Saturday, November 22, 2008

Genealogy has good moments along with some frustrating ones. For instance the toys you see here on the left would not be going to a Christmas Party at the hospital for sick children, had it not been for some members of my genealogy group and some of my friends. Yesterday I gathered them up and loaded two plastic totes and a large blue bag (full of the stuffed toys). And George and I took them to the hospital ,to the pediatric ward for the staff to wrap them in time for their Christmas party. Mrs LeBlanc who accepted them, was very pleased with them. Now Santa will be giving the toys at their party. It does make a person feel good to do good deeds if and when they can do so.

Changing the subject, I want to share a bit of my genealogy with you. For years I have been trying to find my Abraham Chase married to Marie Rose Girouard's parents in England,Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose. Well one day i was looking at land grants and lo and behold there was my Abraham Chase who bought some land around Cap Lumiere.But he was listed as Abraham CHATE not Chase. So I began looking for Abraham Chate son of Abraham and Nanette and found him born 1797 in Deptford England son of Abraham and Ann. Nanette could be a nickname for Ann. So last week a lady contacted me, she lives in Sussex England and she branches into the line way back. Yesterday she said me a copy of a will of a John Cheate who is the first ancestor they traced born in the late 1500s . And another man from Australia I believe sent me his gedcom of the Chates and apparently they have been looking to see what happened to the Abraham line. So as you can see this is exciting. I have a Martha Jackson, an Agnes Boniface, a Mary Ellyott among my english ancestors. The lady in Sussex is going to look some more for me to see if she can find more on Abraham and Ann. Abraham was born in Cuckfield Sussex England in 1768. Am eagerly waiting for more news. Oh yes the internet sure can come in handy .

Today we are in the middle of a big storm, we are expection 30 cm of the white stuff. I took Thunder outdoors and had to walk to snow up to my knees already. Let me tell you, I don't want to go out too often today. grin. My car is snowed in, so I will have to wait until the plow clears the driveway and the roads get better before venturing out in the car.

I hope everyone will stay safe in this stormy weather. Please drive safely if you venture on the highways, spots can be slippery and you need to watch the rest of the traffic too.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Did you ever hear of Painsec, or Malikoff in New Brunswick? And did you know that Dorchester Crossing was once known as Village des Legers? It was changed when they built the railroad. Last night I took my new book Scoudouc by Paul Belliveau to the bingo with me, to read during the break. One of the sellers of the bingo cards, noticed the book, he said my father came from Scoudouc do you have his name there? Well, it is really hard to go through so many pages. grin. But I looked anyway. Did not have time to finish because the caller started calling the numbers, he had called three numbers before I noticed , I was too interested in the book. I noticed in the book some names of some centenarians, which I am going to see if I can find their obits to add to my website at .
Translation of the book cover is Scoudouc 100 and 200th anniversaries. There are over 700 marriages at the back of the book.
Getting back to Painsec and Malikoff, if you had ancestors in these areas, check out the Scoudouc registers, and as I said the marriages in the back of this book , the first one listed is in 1852, the last one is 2007. If you are interested in the book, check out my previous blog and contact Paul Belliveau.
I am not trying to push the book, but I have it, and I recommend it.
Changing the subject, time is getting closer to the CMA2009. Now it is getting exciting, the plans will be made, the reunions picked, and the meeting one another next year. And our Bergeron dit Damboise reunion in Fredericton next July should be exciting too. Lots of excitement coming in 2009.
That's it for today, gotta go run errands.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scoudouc book for sale, I received the book today and here is what the author says.
I have just published a book on the history of Scoudouc. It starts with thefounding of the village in 1804 up to the 1960's.Scoudouc is celebrating the 200th year of the first settlers and the 100thyear of the construction of the church in 2009.I have the 1915 census of the parish and also 751 marriages with parents forthe couples and 99% are all acadians. There are 125old photos and it is in french only. The book sells for $25.00 each and isonly available from me. If you could post it in yourgroup forum, I would appreciate it. People wishing to buy can contact me at384-0714 or e-mail Président de l'association des familles Belliveau du N.-B. Inc.Paul Belliveau134 Dawn CrescentMoncton, N.B.E1G 1K3506-384-0714.
Even if you cannot read French, there are lots of places on line that will translate, the photos and the families at the end of the book are worth buying the book. He only has 200 copies left so get them while you can. I have posted it in my genealogy group already.
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

