Saturday, June 28, 2008

How do you like my cows? Well yesterday I opened my door and there was this big brown envelope from Texas, yes all the way from Texas, my friend Phylis was kind enough to do this, I had looked everywhere for placemats, but could not find them,the placemats are reversible, and look very nice on my table. So thank you Phylis. Now the dancing cow, with the tutu on is hanging on my wall. I went to a second hand store with my friend and there was this painting you see, how much do you want for it ? I asked the lady, oh give me two dollars, wow two dollars ,I'll take it.
Speaking of second hand stores, today we went again to find a metal teapot to take on our camping trip, we found one, so I said let's look at the books, guess what? I found a book called the forgotten soldiers it has stories from acadian veterans of the second world war, so I am thinking of adding some of these stories on my Acadians who went to war page, I will let you know if and when I do.
I have the 1871 census on my page at , I was thinking of adding it just the way I received it, through Microsoft Excel but I am not sure if everyone will be able to open it or not, so for the time being I will leave it as it is.
Now another one of my members has transcribed some marriages of a parish which I shall tell you about as soon as I have it up on my website, I really appreciate her doing this, I will tell you who she is later also. She will be credited for the information. I just need to convert it to html first.
Now I also received a phone call a short while ago, from a cousin in Maine who has found the baptism of my great great grandmother who was born in Kamourska in 1812, I did not have the information but she was baptized under the name LeBelle instead of LeBel. I told my cousin she was a great detective.grin.
Soon we will be off to Kamouraska Quebec, I do hope the weather will cooperate. We leave on Tuesday morning, will be gone until Thursday or Friday.
So thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
Have a great day

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