Thursday, April 23, 2009

Name Places in Acadie

Trying different Fonts on my blog. This one doesn't seem much different that the one I usually use. Anyway getting on with my blog. How many of you who are doing genealogy have come across names of places that you haven't a clue as to where they are ? I know I have when I first began doing my family tree back in 1976 that was a long while ago. I came across names such as Pisiquit,Cobequit,Pree Ronde and so on. Well I decided to give you an idea on some of these places where they are now or what name they have changed to.
First of Beaubassin, was a village located on the Nova Scotia ,New Brunswick border near Amherst. If you go to the Amherst Tourist Bureau you can see Beaubassin from there.
Ile Saint Jean which I have heard many time, is known today as Prince Edward Island. Port Lajoie is now Charlottetown PEI.
Sainte Anne de Pays bas is now known as Fredericton in New Brunswick.
Ile Royal is now Cape Breton Island, Pisiquit is now Windsor Nova Scotia.
Cobequit is now Truro Nova Scotia. Chezzacook is now Halifax Nova Scotia.
St Charles des Mines is Grand Pre. Pree Ronde is Round Hill Nova Scotia.
Chipoudy is Hopewell Hill Albert County, Nipisiquit is today Bathurst. Pree des Bourgs is now Sackville. Kouchibougouac was the former name of Saint Louis de Kent in New Brunswick. Moncton New Brunswick was known by three names, Le Coude, Terre Rouge and La Chapelle,Babineau Village today is Salisbury. Grosse Ile today is Parsboro NS,Fourche au Crapaud is Turtle Creek Albert County NB. Saint Paul Kent County in New Brunswick was once known as Terre de l'eveque (Bishop's Land). Sainte Marie Kent Co,NB was known as Mont Carmel, there is also a Mont Carmel on PEI.
These are only a few of many Acadian name Places. I noticed Yvon Cyr of and Roy and Boucher have name places on their websites too.
We have two Mont Carmels, (or had) one in New Brunswick and one in PEI,two Sackvilles one in New Brunswick and one in Nova Scotia, two Tracadies, one in New Brunswick and one in Nova Scotia. This is nice to know because if you are told your father was born in Tracadie, in which Tracadie would you look?
I do hope I did not confuse you with all these places but I feel it is good to know.
Now I must go, I am trying to figure out some HTML codes for a page on my website for a future project . I may still be trying to figure it out a year from now. grin.
Anyway I hope you liked my blog and will stop by again because you never know what I will add because I myself don't know smile.
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