Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Little Green Frogs

I want to share the following story with you. First of all, as I have mentioned before, my mother has shared so many stories of when she was young with me. When she was little, she was usually always with her older brother and her younger brother. And the younger brother who I named Deedee in the book that I made for my grandaughter was always getting into mischief . He was cripple and because of it, he always got away with a lot. I gave my grandaughter a book with all kinds of stories passed down by Mom and my grandaughter loves her book. Here is one page of the book.
" Little Frogs: One day Flossie ,Teetee and Deedee were outside playing . And on their land there was a spring that their father had dug deeper in order for their mother to put her milk and butter so that they would not go bad. Their father had warned them not to go near the spring.
Flossie,Teetee and Deedee were running and playing, and were getting closer and closer to the spring.
Deedee said "Oh I see a little frog in the water. Oh! there's another one, and another one." Flossie and Teetee were a little ways away from the spring so they went closer to see. Deedee wanted to get even closer so he walked towards the spring. Little did he know that the ground around the spring was really soft and as he knelt down to see the little frogs, into the spring he fell. Well Flossie and Teetee ran to his rescue, pulling him up by his shirt sleeve, took him home all soaking wet. The moral of this story is "Be careful where you look for frogs".
This is based on a true story told to me by my Mom.
Remember I told you about a poor family and my grandmother helping them? Mom also told me that the oldest of the boys used to go to her place and she would show him how to milk a cow. grin.
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