Friday, June 06, 2008

Allons danser Collinda, allons danser Collinda. Just looking at the photo makes me want to dance. Now if you notice the photo, you can see it is a sand sculpture, it was sent to me, and the sculpture was done on Prince Edward Island. Isn't it fantastic. It looks so real. And a typical Acadian setting, music, dancing, and having a good ole time. I noticed our Cajun Cousins also love music, dancing and having a good tyme. I wanted to share this paticular sculpture with you, There were lots more , one of the church, one of a farmer's wife milking a cow, a fisherman, Anne of Green Gables, a tractor, a farm and so on.

Well I have added another photo to my photo gallery at, it is of Augustin Brideau son of Marcin Brideau and Marie LeBreton, he was born in 1860 and in the photo he is 91 years old and he is skating. If you do go see, click on his photo, to get the full view, I am not experienced with thumbnails yet so I need to learn about the sizes.

I want to end this blog today by sending congratulations to Scotland to my friends ,they are soon to become proud grandparents. I am so pleased for them, since it is their first grandchild. Bravo.

Have a great day everyone thanks for stopping by.


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