Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello again, what a nice surprise. I hope you have your cuppa tea, coffee, and donuts or date squares handy. Well to begin with I would like to share the photo with you. It was taken by me two days ago, notice the path in the front bottom of the photo, well that path goes all around the outside of the little island you see. I walked all around it, the weather was gorgeous, but the next day I paid the price , my legs were some sore. grin. A lack of exercise I think. If we all meet for the Congres Mondial in 2009 , this is a nice place to come visit, it is in the center of Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada. In the fall the trees are so beautiful, with their different yellows, greens and orange colors. This park is called the Centennial Park, and long ago it was called the National Park. I used to go there when I was around 10 or 12 years old. It sure changed since then. I remember the old pool they had, and it smelled so much of chlorine but I enjoyed swimming in it anyway. We used to walk there from my home , it took us around a half to three quarters of an hour to get there. We used to travel through a man made path through the woods. Boy my imagination would run wild as I was walking through the woods. I imagined I would come across a castle with a prince and all that jazz. haha. I remember stopping at the flowers and listening to the sounds in the forest.It was so peaceful with the birds chirping...Aw those were good memories.

Now changing the subject, I would love to share my birthday card I received from my son last night. The verse is so touching that I would like to post it here.The card is white and gold with a gold ribbon on the front. The front reads To Mom with Love from your son.

here is the verse:

I don't say much about it

Till a Special Day I know,

But Mom,

You mean much move to me

The older that I grow.

And more and more, I realize

The good things you have done

To make me feel so proud of you-

So glad to be your Son.

Happy Birthday.

I love this card so much.

Have a great day


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello and nice to see you again. Today I would like you to look at the photo on the right and imagine.

Imagine that you were back in the 1700's. And you had to run from your home and hide in the woods. Look ahead on the photo, all those trees, and back then the land wasn't cleared. Think of all the scratches and bruises you would probably have ,from tripping and rubbing against prickly bushes.

Imagine being hungry and thirsty, and you had to hunt for small animals, a rabbit running , can you catch it? There is a partridge, you have to be a good shot to catch him. Imagine having to run and hide in the woods with your children. They are tired, they are hungry. They need water to drink. You need to find a spring, or some kind of water source. Then you need to find shelter.You have to build some kind of protection. You cut down spruce branches with your ax or hatchet and make a lean to. The spruce boughs makes a nice bed .All the while you are running from someone who wants to hurt you or make you a prisoner.

Imagine meeting some native americans in the woods and sharing their camps, spending the winters among them and their families. During the winter you build canoes out of bark and trees in order to travel up the river come spring time.

Imagine that is all that we can do, but our acadian ancestors did all these things, they ran , they hid, they were afraid, they cried.Some died of starvation, some died from our harsh winters.

Look at the photo, and remember to tell your children how their ancestors struggled in order to survive. Tell your children to be proud of who they are.

And finally tell your children to tell their children about their Acadian Ancestors.

Have a great day


Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello everyone, well it has been a while, I sure hope you missed me a little. I have been pretty busy lately. Been at the genealogy center, and added more on my website. I have added a Chit Chat Room, it is only a message board but by posting our everyday stuff on it it gives us a chance to talk about anything within reason, such as food , our daily stuff , our families and so on. It makes our chats more family oriented.I do hope many will come join in, and have a nice clean chat.
I have added some parts of the 1878 Census of Palmer Road Prince Edward Island.There were Bernards, Perry, Wedge,Arsenaults,etc. So if you cannot find your relatives and they were on PEI, check out the census.
If you had relatives in Saint Charles NB in 1899, I have added some names of kids who did their confirmation. And to new comers I would also like to mention that Lucie LeBlanc Consentino and I created a joint cemetery project. The images were taken by our friends Hector Boudreau, his wife Jeannita, and Francis LeBlanc. They gave Lucie permission to add the images on her website, and Lucie gave me permission to index the tombstones on my site at So now you can go to my site, find your ancestors , click on Lucie's site and see the images. I think we both had a great idea on doing this project. And this was all done for all of you out there to find your roots
Who knows maybe later we will create some other kind of project. Stay tuned.
I am also working on my daughter in law's paternal line. They are sure hard to find. They were in Jacquet River and Belledune, and before that I think they came on a spaceship. grin. That I believe is the only place I haven't searched, the spaceship I mean. smile.
Well thank you for stopping by. I do hope you will drop in to see me again.
Have a great day

Friday, April 13, 2007

This is a very special blog that I would like to post. I received an email from a friend and in the email was a video. I watched the video and It was so sad. But I would like to ask as many of you if you can to send a birthday card to a little boy who is going to be eight years old. His name is Shane Bernier and he has leukemia. On the video he was asked what he would like most for his birthday and his reply was CARDS. Here is the url if you want to watch the video.

His address is
Shane Bernier
PO Box 484
KoC 1N0.

