Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello everyone , well it has been a while since I posted, so here I am again. Today I went to Prince Edward Island and would you believe first of all crossing the bridge, the wind gusts were moving the van, and when I arrived on the Island they had snow, blowing snow, and cold. It was a cold that went right through you. When we returned on New Brunswick's side, no snow, hardly no wind. It sure was nice being home again. While I was near Summerside, I though gee if I were here for any lenghth of time in the near future there are lots and lots of cemeteries to go into, to copy the tombstones I mean, not to stay . smile.
I have been working on my website, I am in the process of adding my Godin dit Bellefontaine line and also I went to the genealogy center and extracted more marriages , but I am thinking of merging my marriages with a nearby village. So far I have only 25 couples done.
When my late husband became ill with Alzheimers I took care of him at home, and when I had time on my hand I wanted to do something to keep my mind occupied so I began a project of cutting out the obits from the newspapers and gluing them in a scrapbook, I did the complete 1997, some 1992 and 1995s, and when I decided to go to the genealogy center, I also decided to donate all the obits to the genealogy center which I did and I am happy that maybe someone will go look and find their ancestors in something that I did.
I think I told you I met another distant cousin, we exchanged photos documents and stories. So now I have two new cousins, and I hope to meet many more. I love hearing or reading stories regarding my ancestors. Their way of life, their good deeds. I am interested in my paternal lines also since my cousins are on my maternal lines. So if anyone of you reading this descend from either Thomas Williams dit Bristol and Marie Surette or Elie Williams dit Bristol and Adelaide Lirette and would like to share information and photos I sure hope you will contact me. I have already mentioned I am also looking for descendants of Jean Francois Bergeron dit D'Amboise and Rose Soucy from L'Isle Verte Quebec. You can always reach me by adding a comment or via my website
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello again, so nice of you to drop by . Well first of all I must ask you if you have seen the new Nova Scotia website, If you haven't and if you have ancestors from Nova Scotia, you can do a search for birth marriages and deaths. I have gone and searched and I think if you do you will be pleased. I do hope you find your ancestors during your search.
Speaking of ancestors, guess what? I have found another long lost cousin, well he really found me. Our great grandfathers were brothers, so now the photo exchange is on again. I need to dig out my album, grin. Did you know sometimes distant relatives can resemble your family? My new found cousin reminds me of someone in my family, I haven't figured out who yet. smile.
I sure wish I could connect with my Chate line in Deptford England. All I have so far is one generation back in England. I can keep on hoping that I find more one day. If any of you who are reading my blog come across any Chates in deptford England please do not forget that I am looking for them. My Abraham Chate dit Chase was born 1795 son of Abraham Chate and Ann Rose he came to Canada around 1818 or so. I believe he had a brother Charles and a sister born in deptford. I tried to find the death of Abraham and Ann but no luck so far. I am not giving up, just waiting for a clue.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Can you imagine if our ancestors could open their eyes and see all the marvellous things that has evolved since they left us? Long ago they travelled long distances on foot, then came horses and wagons, and then came automobiles and trains and planes. But how would they feel about the space rockets? How would they have felt when man first took that step on the moon?
The women washed their clothes in rivers and streams, had to iron the clothes, starch them, now if they could see our automatic washers and dryers they would be in awe don't you think? What about entertainment? They probably had their own form of entertainment, music, singing, then came the radio oh that must have been someting, I remember my late husband telling me that they used to all gather at this certain house to listen to the radio when he was a young boy. Now we have CD's. DVD's, Television, and not just a black and white 13 inch television but a 52 inch television that nearly covers one wall.
If they could open their eyes and see the computers and all its wonders, how would they react?
Years and years from now probably our descendents will be saying the same thing, what if?
Speaking of the internet, I am so pleased with a lot of stuff out there, of course there is accurate information and some not so accurate, so a person cannot believe every every thing they read, they must verify to make certain that it is true and accurate. Now the latest news is that the Drouin books will soon be online ,Ancestry has begun adding them. So if you have any ancestors who were in the province of Quebec and having a hard time finding them, I would suggest checking the Drouin Books. I have found a birth of a man that I wasnt sure existed, but I found his birth in Quebec and my great uncle once told me that there was this Joseph who died on PEI around the age of 30. I thought at the time my great uncle was in his 90's and maybe he had made a mistake. But nope he was right on the nose with the info. It is a great feeling to be able to see with our own eyes a birth of a great great grandparent or a marriage of one.
On another note, when I my late husband became ill in 1995, I was at home all the time, so I began by cutting out the obits from our daily newspaper, and paste them in a scrapbook, I did the entire 1997, and some from 1995 and I am seriously thinking of taking them to our genealogy center so that perhaps some obits may be of use to some of the researchers, I will decide if and when, but I think it would be a great idea.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another day has gone by and I now have time to sit down and have a chat with you.I don't know if everyone is the same when it comes to some things, but I am a person who tries to do everything all at once. Now I have to pay the piper. grin. I am doing a genealogy page on one of my ancestors and I was doing a page on a census, so I was bouncing from one page to another and guess what? I did something to my genealogy page and poof it was all gone. sigh. My webhost was so helpful, but again I wasn't thinking so they restored my page, but I asked them to restore to the wrong time and I still do not have it all back. So now I need to do this differently, I will have to save my work and then add it to my pages.
