Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Sunday drive today, took us past Shediac in New Brunswick, first a stop to Dairy Queen for an ice cream sunday , then to a yard sale at Pointe Du Chene, her prices were way too high, and then we went to Barachois. I wanted to go to the beach in Barachois, I had gone to a beach in Cap Pele which is not far from Barachois. So we turned down the road ,as we were turning I read the road sign "Pointe au Bouleau Road." Well that name Bouleau sparked some memory . Olivier dit Bouleau Doiron son of Louis dit Louison Doiron and Marie Bonnevie dit Beaumont, once lived in Barachois, could this road have been the area he lived? I was once told there was a road in Barachois named after him. Olivier later died in Bouctouche New Brunswick. So we contined down the road, a sign said Dead End, but we went down anyway. Arriving at the bottom of the road, there were little side roads, with rows of cottages, and a jeep was parked there, a couple and their two dogs were just leaving, so we parked my car and proceeded down to the water. The weather was very nice, I walked to the water below, and reached down, wow the water was cold. brrrr. There was only one couple on the beach today but I bet that in a few weeks the beach will be so crowded there will be no place to sit.
Changing the subject, I have added an article on my Did you know page at regarding how well to do the Acadians were before the expulsion in 1755.
I added a few more names to my Saint Louis de Kent Marriages also.
If you go to my website and click on the CMA2009 you will see there are lots of families who have registered now . Be sure to see if your Surnames have registered. I notice the Cormier name has been registered, and the Godin, and Saindon, Arsenaults and others.
Like Porky Pig used to say "Thatttt's all ffffolks. grin.
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