There is a saying that money is the root of all evils. Well that is not true all the time because many of my members of my acadianrootsclub genealogy group have opened their hearts and have donated for our Christmas Toy Drive. It was my first try and doing this and it is amazing how many responded. This year we have all agreed to donate the toys to our hospitals. Next year if we do this again, we shall choose another location to donate to in another part of the countries.
I was going to gift wrap the toys but there are so many toys that I won't be able to do so alone, and the hospital have volunteered to do so. We are giving our toys anonymously, except they will know what locations they come from. I will present them on behalf of our genealogy group. They told me , maybe I will be able to take a few photos of Santa giving some of the toys, so I can share with our group and possibly with you. They are to let me know when their Christmas Party will be held.
On another note, a few days ago, we went to Prince Edward Island, while we were there, we went to the Miscouche Genealogy Center, it was my first time there . Before we left I asked my group if anyone wanted a lookup while I was there, and one gentleman asked me to verify what he had . Arriving there ,the lady was very nice, she welcomed us and took me to the genealogy center. There was a man sitting there doing research and she introduced us , his name was Earl and he helped me verify my info. A very interesting gentleman and very helpful. Arriving at a place for the first time can be somewhat confusing since we do not have a clue where to look . I bought a CD of the musical group Barachois and a map of Acadie ,all in all I was very pleased of what we found and what I bought.
But so far the best research to be found in my opinion is at the centre d'etude acadienne in Moncton, don't get me wrong, Miscouche has lots of information, and I want to return again. The centre d'etude covers more territories, they have records from PEI, Nova Scotia,Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario,and much more ,they have various newspapers,etc. I go there and there is always something that I did not know was there appears. I went to the Centre D'etude yesterday, and in about one half hour , I found an obit, a birth record, and a marriage I was looking for ,to help someone with their research. The staff there are so very helpful as was Earl from Miscouche.
The weather is calling for rain tomorrow, that is when we go pick up Thunder from the dog sitter and take him for his grooming before he comes to his new home. He is going to find his new home very small, compared to where he is not and where he was before. I bought him a new pet bed, some treats to go with it.
I also want to let you know, that P'tit Francois may be earlier than before, I believe I read in the paper that they would be delivering the paper on Thursdays instead of Saturday. So am going to check today, if so, I will be adding P'tit Francois on my webpage at earlier.
Thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Soon it will be November the eleventh. This is the day we honor all the men and women who served in the wars. There were many wars, World Wars,Korean War,Viet Nam war,going back even to the War of 1812. Many of our Acadian Ancestors fought in these wars, and many non Acadians did also.
The gentleman in the photo is Amedee a Fulgence Breau, he fought in both World War one and World War two. His grandfather was the brother of my great great grandmother. My friend Yollanda sent me the photo. Most of these men were very young when they went to war, I have a page on my website with a list of Acadians who went to war, some as young as eighteen years. Can you imagine? Eighteen, nineteen and twenty years old, going to war and never returning? It must have been so terrible, the families at home praying for their safe returns?
The following article was in a book called the Forgotten Soldiers by Ronald Cormier . He interviewed some acadian soldiers, and this paticular one was a Pius Girouard from Bouctouche. Here is an exhert from his story while he was in Italy.
One day leaving with a reconnaissance patrol; " There were six of us that the captain sent towards a wood next to a small river where the Germans were suppose to be. We started out and after a short while we could hear rifle fire from one direction, then a short one from another. We stopped. There was a corporal or sergeant with us. We sat down around 3 am. We could see that the situation was dangerous. The Sergeant said " If you don't tell anyone, we are going to turn around. Or else we will all be killed." We could hear the Germans talking.
Another part he says, It was impossible for soldiers fighting in a foreign country not to come in contact with some local people who acclaimed them as liberators. Pius Girouard had memories of some of these Italian people who were living in poverty. In Italy , he said, they did not have any soap, they would wash their clothes in small steams. we on the other hand had soap we hardly used at all, so we would trade our soap for a dish of spaghetti.
Further along in his story, Pius talks about moving towards a village, and arriving at a stream , they heard some voices coming from the other side, they crossed to see, and they met men, women and children, with mules. They told Pius and his group that the Germans had set fire to their homes and machine gunned them. Pius's troop carried the children in their arms and put the women on the mules and helped them across the stream. The women and children were barefeet. They were happy we had saved their lives, they shook our hands ,embraced us and cried.
There are many more stories of events such as these out there, many who went in the wars, are trying to forget what happened out there and some remember the touching stories.
Yesterday George and I went to see the movie Passchendaele ,it was a story about World War One and it was a movie that was very well done ,and it sort of showed us some of the things that they did, the marching in mud, and water and the trenches filled with water, it looked so real.
So many men lost their lives out there, the movie was in memory of a Michael Dunn.
So let us all remember these soldiers, men ,and women who served their country on November the eleventh.
God bless each and every one of them, those who lost their lives and those who returned..
Am adding the following information I got from my friend, I know she will approve of this. Enjoy.
About Uncle Amedee.This uncle was wounded in the Battle of Ypres which I understand was no picnic He was also Gased by the Germans as were many others.. and they were all so young. My other uncle Hermas Son of Fulgence was only 17 years old when he joined up, he was in the same Regiment as was Cyriac Daigle of St. Louis de Kent, the Regiment was the 165th an Acadian Regiment.But this uncle had lied about his age and when they found out they sent him back to England to work from also had a couple of Cousins Rosaire Bourque and Albert sons of Caesar and Scolastique Breau daughter of Charles and Marguerite Bourque..So Marie Blanche your Grandmother would be Scholastique's great aunt.Albert was killed overseas.I am not sure if I told you that Frank was Oversea's during the 2nd world war he also had quite a career over there, He was in the Navy and the Ship he was on H.M.C.S. Stormont was later purchased by Aristotle Onassis 2nd husband of Jackie Kennedy..Frank joined at 18 years of age HugsYollanda

