Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Website

Hello everyone, this is a short blog , I just wanted to let you all know that my new website Allicor's Shop is up and running, please spread the word around? If you are a zazzle store owner, I have a blog there, you can see it in the sidebar , it is a different blog . So please follow me there?  I will also do my zazzle store featuring on that blog ,not on this one ok? I may even feature the owners with the same interview on another one of my blogs. In other words you will be featured twice  at two different blogs. I want to try to keep this blog as it is, with genealogy topics and my everyday discussions and yes a little bit of advertisement for my store too. So here is the url to my new Allicor Shop website ,add it to your favorites, I will add more products as I create them and possibly remove some older ones  which will all be in my main zazzle gallery anyway.

Have a great day

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a beautiful day

Hello everyone, well it is going to be a beautiful day, the sun is coming up and the weatherman says hot. We won't have too many of these hot days soon, it is already beginning to get cooler at night. Brrrr. Well I am pretty busy as usual, I am working on two family tree books for someone and I am hunting like crazy , for tidbits, dates, marriages, obits, and also for photos. I honestly believe that adding all these things sure makes for an interesting book. And especially if the person who is receiving the book sees photos in it that he has never seen before. So at the moment I am doing one family line and I have recently received a photo of a great grandfather, I am hoping that this person has never seen it before. I have also sent for some obituaries and there is one on the way. Once the first book is completed I will start the second book on a different surname.
Now that is not all that I am doing. I know many of you have checked out my website at    ,that is my website  for genealogy and tidbits and I wanted to have a website where I can show some of my products that I am creating and selling so I took the big step and decided to create a website exactly like my acadian roots site with a sidebar and everything, I have even added a blog there. But let me tell you it is a big job, I have a big part of it done already, I had to choose backgrounds that would show up my products which I did and add the titles and I am thinking of adding a little bit of music here and there. And in between my genealogy and my new website I need to create products, take care of my two groups  Williams dit Bristol group and Old Photos of New Brunswick groups on Facebook, plus my genealogy groups on yahoo and my Chat n Brag group on my family. And then I have to squeeze some time to take a break and go to my favorite coffee shop Tim Hortons. And yes I do my housework in between but let me tell you when I hit that pillow, don't ask me any questions because I am then Dead to the World. grin. Well I guess this is it for this time,if you haven't checked out my store (not my new website yet) go to*  ( Oh and I sold my first pair of Scottish Tartan Shoes yesterday) I was really pleased. And if you are on facebook and if you have Williams originally from Kent County and Westmorland County New Brunswick check out our group on Facebook and if you have old photos of New Brunswick, (places,people,building,etc) please join us on Facebook  or if you just want to look at them you are welcome. The image at the top is a postcard of a soldier dreaming of home. I believe this card was from World War 1, the image was.You can see more at my zazzle store. Thanks for the lovely visit,please stop by again.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blogs and Websites

Have you even been at a point where you cannot think or have what they call a senior moment? Well guess what, I think I have reached it. grin. So I am on a blog that doesn't know which way it is going. I hope that I can keep you interested. I have four blogs to do. One on my space, one on zazzle and two on here.  Some are not as active as others. My most used one is this blog because I started this one to go along with my website. I was going to talk a lot about Acadians and genealogy but I think my readers would like to read other things too.
Now as you noticed I have recently been talking about my store and posting photos but I feel as if I am sufforcating everyone, seeing as many are not interested in my gallery  and again there are many who are interested, so I have decided to create another blog, which I have done so but I have not connected it anywhere so far. So now what am I going to do? Well if you look at my genealogy site at    you will notice how my site is set up, so I am now setting up another website on the same principle for my store. I intend on blogging there too . My website will be devoted to my store and other stores and I hope to have it created so it will be interesting to go there. I will keep you posted. But don't worry I will still be blogging here.
At the moment regarding genealogy I have been asked to do a two different family trees for someone, I am trying to go into details to make their books interesting, such as find the obituaries, finding some little stories and adding photos, I think this is much better than just writing John was a son of  Fred and Mable, he was born1500 and died in 1567. But if I say John was born in a little village on the outskirts of Manitoba  and at the age of 19 he married the neighbor Joe Smith's daughter and  they settled in Manitoba where John worked as a butcher and  he was called to active duty  etc etc etc.  When I did my family tree which I am always adding to when I come across something. I wrote that my great grandfather married in New Brunswick ,he went where there was work ,for a while they were in Nova Scotia then they went to Maine next they returned home. So as you can see this is much more interesting to read. For the ones of you who are into genealogy  maybe just beginning? As you hear stories or read stories about your ancestors write them down, you can always begin with your parents, how did they meet? Does your Mother remember how your Father proposed to her? I think I told you a few blogs ago, that my Dad sold his bike for three dollars and he paid for the licence and for Mom's wedding band with it. I find that so romantic. I am so sorry that I could not talk to my grandmothers when they were living, but back then i wasn't into genealogy, so if your grandparents  are living ,ask them questions, I am sure they would love to tell you things, as I have said many times "once they are gone, so are their memories". We need to keep their memories alive.
Now my blog turned out to be quite long huh? grin. So to end this, here is yours truly wearing one of her creations, don't look at the face look at the shirt. haha. you can find this tee shirt and others like it in my genealogy folder at*
If you cannot read what it says, it says "found some nuts in my family tree" .
Have a great day

