Monday, November 27, 2006

Well hello everyone,I have not been able to do my blog earlier , I have been back and forth at the hospital, my friend took sick and landed in the hospital, I stayed with him from 4am until 1 pm yesterday then went back today. While he was taking all sorts of xrays and tests I had nothing to do so I decide to compose a little poem, but I ended doing two. So here is one I will share with all my members of my yahoo acadian roots club. Here goes. grin.
I have a room
This is the truth
The name of it
Is Acadian Roots
My member are
One of a kind
Helping others
Time after time
We are one nice
Big family
If you dont believe me
Come and see
I would not trade
Even one of them
Because you see
They are all my friends.

I may add the other one I did in another blog.
On another note, I have finished both parts of the Cap Pele Cemetery so you can go to my website find your ancestor then go to Lucie's site and see the tombstone.
Have a great day

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hello , I am so glad you stopped by,especially during this busy season. I hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving day with your love ones. Next comes the christmas season, that is my favorite season. I have always loved christmas, the magic is still there after all these years. But the magic I mean is the feeling I get from giving to others. I honestly don't care if I don't get any gifts but if the time came that I could not give gifts that would hurt. When my late husband was alive, at christmas we would go pick up a gift for a girl of a certain age and a boy of the same age and we would just drop it off to an organization set up to help needy families.We would not leave our name , just give it and walk away. Christmas morning we would have a nice christmas and in our hearts we knew there were two children somewhere receiving our gift. A lady from one of my groups once told me that on christmas eve she goes to her neighbors late at night and sets a gift on the steps, with no name on it, she said that the neighbors still do not know who does it. grin.
On another note, I am keeping quite busy these days, maybe some of my friends think I am forgetting them but not so, I just need to get my work done. I am working on part two of the Cap Pele Cemetery , that is the joint project between Lucie LeBlanc Consentino and myself. It won't be long before I have the second part on my site...
I also need to go get more Ram put on my computer , I will do that Tuesday.I want to make sure I can take my computer with me and take it back home on my way back. smile.
Last night I began doing a bit of gift wrapping and I set up a little tree and a few decorations. My special one is a dancing santa, he sings jingle bell rock, he is wearing suspenders. I had bought that for my Dad the christmas before he passed away so it is special to me because I remember his laughter when he heard it for the first time.
Have a great day

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello everyone, nice to see you again. Well I have been pretty busy the last few days, I would first like to let you know that part one of the Cap Pele Cemetery is finished and up and running, remember to check the name then go to Lucie's site to see the tombstone because on many of the stones I did not add the complete information, I never added the children, nor some of the wive's dates .I will begin the second part soon. This joint project of Lucie's and mine is going to be a big thing .
I will also add the Adamsville New Brunswick marriages on my site at some time .
Yesterday I went to Saint Paul, I had an appointment to meet a gentleman at the rectory to look at some old cemetery plans. I wanted to find some of my ancestors who are buried there, but not a one did I find that I really wanted to find. I was a little dissappointed but there were other maps I never had time to look at so I shall return another time. I must add that I really enjoyed looking at the old brown colored maps. Wish I could have copied a lot of names down, maybe I will have a chance sometimes in the future.
Finally I want to add a word for Garrett who is in Iraq, he is a member of our group and he posted on our message board today, so I guess he is able to come online. Garrett what you are doing is a great thing, and that goes for all of you in Iraq who are reading this. God bless all of you , Come home soon.
Take Care
Hello everyone, nice to see you again. Well I have been pretty busy the last few days, I would first like to let you know that part one of the Cap Pele Cemetery is finished and up and running, remember to check the name then go to Lucie's site to see the tombstone because on many of the stones I did not add the complete information, I never added the children, nor some of the wive's dates .I will begin the second part soon. This joint project of Lucie's and mine is going to be a big thing .
I will also add the Adamsville New Brunswick marriages on my site at some time .
Yesterday I went to Saint Paul, I had an appointment to meet a gentleman at the rectory to look at some old cemetery plans. I wanted to find some of my ancestors who are buried there, but not a one did I find that I really wanted to find. I was a little dissappointed but there were other maps I never had time to look at so I shall return another time. I must add that I really enjoyed looking at the old brown colored maps. Wish I could have copied a lot of names down, maybe I will have a chance sometimes in the future.
Finally I want to add a word for Garrett who is in Iraq, he is a member of our group and he posted on our message board today, so I guess he is able to come online. Garrett what you are doing is a great thing, and that goes for all of you in Iraq who are reading this. God bless all of you , Come home soon.
Take Care