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello everyone. Well it has been a while since I last blogged, but as you know I have been moving, so I have a good excuse huh? Last Sunday after moving about a million plastic totes, boxes ,and anything else we could carry, we went on Kijji which is a classified place and we saw this add Cube Van, will move anything, well we decided to phone them, did they have any openings available that day? Yes the man replied, we can be there for six pm. Great ,I said, we will be waiting. So George and I moved all my furniture in the front room, they phoned ,they were going to be an hour late,so I said " Do we have time to go for a hamburger?' Yes he replied, so we went to a restaurant, then went back and waited for them. I thought to myself, gee they are going to charge me a lot to move, he said 60 dollars an hour, oh boy, it's gonna be expensive. Anyway I was so very wrong. These two young men came over, and they did not waste any time at all, in one and a half hour , they had moved all my furniture to my new place. He said that will be 90 dollars. I was some pleased and said I was going to say a good word for them, but I am going to say two good words, They were very very good. grin. If you are in or near Moncton and need a mover, they even will take stuff to the dump, just look on Kijji for a Cube Van article.
Once in my new apartment, the problem wasn't over. Too much furniture for so little a place. I stored a few things in a cubby hole and began organizing ,where should this go, do I have room for this? Ok this tote is empty, I don't want to throw it away, grin. Oh there is a place in the hall that is ideal. Great.
Now I have one more tote to unpack, it contains my bell collection, so once they are unpacked, there will be more room. I hung my pictures on the wall, and my special painting from my friend from Scotland who recently passed away is on the wall over my sofa. I am trying to find a place for a painting from my cousin, and I have hung my hummingbird chimes near my backdoor. I have most of my kitchen cows in place.
I am now waiting to have my internet connections done, I am in a hot spot zone at the moment with my notebook, I am anxious to add my p"tit francois on my webpage, I will have two to do, since saturday is just a few days away.
I would like to add, speaking of P'tit Francois, that he has a little contest going ,the Etoile paper where his weekly stories come out is having a little contest, they are giving a few gift certificates worth around 40 dollars each from Irvings, so if you want to enter, send your name and address to , you can say you read about it on my acadian-roots blog. The contest closes November 12.
Good luck. Thank you for stopping by, and remember to read his little stories on my website at
Have a great day

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hello everyone, so nice of you to stop by. I wanted to let you kn0w, that the reason I have not blogged lately is because I am in the process of moving.( you must know all about moving). Pack this, put that there. Remember this. Carry this tote over, forget where you put the tape and the string. grin.
Today, I bought a new computer chair for myself, and I sat on the floor a good hour or more trying to put it together. The diagam had pictures with screws ,their sizes, and that was it. I had to figure which way to get it together. BUT , yes finally Ihave it all done. Not sure how tight I put the screws, so if I come on and say I cannot sit still for long, you will know my chair let go. haha.
I think we will be moving all my big furniture next week, maybe on Tuesday. We have a sitter for the dog ,so we can set all our place up, then take him for his grooming and take him home.
I come and check my genealogy group every day to make sure everything is ok. I also bought two more christmas toys today for our Christmas Toy drive. I got a set of hot wheels for a boy. And a Ken doll for a girl.
Also next week my Mom will make our christmas gift exchange draw, so we can begin buying and posting.
Anyway, please don't think I am not blogging, I will get back to normal soon. (I hope).
Stay safe and have a great day