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acadian Day

Acadian day will soon be here. It is held on August 15 of every year. This is the time for all Acadian and anyone with Acadian Roots to celebrate. Get out your pots and pans,your horns, drums and anything that makes noise and join the Tintamarre. In the olden days a Chavarie was the name used for something similar. When a young couple married all the villagers would go to their door the night of their wedding and make all kinds of noise, the object of this was for the newly weds to invite them in. My Mom  told me that is what happened to her and my Dad. She never told me yet if they opened the doors to the neighbors or not. So back to the Tintamarre, it's a parade down a route with everyone making all sorts of noise. After the tintamarre which usually occurs around 6 pm or so, everyone gathers where the music is and they listen to music and party.
There are usually lots of beautiful costumes of blue, yellow ,red and whites. The music played is usually lively tap dancing music, with fiddles and accordions among the instruments.
And we cannot forget the variety of foods, poutine rappees, chicken fricot,and the famous and popular hot dog. grin. So if you know of any activities being held in your area to celebrate Acadian Day , make sure you drop by and enjoy the festivities. I am hoping to go to the Dieppe Celebrations ,if I do I intend on taking lots of photos.
Now changing the subject, you may have noticed I haven't blogged for a little while, the reason being I have created another blog to separate my allicor store from this blog and that is not all I have done or doing. I am creating another website for my store which I will tell you about later.
My new blog is on the right side of this page but I am not active in it so far, if you want to follow me please do so and  I shall tell you when I get blogging there . My new website will be set up similar to my  website.  I will give you all the url as soon as it is ready.
I also wanted to share a photo here today of me wearing my new Bingo shirt I created and I will be wearing it to the Bingo tomorrow night.
So have a great day, thanks for stopping by do drop in again.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ancestors and why do we care

I am certain that there are lots of folks out there who haven't got a clue about their Ancestors. Better still there are many out there who have not thought about their Ancestors. Life is fast, and the first thing you know ,things that you could have done or should have done cannot be so.
You run to the dictionary and look up Ancestor, the definition says Forefathers.Not much information there huh? Let's look up Forefather in the dictionary: Forefather : thoses from whom a father or mother descends or the earliest generations of a family or race. So should this interest us? Why would we care ?  There are so many reasons for us to know about our Ancestors. An important reason could be medical. If we find a great grandfather or great grandmother who had Lupus for example,and one of our children has it, this could be it was passed down. When we go to the doctor the first thing he will ask is ,"Is there any cancer in your family" .So this is one reason to know about our Ancestors.Let's move to the future for a second. Today you and I are living, we are laughing,crying,we hurt, we love we get sick, we do something heroic or we become an important figure then we die. Period. Who is going to know about us? Who will know that we could dance, or sing, or we did something special like helping the poor countries or the homeless?
Not many people will remember us, all they will say oh he or she was a nice person,and that is it.
BUT if we take charge and write about ourselves, our hurts, our feats,our thoughts, why we love our children so and our grandchildren. Down the road one of our descendants will say oh this was my great grandfather, he was in the first world war! Awesome!. Now back to our Ancestors,what kind of people were they? Were they carpenters like our Father? Or did they play music like our Mother? Someone told me recently that they drive by a field and say to themselves "Who cleared this land in order for us to have this nice field? Who? Someone's Ancestor did this. Our roads? Well the roads long ago were not roads, but many were trails or paths in the woods. Who cleared these trails and paths that eventually became roads?Someone's Ancestors did. Walk through a cemetery, see the old stones. Mary Cormier died 1826 at the age of 65. Wow she was born in 1761 . What would it have been like back in 1761. If her mother had written a diary, maybe today we would know. There are some documents out there, which gives us an idea of how our Ancestors lived. It is up to us to find these hidden gems. It is up to us to bring our Ancestors to life, meaning bring back something about them to share with others. I personally have found lots of little tidbits about my Ancestors. My great grandmother planted an apple orchard by hand before 1929 when she died, she never saw that apple orchard bear fruit. Today that apple orchard is still there.
My great great grandfather sold his land to build a church, there is still a church on that land.
One of Ancestors was made prisoner during the Expulsion of the Acadians and brought to Boston and he was the first one to be released. The document explains details of his release . One of my direct Ancestor's brother was a guide   led a group of people through the woods to safety .
See what I mean about caring and knowing about our Ancestors? So  if you haven't got a clue how to find your Ancestors, there are lots of  people willing to help, there is a lot of information online BUT all the information online is Not always correct. Do not believe all you hear unless there is some kind of proof. But find your lost Ancestors, they would want you to do so, if they did something bad? Well it is the truth, if they were heros, great, but the truth is the truth, we don't paint a pretty picture of our Ancestors if it is not the truth, we do not cover up what they did. Everyone in this world makes mistakes, and the mistakes are covered up ,hidden, but they are our mistakes, nobody is the world is perfect we are who we are and our Ancestors were who they were. But remember this: Without our Ancestors there would be no you and I.