Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A love that never died

I would like to share with you, a story of true love. There once was a young girl who lived in the country, when she was around twelve years old, she met a man eight years older than her who lived next door. She did not go out with him, she probably was attracted to him because he was a very handsome young man, so I was told. Now this little girl would walk up to her aunt's place up the road, to get some milk for her mother and when she got there, there was always some people listening to her aunt tell stories. Her aunt was a great storyteller and this young lady would see the handsome man there.
When the young girl was around thirteen and a half, they decided to marry, they would meet on a little wooden bridge and make their plans. But her father had he known would not have approved of his daughter getting married at such a young age.
So they decided they would elope. One night they met and took the train into the city, and got married by a minister, and they were both catholics. After their marriage they returned to the country. But their being together did not last very long. "knock ,knock on the door. So this young woman goes to the door, it was the catholic priest, "oh oh!". Young lady, said the priest you go on home right now, and to the young man he said and you too". So they were separated, but did this stop them? No it didn't , back to the priest they went and they told him they wanted to get married. So the priest wrote to the Bishop for permission, and the bishop agreed that they could get married. The young lady was thirteen and a half, the man 21 and they were married in the catholic faith.
They endured hard times, but they weathered the storm, they had a big family ,but when their family was all grown up, lo and behold they divorced.
Dit that end their relation? No , the man remarried, did that end their relation? NO. Because the young lady was always there for her first love, even when he married another, she took them for their errands, doctors appointments.
She never married again, and when her one true love was on his deathbed, where was she? She was at his bedside. How do I know?
Because she is my Mom, and the young man was my Dad.
Have a great day


Greta Koehl said...

This story brought a lump to my throat. Your mother knew the meaning of loyalty and faithfulness.

alineskee said...

Thank you Greta, yes she did. She loved my Dad until the end, they married in 1932 and Dad passed away in 2004 so that is a long long time to love someone.

Anonymous said...

... What a grand love, your parents had! As I read this well-written true story, my eyes teared-up ... What devotion and friendship! Such as love was meant to be between them!
Thank you for sharing this 'lovliness' with us ... AliceMary

Anonymous said...

What a love story! It brought tears to my eyes. Such a love is like a rare gem that can only be possessed by certain couples.
May the priceless love of your parents live on forever ...
Blessings - AliceMary

Velda said...

OMG I want to cry...oh wait, I did. What an incredible story of love.