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hello everyone thank you for stopping by . I went to the CEA today and I extracted all the marriages in the Adamsville Parish Records, and I shall be adding them to my website soon.But first if you read Lucie's blog yesterday you will know that Lucie and I are doing a joint project, Lucie has uploaded various cemetery tombstones, and I am going to copy the names on the tombstones and add the names in my website, so if you go to my website ,and for example you have a John LeBlanc from Barachois, you look on my page to see if he has a tombstone, if so I am going to try and list where the photo is located on Lucie's site, then you go to Lucie's site and it will be much easier to find. Otherwise you have to look through a lot of tombstones to try and find your ancestor. So Lucie and I came up with this idea and we both think it will be a great help to many of you.
I have begun doing the Cap Pele Cemetery, there are over 800 stones so I am doing it as quick as I can.... Once I have the page up and running I will let you know. And Lucie will do the same.
To end todays blog I would like to wish each of you who are celebrating Thanksgving to have a very Happy Thanksgiving
Have a Great Day

Monday, November 20, 2006

Good morning, it is early here in New Brunswick. Looking out my window I see that we had rain overnight. Yesterday I took a drive to Moncton, because I wanted to go take a photo of the Shediac Road Cemetery. I wanted to put in on my cemetery page in my website, which I have now done.
I took a lot of photos and chose the one I liked best, the one that I chose was of the masoleum and a family plot. Then my friend wanted a photo of his grandparent's tombstone, so I walked over and took it for him but the ground was soaking wet. I would have loved to stop and see my grandparent's stones, but I was not exactly sure where they were and the ground was too wet. So I shall try and make another trip at a later date.
I am still working on my latest cemeteries, I have a large part of Saint Paul in Kent County New Brunswick done ,I am doing them alphabetically so it will be easier for you to search for your ancestors, I am now at the letter R for Saint Paul.
My Shediac Road cemetery has more stones in it but what I am doing for my Shediac Road cemetery is I am adding all the acadian names , and the ones who married acadians, plus I am adding all the names that are in the cemetery,the irish and the english names I am adding mostly only one entry each name, but if you see a surname that you are looking but the person's name is not among my list , it doen't mean that thy are not there because on some of these names there are more than one listed so please contact me and I will do a lookup to see if your ancestors are among the ones I did not add. At the moment I am at the Surnames D in my Shediac Road Cemetery. My Saint Paul Cemetery will be complete, I am not excluding any names that I found.
Now changing the subject, as you know Christmas is getting nearer, I always loved the christmas season, on our way home yesterday I noticed that this paticular house that is decorated each year has put up their outdoor decorations. They usually had something new every year, but they are not totally done yet. I love taking a drive around the holidays to see the decorated homes. I am looking forward to being with my son and his family this christmas day. But on another note I do wish my late husband were here also. He would always make us laugh around christmas time. He was such a good person, a good hearted person, I told my friend yesterday, see that microwave? That was my husband's last christmas gift to me. I remember when my son was little and we used to buy him little battery operated cars and racing cars , train sets, and my husband would set them up for our son then he would play with the toys himself. grin.
Memories are so precious. It would be wonderful that when we leave this earth our memories would stay behind, since that is not possible it is really up to us to share them with our loved ones now. That is why I love my books that I have worked so many years in. Do you think my son would remember his first black eye? Now he will because I have it down in my book, he came home from training in Karate with my brother John who was the instructor, my son was around ten or so, he came home and he had this baseball cap down over his face, I said why do you have your hat on covering your eyes? He slowly took his cap away and voila! a big black eye. Now my grandchildren will read this years from now, and grin.
Have a great day

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good morning, the sun is shining, the rain has stopped. So I am in the mood to do more genealogy, grin. Speaking of genealogy, I must share this with you because I feel it may be important to many of you. Lucie has told me, she now has images of the tombstones of Shediac, Haute Aboujagane, St.Anselme, Barachois and Pre D'en Haut.Now this is a great thing. I know I want to go and look at the Barachois cemetery, I had walked through it but never jotted anything down.Also Lucie said she should soon be having more cemeteries such as Memramcook, which I am anxious to browse through. So be sure to check out her site, I really believe she has a great site. . Well done Lucie.
On another note, I shall be adding the old Shediac Road Cemetery on my website which is located on the Lewisville Road in Moncton, it is an old cemetery, used before the Chartersville Cemetery, they have since stopped burying there.
Now changing the subject, as you know Christmas will soon be here, so what can you ask for as a gift? Why not ask for stuff for genealogy? you can now order many censuses , or genealogy related books. And for you to make someone happy on Christmas morning, why not buy a toy for a boy and a toy for a girl and drop it off to some organization? Even if they do not know who gave it to them, you will know you have brought joy and laughter to some child. Just a thought.
Have a great day

