Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, nice to see you. Well Saturday I wanted to go to yard sales, I love yard sales, I am always on the lookout for Acadian or Cajun or French Canadian genealogy or history books. And now I am on this kitchen cows hunt. grin. Anyway yesterday George and I decided to go to Albert County, well I really wanted to go so George came too. (He says he doesn't like yard sales but everyone we went to so far he bought something. grin) So yesterday we went to a yard sale in Colpitts Settlement, I had another reason for wanting to go, I have been looking for my half sister for a long long time, I have her narrowed down to two ladies, one is in Ontario and one in Albert County. I have the birth record but on the birth record the name of the mother is the grandmother's name, born the date that I am looking for, and the other lady was suppose to be an adopted daughter ,she has papers to the effect and she would have been born a year too late BUT she resembles me. The other one ,I have spoken to her on the phone, cannot see a photo of her and she sounds like my sister and she denies it. I was sort of hoping I would find the house she is living in, someone told me she may be living at such a such address. And also on the birth records this one in Albert County was christined a different name and uses another first name. What a puzzle this is. But I would so much like to know for sure which one it is. Both parents are gone now so it would not hurt anyone if we knew for sure.The one in Ontario would take a DNA test she had said, but we have sort of lost touch these last few years.
Anyway no luck on finding anything out yesterday, so we continued to the yard sale. The weather was lovely and the sceneries were so beautiful and peaceful in the country. We passed over a little wooden bridge, the water was tricking down a little brook, I wondered if there were lots of trout in the brook.
We finally found the yard sale, and we went in. First thing I asked was for books and cows, well there were no books that I wanted, but she had this cow towel holder, how much? Ok I want it, and then she showed me this big cow that hangs outside, wow talk about nice, how much? Will you take such and such? You will? Ok I will take it. So I now have more cows, and my brother went to a yard sale in Nova Scotia, picked me up something with cows for my wall. grin.
Now changing the subject, I have added more names to my Chartersville Cemetery page. Every once in a while, when I have nothing to do, I add a few names to my cemetery page.
We have more members in my acadianrootsclub genealogy group, that is good. The more that joins the more chance we have of connecting with other cousins sharing our same ancestors.
And I keep adding my P'tit Francois stories and I am translating them , but my translation leaves a lot to be desired, you need to be able to understand chiac to see the stories as they are meant to be seen and read. I have been given permission to add these newspaper clippings from the french paper L'Etoile.
To read them go to my website click on P'tit Francois.
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