Thursday, June 05, 2008

Isn't this a beautiful photo? Does it look familiar to any of you? Well by the look of the car in the photo, it must have been taken in the 1930s or early 1940s and it is the main street in Saint Louis de Kent, in New Brunswick Canada. I am so pleased to have received permission to use this photo and some others to add to my photo gallery at . If you want to see more photos of Saint Louis go to my gallery and scroll to the bottom until you see Saint Louis Photos, click there and you will see more photos like the one above. I have never lived in Saint Louis but I had a camp there for a few years, and my late brother in law came from there. So I met a lot of nice folks in Saint Louis, I met some Maillets, some Brideaus, some Daigle, and some Proulxs. I have good memories of Saint Louis.That is where I had planted a lovely garden with my sister in law, we worked very hard that summer, we endured mosquitos, rain, wind , horse flies, little black flies in order to succeed with our garden, our peas , they bushes were nice and high and so healthy looking, one day we said, ok tomorrow we will pick the peas, but when we awoke the next day, the crows had cleaned every single bush, not a single pea did we see.

Changing the subject, I have received a CD of the Southwest Louisiana Parish records, and a VHD tape on Acadie Liberte, depicting the expulsion of the Acadians, and Against the Tide by Zacharie Richard, it is his interpretation of Acadie Liberte as seen from the eyes of the Louisiana Acadians, Haunted Waters , covers a lot of Louisiana Cajun life. A friend of mine Don has sent it to me, I appreciate it . I love anything Acadian/Cajun. Since I also have English roots, I am interested in Deptford England and Bristol, and my french canadian roots, I am planning on going to L'Isle Verte in Quebec hopefully this summer. I also would love to go to Castile or Castine Maine, where D'Abbadie de St Castin was, seeing he is also among my ancestors. Next year July 25, I am hoping to make it to Fredericton for our big Bergeron dit Damboise reunion. Time will tell, if I get to go where I want to go. And of course we have the Congres Mondial next year also, I do hope to meet many of my online friends and members of my genealogy group there.For the ones of you just surfing in, if you are interested in Acadian Roots genealogy, meaning if you have some ancestors who were Acadians and you would like to join our genealogy group, contact me through my website and I will send you an invite.

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