Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uncle Larry the Bachelor

Today I would like to share with you what I remember about Uncle Larry and what he accomplished in his life. He was born in Nova Scotia in 1893. His father worked in Digby for a while and then they went to Old Town Maine and then back to New Brunswick.
Larry never married but yesterday Mom gave me some of his old letters, and in one of the letters he talks about a girl he once loved. I believe her name was Theresa Mills, she was the love of his life and he did not win her and he never ever got married. Here is what Larry wrote at the age of 92, yes ninety two." There was a maid called Theresa Mills that one I first loved, in Saint Paul on a hill, she was an orphan I was told, but her eyes so blue and her hair shown like gold. This is why I loved her like I do. She got married after I met her but the words she said to me that day caused a pain in my heart I must say. That is all he wrote about her.
Larry lived in his parents home for a long time, he used to breed animals and birds, if you went to visit him, you did not expect a fancy house, he had chickens and roosters running through his house. He had the most beautiful exotic birds, peacocks , pheasants, with feathers of many different and beautiful colors, he had deer he had sent away for. He had white deer and one time one got away, and he never saw her again but later on he saw some white deer or brown and white deer so he figured she mated with the wild deer. He loved horses,and had various calves.
He was well educated and self taught himself on many subjects.
I first contacted him, when I got into genealogy, I had gone to his house when I was a little girl, but anyway when I first contacted me, he was hesitant on giving me information about his family,but he later confided in me. He told me of great aunts and great uncles, where they lived , the names of their children where they were and so on. I am grateful to him for sharing with me.
Anyway among his letters I want to share this one, it was written on July 24 1986 he was 93 years old, and he wrote to Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney in Ottawa. Here is what he wrote:
Dear Sir, I cannot see any harm in praising you in the Daily Times and Transcript of Moncton NB. As I have read some of your statements in that paper stating your great ambition in making efforts to bring this country to a reciprocal alliance with the rest of the world to talk PEACE instead of making efforts to blow up the universe and I hope your efforts will keep you as the man of Chaice for the safety of mankind for ever. Yours truly Larry. He had a note in the margin for whoever was mailing the letter to make a copy for him and one to Brian Mulrooney in Ottawa.
Now he wrote this at the age of 93, he died three years later at the age of 96. I do hope you enjoyed reading today's blog, I wanted to share this with someone,especially my cousin Eve, the memoirs of my great uncle Larry.
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Velda said...

sounds like he lived a happy life but died with a broken heart. What a beautiful story.

alineskee said...

guess so Velda, I didn't know about this lady until I read his letters.