Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheticamp Nova Scotia

Cheticamp NS mug
Cheticamp NS by allicor
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IN 1785 or around 1785 a group of Acadians returning from exile settled in the beautiful village of Cheticamp in Cape Breton, later a group of pioneers settled in Margaree. More settlers arrived and settled in both Cheticamp and Margaree,. These two villages are very near each other.  Cheticamp is a fishing village. It had three churches built there, the first one was made of  platen  in or around 1800 the next one was built in wood in 1810, the third one was built of stone in 1861. St Peter's church is a very beautiful church. I went  on a trip and did the Cabot Trail and stopped in Cheticamp, entered the beautiful church. If ever you go to the Cabot Trail be sure to stop and admire this beautiful structure. In the book on Cheticamp by Anselme Chiasson I read this passage:If the question was put to us  where can one find  today the type of people who have most faithfully preserved the Acadian character of  former days?  We would answer without hesitation:
" Go to the coast of Cheticamp". There on the shores which will perhaps never see a railroad,among that population,half farming and half fishing, you will discover treasures of faith, considerate charity and delicate hospitality.  I guess this sums it all.   Now I have created a calendar which also contains the image of the church and I have just created this beautiful mug, which I hope is going to show on here. You can visit my site at* click on church or calendar folders. I would also like to add that my other Allicor's Unique Boutique  at  will be more about my store and probably other zazzle stores if you are interested come follow me there too, I will try and have different topics for both blogs. Thanks for the visit  have a great day

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Obituaries are important

Men's Genealogy Shirts shirt
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If you do genealogy or family trees most of you know how important obituaries are. But those who do not or have not done their family tree and are wondering what to do or where to go you can find a lot of information from an obituary. for instance, if you are just starting to do your family tree, and haven't got a clue about your grandparent's family, if you look up his or her obituary a lot of times there is a wealth of information in one.
First of all you know where he or she was born, (that gives you a place to search) next in many cases their parents are mentioned (oh boy another clue) now many times it will say where they worked. (hmmm nice to know) and it names their children (but that's not all) it might say where the children lived. (might come in handy in your research.) If it is a female it also will list her maiden name, (oh I didn't know that). Now an obituary might also say died as a result of an accident. (hmm what kind of accident) if so there might be another article on the accident not far from the obituary. The obituary might also say where they are buried, (oh then maybe they had a tombstone,another image to add to my family tree).So all this comes from one single obituary and this paticular obituary  is another clue to discovering where you come from. I recently searched for an obit, discovered it was due to an automobile accident and this will be information to add in a family tree book.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Church Point Nova Scotia

Did you know that the Saint Marie or Saint Mary Church in Church Point Nova Scotia  is the largest wooden church in North America? It is located between Digby and Yarmouth in a village called Church Point. This church was begun in 1903 and it took a couple of years to build. It was built by a self taught carpenter named Leo Melanson  and around 1500 volunteer parisheners. I found Leo in the 1901 census age 32 with a wife and two daughters. Now around the time this church was being built were many Acadian families, in the 1901 census for Church Point, I found some Doucet,Daigle,Melansons,Chiasson,Mius,Dugas,Guidry,Gaudet,Belliveau,Boudreau,
Comeau, Leblanc,Maillet, Pothier,Richard,Thibodeau,Theriault,Saulniers and there were more Acadian names. I am sure many of these people must have been among the volunteers. The church has 41 stained glass windows. What they did not have for the church was imported from France such as the stained glass windows, the the bells . There is story about the paintings on the ceilings, apparently the artist was afraid of heights so before he would climb to paint he would drink a bottle of wine, then he would take a bottle up with him where he painted. Now how would you find this beautiful church? Well if you can find the Evangeline Trail it will lead to it, and the church is on the St Mary's University Grounds.  And if you are interested in the poster above, you can find it along with other church products in my church folder at*    In the meantime ,thank you for stopping by, if you are not following me yet why don't you do so?
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saulnierville NS Postcard from

