Sunday, November 28, 2010

If tomorrow never comes

I am sitting her wondering what to blog about, I don't want to blog about my store today. I just got back from the hospital seeing my Mom. And I sit here and think about all kinds of things. For example if one day I should lose her, what is it that I can tell her right now,today,tonight,tomorrow. That song "'If tomorrow never comes" keeps gnawing at me. Seeing her lying in her hospital bed today, I felt so bad for her , she is not in danger now ,don't get me wrong but she is in the hospital. Sometimes we don't express ourselves enough, my family was never one to always say I love you or hug one another, but that doesn't mean we don't love one another and we don't care. It is just the way our family has been all our lives. So lately I have been saying I love you to my Mom ,which I do with all my heart . I say it to my son and his family, and to my siblings too. Life is too short not to say these words as often as we can and mean it.
When I left I kissed on the forehead and said I love you Mom, she looked at me at said "and I love you too very much". That made me feel good. So I say to each one of you,
Appreciate all your love ones, tell them you care, tell them you love them. Three simple little words " I love you"
Have a great day

Monday, November 22, 2010

From France to Canada

Guillaume Pellerin from the Avranche diocese of France came to Gaspe when he was 15 on Mister Gouenard's ship ,he was given this referral by brother Bonaventure:
"In Quebec on Oct 23 1770 I certify that the man Guillaume Pellerin from the Val St Pere sous Avranche Parish in the Avranche archdiocese,came to the Baie of Chaleur as a "trente six mois" at a young age and 6 months after his arrival moved in with me at Miramichi for 17 years.I saw and knew several others whom he came from France with,who assured me he was a free man and I can assure you that he is free to marry. Now what does "trente six mois" mean?
It is a nickname for a young and inexperienced tradesman from France who would normally contract out his service for a period of 3 years after being assured of passage and board at the expense of the one who recruited him.His 3 years of experience in New France was often considered equal to 6 years experience in his trade and qualified him as a Master at\ his trade.He could then return to France and start his own business if he wanted to. His travel time to France was also part of his 3 years (36 months) term.Many of these men preferred to return to France rather than to subject themselves to the colony's many hardships and this was one of the problems encountered when the colony wanted new settlers. source Searching through the old records of New France.
I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit,.
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Have a great day

Friday, November 19, 2010

Acadians from a Normandy Frenchman's View

Sieur Diereville was a Frenchman from Normandy who arrived in Port Royal in 1699 and lived among the Acadians for one year. By this time many Acadians had grown up and moved and settled Beaubassin and

Grand Pre. When Diereville landed on the shores of the Dauphin River, there were around 501 settlers living

Along the river close to Port Royal. The following is the explanation he told France:

“Let me begin with, that there are only three settlements to divide so vast a territory ,and that the people of these places have the same occupations. The first is Port Royal ,the second is Grand Pre and Beaubassin is the third. I have never been to these two places and shall therefore give on description of them. I only know that Minas (Grand Pre) provides more wheat than all the rest of the country ,because its marshes, which are quite extensive have been drained and that the people of Port Royal have established their children there on concessions they have purchased in order that the land may be settled and rendered fertile; in this they are very successful. In regard to Beaubassin so called because of its situation it is the least populous settlement and also the least productive. The climate of all this region is like that of France and it lies in almost the same latitude; the summer is warm but the winter is colder; it snows almost continuously at this season ,and the winds are so cold that they freeze one’s face. “ Diereville described the country side around Port Royal as faultlessly beautiful although many of the houses were in poor condition because of the numerous raids and attacks Port Royal had suffered over the years. The parish priest did not live in luxury. Here is what he had to say; “ I asked for the church which I had been unable to identify y,because it differed in no way from the other buildings and I should have been more inclined to take it for a Barn than for the Temple of the true God. While I was on my way there to give thanks to him for his mercy in having brought me here in safety ,I saw Monsieur le Cure coming to meet me, we paid one another compliments after which he conducted me to the Church and honoured me by the offer of Holy Water. I said my prayer ,then Monsieur le Cure took me to his room,which was ill furnished ,and contrary to the rules concerning Presbyteries ,at the end of the church and adjoining it. Diereville did not criticize the Acadians for creating dykes here is what he said “ It costs a great deal to prepare the lands which they wish to cultivate. To grow wheat, the marshes which are inundated by the sea at high Tide, must be drained, these are called Lowlands, and they are quite good, but what labour is needed to make them fit for cultivation! The ebb and flow of the sea cannot easily be stopped, but the Acadians succeed in doing so by means of great Dykes called Aboiteaux.

