the album often just in case.
I have added some marriages and deaths from the Cap Pele parish records on my website. Go to parish records, and to the drop down menu, Cocagne is also new.
I am working on some more additions and will keep you posted as they are done. Cap Pele and Cocagne are in New Brunswick in Canada, many of you may have some ancestors from these areas. I am still looking little stories on Acadians,Cajuns, or French Canadians who lived to be old and has a story to tell. I would love stories about people over 95. If you have some and photos and obits to share please let me know.
Thank you for dropping by to visit me, I alway enjoy your company.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can you guess what this is? Well I will tell you a little story,back around 1953 or so my baby brother was just a toddler, and at that time we had a milkman who used to deliver around six bottles a milk at a time and leave them on our front step. The milk bottles back then were made of glass with yes you guessed it a cover just like the one you see here. And the milk back then was pasterized milk, and when the bottles were on the steps, the cream would all be on the top of the bottles, well my little baby brother would go out on the front steps, lift the cover and drink the cream, only the cream. No wonder he was so cute and chubby. grin.
Changing the story, yesterday I picked up my copy of the french paper l"etoile, there were two interesting stories, one of them I entered in my seniors over 95 years page on Acadian Roots, it is about a couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, he is 99 she is 89, just find HEBERT and read all about it, it is an amazing story, the one who did the interview was a Paul Emile Cormier, the interview was very well done in french so I translated it to the best of my ability.The couple are Edgar and Emilienne.
Also there was an article on the unveiling of the coats of arm, Remember I told you the Leger family had a new coat of arms? Well the unveiling was delayed until the 29th of February in order so that Mrs Claire Boudrot could attend. Nine families now have their coat of arms displayed at the University of Moncton CEA center. They are the Babin, Babineau, Boudreau, Bourgeois, LeBlanc, Leger,Mallet,Robichaud and Savoie. The ceremony was organized by Isabelle Cormier CEA's new director. Many people attended.It began with the anthem Ave Marie Stella,then Mrs Thelma Richard president of the FAFA welcomed everyone.To end the ceremony the choir of Neil Michaud sang two other songs. A lunch was served while people filed by looking at the coat of arms. The public is welcome to view these coat of arms at the CEA.There were two photos along with the article, one was Stephen White, Claire Boudreau, Thelma Richar, Donald Boudreau, and Leo Paul Leger. The other photo was Stephen White (genealogist), Claire Boudreau, Isabelle Cormier, and Leo Paul Leger.
When I see something Acadian, or anything else that relates to me or my research or my interests, I enjoy reading it.
My acadianroots group in yahoo is doing well, we have a very nice group, willing to help others when they can, so if you come into my blog from the web, and you do not know how to get to our group, go to on the sidebar you will see our group. If you have brick walls you want us to try and help you with, or if you would like to help others also please join us.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cocagne is a little village in Kent County New Brunswick,I have some ancestors who were originally from there. My Williams dit Bristol ancestor Mathurin Guillaume Bristol apparently came from Bristol England as a young lad, maybe a cabin boy, for reasons unknown the story or legend is that he jumped ship in Cocagne ,hid in a hayloft and was found by Joseph Goguen one of the founders of Cocagne. Joseph is said to have adopted Mathurin ,and gave him the names Mathurin (named after the missionary) Guillaume (because the little boy said his name was William or Williams) and Bristol(because that is where he said he was from). As you know Joseph Goguen married a few times, he settled in Memramcook for a while, that is where Mathurin spent his life, Mathurin lived in a place called Taylor Village. He died in Memramcook in 1829. His grandson Augustin Bristol is my ancestor who settled in Cocagne. Cocagne is a nice little place to visit in the summertime. It is not the oldest Acadian Village in New Brunswick tho. Memramcook was the first. Why is my blog about Cocagne? Well the reason is also to let you know I have added some early marriages of Cocagne on my website, and I have added just a few births especially Cormiers, Breau, and of course Bristols and Williams. I have a few deaths but not many. So if you have ancestors from the Cocagne area, go to my website click on New Brunswick Parish Records, check out Cocagne. I do hope even one of the names I have added will benefit someone.
Just a little note here, I just would like to say that genealogy is something that is so very important, if you read history books, you will know that someone had to research the information, and they must have done a lot of searching to find their information. Genealogy should be a labor of love, and we do our genealogy or family trees in order to leave something behind for others when we go. Even if you are an aunt or an uncle, and even if you have no children of your own, do it for your nieces and nephews, leave a part of yourself behind for others. Sometimes you may feel like saying I give up, because you cannot seem to get further with your research. Do not give up, something will turn up sooner or later. As I said on another blog or in my group, it took me around 25 years before I came across my great grandfather's death, I was given the wrong years by a relative. And yesterday I was looking though some records on line and lo and behold I found the death of my great great grandmother who was not registered in the parish records, she died of paralasis in Saint Paul, what a great find and I though she died in 1892 she died in 1890. SEE ? And I have been at this since 1976. Now if ONLY I could find the death of Abraham Chate dit Chase , I would be so happy. So to you I say, go and dig ,dig ,dig, you just may uncover some treasures much better than gold.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Acadians at Pointe Ste Anne (today Fredericton) did you know that this acadian village is now the capital of New Brunswick in Canada? There was a great tragedy that happened there, the english raided the village, killed many acadians, burned their houses down,now I am not saying this to talk against all the english since there were orders that were given. Anyway some acadians were murdured and even scalped. Now the the church is not there anymore, but the cemetery is, and for some time it was said that the cemetery had indians or native americans buried there and that that cemetery was an indian burial ground. Until they found some skeletons. Here is an exhert from Fidele Terriault's book.
The testimony of James Neville sheds an interesting light on the excavations of Wintemberg in 1933. It was at the suggestion of Neville that the York and Sunbury Historical Society asked for the services of Wintemberg to carry out the excavations of the cemetery of Point Saint Anne. Let him himself describe the context of these excavations in 1933:

“Dr Wintemberg came here with the idea of finding the bodies of prehistorics [sic] Indians and he instead discovered that closely buried together, in one case, two bodies in one grave were bodies supposed not to be Indians but Europeans. In all seven skeletons examined were evidence of their being killed in battle. In one case the skeleton had a bullet hole in the head and the right side of the head was also crushed in. In another there were two bullets in the grave. All these skeletons which I saw taken up were buried three feet only below the surface. Local authorities including Rev. Dr. F. A. Wightman, Mr. R. P. Gorham, and others (said) these bodies were buried in 1789 (sic 1759) during their fight with Hazen Rangers, and in the winter burial after the battle, they claim is the reason why they are only three feet down. There was no evidence of any coffin, nor of any religious emblem buried with them. Neither is there any evidence of Indian according to Dr. Wintemberg who is an expert in these things.”[1]

Thus there is no doubt that the cemetery dated to the first part of the 18th century and that it is really a matter of the village of Point Saint Anne.
[1] Centre d’├ętudes acadiennes, notes de james Neville, 10.2.7.

Now some of us had ancestors there, I had Bergerons, Godins, among mine. It is hard to imagine the hardships and the sadness my ancestors went through, running as fast as they could through the woods not even knowing which way to go, some running with their little babies and little children, afraid for their lives, did any of my Bergerons die among the casualties? There were Roys, there were Pare families, and others. I am anxious to go to Fredericton in 2009, I may even get there before. I do hope that they declare the site of the old Acadian Church and Cemetery a historic site, I think the Acadians need this.
Well changing the subject, I added a little story about a generous Bourgeois in my glimpse of the past pages. I am also on another project, which I will let you know when I am done, I am working on it now, it should help some of you in your genealogy.
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring will soon be here, today is March the eight already. It would be my father's birthday, he would be 98 if he were still here. He always celebrated his birthday on the ninth until I began my genealogy and found his birth record. My Dad was a man with a nice personality, everyone who met him liked him. He loved the Bingo, and when I used to go and meet him there, we would go ten percent if we won, meaning if I won I had to give him ten percent of my winnings, and he would do the same. Well when I won, and gave him his share, he would laugh and smile and be all excited, BUT when HE won and had to give me my share it was a different story, no laughing ,no smile grin. One time he was driving down our main street, and he was stopped by a police man, the police man said didn't you see that stop sigh? Dad replied WHAT stop sign? The policeman took his license away at that very spot haha. He never got it back but he was in his late eighties or early nineties.
On another note, I have added something new on my website at if you go there, go down to glimpse of the past , click and you will see I have added a little article I found from a newspaper about the hermit of Terrebonne, I have another article to add soon also. While you are there check out the crimes and punishment page if you haven't already.
I have also added this week's Petit Francois and this time I have translated it to English, it is not exactly word for word since some are hard to translate but it gives you an idea about the stories. I do hope you will enjoy them.
So again , thanks for the nice visit, Please do come again, and you can always add comments to my blogs, just click comment and say hello.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello everyone, well good news, we found my nephew ,well I did not find him ,someone saw one of his messages, so he replied to my email and he is fine. That is one thing less to worry about. I told his parents, sent them his email address. I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions, and for also searching . So now Case Closed.
