Monday, January 29, 2007

Well hello again,I am happy that you dropped by. Well today I would like to tell you about what I saw. At the moment I live on an old dirt road in the country ,and all around me there are woods and fields. Now last year I saw tons of rabbits, but never a deer and I was told there were all kinds around. But we have two dogs so maybe the dogs are keeping them away. Anyway today on my way to town, I had to go through a little village called Notre Dame De Kent, and I couldn't believe my eyes, we had just driven away from a few homes and there was this little bunch of trees and on the side of the road I saw this deer ,he was just standing on the side of the road, then he made a Uturn and into the bush he went. He looked very healthy and young. I was very glad he went into the woods again, so not to be hit by a passing car.
Now back to genealogy, today I finished adding the names of the Cemetery Notre Dame de Fatima in Collette New Brunswick Canada to my website ,I copied the names from Lucie's site at We have a joint project going and we are both very proud of our accomplishments. But we must also thank our cemetery hunters smile, Hector Boudreau, his wife Jeannita, and Francis LeBlanc, because without them we would not have as many cemeteries online as we have.
So when you have time drop in and visit both my website and Lucies, you will enjoy our sites.
Have a great day

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good evening ,it is now 830 pm. I have done more packing, loaded up my car and ready to move,although I cannot move anything before the first of the month. grin.
I have added another page to my website, called Did You Know. I was trying to think of something different to add to make it more interesting for the viewers. So I have added little tidbits from here and there . I will try and keep on doing so as I go along. But since my books are all packed I will have to wait a bit longer.
And this morning my site received another award, I have added the award to my award page. I am very pleased .
My mother told me another story about my grandmother, I added part of it on my new page, and I am going to make a page on that story for my grandaughter to add to her book that I made for her called Flossy's adventures. Flossie is the name I used in the book and it is stories about my mother when she was young.
Today my mother said to me, it is good that you like hearing my stories and they can be passed down. I replied yes it sure is, I said if the grandchildren are not interested then maybe their kids or grandkids will enjoy reading about her later . I said I would have loved to hear stories about my ancestors way back. My mom said that her aunt was a great storyteller and everyone would gather at her place to listen, and she would talk to Mom about long ago. For instance she told my mother that Pelagie Bellefontaine married to Denis Cormier (these were my mothers great grandparents) had flaming red hair and her hair was so long that she sat on it.But she wore it in a bun. Isn't that nice to know?
Have a great day tomorrow

Friday, January 26, 2007

I was just surfing the net ,trying to find different ideas to add to my website, and I came across interesting articles regarding our acadian ancestors. For instance an acadian woman wore a lot of layers of clothing. She even wore a corset, now if the corset they mean is the one I am thinking about, did you ever watch movies and the ladies would have someone tighten their corsets by pulling the strings tight? Hmm, could the ones the acadian ladies wore be one of the same? I remember my mother saying that her mother used to make the children underpants called bloomers out of flour bags. Can you imagine wearing them with writing on the seat of your pants. grin. But I do remember my mother making some for me , not sure if she used flour bags but I remember they were sort of like shorts, but elastic on both legs and elastic at the top. smile. I sure must have looked cute huh? grin.
Mom said my grandmother even made dresses out of potato sacks. Maybe that is where the fashion era called the sack came from.... smile.
I was also reading about the acadian men wearing woolen underwear, they would wear them in winter and in summer, seems to me in the summer they would be hot. I also remember my father wearing them. his were grey.
Have you noticed some of the styles of shoes today? Some of them remind me of similar ones worn by my grandmother. My grandmother was only 4 foot 10 inches , and she wore a heel on her shoes. She was a very nice lady. I remember she would buy all year long gifts for her children she had 8 , their spouses and her grandchildren including me. She did not buy big things, just little things and do you know that I would look forward to her gifts, even if it was a hankerchief, it came from my grandmother and that is what mattered most. She enjoyed doing these gestures, my mother is the same , she is 88 years of age and she has a heart of gold. Thank you for listening, I love to share these little things with you.
Have a great day