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well another day has come and gone, so much to do and so little time. smile.
I would like to share something with you today, that may be of help to you later on. As you know I have met a long lost cousin, and some of her family, and at the moment we are getting to know each other day by day. It is so nice to be able to share .
Anyway when I first began my genealogy, I didn't have a clue how to go about it, so I began writing to various places, churches, relatives ,friends, genealogy societies. I would get clues from my mother, my aunts,and so on. Well there was only one great uncle left on my mother's side, his name was Larry. Now Larry was up in age. So yesterday I wanted to share one of his letters with my cousins, and I began reading it, he was 91 years old when he wrote it. On the letter he spoke about his family and cousins, his letter was so interesting I hadn't noticed that he gave me information that I had not noticed. For instance he told me he had an uncle and an aunt that I never knew existed. wow... He goes on to mention a little about each family. I am keeping this letter , to me it is important...He told me his great uncle died in PEI, hmmm another place to search. He also mentioned St.Bruno Quebec could he have meant St Bruno Van Buren? More to check out.
My point to you is, look at old letters from your relatives if your mother had any, or if your aunts or uncles have any. You never know what you will find in old letters.......Did your relatives move to the USA? Did your relatives go out west?
Where did the letter come from? Can you see the stamp on the envelope? These are all more clues to use in your genealogy research.
Do you now have relatives away? A grandparent? A great uncle or aunt? Maybe you could write to them, say hello and ask them questions about their family and do they have any information to share with you about their parents?
I hope I am making sense to you in my blog. Genealogy is like being a detective, and my moral is seek and you just may find.
Have a great day

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello and thank you for dropping in again, if you are new to my blogs,please come in make yourself at home. The sun is finally starting to show. We had lots of rain but I would really prefer rain to snow. I love to see snow on christmas eve. I find it adds magic to holidays. Then after the holidays, the snow can go away. grin.
Well I am having such a great time sharing with my new found cousins, I have so much I want them to know.Now my brother who also is into family history,is just as excited, if my cousins send me photos, I send them to my brother. He hasn't got all the photos yet, but we are going to go and have them finished together.
And this gives my mother information too, since my cousins are on her side of the family.
Now many of my mother's family lived in or near Saint Paul in Kent County at one time, that is where my mother told me so many stories of when she was little, that I passed on to my grandaughter, so I have decided to put my Saint Paul Cemetery transcriptions that I did on my website at , I am going to try and add some unmarked graves. I began my page last night, hope you like it.

On another note I am going to add this , just in case some descendents, or relatives may be reading this blog. I am looking for photos of the family of Lucien Bristol married to Anne Landry, they had a big family two of whom are Domithilde and Salome, then they had Paul, who had many kids, then Mary,and Betzabee, so if any of you out there have photos of any of these people,please let me know

And if you have descendents of Jacob aka Jake Williams and Osithe Leger who lived in Notre Dame and in Moncton, I would love photos of them, Jake is on my paternal side.

You can contact me by going to my website and go to the sidebar.....hope to hear from someone on these photos.

thank you
Have a great day.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous.
They are always getting into trouble and their parents know all about it.
If any mischief occurs in their town, the two boys are probably involved. The boys' mother heard that a preacher in town had been successful
in disciplining children, so she asked if he would speak with her boys.

The preacher agreed, but he asked to see them individually.

So the mother sent the 8 year old first, in the morning, with the older
boy to see the preacher in the afternoon. The preacher, a huge man with a booming voice, sat the younger boy
down and asked him sternly, "Do you know where God is, son?" The boy's mouth dropped open, but he made no response, sitting there wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open. So the preacher repeated the question in an even sterner tone, "Where is God?!" Again, the boy made no attempt to answer.

The preacher raised his voice even more and shook his finger in the boy's face and bellowed, "Where is God?!" The boy screamed & bolted from the room, ran directly home & dove Into his closet, slamming the door behind him. When his older brother found him in the closet, he asked, "What happened?"

The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied, "We are in BIG trouble this time."
"GOD is missing, and they think we did it!"

