Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you ever heard of Robertville New Brunswick in Canada? Well it is a village in Gloucester County, not far from Petit Rocher and Nigadoo. The parish is called Ste-Therese. My grandmother was born there as was her sister. My great great grandmother Marie Vienneau died there. So I went to the genealogy center a few days ago, and looked through a souvenir booklet of Robertville and in the book there were photos of some of the people who lived there. Wow, that was nice to see, there is a photo of a man who was seven feet tall weighed 400 pounds, and his wife is also on the photo. She looks so little next to him. I also extracted some marriages and deaths of Robertville. You can view all of this on my site at click on Parish Records and in the drop down menu you will see Robertville NEW NEW. Also if you had ancestors who lived in Petit Rocher and then you lost track of them, check out Robertville they could be there. I also have the song holes in the floor of heaven playing.
So if any of you wondered where I have been, well I have been busy with my website and setting up a forum , where we can post various things. The forum is like my genealogy group,by invite only, but the forum is new and it takes getting used to it , to find one's way around. We still have our little chat n brag room too, there we are like a big family. For the ones who want invites to any of our rooms, please go to my site and contact me for an invite.
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