Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello everyone, it is a beautiful summer day, but it won't last long, rain is forecasts. I have been a bit busy these last few days. I had received an email from a lady saying she had transcribed the entire 1871 census for Dundas Kent County in New Brunswick, which includes Cocagne,Notre Dame, surrounding villages and possibly Grand Digue. She gave me permission to add it on my site at so I have added it. I do hope it helps some of you find your ancestors. So to Betty, I say thank you for sharing with us.
On another note, I am getting ready to go on my trip to Quebec, we are leaving Tuesday morning, so I have started getting my stuff together, I have my tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, barbque,lamp,already in my car.I have a pump for my air mattress, now we were told that Walmart sells some good mosquito repellent, going to check that out, and buy a little bottle of propane. I have jotted down places to see. Now I just checked my genealogy and my Joseph Bergeron was born in St Andre de Kamouraska and married in Isle Verte so I want to see the two churches. I want to go to the Berceau de Kamouraska too. I have my camera and just in case it gives me a hard time I bought a throw away one, grin. If it rains, one of the campgrounds has little cabins, so it is quite possible we will end up in the cabin if it rains. grin.I will add the trip on my website www.acadian-roots when we get back and if it turns out good. Oh and I found out there are Tim Hortons in Riviere du Loup and Rimouski, grin, and also MacDonalds,Burger King, KFC, haha. and we are suppose to be camping? grin.
So now I am off to look for some utensils, so have a great day. Thanks for the visit, please come again.

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