Friday, June 13, 2008

Come walk with me? Well to begin, I have decided I would like to get back in shape, I want to lose a bit of weight, I do not want to lose much but I want to lose. So I have begun walking.Why don't you come walk with me? I am only beginning so I am taking it slowly. The first day that I walked (this is my second week), well let me tell you , I did not go far, I was a huffing and a puffing when I got home. grin.I leave in the early morning, and walk for about a half hour to three quarters of an hour. If you are able to walk, begin by walking around your home, try once, then go around twice the next time, in other words start slowly, this is if you are a senior, if you are younger then start walking around a block. It is good for us to get exercise, it gets us away from our computers where all that gets exercise is our fingers,grin. So to my friends in Scotland and to all my group members who are able and to you who just dropped in, Come walk with me? Today I ventured where no Aline has gone haha, I began walking , instead of cutting corners I walked around them, and when I go to where I usually turn , I kept on going to two streets down, turned and on my way back I took another route and it was uphill. Wow, talk about hard on the legs but I did it. I am only walking once a day for now.
Now if you are unable to walk, see what exercises would be good for you then do them. I know I am feeling good by walking. I walk alone but would love your company.
I told you yesterday I had gone to the genealogy center to do some research and do some lookups? Well it sure was nice just relaxing and looking through documents and records. And this time I did not carry conversation with anyone, Stephen said hello, and I had a quick chat with Regis, we talked about Robertville.
I never get tired of going there. There is so much stuff that I still have not seen, that there must be more on my ancestors to find. I would love to go to Fredericton in the archives one day, I think I would need more than a day grin.
For the ones who have Arsenaults in your families and if you are in the vicinity of Amherst NS in July, there is going to be a reunion with lots of fun stuff, go to and contact Rick.
Well that's it for this time, just to remind you I had added a page on the parish of Sainte Therese in Robertville New Brunwick ,with some photos, marriages and deaths at click on Parish Records then to Robertville NB.
Thanks for the nice visit, and hope you will come walk with me in the mornings.
Have a great day

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