Saturday, June 21, 2008

My grandson had a Karate competion last night, and I attended. The children were all sitting in a row, and one by one they had to go up and strut their stuff, first my grandson did his single then the five judges gave him marks, then they were grouped in threes and had to so the same program they did as single. After they were all done, the judges tallied their marks and awarded them medals for their work, my grandson came third place in his single age group, and his group of three program earned them second place, another medal. And finally they were graded, from white belt to a yellow one. Talk about a proud little boy he was, and so was his Memere proud. I was running around like crazy looking for the best spot to take his photo. grin. The photo above is of him in the group in the back. I found this little boy getting his belt so cute and he was so excited that I just had to take his photo too. I am posting more photos in our chat room of the competition.

On another note, my friend Maria, sent me down a box of books and I mean a box. I have not had time to look at all of them, but there is Acadian to Cajun,that one I am very interested in for sure,Eulalie LaTour,Notes on Exile on being Acadian,Acadians peoples of the maritimes.Adieu Pisiquid,and more. So as you can see I have lots to read. I am very grateful to Maria for sending them to me.

I am also planning a trip to Quebec very soon,could be within the next two weeks, I believe I did mention this already, so now it is time for what should I bring, what should I wear, where do I want to visit, where do we want to sleep, things not to forget and so on. I already bought a throw away camera in case my digital acts up, lately I have a hard time taking photos, I need to press real hard on the button before it takes.

Today I went walking with my friend for a change we walked near his house, and towards the lake, the weather was not too hot, just right for a walk, oh and last night after the Karate competition we went dancing, and Gary Donelle was playing the music and I think in one of my blogs I had talked about Acadian Day and we had gone to Cap Pele and Gary was playing and he sang Au bord du Lac Bijou a song by Zacharie Richard, and I loved it so last night we requested it and yes he played it for us. The hall was full and usually he plays english songs, well when he started singing Au bord du Lac Bijou the dance floor was packed. grin. I have received some DVDs of Zacharie Richard from my friend Romm in Louisiana but that song isn't on the DVD, so I am going to look for it and get it.

Well guess this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog, thank you for stopping by , please come again.

Have a great day


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