Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summertime is here ,well in North America. In Australia it is wintertime. I remember quite a few years ago, I had been asked to do some research for the bishop of New Zealand which I did and he passed away a short while later. But he had a brother in New Zealand also and his brother contacted me and we kept on corresponding with each other. I had found lots of information they were looking  for. Their ancestors had lived in New Brunswick in a place called Irishtown and yes they were Irish. One day I was making a yard sale or garage sale and I remember it was really hot that day, it was in the month of June but it was winter in New Zealand. Anyway  we had gotten some take out food and the bags and cartons were all over my coffee table, my house was a mess because of the yard sale. We had brought the stuff left over from the sale into the house and at the time I lived in a basement apartment and it was small. We were all sitting in the living room when I heard a knock on the door and I opened the door and there was this tall red headed man standing there. He said Hello Aline, Tom Gains here pleased to meet you.Well I felt like crawling into the tiniest hole because my house was such a mess, but that didn't bother him one bit, he called his wife and son into the house and we sat down, and we had the nicest chat and time  you can imagine. They were on their way to Ireland to see if they could find further information on their ancestors. He had also made a sort of a book with all the information he had at the time and inside was a note thanking me for all the help I gave them. I found that was very nice of them. And they were amazed at our lovely weather compared to them leaving in winter weather.
Summertime is a time for cookouts, for family reunions, the beach, sunday drives, going for long walks, or just sitting outdoors on the swing or the front porch. But there is something we all have to remember and remember it well. First of all  drive very carefully, be safe. And wear sunscreen , I didn't and a few weeks ago I got the nastiest sunburn imaginable. That sun can be extremely hot and very dangerous.
I do hope you will have a great summer and if you are going away, will see you when you return.
Now changing the subject, I created a Facebook Page, I named it ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE (capital letters) and I am posting some images of my gallery and also some of my sales. Today I sold some teddy bear postcards. I created a pair of men's shoes yesterday and they were approved, , and I sort of like the idea of putting the words "These shoes were made for walking". on them,you can find them in my shoe folder at*  And  check out my various invitations, some for birthdays, family reunions,baby showers ,wedding showers, you can find them in my greeting card folder and clicking on invitations. Enjoy, I have lots of Acadian,Cajun,genealogy,some Irish ,some Scottish Tartans, and plenty of tee shirts I do hope you will stop by.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

fisherman postcard from

Today  I want to share this sale with you, I sold 30 customized copies of this postcard today, I am very pleased.
fisherman postcard from

I have been pretty busy creating products for my gallery at*  and I also decided to try my hand at creating a Facebook Page, now what should I  name the page? I thought to myself. My Store is called Allicor so I decided on ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE all capital letters. So if you are on Facebook stop by and see some of my creations and sales.
Then I thought about doing a Squidoo Lens, well that is going to be a bit hard for me, because I checked and I had tried it under allicor but something is just not right, there are lots of words I don't understand yet, but I am not ready to give up.
I am also working slowly on  the Trails of our Ancestors Project, now we are doing the maternal side . We won't be adding as much details as we did on the paternal side but I want to make it as interesting as possible, maybe later in the fall we will do another project for someone else.
So if  you are on Facebook check out Trails of our Ancestors, while you are there I also have two more groups "Old Photos of New Brunswick" and Williams dit Bristol groups, and be sure to check out my acadian genealogy website where there is other interesting  there also at 