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I was so pleased to receive a comment on my blog,just knowing you do come in and read my blog gives me incentive to continue writing.
I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, so you can know what is in my heart at times. I love what I do, I love to be able to share my stories.
oh I just saw a rabbit running past my window, he was all white. I had spread some niger seeds on the snow, because I want to take my feeders with me to my new home, and the rabbit must like the seeds. smile.
I have added something new to my website, as you know some of our ancestors had names not used very much now days, and some names may be difficult to know if they were male or female, so I made a page and listed some men's names and some women's names. I also added female names derived from the male names, for example, noel and noella, albert and alberta. I may add more names on the page later. I believe that there will be some of you, who will benefit from both my site and Lucie's site. Lucie has so many good things on her site, I would honestly recommend you to visit her site, she had put a lot of work into it, and she does deserve a great big thank you from all of us.
So until next time, please do come in read my blogs, check out my site, check the forums and feel free to join in.
Have a great day

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you ever wished you could find something that belonged to your ancestors of long ago? I often thought about it. I have several souvenirs, of my grandmother and I have an old cracked dish that belonged to my grandfather's mother. I remember hearing my mother tell me about an old Chest or Trunk that my great uncle had, and I would love to have seen it because it had belonged to his grandfather ,the first Bergeron to come to Saint Paul, and apparently the name Bergeron was suppose to have been on that chest. I wonder who ended up with that chest ? hmmmmm.
I look at old photos and wonder what happened to that old saw that is in that photo? What kind of comb did my great grandmother use to put her hair up like that? She would not have used bobby pins, what kind of pin did she use to hold her hair up? What happened to great grandfather pipe that he used so much? Did he have a spitoon? smile. Did he chaw tobacco? He must have because I have a grocery list that he had ordered for to pay at the end of the month in 1873 and he bought tobacco. How good was my great grandmother at cooking? Did her mother give her some special recipes?
If you do not wonder about these things, look at your old photos, notice their clothes, the background. It sure is interesting to me.
I recently found a new cousin and her family, we share the same great grandfather, my grandfather and her grandmother were brother and sister. We have been sharing photos and sharing stories, and I am sure we will be sharing many more stories. It was such a nice feeling, getting to know her and part of her family, I havent met all of them yet. But sharing photos was so special, she had sent me a photo of an unknown couple, I looked at the photo and there was this little black and white dog with them, I looked at the dog and then I remembered I had a photo of my grandfather with a dog, sitting on a box,(he used to train that dog to do tricks), so I took out the photo and compared the dogs , yes it was the same dog and my mother looked at the photo sent to me by my cousin and said, that is my grandparents, my grandfather's mom and dad. So my cousin and I laughed about that and through the photos that we shared and are sharing it makes our ancestors so real.
Now changing the subject, I would like to say that I am now working on the Bouctouche Cemetery, I am nearly finished . As you must know , Lucie Leblanc Consentino and I are doing a joint Cemetery project, she is adding all the images on her site and I am copying the names from them, sort of like an index so that you will be able to come to my site, see if your loved ones have a tombstone in the cemetery , then you can go to Lucie's site and click on the image .Which will make it much easier for everyone. We have completed, Barachois,Cap Pele,Sainte Marie, Memramcook,I think we have Pre d'en Haut done,I have done so many I forget which ones , smile. I had done some Cemeteries before, no images just names, I did Saint Paul, Grand Digue, the Old Shediac Road cemetery, Richiboucto Village, the old Saint Antoine Cemetery, now Lucie has Saint Paul and Grand Digue on her site but they are not indexed on my site so far. In other words if you find your love ones in those cemeteries on my site they wont be indexted for now, that will probably be done at a later date. But at least it will tell you that they are there and on Lucie's site. Hope I did not confuse you too much. smile.
Have a great day

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good morning, thank you for stopping by. I am having a nice cup of coffee, I drink Nescafe at home and Tim Horton's when I go anywhere. For the ones of you who do not know about Tim Hortons , well there are Tim Horton Coffee shops all around Canada,and in some parts of the USA. When I go to the city , I usually stop at a Tim Horton along the way for my coffee and tea biscuit. It is a ritual with me. grin.
Well I finally finished doing the Memramcook Cemetery, it was a big job, but I am so pleased that we have it on line Lucie and I. I am greatful to Lucie (Leblanc) Consentino for letting me share this project with her. Togetherness is a nice thing . And she is like my teacher smile, when I get stuck she is there to help, so Lucie thank you.
I have now begun the Bouctouche Cemetery, I am doing part one at the moment so check out our sites, the images are on Lucie's site , the names will be on my site
And if you just surfed in and need help with your acadian roots, you can always come to our yahoo group acadianroots , my members are all a great bunch of folks, willing to help if they can do so. I have to add that our group is one big family who gets along great.
Well back to work for me. Thank you for listening . Hello Eve and Cindy.
Have a great day

