Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good morning or afternoon, nice to see you again, and nice to meet you if this is your first time .Well this morning I got up bright and early (for a change) and the weather man was calling for rain or showers, I looked out my window , nope not raining yet. Ok Aline, get up , get dressed. So after I got up, washed , I had a light breakfast and out the door I went. I need to beat the rain. I had put on a light jacket just in case. Anyway I began my walk, the temperature was really nice, going around the corner, this man was waving at me, so when I got up to him, I noticed he was an old friend of my late husband, his dog was barking his head off, the dog's name is Pepper. So I walked to the dog, he smelled my hands, that is what I usually do when I approach a dog, I turn my hands palm down and let them smell them. So the man and his lady were just coming home from their cottage and we talked about gardens, then I was on my way again. I took my normal route, except I went one street over to make my walk a bit longer. My route was a square. across, down,across ,up. The up part was rough grin. Passed Pepper the dog again, and yep, he was barking at me again. grin. It felt so good when I got back home. Grin.
On another note, I have been adding some names in my Legacy Family Tree program. But I need to verify the dates and locations. I did part of that last night, I was checking my Boudrot's in Petit Rocher. Found some dates of births, others I haven't found yet. When I started with Legacy, I added my lines and my late husband's lines, so I have two different family lines . But it will be good for my grandchildren to have one day. I sure hope that one of my grandchildren will be interested in their roots. Sometimes we think the girls will be the most probable one to want to know, but sometimes we may be wrong and the boys will be the ones.
I am also searching for information about L'Isle Verte and Kamouraska Quebec, I found an article saying that the route that we want to take is a scenic route, following the water. I would love that route, I enjoy passing little fishing villages , and old buildings etc. We are planning to go either the end of June of the first week of July, I do hope the weather will cooperate because guess what? We are bringing a tent. haha. Last time we took a trip, it was to Cape Breton, I have the trip on my website at anyway if you read about our trip, you will see the tent stayed in the trunk of my car haha. So no promises about the tent again. But we have the tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, an air pump, need to get some misquito repellent, yep its gonna be fun fun fun . grin. You may see photos of me full of mosquito bites, grin you never know, but if it gets too bad, motels here we come. I need to bring a bunch of batteries for my camera. Now I am getting anxious to go, we have someone who will take care of Thunder, she is very good with him. I checked for campgrounds in Bas Saint Laurent and found some along the way, there is only one is Isle Verte that I found, none right in Kamouraska listed. The reason I want to go to Kamouraska if I can is because this is where some of my maternal ancestors were ,the Michaud, Raymond dit Phocas,Lebel,I noticed names such as Malenfant, Theriault, Alberts too.
Well I hear some Thunderstorms, so will close for now. Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day.

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