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Genealogy & Zazzle

First I will talk genealogy and
will talk zazzle next.
Well I went to see my Mom the other day and  she has been saving obituaries from the newspaper for a long time and when I went over she was putting them all in an album. So I borrowed the album and I scanned all the pages of the allbum and I have created   a page on my Acadian-Roots dot com website. If you go there you will see an animated pencil on the sidebar click on it and it will take you to the obituaries. The following are the names of the persons .They are not in alphabetical order so you will have to look to find them on my website at .
Eloi Arsenault, Melina Arsenault, Marie Anne Belliveau, Maxime Breau, Arthur Gallant, Emile Gallant, Freeman Gould, Normand Hunt,Philippe LeBlanc, Patrick LeBlanc, Guy LeBlanc, Aline LeBlanc, Claude LeBlanc, Armand LeBlanc, Diane LeBlanc, Hazel Mae Leblanc, Therese Thibodeau, Theresa Bourgeois, Zephir Girouard, Irene Briggs, Marie L Caissie, Sara Caron, Paul Allain, Edmee Cassidy, Clayton Rideout, marjorie Allison Parley, Milledge Williams, Elizabeth J Williams, Emery Boudreau, Lucilda Bourque, Henry Bourque, Barbara Ann Babineau, Alcide Bourque, Kenneth Coster, Sylvia A Henderson, Romeo Leger, Freddy Gautreau, Mabel Arsenault, Sanford Maillet, Odila Brine, Sophie McLean, Eva Saulnier, Dora Pellerin, Justin R Williams, Raymond Leger, Gerard (Patat)Melanson, Rejean Martin, John Kerwin, Laurie LeBlanc, Kathryn Pyne Welner, Clara Beaton, Norman tower, John Williams, Tyler Williams, Laurie Leger, Bernice Cassidy, Romain Doucet, Yvon Cormier, Raymond Donelle, Edna Cormier, Philip Aubie, Lawrence Bernard, Clarence Melanson, Walter Baxter, Nelida Leblanc, Doris A Richard, Emile Desroches, Jack Bell, Louis Arsenault, Clarence (Buck)Arsenault, Samuel Gorber, Laurie J Leblanc, David Meahan, Edgar Bourque, Jean Baptiste Cormier, Ulysse Maillet, Alfred Caissie, Raymond Leblanc, Ronald King, Leo LeBlanc, Kristina Elliot, Andrea Vautour, Clifford Williams,Marie Collette, Thomas Chase, Yvonne Leblanc, Camille C Thebeau, Irene Ambrose, Irene McGinnity, Hilda Williams, Edward J Gallant, Emerise Girouard, Albert Girouard, Dora Girouard, Marie Girouard, Desire Girouard, Irene Saulnier, Lionel Maillet, Leo Donahue, Adelard Melanson, Jacques Bourque, William Hebert, Donald Richard, Bernice Myers, Dora Williams Melanson, Pauline Hebert, Dora Pellerin, Sister Genevieve Petitpas, Lucianne Roy, Edward LeBlanc, Lindsay MacCurdy, Lena Arsenault, Evangeline Chiasson, M.E.Girouard, Bernard Doucet, Kenneth Daigle, Mary Lilian Rossiter, Clarence Wedge, Yvonne Hache, Pierre Bourque, Germaine Trembley, Yvon Maillet,  Connie McCallum, James Vautour, Gisele Minhas, Garnet Mutch, David Briggs, Robert Murdock, Lionel Jos Williams, Edward Williams, Edmee Bourgeois, Alice Boucher, Roy Steeves, Doris Leblanc, Edward Lirette, S .Hansen, Lillian M Little, Edward (Eddie)Saulnier,Lloyd Lirette, Geneva Cormier, Gladys Belliveau, Yvon J Hache, Jeanne Munrow, Paul G Gallant, John Ramsay, Melas Hebert, Alfred Niles, Stella King, Dorilla (Maillet)Drisdelle, Arthur Martin, Richard Murray, Leo Hebert, Odile Hachey, Mrs Perley  Wesley Vye, Donnie Terrio, Leonard (Ted) Boucher, Laura Gosselin, Richard Russell, Rita Boucher, Jeanne Finck, Kenneth Gallagher and Edna Girouard.
Now we will talk Zazzle. Zazzle is where I created my gallery or my store. There are tons and tons of zazzle stores and lots of great artists among them. I would like to mention a new friend of mine from Melbourne Australia, her name is Rose and she has been promoting my store at    so in return I would like to promote her store, now she is very talented, and she has a blog and a newsletter which you can subscribe to, in her newsletter she talks about her store but she also helps advertise stores like mine and yours. Each time I make a sale I sent her the list of what I sold and she in turn posts it in her newsletter along with other zazzlers. Here is what she wrote for me to share with you:
Sketchart26 Fine Arts & Photos Newsletter Started on Monday 1st of March 2010. The news letter was influence through my personal belief that we should never just take and should always try to give back. So out of this belief I developed what I now call “Sketchart26 Fine Arts and Photos Zazzle Bog”. The blog was designed to not only display my work but also to display the work of all Zazzle store owners. Over the path of the development stage of the blog I began to realise the importance for all Zazzle store owners to have a place to share their experiences, sales, store, designs and any websites they may have set up to help advertise their store. I believe through sharing these experiences we give hope to all those just starting out and also at the same time we can learning from one another so that we may be able to grow as individuals as well. So the newsletter is sent out once a fortnight each Monday and incorporates anything blogged within the fortnight. It also allows those who subscribes access to a programme I have started called “Tools of The Trade” which is my own tutorials I am writing to help other’s learn what I have learned during my time at Zazzle in the hope to make other’s paths an easier path to take. So I would like to invite you all to sign up and start sending through all your wonderful news about your sales, stores, new designs and anything else that might be of importance to your stores. Customers are also welcome to sign up for the newsletter.