I found this information in The Acadians of Nova Scotia by Alphonse Deveau and Sally Ross, a very interesting book to read. I do hope you enjoyed reading this little bit of information about the ways of the Acadians so very long ago.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One People

Hello everyone, well I have been off line since Thursday with no phone,no tv and no PC, so what could I do in my spare time? I have moved and after my day's work at unpacking the time was long so I thought what can I think about that would be interesting to you. First of all I love poetry and I love trying to create them so I created the following poem: (hope you like it).
Title is One People:
Our skins may be black
Red,Yellow or White
We have to keep peace
To make everything right

We are One People
Oh that is so true
No matter our color
It's me and it's you

Our language may be different
Our styles and our ways
But we are One People
Why not keep it that way

Love thy neighbour
Is what we've been told
So we are One People
Let's make this our goal.
(composed by Aline Cormier)

You know there has been lot of tragedies over the years, lots of hurts and heartbreaks and lots tears.
The Acadians were kicked out of their homes that they worked hard for and sent on ships all over the world breaking up families, many of them died at sea. They sure must have suffered and cried.
The Native Americans who were here before us, living their lives their ways hunting and fishing to provide for their families, they were rounded up like cattle and put on reservations. These people hurt and I am sure they cried and they lost a lot of their families.
The Blacks were abducted or kidnapped in Africa brought to America sold as slaves, sure must not have been easy for them, they sure must have cried many times and look at Rawando the people were kicked out of their homes too.
So we are not too different all of us, we all have or had feelings, we all love, we all hurt we all bleed the same. Now we need to try and live in peace and  grow old together. We are One People and it should stay that way. Some of the people may cause trouble, or instigate don't listen and don't follow,
Let's all get along. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. grin.
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Have a great day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything is beautiful

Hello everyone, haven't blogged in a few days.I am in the process of moving and that is a big job, I have a trailer full of boxes that I hope to go unload tomorrow,we have our new place for the 15th which is Monday.Tonight I go get the key to the apartment. I am very happy with the new place it has NO carpets and that is a plus, only drawback is I need to take the rubbish out way in the back and I have seven steps to climb. Otherwise, it is a nice building. Now my computer has been giving me so many problems, I bought it around three months ago and my window internet explorer is not working good at all, it was installed when I bought the computer so I need to reformat my computer I need to bring it down to where I bought it. Now the big job is saving my files and photos, I have an external hard drive but its packed, don't ask me where. So I need to get some DVDs and save my photos, my files are already stored. I have Legacy family tree software and I am hoping I don' t lose my information, I created some gedcom files and saved them.
I have my laptop as a backup while I wait for this one to be fixed.
I am still working on my genealogy and helping others when I can one of my projects is at a stand still, still waiting for some information from the person who wants it. So far no word.
And many of you know I have a website named  well I created a subdomain for my store and yesterday I created a forum in my site for the ones who want to add their store urls and join in on other topics. I called the forum Allicor's forum. you can get to the site this way
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That's it for today
Have a great day

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Things Irish

First of all I would like to talk about the group Celtic Thunder, I had never heard of this group until a year ago, a friend of mine was playing it in her car and I said What is that beautiful group? Celtic Thunder she said, so I hurried to Walmart and picked up a copy of the DVD, at the time the youngest in the group was around 13 or so and he was good and he still is good. Each of these entertainers have their own unique style. So separate or together they are awesome. They will be releasing their Christmas Album the 22 of this month ,I am hoping to be able to get the DVD. And they usually end their show by singing their song Ireland Calls which is so touching. To hear them go to You Tube type in Celtic Thunder and listen to their songs, I am sure you will approve.
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Have a great day