Sunday, June 05, 2011

Who's interested in Genealogy?

That is a good question. I wonder how many readers don't know what genealogy is all about? There are so many words that sound similar. Well genealogy is another word for tracing your ancestors, or doing your family tree. Everyone should get interested in genealogy. Why? Well one day we will be no longer here, and when we leave our memories and stories go with us. Now is the time to sit down, and write about ourselves, and our ancestors. So that means we have to find our ancestors. Do you know anything about your grandparents? Did they ever tell you how they met one another? Did your grandmother ever tell you something about her youth that she was proud of? Did your grandparents ever talk to you about their growing up and their parents?  I love digging for new stories, now another thing I want to mention is you have to write down the truth, no lies ,don't butter up the story. Did your grandmother get pregnant before she got married? Back then it was hush hush, and shhhhhhhhhhhh don't say anything and many times the girl got pregnant and kept indoors till she had the baby then her mother all of a sudden adopts a baby or has a baby? hmmm. Did your great grandfather  commit a crime that you are not so very proud of? It is the truth, don't hide it. No matter how terrible the crime was ,you have to remember that without that great grandfather you would not be here. He is part of your legacy ,he is your ancestor and you are part of him. What I would give if I could go back in time and interview my ancestors, I recently am tracing my English line, and it is very interesting, I found that one of my gggggrandfather fathered a child and never married the girl now this was way back in the 1600s, and I also read that in England  it was the custom that a man could bring his wife to market and sell her.Yes sell her if she didn't please him. If my late husband would be alive and he would hear what I just said he would say Too bad I didn't know that . haha. So today this is what I wanted to talk about, genealogy and how important it is. Even if you have no children, this information can be passed on to nieces ,nephew,cousins. I hope you enjoyed today's blog, now get interested in doing your family tree and you will be so proud of yourself. I am adding a few products I recently made that you can find at*   I also have so much more there including genealogy products.

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