Friday, April 24, 2009

Planning a Family Reunion

There is much more to planning a reunion that meets the eye. As you know, we are planning a Bergeron-Damboise Reunion in July in Fredericton New Brunswick. It has been in the planning stages for quite some times. First was deciding the best place to hold the reunion. We decided to hold ours in conjunction with the celebrations to commemorate the anniversary of the Attack on Fredericton (Sainte Anne de Pays ) in 1759 being organized by the Societe Historique de Riviere St Jean. Next came the invitations, so we did advertise on message boards, forums, websites,blogs,word of mouth, and so on. We are pleased with so many who have accepted our invitation. Next we need to decide exactly where to hold the reunion, a park? A hall?
We have decided on both , the park and the hall. Next we needed a plan on what to do and when and where. So those plans have been done. Next ,who will the master of ceremonies be,who will be our guest speakers? That is all arranged. Next the lunch, and yes we have that planned,and what we are doing for our reunion is asking for sponsors or donors willing to donate some food for our lunch with the rest going to a Fredericton Food Bank. Foods such as Coffee, tea, sugar, milk, pop,sweets, pickles, cheeses ,fruit trays, vegetable tray, all these can be given to some needy families by the food bank. Just in case there are some of you nearby willing to donate, let me know . We have a few donors who have offered some food. Now don't get me wrong we have a caterer, making our lunch already, but if we have sponsors or donors, the food goes for a good cause.
Now a band or musicians would be a plus for our reunion to play in the park or at the hall for a couple of hours we shall see.
Next are name tags, yes it is a good idea, remember sometimes at reunion there are people we have never met before and name tags are great for that. We have covered that topic also.
And planning some little secret things, or activities is a great addition to any reunion and we will have some of those too. So if you are planning a family reunion, do not give all your secrets away, that way the people attending will be in for some nice surprises. I know there will be some at our Bergeron-Damboise reunion. If you need to contact me, you can do so by going to my website click on Chat n Brag it takes you to me.
And if you are a descendant of Barthelemy Bergeron -Damboise and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin, you don't have to carry the surname Bergeron just as long as you branch into the line and if you want to join our reunion. contact me for more information.
A few more notes for a reunion, have a nice reunion, do not become rowdy, make it a fun time and enjoy meeting new cousins.
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