Monday, June 02, 2008

Where have I been? You may ask. Well saturday I got up and said to my friend, there is a community yard sale ,it has been on for a few hours, my friend George said ,wanna go? Well he did not have to ask me twice. So off we went to the yard sale, well it was getting late, and it began to rain, but we were lucky , most of the sales were held in their garages. Of course all I could think of were Cows. grin. The second place we stopped, I spotted something all by itself in a corner, yes it was a cow, and it was the cow you see here, a butter dish, well it did not take me long to grab it. And then I found some cow butter spreaders, there is one missing from the set but it is fine. Now George who isn't into yard sales, got himself a television and a set of dishes, he was pleased, I hope he was so pleased that he wants to go again this saturday. grin. If he does come with me, I can direct him where to go, and when we get to the sales, I can get out of the car faster and get to the sale. haha.

Well I have been pretty busy, I added a few more names to my Chartersville Cemetery, added a few photos to my senior pages. And I have been busy trying to fix up my apartment . It is looking pretty nice. Our genealogy group is doing pretty well, newcomers are joining and that is good. Our members are really pitching in to help others, I am very pleased with my members.

Thank you for the visit, and please stop by again.

Have a great day


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