Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Brunswick Canada Phone Book 1943

About a month ago, we went to a flea market , and I always look for old things, and I came across this phone book of 1943. I wanted to buy it but could not buy it at the time. But around a week ago, my brother went to the same flea market, and he came home with the book. I was very surprised to see he had bought it.
I was only a year old at the time this book was published. Inside the book I found the following article that I want to share with you.
"Save telephone service: We're being asked-being told-to save steel,rubber and other essentials of war. Telephone service, no less. For when a man-or a nation- hurries, it's always by telephone. That's what's happening now. Army, Navy,Industry,Civilian Defence,all hurrying by telephone.
So it's up to the rest of us to lay off. Within reason of course. Don't pester any of these agencies with trivial calls. Don't , at any time, clog the lines with long talks about nothing in paticular. If you have a two or four family line, brevity is particularly needed. In an air raid, don't telephone at all. Leave telephone lines clear for airplane spotters, wardens, firemen,police and other agencies acting at personal risk for your safety and that of your community. Familiarize yourself with local instructions." So this phone book was out during World War two.
Inside the book there are phone numbers for Moncton, Bouctouche,Richiboucto,Hillboro,Campbellton, Chatham,Newcastle,Bathurst,Shediac,Sackville,Dorchester,Port Elgin,Escuminac,Paquetville,Tracadie Sheila,Jacket River,Petitcodiac,Dalhousie.
If you want to look in the phone book to see if some of your relatives are listed,I have added the book on my website at Look for the little red phone on the side bar. Click on the writing. Be aware the page take a while to load, there were 100 pages added. I did not add the classifieds but I do hope you find the phone book interesting. Enjoy.
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Velda said...

we have our local city phone books from way back then available to view at our local library in the genealogical dept. They are so cool to look at!

alineskee said...

I agree Velda, it is nice to look and find your grandparents listed. I have the 1918 City directory on my website also, but it is only for Moncton.