Saulnierville NS Postcard from

Well I must let you know what I am doing. I am creating postcards,shirts,bags,magnets,stickers,and possibly posters with images of churches. Today I did the Sacred Heart Church in Saulnierville Nova Scotia. This church was built in 1880 and has served many Acadian families and others . So if you are into genealogy and you have ancestors who came from this area, this would make a nice souvenir . Or if you know someone who came from this area this would make nice gifts for them. I shall be creating other churches as well. So check out my Church folder at* and keep checking, when I get the urge to create I do so and today it was the Saulnierville Church.
I am still working on my Leger and Richard families, on the Legers I am at the last generation and am waiting for photos and a few last minute details then I will have the book made. Next I do the Richard book. I am very proud of what I have found on these Legers and my brother is helping me make the book look much better.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Blog Site

Notice about a new blog ,instead of my Allicor Boutique Blog I have created another blog, called Allicor's Unique Boutique, the reason I created it is to reach more people or more readers.  would like to see as many follow me there as I can. That blog will be where I interview other store owners ,and talk about different topics including my zazzle store, I will keep this blog going because this has a lot to do with genealogy, I won't be blogging about genealogy on Allicor's Unique Boutique but will blog about other things.  So I hope I haven't caused too much confusion, I had to set out a new blog so as to be able to reach newcomers.  You can follow my blog at      please tell your friends?
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Long time no blog

Hello everyone well it has been some time since I blogged so here I am. I have been pretty busy with my genealogy research , am waiting for the final photos and information for my Leger book and next I work on the Richards. I have quite a bit of information on the Richard line but need the final information and photos there too. I am also going to go to the genealogy center to find a couple of obits in the newspaper relating to this family.  As you know with genealogy the more information you have the more interesting the family tree book. This has been my opinion since I first began doing my family tree way way back and long long ago. grin. To me finding that my great grandmother planted an orchard with seeds with her own hands if very important,because last week I went to see the orchard and saw some apples on the ground and a few in the trees ,they must have been picked over. But knowing this lady who I am part of planted this way back in the early 1920s. Awesome!.  I only wish I could have picked up a nice apple to bring back to Mom who is 92 and remembers the orchard when she was a little girl.
I am also working on my Facebook groups "Old Photos of New Brunswick Canada" ,you should see all the photos added there for all to share, I believe there are around 400 photos and growing so if you have any photos of New Brunswick that you want to share ,join the group. And I still have my Williams dit Bristol group where I am looking for any descendants of Mathurin Williams dit Bristol and Angelique Gauthier, I am trying to get as many cousins together as possible and we are posting photos there too. 
I still have my acadianrootsclub and petiteacadienne groups in Yahoo plus Chat n Brag which is a private group. And I still find the time to work on my store at* and I created another website regarding my zazzle store where I am adding some of my products, I set up that website exactly like my website    this site is    so you can check out all these urls if you have the time. you never know what you will find.  I created the mug above a few days ago, it would make a lovely Christmas gift for that special someone.  And finally I found the time to say hello to each of you. Oh and I have other blogs one of the is   ,I think that one will be popular because I have one called Allicor's Boutique  and it is harder to access than the above one which I have named Allicor's Unique Boutique. So for you followers the above blog for my zazzle store will be reaching a lot more readers, please come follow me there? This blog here is a separate blog which I will keep on doing it will still contain genealogy and tidbits.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Genealogy and Humor