My genealogy page that I am doing, is not your normal kind I guess, I want to make it look like a story instead of only it being Joe was the son of Jeremiah, who was the son of Peter. But if I said Joe was a butcher and his father Jeremiah owned the store and Jeremiah got the store from his father Peter, does that not sound better than Joe son of Jeremiah etc? grin. When it is finished I will let you know so you can read it. I have always loved to incorporate stories into my genealogy. I was looking at my Cormier book that I passed on to my son, I borrowed it again to add some info to my software, and I was reading the following entry: When we lived in Lewisville and I was a little baby, my mother told me that our house was so cold in the winter because the walls were not finished. She would bundle us kids real tight at night time.One night Mom found me in my crib crying and she could not figure out why I was crying so much but then she noticed my foot was uncovered and all swollen, so she took me to the doctor right away and he had to punch a little hole in my ankle to relieve the swelling. Mom told me the blankets on her bed was covered in ice when she and Dad awoke the following morning. BRRR sure must have been cold." .These are the kinds of entries I have in my books. So I would suggest to everyone of you to do your genealogy, verify your sources, and then add what you heard about them, what you now know about them. I opened the book at my son's house and my grandson said memere Mom never read that book to me, so I opened the book and by coincidence it was something I had written about him coming to memere's house to visit, and memere had kissed his sister bye and he was in the back seat and memere noticed he had a big smile (he was a baby) so memere began giving him his goodbye kiss. My grandson seemed pleased that I had written something about him he is now 10 years old. I said memere has lots more about you in the book , get Dad to read to you sometimes. I am so proud that I began writing these things, I began in 1976 so my book is thick, then I have a book on my paternal side and one on my maternal side that I did the same thing. Enough for now, thank you for the visit. Come again
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To begin today's blog, I would like to wish a friend of mine way out there in Scotland ,a very happy birthday. These folks have been my friends since I first came online, that was many years ago. Today is also one of my brother's birthday.
Well I have been a busy gal these last few days. I have added another page to my genealogy site. I extracted some marriages from the Saulnierville parish records on microfilm. It is always nice to be able to find information online to help in our research. Although everything out there is not 100 percent accurate. I am sure I have made many mistakes, with a simple date, or a year , so that is why I always tell my members always veryify the sources. I sometimes am guilty of not putting down my sources, that is a habit of mine. I just take it for granted that I went to the genealogy center and there it was , but I don't realize that you out there do not know where I get my information, for all you know I could have gotten it offline. So I am hoping to smarten up and jot down my sources.
Now on my page I wanted a photo to go along with my records, so I asked around for a photo, since we cannot just go take a photo online without permission, so a member of mine sent me a photo then I decided to write to the diocese and lo and behold, I received permission to add the photo. I find photos and music really enhances my pages.
You should have seen the site I had before this one, looking back now, boy it was messy, so many icons, and my music was not appropriate, now I have had a great teacher in guiding me to a better website. I am very proud of my website, and I hope to keep on improving to making it grow. I am always open to suggestions and new ideas on bettering my site.
So now my coffee break is over. grin
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well I have finally had time to come and sit down and have a coffee break. Thank you for joining me. Would you like a cuppa tea or coffee or cocoa. Now a hot cocoa sounds pretty good with a nice slice of home made bread? But I don't have the bread smile. I tried to make bread one time, my mother said Aline here is how you make bread. You take this little dipper or pot fill it with a tad of sugar, and yeast cake, back then it was the square yeast cake. Add lukewarm water. Then she continued, you take so much flour and 2 tbsp of shortening and mix it all together and kneed it. Anyway I listened to her very very attentively, and one day ( I was newly married age around 19) I decided to bake my husband some bread and surprise him. So I did what I Though my mom had told me. Put the bread in the pans to let rise and then came time to bake my breads, I had made 4 whole loaves. Mmmmmm boy I was some proud of myself. The bread came out nice and golden brown. BUT when I came to cut the bread the loaves were hard as bricks. I tried to hide the loaves from my newly wed husband but , he caught me. And he never let me forget it and I never tried it again, Except in my modern bread machine. smile.
Now that you know what kind of cook I am I shall change the subject. grin.
Well today I have been searching for stories about the Campagnie Franche de la Marine. One of my ancestors came to Acadie as a footsoldier and I am interested in what kind of uniform he wore, what kind of rifles. I found some nice stories . In the Canadian Archives I found some nice articles. I found some other sites with information , I tried to contact them for permission to use some of their info. But the emails were returned. So if anyone out there is reading this and you know where I could find more information on these soldiers please let me know?
There is so much out there that is interesting on our ancestors, all we have to do is find it. I am also interested in obtaining photos of some of my ancestors, but on my paternal side they were too poor to have cameras back then. My maternal side is just the opposite. My grandmother used to take photos with an old Box Style Camera, the negatives are big. My mother continued the trend, I then kept it going, and guess what? My grandaughter loves to take photos of others too. smile.
I hope some of my blogs are giving some of you incentives to do the same things as I do or did. But dont try to make bread the way I tried. smile.
Have a great day