Hello everyone, thought that I would make you smile today, I found the above little joke very cute and I hope you do to.
We are having rain again, so now is the time to catch up on things I didn't get around to doing.
I was looking through my big big family tree book, and I noticed that it is getting very full, so I am going to buy another big binder and divide the book into two parts. As you know I recently connected with some distant cousins, and we are really going to town with exchanging info and photos. I am savoring every tidbit that they send me, and I believe they are doing the same. For having found each other to me it is opening another door in my genealogy search.
Now you may ask me, do you have a genealogy software? No, I do not, I did have one but I wasn't too impressed with it, but perhaps later I shall get the family tree maker. you see I started before computers, or before I knew about them, I wrote everything down by hand, I wrote to churches, in Quebec, in England, in the USA etc. I received many copies of Baptism and marriages. Now this is on different branches of my family. I have three huge binders full, and still finding more. I would really like to organize all my info and make a book. But for now I keep digging and writing it down. I know it is easier to have a program, but one day my grandson or grandaughter might say, my memere wrote all this down herself. And on the other hand maybe no one will understand my handwriting. smile.
I have added a few more names in my Margaree marriages, still have a few more to add. I am not sure if I told you, but for christmas I am giving my two grandchildren each a photo 8x10 of my great great grandparents. that would be ten generations for them.......... I am blessed with being to see a photo of my great grandparents, so if my grandchildren take care of those photos, maybe other generations will be able to enjoy the photos.To end todays blog I would like to say, Hi Eve and Cindy and Terry my new found cousins.
Have a great day

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well, as I told you I made my grand debut in the movie black eyed dog, but don't ask for my autograph before you read this. grin. Last night we went to see the movie, that my brother, my nephew and I were in. It was shown at the crystal palace in Dieppe. So my friend and I sat down, my brother and his friend came in, my brother sat on one side of me, so we could try and identify each other.

The movie began, and we watched for local sites since it was filmed in Miramichi , Moncton and Hillborough.

The story centered around this waitress , and her family and friends, and surrounding it, was a murdererer at large. And Halloween was near so we were suppose to be in the Halloween scene. Of course when that scene came on screen, our eyes were glued to it. Oh this is where we were entering the hall. Nope couldn't see any of us, but of course that shot was a fast shot, now we are into the hall , and here comes the part that I walked behind the actor (yes the shot that my wig got caught in the workers tool belt) haha. Oh yesssssssss there I am walking by, like a shot of lighting, if you would blink your eyes at that moment I would be gone.But you do see me with my long wig . My brother was suppose to be in a shot playing pool but he wasnt there. But the storyline was quite interesting, so if ever that movie comes on DVD, I will pick it up for sure. I enjoyed my evening very much and I wanted to share it with you.... Guess I will have to wait for a bigger part to give you my autograph haha.

Well if you check out my website you will notice I have begun my Margaree marriages, I was going to put a photo of Margaree at the top, but I sort of think the bride and groom are cute and the page is regarding marriages. Hope you all like it.

Have a great day


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hello , and welcome to my blog. I notice I have a bigger audience than I thought, so that must mean that some of blogs are not bad. smile.
Today it rained most of the day, so I decided to go to the genealogy center. I looked through some parish records that someone had asked me to look at.
Then I wondered what I should add now to my website, I had been asked to add different things, so today I extracted some marriages from the Margaree Nova Scotia parish records. There were lots of LeBlanc, Chiasson, in the records. Next I shall make my webpage and add the names on it. So for you who have ancestors in Margaree Nova Scotia, check to see when I add them.
On another note, I am not sure if I told you this or not, but a year ago, i was an extra in a movie called the black eyed dog. I was in a Halloween scene dressed as a witch. My brother and I were on the set at 730 am, and we stayed until nearly ten pm. I was in three scenes, the first one I was in I was sitting at a bar, and my cue was to walk across the room, which I had to do three times, one time my long wig got caught in a worker's tool belt. grin. Then another scene I was standing outside the hall (which is really our local legion) and talk to a few people while we were waiting to go into the dance. A police runs into the hall at the same time.
And the last scene was inside the hall and I am sitting near the stage and a policeman comes and makes a speech that a murderer is on the loose.
So guess what? Tomorrow the movie is playing in our theatre and I am going to see if there is a glimpse of my brother and I. If I am discovered I will give you my autograph . haha.......I really doubt if I will be seen but you never know. I will let you know in another blog (that is IF I am in the movie.) But it was so much fun when we were all in the hall waiting to be called to do our scene, everyone was having a great time, I knew a lot of the people because they were in my dance class. yes I took dancing lessons, and hope to return next fall. I took jiving which I have always wanted to do, and I took some cha cha but didn't stay . Now I want to go and learn the jive all over again. It is a good work out and it is a place to make friends.
Have a great day