Today we went to the spring, and got some water. The weather was very cooperative, mild, melting so a very nice day. There is usually always someone ahead of us at the spring, today there were two cars. The spring is at the bottom of a mountain, so the water has lots of rocks to filter it before it gets to the bottom.
Speaking of water ,it reminded me of a note I received from a friend.It was about a lady who was on a boat, and she took sick and died. When they investigated they found it was due to a can of soda or pop. Apparently she drank from the can itself and it had rat droppings on the can and the can was not washed. It makes sense because the cans of food and pop are stored in warehouses, and rats and mice usually invade these places and they are all over the cans. So the advice on the message I got, was alway, always wash off the tops of the cans before opening. Now that I heard about this, I will only drink from a straw. We never know what we are eating or drinking, it is a scary situation and something to think about.
On this note I will say , thank you for the visit, always glad to see you. Have a great day. Aline

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good morning . It is going to be a lovely day, the temperature is suppose to be plus eight later today. I am looking towards my front window and I see the trees swaying to and fro, our snow has gone down since our storm, it was mild yesterday so lots of it melted. It sure must have been a hard winter for the deer and small animals in the woods this past winter.

Well I have added more stories in my crimes and punishment page on my website.If you go to click on glimpse of the past ,then to crimes n punishments, go to the bottom. One of the stories I read in a newspaper article, before I found that a movie and a series was based on the murder. The other story is about a lynching, these were back in the late 1800s, but interesting to know what went on. I also have another little story I am working on, that I will let you know when it is completed. Later when the weather gets nicer, I will see about adding more genealogy related stuff.

When I went to PEI on my last visit, friends of mine had tons of books, not genealogy related but there was one book that caught my eye, because it had old rain barrels in it and an old horse and buggy, but the photo that caught my eye was the photo of the doll that you see. She is an Eaton Beauty doll, and my mother had one just like her when she was a little girl, she told me her father was away a lot he was a saw filer and worked in lumber camps all over the place , but Mom said he never missed one christmas with them and he always brought Mom home a doll for christmas and she remembers him bringing her home an Eaton Beauty doll, so this doll must have been very special to MOM. So I am going to add this photo in my family tree book.
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Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's a blue blue day, or should I say it's a white white day. grin. Yes everyone, it is snowing again,I am beginning to think like the guy in the diary of a snowshoveller. If you haven't read it, just type in diary of a snowshoveller in google, and read it, I laughed everytime I read it or tried to read it to others, but NOW I am getting to feel just like him. haha.
Well I thought we had found my missing nephew yesterday. Remember I told you my newphew Alderic DeBristole was missing? Last contact with him was in February 2007. Anyway I have posted on lots of forums, yesterday I received a reply, they had found a A DeBristole living in Montreal, I quickly jotted down the phone number and called my brother, but it turned out ,that that was Alderic's old address and phone number. So back to searching. I cannot believe that Alderic is not somewhere online even? He did have a computer and used to be online. I am waiting to see if I will hear from his mother in law in Las Paz or Las Pas Mexico.
I have added more names in my Chartersville Cemetery on my webpage at that is some huge cemetery. Never realized there were so many buried there.
We have new members just joined our genealogy group, I am pleased to have them with us.
It would be nice if we had one HUGE genealogy group for Acadians,Cajun,and French Canadian. Who knows maybe our group will keep on growing and we will get there.
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