Genealogy like anything else has it's funny moments, and that is a good thing it keeps us motivated in keeping on going. Sometimes we hit brick walls, then one day they come tumbling down. It might take a long time for that wall to break, but there are so many new resources that seem to appear, places we haven't looked through, places we don't think to look through and all of a sudden we hit a  gold mine, well to the researchers it is like a gold mine, or finding that pot of gold (lost ancestor).
I am at the present doing two different surname lines for someone and  I thought "Gee I have that line connected right to the first ancestor recorded " Not so !  Come to find out, I was barking up the wrong tree, same name, different line. groan. But that didn't stop me, back to the searching. Oh Boy! Here he is, now I am on the right track. So I am on my way, I know there will be roadblocks along the way but I will get through them.  Now I have decided that I needed to create some funny and some nice genealogy products. I have created some churches and will add more, and I have some funny tee shirt like the one above and more if you go to my genealogy folder at*   you will see what I have so far also you can go to my new website at     and look there.
So now I am off to to I don't know what or I don't know where to start things. grin.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Alzheimers Disease and Ancestors

Have you ever wondered if our ancestors had some similar diseases as we have? Could some of these diseases be passed down to us or our children? Yes I believe some of them can. For instance ,my late husband's grandmother died in a mental asylum, they said she was crazy, but back then there was no dementia ,or alzheimers, they were crazy. My late husband died of Alzheimers and his sister is not afflicted with it too. Could it be coincidence? Or could their grandmother have passed it down tot them
Alzheimers is a disease that robs a person of his mind, his motor skills, his ability to walk, talk ,eat and it is so very hard on their love ones.It is a form of dementia and so many people across the world are affected with it. My late husband was one of them. So I have been there, and know how all the caregivers and love ones are feeling right now. Some of them are taking care of their love ones and they probably don't know what is keeping them going. Well I was there too, as I look back I don't know what kept me going but something did. I think it is because we all have our love ones on our mind, we want to make them confortable, we want to make sure they don't get hurt, we hope that inside their minds they can still hear us and know we love them. Alzheimer patients want to go go go, they have to be watched in order that they don't wander off and get lost. So here are a few things that I did with my late husband, when he was up and about , we had a car and he wanted to go drive the car, he had a set of keys with a black cover, so when I had the chance I took another car key that belonged to another old car we had and I switched the black top and he never knew the difference, he tried the car and I said it broke down and that was accepted. Then he wanted to go to the bank, here it was on Sunday, so he had forgotten about the car being broke, I took him to the bank and I said see it is closed, that sort of eased things, next he wanted to go to his home, which was nearby but gone years ago, he said why didn't you tell me? But sometimes they seem to dissappear really fast, one day it was winter time and he got out and here he was climbing a snow bank through the back yard to go somewhere and he was going the wrong way had I not seen him I would never had known which way to go looking for him. I know they sell medic alert bracelets but I never had one for him, now I came up with an idea of a shirt ,this shirt can be bought in different colors and for men women even children and their phone number will be on the back of the shirt if they get lost or disoriented. I am planning on creating more things like a hat , a badge, anything to identify them. I have added a photo of my shirt.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

What did our Ancestors do for fun?

What did our ancestors do  for fun in their days?
Have you ever wondered about this? Well in case you don't know, I am everywhere and on Facebook I started some discussions which seems to be keeping everyone interested and my latest discussion was about Halloween. Well what does this have to do with ancestors?  I didn't think it did at first but since I posted  on FB I spoke to my Mom who is 92 and would you believe when we were young Dad and Mom dressed up at Halloween and took us children out? We are seven in my family but the time she told me about we were six of us. I had to be around five years old and Mom said that she took old coats and tore the inside linings out, made some costumes and masks and then she even tore up some old clothes for costumes, dressed us and out we went. This paticular day she said they walked to the end of the road (they lived in the country) and when they got there it began raining so our costumes and masks were all sopping wet. When we got home Mom said that the dye from the mask she had made had run down all over her face which made it black.  Now I could not imagine my parents going out on Halloween, so if they went out,what about their parents (our grandparents) Did they celebrate Halloween Night? If they lived in the country and the houses were far apart, did they still go out? These are all things that would be nice to know and to add to our notes about them. And speaking of Halloween ,if you are planning a halloween party for the children or for the adults  now is the time to order your invitations, posters, and even badges and mugs to give out as prizes at your party.
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