Just a simple little card may brighten this little boy's day.Maybe we could send a photo of our pets also. Maybe he would like that and if you send a card send it before May 30th .
Thank you for reading this.
It has been a few days since I last did my blog.Today we are having snow again, and I am here grinning because I am thinking of the joke the snowshoveller. If you want to read it just type in the snowshoveller into google. I read it out loud to some of my friends at different times and there was not a time that I didn't laugh so hard that tears were rolling down my cheek. For the ones who have lots of snow this will be very funny to you.
Now on to genealogy, I went to the CEA a few days ago and while I was looking for the elusive Xavier Daigle from Jacquet River, I decided to extract some vital records to add to my website. I will be adding some births marriages and deaths. But I shall only have the Daigle/Guitar/Legace/Arseneau surnames. Did you know that Jacquet River only became a village in 1966 and amalgamated with Belledune in 1994? Belledune was the oldest community, next it was Nash Creek then Jacquet River . In other words if you had ancestors in Jacquet River it is possibly that their relatives would be in Nash Creek and Belledune among other places.
I have decided to do the Daigle's for my grandaughter for Christmas. Her mother was a Daigle and her grandfather was a Daigle from Jacquet River. So I am looking for any little tidbits I can find to add on the Daigles.So if anyone out there know anything about the Daigles in Jacquet River I would appreciate hearing from you.
The Daigles I am doing are Telesphore married to Vitaline Chevarie,
William married to Adelia Bertin, Michel Daigle married to Marie Guitar and Xavier Daigle married to Marie Martin dit Berthe dit Bertin.
Please add a comment at the bottom if you have any info to share.
Have a great day

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, or maybe I should have said merry christmas, grin. Yes the photo on the left was taken about an hour ago from my front door. It is still snowing as I speak. My new found cousin received this storm a few days ago and she was suppose to put a detour sign on her front lawn to send the storm away from me. smile.

Well I have been looking for an elusive family again. This time they are really in hiding. But lo and behold after posting on some message boards, I have received the dates and places of death for one couple. That is a good start. Since years ago, people moved quite often in search of work. Some went to the USA , others went out west. So to find where they went sometimes is a hard task, but if this happens to any of you and you cannot find them, don't give up. Some kind of clue will surface. As for me, when I go to the genealogy center CEA (centre d'etude acadienne), I have a location to look .I am anxious to go to the genealogy center, it has been a while since my last visit. You could say the CEA is like a second home to me. There is always something there to look at. I am hoping to be going there this week . On another note, I would like to mention that Lucie Consentino LeBlanc has started a list on rootsweb , it is an Acadian-French Canadian list, I would like to wish her well with it. And my acadianroots group in yahoo also is doing quite well. So for you who are looking for Acadian and or French Canadian ancestors I hope you will check out both our sites, my website is , Lucie's site is . Drop in and see us, if you need help or want to help , you are always welcome.

Have a great day


Monday, April 02, 2007

Good morning and thank you for stopping by. Have you even tried to imagine how our ancestors survived when they arrived to a different climate and to our harsh winters long ago? Coming from countries that perhaps their winters were only cold but with little snow. I often try to think about our Barthelemy Bergeron. He was just a young man, taking a long ocean trip to someplace unknown. We are talking about the late 1600s, even the crossing must have been rough, there were no yachts back then or ocean liners. What did he think when through his eyes he seen the new land? Maybe he had friends who did cross with him or maybe he made friends during the crossing. He arrived in late September so the weather would probably have been changing to cooler nights. So he arrived just before winter time. I was reading an article somewhere online and the article mentioned that the men learned a lot from the native americans.Since the native americans were used to our harsh winters, it is good that they helped our ancestors.
I really enjoyed reading about the grandson of Barthelemy Bergeron ,Michel the second son of Michel Bergeron dit Nantes, for a while I thought the stories I was reading was about Michel dit Nantes but later found out it was his son.Michel the second led a group of Acadians who were originally from Grand Pre and Beausejour and they had fled into the woods near Saint John and Colonel Monkton ordered his soldiers to find these Acadians, so under the leadership of Michel Bergeron who was a trapper and coureur de bois they fled towards Quebec.
They began this journey in 1758. Michel was only around 22 years of age.
They travelled through the woods during the summer, the women carried their babies on their shoulders, the men carried the baggage, searched for food , made the camp for the night. Just sit back and imagine all this. A group of people in the woods, night time must have been scary for them? There were not street lights , but the campfires would probably have given a bit of light.Since all the tools they had were knives and hatchets they lived on beavers, partridges, rabbits or any animal they could catch. Three days before Halloween they came across a village called Cacouna where they spent the winter with the people. Again imagine if you were there and now you have to live with strangers. It must have been so hard for the Acadians.But it is also nice to know that these people from Cacouna welcomed them. When spring arrived they all boarded canoes that they had made during the winter and sailed up the River to Saint Gregoire Quebec where many of the Acadians settled.
I hope you all see the reason I am writing today's blog. It is to tell you how important writing down events is. How important writing down little stories is.
Had none of the above have been written , all those stories would be gone forever.
So if you are doing your genealogy or family tree,add as much about the person that you can. What did they do? What did they look like? Were they tall? Were they funny? Did they play music? Did they accomplish something special? When I read the article about Michel Bergeron, I was amazed, when I read the papers saying Barthelemy Bergeron was captured and was the first prisoner to be released, and when I saw Barthelemy Bergeron's signature on a document words cannot express how I was really pleased.Now I have other lines besides Bergeron, that has interesting stories, the Cormier's, the Godin dit Bellefontaine's,the Leger's and so on. Well I really wrote a long blog today, I was getting carried away. smile.
Thank you for reading this, and do come again.
Have a great day