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well I must do my blog tonight, I have been quite busy lately doing my cemeteries. I have now copied the names off of 6 pages from Lucie's Memramcook Cemetery images and I have page 7 all ready to add, then all I have left of Memramcook is page 8, so soon I shall be finished that one. Then next cemetery I intend on doing is the Bouctouche cemetery. As soon as Lucie's gets it on her website. I believe that this joint cemetery project that Lucie and I are doing will benefit many of you. But this would really not be possible so fast if Hector Boudreau, his wife Jeannita and Francis Leblanc had not taken all the images of those cemeteries. I do know that the cemeteries that I did with a pen and a book took a long time to do. So I would like to suggest to some of you who like hunting down ancestors to go to your nearest cemetery, copy or take photos of the names on the tombstones. It would be a great asset for many people.
Now if any of you come into my site and read this, I am helping a young lady with her family research , we are looking for the parents of Pierre Chayer or Chaille married to Blanche Roy, Pierre was born 1858 and Blanche 1875. If any of you surfed in and can help please add a coment at the bottom of this message. Oh and Pierre and Blanche were in Chicoutimi Quebec, Bagotville in 1901 and 1911.
Have a great day

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well hello again, nice to see you. I imagine you probably came in through my website . So you have probably noticed I have added new things in my site. I have added part one and two of the Memramcook Cemetery from the images on Lucie's site, and I have added the nuns buried in Memramcook. I was always fascinated by the nuns when I went to school, I even though at one time I would have loved to become a nun. But that was before my late husband came into my life. grin. Then I only wanted to be a wife......and mother....
You will notice a photo on my nun page, that is me when I was 14 years old, and that nun was my teacher in grade eight. I remember after I left school many years ago, I worked at a nursing home and one day I was making the beds up when this beautiful lady came in and helped me, she did some volunteer work there, it was the first time I had saw her there, anyway she looked at me and said you are Aline Williams are you not? I looked at her in total awe, yes I replied . She said you don't remember me do you? I looked at her and all I noticed was she was very pretty, no I answered, well she said I taught you in grade eight, I am sister Elise Marie. Yes she was the nun in that picture you see with me. I only had pictured her with her habit, and never saw her in ordinary clothes. What a difference. She was a good teacher. You never know maybe she is reading my blogs somewhere. smile.
Now that my nun page is done, I will probably continue doing the Memramcook Cemery part 2 and 3. So I do hope you are all doing well in your genealogy research and please drop in again. A special hello to my new found cousin Eve and her daughter Cindy , because I do know they are reading this.
Have a great day everyone

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well I think it is time I come in and have a cuppa coffee with you, well today I am having tea.
We are now beginning the year 2007 and it is time to begin new projects and finish the old ones. I have complete adding the names of the Sainte Marie de Kent Cemetery on my website. Lucie has added lots of cemetery images on her site, this is thanks to Hector, Jeannita and Francis who have travelled through the cemeteries taking photos with their cameras, It had to be a great task, because I did some cemeteries with a pen and paper, that was some job, if you look at the Grand Digue cemetery you will notice all the names I found, and Sainte Paul , and Richiboucto Village, and Notre Dame, and Irishtown, I walked through all of them, had I known beforehand that it would or was done by our friends I may have thought twice haha.....My first cemetery I did was the one on the Lewisville Road in Moncton, it is an old cemetery and now they are not burying anymore. I was up and there by 7 am , cars would go by (probably thinking what is that NUT doing there? but little did they know I am a GENEALOGY NUT grin).
So I will be adding more cemetery names on my site soon, and that is thanks to Lucie for getting together on that project. They say two heads are better than one, so everyone you now have double trouble , Lucie and I. grin.
I do hope you all have a great day.