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hello, nice to see you again.If this is your first time,make yourself at home, grab a coffee, tea, I have some soda or even hot chocolate.
I have been busy sorting out photos today. I have received so many new ones, of some of my relatives. It is so nice to put a face to names on paper is it not? I always seem to look for resemblances, does he look like my father,does she look like her grandaughter? As I have mentioned before, now is the time to collect these old photos, do you have kin that is in a senior home? Or a nursing home? Why don't you drop in for a visit? View their albums, ask them questions. And to add a few more words, make sure you have a system to identify your photos, years later some of your descendants won't have to ask "Who is she?".Notice the backgrounds in the photos. Where was the photo taken? Sometimes there are great stories behind a photo. For instance my grandfather Rosimond and Grandmother had a double wedding in 1915. Well they had their wedding photo taken with another couple who married at the same time. I had thought that the couple with them were their witnesses but my brother went to the church and found out who they were.
Regarding my website, I will keep adding new things as I find them. I have a few ideas on what to add next, but you will have to check off and on to see if and what I have done.
I would like to end this blog today by saying ,saturday is rememberance day, so it is time to remember all those men and women who fought and died in the wars, of the ones who fought and returned to their love ones too. They did it all for their country. And to you all the veterans " Thank You and God Bless You."
have a great day

Monday, November 06, 2006

A picture is worth more than gold to me, and I want to share this with you, because two angels have been sent to me. Let me explain. About two years or so ago, I had posted on some message boards, asking if anyone had photos of my grandfather's sister and her family. I had totally forgotten I had posted. Yesterday, I received a reply to my post and it was from one of my distant cousins. What a wonderful surprise. She is the grandaughter of my grandfather's sister, and I am also in touch with her daughter. They have and are still sending me the pot of gold. Photos, and information of my ancestors and kin. Remember I showed you the photo of my great grandmother Domithilde Bristol? Well they have sent me a photo of her with some of her children, and she is much younger. They sent me photos of one of my mother's cousins that Mom used to write to all the time.I am going to make a calendar for my mother with her photo on it, and not tell my mom, so she will be very pleased. I in return am sending some info that I have and some photos that I have. My mother returns from a trip tomorrow, so I am going to share this with her. There are photos that are unknown, so maybe my mother can identify them. So now I have found some of my relatives that I am going to get to know better. I just wanted to share this with you, because I am so excited, and they are also excited. smile. Oh and they sent me lots of photos of my grandfather's sister and her husband and kids. What a great day I am having.
Have a great day

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hello, well I am hoping your day is going fine. I have been into my photos, and I just saved them to a CD. Some of these photos are important to me, such as the one of me taken in my great grandmother's apple orchard that she started from seed. Another one is of my great grandfather's brother 's stone I stumbled upon while doing the Richiboucto Village Cemetery. He was the one who would go to the city with my great grandfather once a month, to buy their groceries and pay for them the following month. He later settled with his wife and most of his children in Gardner USA. But one of his daughters married a Richard and settled in Richiboucto Village, after his wife died my great grandfather's brother moved with his daughter . He died in 1944.He was born in Van Buren Maine in 1845, my great grandfather was born in Van Buren in 1846. So it is nice to have photos to go along with their stories.
I am still adding marriages to my PEI marriages. I have a few from Egmont Bay and Tignish, and more of Rustico. It is nice to see my website growing, and to know that some of you may benefit from my site. I keep trying to find information that is not already online and to add it, so that you will have lots more places to search and not always find the same information everywhere you go. So this is all for this time.
Have a great day

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes this is the url to my winter blog, i hope you will bookmark it or add it to your favorites and drop in once in a while. I have a feeling that where I am living now will give me a lot of information to share with you regarding my winter.
Changing the subject, I have added a DNA link to my website, in case any of you are interested in DNA . I had never heard about DNA until a famous trial on Television talked about it. Honestly I did not understand one thing about it. All these words they were using were words I did not understand. But since then, I have heard a lot about Genealogy and DNA. And it opens up a whole new world. Through DNA the scientists can trace our ancestors way back. The DNA tests can sometimes tell you if you have other bloodlines such as Native American, Europeen, maybe even Anglo Saxon and so on. As you know in the past, many records of our ancestors were destroyed, either by looting and burning, or the parish churches burning, or court houses destroyed and possibly other reasons. So DNA opens a new door for Genealogy Researching.
My maternal lines goes back to Perrine Bourg born around 1626 married twice , first to Simon Pelletret and then to Rene Landry. I wonder how many of you descend from the same lady?
Something to think about.
Have a great day