Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What are Ancestors ? This word is heard all the time. Well for the ones who haven’t got a clue about Ancestors, I will tell you what I know. For as long as I have been doing genealogy or family trees, that word Ancestors has been mentioned over and over again. I found out that Ancestors were people, just like you and I. They lived, they loved, they laughed and they cried. And if it were not for Ancestors you and I would not be around . Ancestors are our grandparents ,their grandparents and great grandparents and it goes on and on. Many of us want to go back and find out as much as we can and as many Ancestors as we can. The more we find ,the further we want to continue going. I am such a person. At the moment I am concentrating on another one of my lines, my English line. Many of you remember I told you I was doing my Chate dit Chase line . Well I am still at it, I have since found three more siblings of my first Chate to come to Canada. And I found that the three new ones were born where the parents married in St Giles Camberwell England. Can you imagine the excitement when I came across these ? I am not hoping to find out what happened to them. Now I keep looking for all that I can find and I have a Chate who married a Jackson and I was curious to find out more, well I found they married in Balcombe Sussex England and I even saw an image of the church they married in, but the church has since been renovated. Then I found the Jackson lady’s father and grandfather and they came from Ardingly Sussex England. I saw a photo of the village back in 1905 but these folks lived there in the 1700s so the village must have changed somewhat. But it is exciting to have a story and not just names ,dates,and places. I want to know more about my English Roots. I am reading about the Poor Laws in England, and hope to find some kind of document mentioning the names of some of my ancestors. I also have some French Canadian Roots , and there are still branches of my tree to fill in. I would suggest to you readers ,if you are bored and want to tackle a new adventure, start tracing your family tree, find your Ancestors, then you will be contented knowing who you really are.

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