You can sign up through my website or my blog. See links below.
Cheers Sketchart26

I hope she will get a lot of new subscriptions. 
Now I hope you like my two products I added today, there is a story behind them. Today we went to the country and stopped in this Acadian Restaurant where they sold Poutine Rapees, they are the photos on the shirt, they may not look very tasty but they sure are, with a little bit of sugar is the way I like them, some use salt, some even use ketchup, So I bought a couple and brought them home and I said to myself, hmm this would make a great product for my gallery so I set them on a plate on my table , took out a few Acadian things and voila I have a product. I made tee shirts, french and english, I made invitations french and in english, I created a hat, even a necktie and  a bag, a mousepad and a postcard . You can find all of these in my Acadian Cajun Folder  and in my mouse and greeting card folders too. I do hope you will stop by.
So as Porky Pig used to say "da, dats  all  foolks."  grin.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's happening in my world

Been sitting here trying to think about something to blog, sometimes my mind his a brick wall so I am going to just talk about this and that. First of all I am still working on our genealogy project on Trails of our Ancestors on Facebook, we did all the paternal side, now we are doing the maternal side which is all the women (not the men).
And my Williams dit Bristol group also on Facebook is growing, I have recently been in contact with a distant cousin and it is really exciting to know more about this family line. Many of the ancestors moved away and it is nice hearing where they moved to. Our acadianrootsclub genealogy group is still going strong, somedays we have a lot to discuss other times it is quiet.
I am still doing my Petit Francois storyline, this is a weekly article in the french Etoile paper and I translate it to english on my  website. Plus our Chat n Brag group on my family dot come is active, we are not that many members there but we are like one big family, we brag our families,we confort each other in need be, we post pictures and we are a friendly group.
And I have my gallery  that I work on everyday, you can see  some of my products at the very bottom of this blog or you can go visit my gallery at*  ,My gallery has been featured at the following site you have to subscribe to the newsletter but it is very interesting 
If you have a gallery I would suggest you subscribe for the newsletter and maybe your gallery may be featured in a  later issue.  Other sites have also been featured on her site.  My gallery and my acadian-roots website have also been featured in a Maine USA newsletter. This encourages me to keep on creating . Today I created the mousepad that you see here, also  did a hat, hooodie,shirt,sticker ,mug with the same image of the cat. This image was sent to me by one of my members who has given me permission to use the image on my products.Thank you Alan.
So if you are looking for invitations ,or greeting cards, postcards, gifts,shirts, ties, and I have even created some shoes for the ladies, men and children. These shoes are Keds Atletics shoes and are worn by many sport celebrities, not my creations, but I do hope you will take a look around, you will see a lot of variety in my allicor gallery.
Now I must say goodnight because it is close to midnight, so until next time, thanks for stopping by  and do drop in again.